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Intelligent tutoring systems : 11th international conference, ITS 2012, Chania, Crete, Greece, June 14-18, 2012 : proceedings /

Stefano A. Cerri [and others].

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Names: Cerri, Stefano A.
Published: Heidelberg ; Springer, ©2012.
Series: Lecture notes in computer science ; 7315.
Topics: Intelligent tutoring systems - Congresses. | Computer-assisted instruction - Congresses.
Genres: Electronic books. | Conference papers and proceedings.
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Implicit Strategies for Intelligent Tutoring Systems / Imène Jraidi, Pierre Chalfoun and Claude Frasson -- Rudeness and Rapport: Insults and Learning Gains in Peer Tutoring / Amy Ogan, Samantha Finkelstein, Erin Walker, Ryan Carlson and Justine Cassell -- On Pedagogical Effects of Learner-Support Agents in Collaborative Interaction / Yugo Hayashi -- Exploration of Affect Detection Using Semantic Cues in Virtual Improvisation / Li Zhang -- Measuring Learners' Co-Occurring Emotional Responses during Their Interaction with a Pedagogical Agent in MetaTutor / Jason M. Harley, François Bouchet and Roger Azevedo -- Visualization of Student Activity Patterns within Intelligent Tutoring Systems / David Hilton Shanabrook, Ivon Arroyo, Beverly Park Woolf and Winslow Burleson -- Toward a Machine Learning Framework for Understanding Affective Tutorial Interaction / Joseph F. Grafsgaard, Kristy Elizabeth Boyer and James C. Lester -- Exploring Relationships between Learners' Affective States, Metacognitive Processes, and Learning Outcomes / Amber Chauncey Strain, Roger Azevedo and Sidney D'Mello -- Mental Workload, Engagement and Emotions: An Exploratory Study for Intelligent Tutoring Systems / Maher Chaouachi and Claude Frasson -- Real-Time Monitoring of ECG and GSR Signals during Computer-Based Training / Keith W. Brawner and Benjamin S. Goldberg.
Categorical vs. Dimensional Representations in Multimodal Affect Detection during Learning / Md. Sazzad Hussain, Hamed Monkaresi and Rafael A. Calvo -- Cognitive Priming: Assessing the Use of Non-conscious Perception to Enhance Learner's Reasoning Ability / Pierre Chalfoun and Claude Frasson -- Math Learning Environment with Game-Like Elements: An Incremental Approach for Enhancing Student Engagement and Learning Effectiveness / Dovan Rai and Joseph E. Beck -- Motivational Factors for Learning by Teaching / The Effect of a Competitive Game Show in a Virtual peer-Learning Environment / Noboru Matsuda, Evelyn Yarzebinski, Victoria Keiser, Rohan Raizada and Gabriel Stylianides, et al. -- An Analysis of Attention to Student -- Adaptive Hints in an Educational Game / Mary Muir and Cristina Conati -- Serious Game and Students' Learning Motivation: Effect of Context Using Prog & Play / Mathieu Muratet, Elisabeth Delozanne, Patrice Torguet and Fabienne Viallet -- Exploring the Effects of Prior Video-Game Experience on Learner's Motivation during Interactions with HeapMotiv / Lotfi Derbali and Claude Frasson -- A Design Pattern Library for Mutual Understanding and Cooperation in Serious Game Design / Bertrand Marne, John Wisdom, Benjamin Huynh-Kim-Bang and Jean-Marc Labat -- Predicting Student Self-regulation Strategies in Game-Based Learning Environments / Jennifer Sabourin, Lucy R. Shores, Bradford W. Mott and James C. Lester.
Toward Automatic Verification of Multiagent Systems for Training Simulations / Ning Wang, David V. Pynadath and Stacy C. Marsella -- Using State Transition Networks to Analyze Multi-party Conversations in a Serious Game / Brent Morgan, Fazel Keshtkar, Ying Duan, Padraig Nash and Arthur Graesser -- How to Evaluate Competencies in Game-Based Learning Systems Automatically? / Pradeepa Thomas, Jean-Marc Labat, Mathieu Muratet and Amel Yessad -- Sense Making Alone Doesn't Do It: Fluency Matters Too! ITS Support for Robust Learning with Multiple Representations / Martina A. Rau, Vincent Aleven, Nikol Rummel and Stacie Rohrbach -- Problem Order Implications for Learning Transfer / Nan Li, William W. Cohen and Kenneth R. Koedinger -- Knowledge Component Suggestion for Untagged Content in an Intelligent Tutoring System / Mario Karlovčec, Mariheida Córdova-Sánchez and Zachary A. Pardos -- Automating Next-Step Hints Generation Using ASTUS / Luc Paquette, Jean-François Lebeau, Gabriel Beaulieu and André Mayers -- The Effectiveness of Pedagogical Agents' Prompting and Feedback in Facilitating Co-adapted Learning with MetaTutor / Roger Azevedo, Ronald S. Landis, Reza Feyzi-Behnagh, Melissa Duffy and Gregory Trevors, et al. -- Noticing Relevant Feedback Improves Learning in an Intelligent Tutoring System for Peer Tutoring / Erin Walker, Nikol Rummel, Sean Walker and Kenneth R. Koedinger.
