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The Wiley-Blackwell encyclopedia of social and political movements [electronic resource] /

edited by David A. Snow [and others].

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Names: Snow, David A.
Published: Hoboken, NJ : John Wiley & Sons, ©2014.
Series: Wiley-Blackwell encyclopedias in social science.
Topics: Social movements - Encyclopedias. | Social movements - Political aspects - Encyclopedias. | Political participation - Encyclopedias. | Political activists - Encyclopedias.
Genres: Electronic books. | Encyclopedias.
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245 04|aThe Wiley-Blackwell encyclopedia of social and political movements|h[electronic resource] /|cedited by David A. Snow [and others].
246 3 |aEncyclopedia of social and political movements
260 |aHoboken, NJ :|bJohn Wiley & Sons,|c©2014.
300 |a1 online resource (3 volumes (xliv, 1487 pages)).
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490 1 |aWiley-Blackwell encyclopedias in social science
504 |aIncludes bibliographical references and index.
505 00|tAbeyance --|tAbolitionist Movement --|tAboriginal Peoples' Movements (Australia) --|tACT UP (AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power) --|tActivism --|tAdvocacy Networks --|tAge and Social Movements --|tAgents Provocateurs --|tAgrarian Movements (United States) --|tAIDS Activism --|tAinu Indigenous Rights Movement (Japan) --|tAl-Qaeda --|tAlienation and Social Movements --|tAlinsky, Saul (1909-1972) --|tAltruism and Social Movements --|tAmerican Revolution --|tAmnesty International --|tAnarchism --|tAnimal Rights Movement --|tAnti-Japanese Colonization Resistance (Taiwan) --|tAnti-World Bank and IMF Riots --|tAntiapartheid Movement (South Africa) --|tAnticolonial Movements --|tAnticrime Movements in Latin America --|tAntifeminist Movements (United States) --|tAntiglobalization Movements --|tAntinuclear Movement in Japan --|tAntinuclear Power Movements (In General) --|tAntiracist Movements in Europe --|tAntislavery Movement --|tAntiwar and Peace Movements.
505 80|tAntiwitchcraft Movements in Africa --|tANUC (Colombian Peasant Movement) --|tApocalyptic and Millenarian Movements --|tApril Revolution (Korea) --|tArab Spring --|tArtistic Currents and Milieus and Social Movements --|tAsylum Rights Protest Campaigns --|tAsylum, Refugee, and Immigration Movements in Australia --|tAttac --|tBarricades --|tBiographical Availability --|tBiographical Consequences of Activism --|tBisexual Movement --|tBlack Power Movement (United States) --|tBloc Recruitment --|tBolivarian Revolution (Venezuela) --|tBoycotts --|tBrokerage --|tBuraku Liberation Movement (Japan) --|tBureaucratization and Social Movements --|tBystander Publics --|t--|tCase Studies and Social Movements --|tCatnets --|tCause Lawyering --|tCentral America Solidarity Movement --|tCharisma --|tChávez, César Estrada (1937-1992) --|tChinese Communist Revolution --|tChristian Identity Movement --|tCitizen Peacebuilding Movements --|tCivil Disobedience.
505 80|tYou have free access to this content --|tCivil Rights Movement (United States) --|tCivil Society --|tClaims-Making --|tClass Consciousness: The Marxist Conception --|tCo-Operative Movement --|tCo-Optation --|tCoalitions --|tCognitive Liberation --|tCollective (Public) Goods --|tCollective Action (Collective Behavior) --|tCollective Efficacy --|tCollective Identity --|tCollective Memory and Social Movements --|tCommitment --|tCommunication Rights --|t--|tCommunity Organizing (United States) --|tComparative Research --|tCompetition Theory of Ethnic/Racial Conflict and Protest --|tConfessional Protest --|tConsciousness, Conscience, and Social Movements --|tConsensual Decision-Making --|tConsensus and Action Mobilization --|tConsumer Movements --|tContagion Theory --|tContemporary Social and Political Movements in Russia --|tContentious Politics --|tContentious Politics in Current China --|tConvergence/Dispositional Theory --|tConversion and New Religious Movements.
