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Extracellular vesicles : methods and protocols /

edited by Winston Patrick Kuo, Shidong Jia.

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Names: Kuo, Winston Patrick, | Jia, Shidong,
Published: New York : Humana Press ; Springer, [2017]
Series: Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.) ; v. 1660.
Topics: Ribonucleases - Laboratory manuals. | Exosomes. | Secretory Vesicles. | Cell-Derived Microparticles.
Genres: Electronic books. | Laboratory manuals. | Laboratory Manuals.
Online Access: SpringerLink - Full text online
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Extracellular vesicles : a brief overview and its role in precision medicine / Mingyi Shang, John S. Ji, Chao Song, Bao Jun Gao, Jason Gang Jin, Winston Patrick Kuo, and Hongjun Kang -- Red blood cells : a source of extracellular vesicles / Winston Patrick Kuo, John C. Tigges, Vasilis Toxavidis, and Ionita Ghiran -- Isolation of extracellular vesicles by ultracentrifugation / Fatemeh Momen-Heravi -- Sequential filtration : a gentle method for the isolation of functional extracellular vesicles / Mitja L. Heinemann and Jody Vykoukal -- Paper-based for isolation of extracellular vesicles / Yi-Hsing Hsiao and Chihchen Chen -- Filter-based extracellular vesicle mRNA isolation and high-throughput gene expression analysis / Cindy M. Yamamoto, Taku Murakami, and Shu-Wing Ng -- Specific and generic isolation of extracellular vesicles with magnetic beads / Ketil W. Pedersen, Bente Kierulf, and Axl Neurauter -- Polymer-based purification of extracellular vesicles / Peter N. Brown and Hang Yin -- Size exclusion chromatography : a simple and reliable method for exosome purification / Richard Lobb and Andreas Moller -- Purification protocols for extracellular vesicles / Rebecca E. Lane, Darren Korbie, Matt Trau, and Michelle M. Hill -- Characterization of extracellular vesicles by surface plasmon resonance / Hyungsoon Im, Katherine Yang, Hakho Lee, and Cesar M. Castro -- Extracellular vesicle isolation and analysis by western blotting / Emma J.K. Kowal, Dmitry Ter-Ovanesyan, Aviv Regev, and George M. Church -- Analysis of extracellular vesicles using fluorescence nanoparticle tracking analysis / Pauline Carnell-Morris, Dionne Tannetta, Agnieszka Siupa, Patrick Hole, and Rebecca Dragovic -- Characterization of extracellular vesicles by flow cytometry / Virginia Camacho, Vasilis Toxavidis, and John C. Tigges -- Characterization of extracellular vesicles by size-exclusion high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) / Tao Huang and Jiang He -- Multi-surface antigen staining of larger extracellular vesicles / Veronika Lukacs-Kornek, Henrike Julich-Haertel, Sabine Katharina Urban, and Miroslaw Kornek -- Microcapillary chip-based extracellular vesicle profiling system / Takanori Akagi and Takanori Ichiki -- Detection and characterization of extracellular vesicles by transmission and cryo-transmission electron microscopy / Petr Cizmar and Yuana Yuana -- Imaging of isolated extracellular vesicles using fluorescence microscopy / Dmitry Ter-Ovanesyan, Emma J.K. Kowal, Aviv Regev, George M. Church, and Emanuele Cocucci -- In vivo tracking of extracellular vesicles in mice using fusion protein comprising lactadherin and Gaussia Luciferase / Yuki Takahashi, Makiya Nishikawa, and Yoshinobu Takakura -- Tracking extracellular vesicles delivery and RNA translation using multiplexed reporters / Anthony Yan-Tang Wu and Charles Pin-Kuang Lai -- Extraction and analysis of extracellular vesicle-associated miRNAs following antibody-based extracellular vesicle capture from plasma samples / Davide Zocco and Natasa Zarovni -- Extracellular vesicle miRNA detection using molecular beacons / Won Jong Rhee and Seunga Jeong -- Rapid isolation of extracellular vesicles from blood plasma with size-exclusion chromatography followed by mass spectrometry-based proteomic profiling / Simion Kreimer and Alexander R. Ivanov -- Adaptable polyethylene glycol-based workflow for proteomic analysis of extracellar vesicles / Stephanie N. Hurwitz and David G. Meckes Jr. -- Protocol for exosome isolation from small volume of ovarian follicular fluid : evaluation of ultracentrifugation and commercial kits / Shlomit Kenigsberg, Brandon A. Wyse, Clifford L. Librach, and Juliano C. da Silveira -- Isolation of extracellular vesicles in saliva using density gradient ultracentrifugation / Kazuya Iwai, Satoshi Yamamoto, Mitsutaka Yoshida, and Kiyotaka Shiba -- Isolation of extracellular vesicles from breast milk / Xin Wang -- Integrated double-filtration microfluidic device for detection of extracellular vesicles from urine for bladder cancer diagnosis / Li-Guo Liang, Ye-Feng Sheng, Sherry Zhou, Fatih Inci, Lanjuan Li, Utkan Demirci, and ShuQi Wang -- Electric field-induced disruption and releasing viable content from extracellular vesicles / Chris Wang, Austin Wang, Fang Wei, David T.W. Wong, and Michael Tu -- Production and characterization of extracellular vesicles in malaria / Smart Mbagwu, Michael Walch, Luis Filgueira, and Pierre-Yves Mantel -- Isolation of extracellular vesicles from stem cells / Zixin Chen, Yongjun Li, Hong Yu, Yan Shen, Chengwei Ju, Genshan Ma, Yutao Liu, Il-man Kim, Neal L. Weintraub, and Yaoliang Tang -- Use of peripheral extracellular vesicles for identification of molecular biomarkers in a solid tumor mouse model / Noemı Garcia-Romero, Gorjana Rackov, Cristobal Belda-Iniesta, and Angel Ayuso-Sacido -- Therapeutic applications of extracellular vesicles : perspectives from newborn medicine / Gareth R. Willis, Stella Kourembanas, and S. Alex Mitsialis -- Therapeutic use of tumor cell-derived extracellular vesicles / Jing Liu, Jingwei Ma, Ke Tang, and Bo Huang.

Table of Contents for: Extracellular vesicles : methods and pro