Multi-paradigm Generation of Tutoring Feedback in Robotic Arm Manipulation Training / Philippe Fournier-Viger, Roger Nkambou, André Mayers, Engelbert Mephu-Nguifo and Usef Faghihi -- User-Centered Design of a Teachable Robot / Erin Walker and Winslow Burleson -- An Intelligent Tutoring and Interactive Simulation Environment for Physics Learning / Lakshman S. Myneni and N. Hari Narayanan -- Guru: A Computer Tutor That Models Expert Human Tutors / Andrew M. Olney, Sidney D'Mello, Natalie Person, Whitney Cade and Patrick Hays, et al. -- Developing an Embodied Pedagogical Agent with and for Young People with Autism Spectrum Disorder / Beate Grawemeyer, Hilary Johnson, Mark Brosnan, Emma Ashwin and Laura Benton -- WEBsistments: Enabling an Intelligent Tutoring System to Excel at Explaining Rather Than Coaching / Yue Gong, Joseph E. Beck and Neil T. Heffernan -- Automated Approaches for Detecting Integration in Student Essays / Simon Hughes, Peter Hastings, Joseph Magliano, Susan Goldman and Kimberly Lawless -- On the WEIRD Nature of ITS/AIED Conferences / A 10 Year Longitudinal Study Analyzing Potential Cultural Biases / Emmanuel G. Blanchard -- Goal-Oriented Conceptualization of Procedural Knowledge / Martin Možina, Matej Guid, Aleksander Sadikov, Vida Groznik and Ivan Bratko -- Context-Dependent Help for Novices Acquiring Conceptual Systems Knowledge in DynaLearn / Wouter Beek and Bert Bredeweg.
Towards an Ontology-Based System to Improve Usability in Collaborative Learning Environments / Endhe Elias, Dalgoberto Miquilino, Ig Ibert Bittencourt, Thyago Tenório and Rafael Ferreira, et al. -- Program Representation for Automatic Hint Generation for a Data-Driven Novice Programming Tutor / Wei Jin, Tiffany Barnes, John Stamper, Michael John Eagle and Matthew W. Johnson, et al. -- Exploring Quality of Constraints for Assessment in Problem Solving Environments / Jaime Galvez Cordero, Eduardo Guzman De Los Riscos and Ricardo Conejo Muñoz -- Can Soft Computing Techniques Enhance the Error Diagnosis Accuracy for Intelligent Tutors? / Nguyen-Thinh Le and Niels Pinkwart -- Identification and Classification of the Most Important Moments from Students' Collaborative Discourses / Costin-Gabriel Chiru and Stefan Trausan-Matu -- When Less Is More: Focused Pruning of Knowledge Bases to Improve Recognition of Student Conversation / Mark Floryan, Toby Dragon and Beverly Park Woolf -- Coordinating Multi-dimensional Support in Collaborative Conversational Agents / David Adamson and Carolyn Penstein Rosé -- Textual Complexity and Discourse Structure in Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning / Stefan Trausan-Matu, Mihai Dascalu and Philippe Dessus -- Using Information Extraction to Generate Trigger Questions for Academic Writing Support / Ming Liu and Rafael A. Calvo.