505 80|tCountercultures --|tCritical Mass Theory --|tCrowds (Gatherings) and Collective Behavior (Action) --|tCuban Revolution --|tCults --|tCultural Revolution (China) --|tCulture and Social Movements --|tCulture Jamming --|tDecolonization and Social Movements --|tDefending Diaoyutai Islands Movement and Pan-Chinese Nationalism (Taiwan) --|tDemand and Supply of Protest --|tDemobilization --|tDemocracy and Social Movements --|tDemocracy Inside Social Movements --|tDemocratization and Democratic Transition --|tDemography and Social Movements and Revolutions --|tDemonstrations --|tDiffusion and Scale Shift --|tDirect Action --|tDirect Democracy --|tDisability Rights Movement (United States) --|tDiscourse Analysis and Social Movements --|tDiscursive Fields --|tDiscursive Opportunity Structure --|tDisengagement in Social Movements --|tDramaturgy and Social Movements --|tDual Identity --|t--|tEarth's Color March (Mexico) --|tEastern European Social Movements.
505 80|tEcological Conditions/Determinants --|tElections and Social Movements --|tElectronic Protest --|tEmergent Norm Theory --|tEmotion and Social Movements --|tEmotion Work --|tEmployers' Collective Action --|tEntrepreneurs, Movement --|tEnvironmental Movements --|tEqual Rights Amendment (United States) --|tETA: Basque Nationalist and Separatist Organization --|tEthnic Movements --|tEthnography and Social Movements --|tEuropeanization and Social Movements --|tEvent History Analysis --|tEveryday Activism --|tExperimental Methods --|tExtremism --|tFactions/Factionalism --|tFalun Gong (China) --|tFarabundo Martí National Liberation Front (El Salvador) --|tFARC (The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) --|tFascist Movements --|tFeminism and Social Movements --|tFields of Contention --|tFirst Nation Sovereignty Movements (Canada) --|tFormal Models and Computer Simulations --|tFrame Disputes --|tFraming and Social Movements --|tFree Rider Problem --|tFree Spaces.
505 80|tFree Speech Movement --|tFreedom Summer (United States) --|tFrench Revolution --|tFriedan, Betty (1921-2006) --|tFriends of the Earth --|tFrustration-Aggression --|t--|tGandhi, Mahatma (1869-1948) --|tGay and Lesbian Movement --|tGender and Social Movements --|tGenerational and Cohort Analysis --|tGenocide and Social Movements --|tGeography and Social Movements --|tGlobal Justice Movement --|tGlobal Justice Movement in Europe --|tGlobalization and Movements --|tGrassroots Movements --|tGray Zone of Politics and Social Movements --|tGreen Movement in Iran --|tGreenpeace --|tGrievances, Individual and Mobilizing --|tGuerrilla Movements --|tGuevara, Ernesto "Che" (1928-1967) --|t--|tHackers --|tHamas (Palestine) --|tHealth Movements (United States) --|tHigh and Low Risk/Cost Activism --|tHistorical Research and Social Movements --|tHizb Ut-Tahrir --|tHomeless Protest Movements (United States) --|tHooliganism.
505 80|tHuman Rights Movements --|tHunger Strikes --|t"Iron Law of Oligarchy" --|tIslamic Movements --|tIslamic Women's Movements --|tIsraeli Social Movements --|tIdentity Fields --|tIdentity Politics --|tIdentity Work Processes --|tIdeology --|tImmigration, Protest, and Social Movements --|tIndian Independence Movement --|tIndigenous Movements in Latin America --|tIndustrial Workers of the World (IWW) --|tIndymedia (The Independent Media Center) --|tInitiator and Spin-Off Movements --|tInjustice Frames --|tInstitutional Theory and Social Movements --|tInstitutionalization of Social Movements --|tInstrumental Versus Expressive Action --|tInterest Groups and Social Movements --|tInternet and Social Movements --|tInterviewing Activists --|tIranian Islamic Revolution of 1979 --|tIrish Republican Movement --|tJapanese "New" Religious Movements (1930-present) --|tJournalism and Social Movements --|tKing, Martin Luther, Jr (1928-1968) --|tKorean Residents Movement in Japan.
