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Advance in barley sciences : proceedings of 11th International Barley Genetics Symposium /

Guoping Zhang, Chengdao Li, Xu Liu, editors.

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Names: Zhang, Guoping. | Li, Chengdao. | Liu, Xu.
Vernacular: Evolution of Wild Barley and Barley Improvement -- Genetic Diversity in Latvian Spring Barley Association Mapping Population -- Genome-Wide Association Mapping of Malting Quality Traits in Relevant Barley Germplasm in Uruguay -- The "Italian" Barley Genetic Mutant Collection: Conservation, Development of New Mutants and Use -- α-Amylase Allelic Variation in Domesticated and Wild Barley -- Novel Genes from Wild Barley Hordeum spontaneum for Barley Improvement -- The Distribution of the Hordoindoline Genes and Identification of Puroindoline b- 2 Yariant Gene Homologs in the Genus Hordeum -- Exploiting and Utilizing the Novel Annual Wild Barley Germplasms on the Qing-Tibetan Plateau -- Agronomic and Quality Attributes of Worldwide Primitive Barley Subspecies -- Differences between Steely and Mealy Barley Samples Associated with Endosperm Modification -- Genotypic Difference in Molecular Spectral Features of Cellulosic Compounds and Nutrient Supply in Barley: A Review -- Use of Barley Flour to Lower the Glycemic Index of Food: Air Classification β-Glucan-Enrichment and Postprandial Glycemic Response after Consumption of Bread Made with Barleyβ-Glucan-Enriched Flour Fractions -- Food Preparation from Hulless Barley in Tibet -- Screening Hulless Barley Mutants for Potential Use in Grain Whisky Distilling -- Natural Variation in Grain Iron and Zinc Concentrations of Wild Barley, Hordeum spontaneum, Populations from Israel -- Genes Controlling Low Phytic Acid in Plants: Identifying Targets for Barley Breeding -- Correlation Analysis of Functional Components of Barley Grain -- Genome-Wide Association Mapping Identifies Disease Resistance QTLs in Barley Germplasm from Latin America -- The CC-NB-LRR-Type Rdg2a Resistance Gene Evolved' through Recombination and Confers Immunity to the Seed-Borne Barley Leaf Stripe Pathogen in the Absence of Hypersensitive Cell Death -- Increased Auxin Content and Altered Auxin Response in Barley Necrotic Mutant nec1 -- Vulnerability of Cultivated and Wild Barley to African Stem Rust Race TTKSK -- Genome-Wide Association Mapping Reveals Genetic Architecture of Durable Spot Blotch Resistance in US Barley Breeding Germplasm -- Genetic Fine Mapping of a Novel Leaf Rust Resistance Gene and a Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus Tolerance(BYDV) Introgressed from Hordeum Bulbosum by the Use of the 9K iSelect Chip -- A major QTL Controlling Adult Plant Resistance for Barley Leaf Rust -- Large Population with Low Marker Density Verse Small Population with High Marker Density for QTL Mapping: A Case Study for Mapping QTL Controlling Barley Net Blotch Resistance -- "Deep Phenotyping" of Early Plant Response to Abiotic Stress Using Non-invasive Approaches in Barley -- Barley Adaptation: Teachings from Landraces will Help to Respond to Climate Change -- Development of Recombinant Chromosome SubstitutionLines for Aluminium Tolerance in Barley -- New and Renewed Breeding Methodology -- Barley in Tropical Areas: The Brazilian Experience -- Performance and Yield Components of Forage Barley Grown under Harsh Environmental Conditions of Kuwait -- Variability of Spring Barley Traits Essential for Organic Farming in Association Mapping Population -- Barley Production and Breeding in Europe: Modern Cultivars Combine Disease Resistance, Malting Quality and High Yield -- Variation in Phenological Development of Winter Barley -- Leaf Number and Thermal Requirements for Leaf Development in Winter Barley -- Characterization of the Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) miRNomea: A Computational-Based Update on MicroRNAs and Their Targets -- The Construction of Molecular Genetic Map of Barley Using SRAP Markers -- Phenotypic Evaluation of Spring Barley RIL Mapping Populations for Pre-Harvest Sprouting, Fusarium Head Blight and β-Glucans -- Molecular Mechanisms for Covered vs. Naked Caryopsis in Barley.
Published: Dordrecht ; Springer Science + Business Media ; ©2013.
Topics: Barley - Genetics - Congresses. | TECHNOLOGY & ENGINEERING - Agriculture - Agronomy - Crop Science. | Hordeum - genetics.
Genres: Electronic books. | Conference papers and proceedings. | Congresses.
Online Access: SpringerLink - Full text online
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Location & Availability for: Advance in barley sciences : proceedings