Learning to Tutor Like a Tutor: Ranking Questions in Context / Lee Becker, Martha Palmer, Sarel van Vuuren and Wayne Ward -- Analysis of a Simple Model of Problem Solving Times / Petr Jarušek and Radek Pelánek -- Modelling and Optimizing the Process of Learning Mathematics / Tanja Käser, Alberto Giovanni Busetto, Gian-Marco Baschera, Juliane Kohn and Karin Kucian, et al. -- The Student Skill Model / Yutao Wang and Neil T. Heffernan -- Clustered Knowledge Tracing / Zachary A. Pardos, Shubhendu Trivedi, Neil T. Heffernan and Gábor N. Sárközy -- Preferred Features of Open Learner Models for University Students / Susan Bull -- Do Your Eyes Give It Away? Using Eye Tracking Data to Understand Students' Attitudes towards Open Student Model Representations / Moffat Mathews, Antonija Mitrovic, Bin Lin, Jay Holland and Neville Churcher -- Fuzzy Logic Representation for Student Modelling / Case Study on Geometry / Gagan Goel, Sébastien Lallé and Vanda Luengo -- Content Learning Analysis Using the Moment-by-Moment Learning Detector / Sujith M. Gowda, Zachary A. Pardos and Ryan S.J.D. Baker -- Towards Automatically Detecting Whether Student Learning Is Shallow / Ryan S.J.D. Baker, Sujith M. Gowda, Albert T. Corbett and Jaclyn Ocumpaugh -- Item to Skills Mapping: Deriving a Conjunctive Q-matrix from Data / Michel C. Desmarais, Behzad Beheshti and Rhouma Naceur -- The Role of Sub-problems: Supporting Problem Solving in Narrative-Centered Learning Environments / Lucy R. Shores, Kristin F. Hoffmann, John L. Nietfeld and James C. Lester.
Exploring Inquiry-Based Problem-Solving Strategies in Game-Based Learning Environments / Jennifer Sabourin, Jonathan Rowe, Bradford W. Mott and James C. Lester -- Real-Time Narrative-Centered Tutorial Planning for Story-Based Learning / Seung Y. Lee, Bradford W. Mott and James C. Lester -- An Interactive Teacher's Dashboard for Monitoring Groups in a Multi-tabletop Learning Environment / Roberto Martinez Maldonado, Judy Kay, Kalina Yacef and Beat Schwendimann -- Efficient Cross-Domain Learning of Complex Skills / Nan Li, William W. Cohen and Kenneth R. Koedinger -- Exploring Two Strategies for Teaching Procedures / Antonija Mitrovic, Moffat Mathews and Jay Holland -- Relating Student Performance to Action Outcomes and Context in a Choice-Rich Learning Environment / James R. Segedy, John S. Kinnebrew and Gautam Biswas -- Using the MetaHistoReasoning Tool Training Module to Facilitate the Acquisition of Domain-Specific Metacognitive Strategies / Eric Poitras, Susanne Lajoie and Yuan-Jin Hong -- An Indicator-Based Approach to Promote the Effectiveness of Teachers' Interventions / Aina Lekira, Christophe Després, Pierre Jacoboni and Dominique Py -- Limiting the Number of Revisions while Providing Error-Flagging Support during Tests / Amruth N. Kumar -- Towards Academically Productive Talk Supported by Conversational Agents / Gregory Dyke, David Adamson, Iris Howley and Carolyn Penstein Rosé.
Automatic Evaluation of Learner Self-Explanations and Erroneous Responses for Dialogue-Based ITSs / Blair Lehman, Caitlin Mills, Sidney D'Mello and Arthur Graesser -- Group Composition and Intelligent Dialogue Tutors for Impacting Students' Academic Self-efficacy / Iris Howley, David Adamson, Gregory Dyke, Elijah Mayfield and Jack Beuth, et al. -- How Do They Do It? Investigating Dialogue Moves within Dialogue Modes in Expert Human Tutoring / Blair Lehman, Sidney D'Mello, Whitney Cade and Natalie Person -- Building a Conversational SimStudent / Ryan Carlson, Victoria Keiser, Noboru Matsuda, Kenneth R. Koedinger and Carolyn Penstein Rosé -- Predicting Learner's Project Performance with Dialogue Features in Online Q & A Discussions / Jaebong Yoo and Jihie Kim -- Interventions to Regulate Confusion during Learning / Blair Lehman, Sidney D'Mello and Arthur Graesser -- Using Examples in Intelligent Tutoring Systems / Amir Shareghi Najar and Antonija Mitrovic -- Semi-Supervised Classification of Realtime Physiological Sensor Datastreams for Student Affect Assessment in Intelligent Tutoring / Keith W. Brawner, Robert Sottilare and Avelino Gonzalez -- Detection of Cognitive Strategies in Reading Comprehension Tasks / Terry Peckham -- The Effects of Adaptive Sequencing Algorithms on Player Engagement within an Online Game / Derek Lomas, John Stamper, Ryan Muller, Kishan Patel and Kenneth R. Koedinger -- A Canonicalizing Model for Building Programming Tutors / Kelly Rivers and Kenneth R. Koedinger.