505 80|tKwang-Ju Uprising (Korea) --|tLabor Movement --|tLabor Movement in Latin America --|tLabor Protest in the European Union --|tLand Movements in Africa --|tLandless Workers Movement (MST) Brazil --|tLaw and Social Movements --|tLeadership --|tLenin (V.I. Ylianov) (1870-1924) --|tLiberation Theology/Base Communities (South America) --|tLife History Research and Social Movements --|tLukang Anti-DuPont Movement (Taiwan) --|tMandate of Heaven (China) --|tMandela, Nelson (1918- ) --|tMao Zedong (1893-1976) --|tMarch First Movement of 1919 (Korea) --|tMarches --|tMarxism and Social Movements --|tMass Society Theory --|tMaster Frame --|tMau Mau Revolt (Africa) --|tMay Fourth Movement (China) --|tMechanisms --|tMedia Activism --|tMedia and Social Movements --|tMedia Framing and Social Movements --|tMeetings --|tMexican Revolution --|tMicro-Meso Mobilization --|tModernity of Nationalism --|tModular Protest Forms.
505 80|tMolly Maguires (United States) --|tMoral Economy Theory and Peasant Movements in Latin America --|tMoral Incentives --|tMoral Panics --|tMoral Shocks/Outrage --|tMotivation and Types of Motives (Instrumental; Identity, Ideological Motives) --|tMovement Society --|tMovement Toward Socialism (MAS-IPSP) (Bolivia) --|tMovement/Countermovement Dynamics --|tMovements within Institutions/Organizations --|tMovies and Movements --|tMulticulturalism and Social Movements --|tMultiorganizational Fields --|tMusic and Social Movements --|tMuslim Activism in Europe --|tNarratives --|tNational Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) (United States) --|tNational Liberation Sandinist Front (Nicaragua) --|tNational Organization for Women (NOW) (United States) --|tNationalist Movements --|tNative American Movements (United States) --|tNazi Movement (Germany).
505 80|tNeo-Nazi Movements in Europe and the United States --|tNetworks and Social Movements --|tNew Left and Social Movements --|tNew Left and Social Movements in Europe --|tNew Social Movements and New Social Movement Theory --|tNIMBY Movements --|tNongovernmental Organizations --|tNonviolence/Nonviolent Action --|tNorthern Ireland Civil Rights Movement --|tNuclear Freeze Movement --|tOccupy Wall Street Movement --|t"Orange" and "Colored" Revolutions in Former Soviet Union --|tOrganizations and Movements --|tOrganizations, Community-Based --|tOrganizations, Congregation-Based --|tOtpor --|tOutcomes, Cultural --|tOutcomes, Political --|tPacifism --|tParis Commune --|tParticipation in Social Movements --|tParticipatory Budgeting --|tParticipatory Democracy in Social Movements --|tPatriot/Militia Movement in the United States --|tPeasant Movements --|tPeasant Rebellions of Imperial China --|tPenal Abolitionist Movement --|tPeronism --|tPetitions.
505 80|tPiqueteros (Workers/Unemployment Movement in Argentina) --|tPlowshares Movement --|tPolice Autonomy --|tPolice Riots --|tPolicing Protest --|tPolitical Alignments and Cleavages --|tPolitical Economy and Social Movements --|tPolitical Generation --|tPolitical Mediation Model --|tPolitical Opportunity/Political Opportunity Structure --|tPolitical Process Theory --|tPolitical Science and the Study of Social Movements --|tPolitical Socialization and Social Movements --|tPoliticized Identity --|tPolitics of Grief and Grieving "Mothers" Movements --|tPoor People's Movements --|tPopular Assembly of the Towns of Oaxaca (Mexico) --|tPopulation Ecology and Social Movements --|tPopulism/Populist Movements --|tPostcommunism and Social Movements --|tPostmaterialism and Social Movements --|tPrecipitating Events and Flashpoints --|tPrefigurative Politics --|tPro-Democracy of 1987 (Korea) --|tPro-Life/Pro-Choice Movements --|tProtest Cycles and Waves --|tProtest Event Research.