Developmentally Appropriate Intelligent Spatial Tutoring for Mobile Devices / Melissa A. Wiederrecht and Amy C. Ulinski -- Leveraging Game Design to Promote Effective User Behavior of Intelligent Tutoring Systems / Matthew W. Johnson, Tomoko Okimoto and Tiffany Barnes -- Design of a Knowledge Base to Teach Programming / Dinesha Weragama and Jim Reye -- Towards an ITS for Improving Social Problem Solving Skills of ADHD Children / Atefeh Ahmadi Olounabadi and Antonija Mitrovic -- A Scenario Based Analysis of E-Collaboration Environments / Raoudha Chebil, Wided Lejouad Chaari and Stefano A. Cerri -- Supporting Students in the Analysis of Case Studies for Ill-Defined Domains / Mayya Sharipova -- Using Individualized Feedback and Guided Instruction via a Virtual Human Agent in an Introductory Computer Programming Course / Lorrie Lehmann, Dale-Marie Wilson and Tiffany Barnes -- Data-Driven Method for Assessing Skill-Opportunity Recognition in Open Procedural Problem Solving Environments / Michael John Eagle and Tiffany Barnes -- How Do Learners Regulate Their Emotions? / Amber Chauncey Strain, Sidney D'Mello and Melissa Gross -- A Model-Building Learning Environment with Explanatory Feedback to Erroneous Models / Tomoya Horiguchi, Tsukasa Hirashima and Kenneth D. Forbus -- An Automatic Comparison between Knowledge Diagnostic Techniques / Sébastien Lallé, Vanda Luengo and Nathalie Guin.
The Interaction Behavior of Agents' Emotional Support and Competency on Learner Outcomes and Perceptions / Heather K. Holden -- Accuracy of Tracking Student's Natural Language in Operation ARIES!, A Serious Game for Scientific Methods / Zhiqiang Cai, Carol Forsyth, Mae-Lynn Germany, Arthur Graesser and Keith Millis -- Designing the Knowledge Base for a PHP Tutor / Dinesha Weragama and Jim Reye -- Domain Specific Knowledge Representation for an Intelligent Tutoring System to Teach Algebraic Reasoning / Miguel Arevalillo-Herráez, David Arnau, José Antonio González-Calero and Aladdin Ayesh -- Exploring the Potential of Tabletops for Collaborative Learning / Michael Schubert, Sébastien George and Audrey Serna -- Modeling the Affective States of Students Using SQL-Tutor / Thea Faye G. Guia, Ma. Mercedes T. Rodrigo, Michelle Marie C. Dagami, Jessica O. Sugay and Francis Jan P. Macam, et al. -- A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Effective Help-Seeking Behavior among Students Using an ITS for Math / Jose Carlo A. Soriano, Ma. Mercedes T. Rodrigo, Ryan S.J.D. Baker, Amy Ogan and Erin Walker, et al. -- Emotions during Writing on Topics That Align or Misalign with Personal Beliefs / Caitlin Mills and Sidney D'Mello -- A Multiagent-Based ITS Using Multiple Viewpoints for Propositional Logic / Evandro Costa, Priscylla Silva, Marlos Silva, Emanuele Silva and Anderson Santos.
Simulation-Based Training of Ill-Defined Social Domains: The Complex Environment Assessment and Tutoring System (CEATS) / Benjamin D. Nye, Gnana K. Bharathy, Barry G. Silverman and Ceyhun Eksin -- Empirical Investigation on Self Fading as Adaptive Behavior of Hint Seeking / Kazuhisa Miwa, Hitoshi Terai, Nana Kanzaki and Ryuichi Nakaike -- Scripting Discussions for Elaborative, Critical Interactions / Oliver Scheuer, Bruce M. McLaren, Armin Weinberger and Sabine Niebuhr -- Design Requirements of a Virtual Learning Environment for Resource Sharing / Nikos Barbalios, Irene Ioannidou, Panagiotis Tzionas and Stefanos Paraskeuopoulos -- The Effectiveness of a Pedagogical Agent's Immediate Feedback on Learners' Metacognitive Judgments during Learning with MetaTutor / Reza Feyzi-Behnagh and Roger Azevedo -- Supporting Students in the Analysis of Case Studies for Professional Ethics Education / Mayya Sharipova and Gordon McCalla -- Evaluating the Automatic Extraction of Learning Objects from Electronic Textbooks Using ErauzOnt / Mikel Larrañaga, Ángel Conde, Iñaki Calvo, Ana Arruarte and Jon A. Elorriaga -- A Cognition-Based Game Platform and its Authoring Environment for Learning Chinese Characters / Chao-Lin Liu, Chia-Ying Lee, Wei-Jie Huang, Yu-Lin Tzeng and Chia-Ru Chou -- Effects of Text and Visual Element Integration Schemes on Online Reading Behaviors of Typical and Struggling Readers / Robert P. Dolan and Sonya Powers.
Fadable Scaffolding with Cognitive Tool / Akihiro Kashihara and Makoto Ito -- Mediating Intelligence through Observation, Dependency and Agency in Making Construals of Malaria / Meurig Beynon and Will Beynon -- Supporting Social Deliberative Skills in Online Classroom Dialogues: Preliminary Results Using Automated Text Analysis / Tom Murray, Beverly Park Woolf, Xiaoxi Xu, Stefanie Shipe and Scott Howard, et al. -- Using Time Pressure to Promote Mathematical Fluency / Steve Ritter, Tristan Nixon, Derek Lomas, John Stamper and Dixie Ching -- Interoperability for ITS: An Ontology of Learning Style Models / Judi McCuaig and Robert Gauthier -- Skill Diaries: Can Periodic Self-assessment Improve Students' Learning with an Intelligent Tutoring System? / Yanjin Long and Vincent Aleven -- An Optimal Assessment of Natural Language Student Input Using Word-to-Word Similarity Metrics / Vasile Rus and Mihai Lintean -- Facilitating Co-adaptation of Technology and Education through the Creation of an Open-Source Repository of Interoperable Code / Philip I. Pavlik Jr., Jaclyn Maass, Vasile Rus and Andrew M. Olney -- A Low-Cost Scalable Solution for Monitoring Affective State of Students in E-learning Environment Using Mouse and Keystroke Data / Po-Ming Lee, Wei-Hsuan Tsui and Tzu-Chien Hsiao -- Impact of an Adaptive Tutorial on Student Learning / Fethi A. Inan, Fatih Ari, Raymond Flores, Amani Zaier and Ismahan Arslan-Ari.
Technology Enhanced Learning Program That Makes Thinking the Outside to Train Meta-cognitive Skill through Knowledge Co-creation Discussion / Kazuhisa Seta, Liang Cui, Mitsuru Ikeda and Noriyuki Matsuda -- Open Student Models to Enhance Blended-Learning / Maite Martín, Ainhoa Álvarez, David Reina, Isabel Fernández-Castro and Maite Urretavizcaya, et al. -- ZooQuest: A Mobile Game-Based Learning Application for Fifth Graders / Gerard Veenhof, Jacobijn Sandberg and Marinus Maris -- Drawing-Based Modeling for Early Science Education / Wouter R. van Joolingen, Lars Bollen, Frank Leenaars and Hannie Gijlers -- An OWL Ontology for IEEE-LOM and OBAA Metadata / João Carlos Gluz and Rosa M. Vicari -- Classifying Topics of Video Lecture Contents Using Speech Recognition Technology / Jun Park and Jihie Kim -- An Agent-Based Infrastructure for the Support of Learning Objects Life-Cycle / João Carlos Gluz, Rosa M. Vicari and Liliana M. Passerino -- Cluster Based Feedback Provision Strategies in Intelligent Tutoring Systems / Sebastian Gross, Xibin Zhu, Barbara Hammer and Niels Pinkwart.
A Web Comic Strip Creator for Educational Comics with Assessable Learning Objectives / Fotis Lazarinis and Elaine Pearson -- A Layered Architecture for Online Lab-works: Experimentation in the Computer Science Education / Mohamed El Amine Bouabid, Philippe Vidal and Julien Broisin -- A Serious Game for Teaching Conflict Resolution to Children / Joana Campos, Henrique Campos, Carlos Martinho and Ana Paiva -- Towards Social Mobile Blended Learning / Amr Abozeid, Mohammed Abdel Razek and Claude Frasson -- Learning Looping: From Natural Language to Worked Examples / Leigh Ann Sudol-DeLyser, Mark Stehlik and Sharon Carver -- A Basic Model of Metacognition: A Repository to Trigger Reflection / Alejandro Peña Ayala, Rafael Dominguez de Leon and Riichiro Mizoguchi -- Analyzing Affective Constructs: Emotions 'n Attitudes / Ivon Arroyo, David Hilton Shanabrook, Winslow Burleson and Beverly Park Woolf -- Interactive Virtual Representations, Fractions, and Formative Feedback / Maria Mendiburo, Brian Sulcer, Gautam Biswas and Ted Hasselbring -- An Intelligent System to Support Accurate Transcription of University Lectures / Miltiades Papadopoulos and Elaine Pearson -- Multi-context Recommendation in Technology Enhanced Learning / Majda Maâtallah and Hassina Seridi-Bouchelaghem.

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