505 80|tPublic Opinion and Movements --|tPublic Order Management Systems --|tPublic Sphere --|tQCA and Fuzzy Set Applications to Social Movement Research --|tQuebec Nationalist Movement (Canada) --|tQuotidian Disruption --|tRacist Social Movements --|tRadical Flank Effects --|tRadicalism --|tRational Choice Theory and Social Movements --|tRecruitment --|tRecyclable Materials Collectors Movement in Brazil and South America --|tRed Army Faction/Baader-Meinhof Group (Germany) --|tRed Brigades (Italy) --|tRed Shirt Anticorruption Movement (Taiwan) --|tRegionalist Movements --|tRelative Deprivation --|tReligion and social movements --|tRepertoires of Contention --|tRepression and Social Movements --|tRepublican Revolution of 1911 (China) --|tResistance --|tResonance, Frame --|tResource Mobilization Theory --|tRevolutions --|tRight-Wing Movements --|tRights and Rights Movements --|tRiots --|tRumor in Collective Behavior and Social Movements --|tRussian Revolution.
505 80|tSan Salvador Atenco Farmers' Movement (Mexico) --|tSatyagraha --|tScience and Social Movements --|tSelective Incentives --|tSelf-Help Movements --|tSendero Luminoso/Shining Path (Peru) --|tSeparatist Movements --|tSituational Analysis and Social Movements --|tSlave Rebellions --|tSlow Food Movement --|tSocial and Solidary Incentives --|tSocial Capital and Social Movements --|tSocial Change and Social Movements --|tSocial Class and Social Movements --|tSocial Control --|tSocial Control Errors --|tSocial Forum, World --|tSocial Media --|tSocial Movement Industry --|tSocial Movement Organization (SMO) --|tSocial Movement Sector --|tSocial Movements --|tSocial Movements and the State in Singapore --|tSocial Movements in India --|tSocial Problems and Social Movements --|tSocial Psychology of Movement Participation --|tSolidarity (Poland) --|tSolidarity and Movements --|tSouth Korean Transnational Fatherhood Movement.
505 80|tSouthern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) (United States) --|tSpillover, Social Movement --|tSquatters' Movements --|tState Breakdown and Social Movements --|tState Building and Social Movements --|tState-Sponsored Social Movements --|tStonewall Riots (United States) --|tStrain and Breakdown Theories --|tStrategies of the Chinese Communist Revolution --|tStrategy --|tStrikes in US History --|tStrikes within the European Context --|tStudent Movements --|tStudent Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) (United States) --|tStudents for a Democratic Society (SDS) (United States) --|tSubcultures and Social Movements --|tSuffrage Movement, International --|tSurvey Research --|tSymbolic Crusades --|tSyndicalism --|tSystem Exiting and Social Movements --|tTactical Interaction and Innovation --|tTactics --|tTaiping Rebellion (China) --|tTaiwan Independent Movement --|tTargets --|tTea Party Movement (United States).
505 80|tTechnology and Social Movements --|tTemperance Movements --|tTerrorist Movements --|tThreat --|tTiananmen Student Movement (China) --|tTransgender Movement --|tTransnational Social Movements --|tTransnational Zapatism --|tUnemployment Movements --|tUrban Movements --|tUrban Riots in Europe, Post-2000 --|tVelvet Revolution of 1989 --|tVictim Movements --|tViolence Against Oneself --|tViolence and Social Movements --|tVisual Analysis of Social Movements --|tVoluntary Associations and Social Movements --|tWar and Social Movements --|tWar Crime Movements in Japan --|tWeatherman (United States) --|tWomen's Movement in Australia --|tWomen's Movement in Japan --|tWomen's Movement in Spain --|tWomen's Movements --|tWomen's Movements in Africa --|tWomen's Movements in Europe --|tWomen's Movements in India --|tWorld-System and Social Movements --|tZapatista Movement (Mexico) --|tZionist Movement.
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700 1 |aSnow, David A.
776 08|iPrint version:|tWiley-Blackwell encyclopedia of social and political movements.|dChichester, West Sussex ; Malden, MA : Wiley-Blackwell, 2013|z9781405197731|w(DLC) 2012023205|w(OCoLC)796081910
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