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Climate change : an encyclopedia of science and history /

Brian C. Black, general editor ; David M. Hassenzahl, Jennie C. Stephens, Gary Weisel, and Nancy Gift, associate editors.

Book Cover
Names: Black, Brian,
Published: Santa Barbara, California : ABC-CLIO, [2013]
Topics: Climatic changes - Research - Encyclopedias. | Climatic changes - History - Encyclopedias. | Klimaänderung. | Forschung.
Genres: Encyclopedias. | History.
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245 00|aClimate change :|ban encyclopedia of science and history /|cBrian C. Black, general editor ; David M. Hassenzahl, Jennie C. Stephens, Gary Weisel, and Nancy Gift, associate editors.
264 1|aSanta Barbara, California :|bABC-CLIO,|c[2013]
300 |a4 volumes (xx, 1774 pages) :|billustrations ;|c26 cm
336 |atext|btxt|2rdacontent
337 |aunmediated|bn|2rdamedia
338 |avolume|bnc|2rdacarrier
504 |aIncludes bibliographical references (pages 1651-1693) and index.
505 0 |aVolume 1. A-D -- volume 2. E-G -- volume 3. H-S -- volume 4. T-W.
505 00|gv. 1.|tA-D.|tIntroduction --|tAbrupt Climate Change --|tAerosols: Research and Science --|tAerosols and Climate Change --|tAfforestation --|tAgriculture and Adaptation in China --|tAgriculture and Adaptation in Developing Countries --|tAgriculture and Adaptation in the United States --|tAlgae Cultivation: Algaculture --|tAlternative Transportation --|tAmerican College and University Presidents' Climate Commitment --|tAnimal Habits and Extinctions: Recent Changes --|tAn Inconvenient Truth Brings Climate Change to the Mainstream --|tAnthropocene --|tAnthropocene: Scientific Discourse --|tArctic Amplification --|tArrhenius, Svante August (1859-1927) --|tArt and Climate Change References --|tAtmospheric Circulation: Historical Overview --|tAutomobile History --|tAutomobiles and Environmental Impacts --|tBalance of Nature --|tBiomass Carbon --|tBiomass Energy and Biofuels --|tBolin, Bert Rickard Johannes (1925-2007) --|tBroad Arrow Policy --|tBroecker, Wallace Smith (1931- ) --|tBrundtland, Gro Harlem (1939- ) --|tCap and Trade Economics --|tCapture, Rule of --|tCarbon Capture and Storage --|tCarbon Dioxide --|tCarbon Dioxide in the Atmosphere and Oceans --|tCarbon Sequestration --|tCarter, Jimmy, and the 1970s Oil Crisis and Alternative Energy --|tCertified Emission Reductions Projects: Financing --|tChildren's Health and Climate Change --|tChina's National Climate Policy --|tChlorofluorocarbons --|tChristian Response to Climate Change --|tChu, Steven (1948- ) --|tClean Coal --|tClimate Change and Biodiversity Policies --|tClimate Change Communication --|tClimate Change Skeptics and Public Policy --|tClimate Education Considerations --|tClimate Education Trends in U.S. Higher Education --|tClimate Literacy --|tClimate Policy in the Obama Administration --|tClimate Refugees --|tClimatic Determinism --|tClimatic Research Unit --|tClimatic Research Unit Email Controversy --|tClimatology as a Profession --|tClusters for Sustainability and Green Energy --|tCoal Power --|tCoastal Planning Policies in Developed Countries --|tCoastal Planning Policies in Developing Countries --|tComputer Simulations of Climate Change --|tConsumer Culture: Chemicals and Plastics --|tContinental Drift --|tConvention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora --|tCoral Bleaching --|tCorporate Average Fuel Economy Standards --|tCrichton, Michael (1942-2008) --|tDansgaard, Willi (1922-2011) --|tDeforestation --|tDendrochronology: Studying Tree Rings --|tDesertification.
505 80|gv. 2.|tE-G.|tEarly-Geothermal --|tEarly Industrialization --|tEarth First! and Ecoradicalism --|tEco-Art: Loss of Habitat, Species Migration, and Extinction --|tEco-Art and Ocean Acidification --|tEl Niño-Southern Oscillation --|tEmergence of Ecology --|tEmiliani, Cesare (1922-1995) --|tEmissions Trading Scheme --|tEnergy Conservation and Efficiency --|tEnergy Sources and Shortages --|tEnergy Technology Innovation --|tEnhanced Geothermal Energy --|tEnron and Energy Trading --|tEnvironmental Health and Preventive Medicine --|tEnvironmentalism of the 1970s --|tEnvironmental Justice and Climate Change --|tEnvironmental Justice and Climate Change: Implications for Oil Producing Countries --|tEnvironmental Justice and Climate Change: Influence on Native Americans --|tEnvironmental Justice and Climate Change in China --|tEnvironmental Justice and Climate Change in India --|tEnvironmental Justice and Climate Change in the United States --|tEnvironmental Movement: 1980-2000 --|tEnvironmental Thought in the 19th Century --|tEuropean Union Climate Policy --|tExtinctions: Early Earth History --|tExtreme Weather --|tFeedback Mechanisms --|tFood and Nutrition Security --|tForest Conservation, U.S. --|tFossil Fuels: Current and Projected --|tFossil Fuel Use and Industrialization --|tFracking --|tFutureGen --|tGaia Hypothesis --|tGender and Climate Science --|tGeochemical Carbon Management --|tGeoengineering --|tGeoengineering and Public Policy --|tGeography and Climate Change --|tGeothermal Energy --|tGlaciers and Glacial Extent --|tGlobal Atmospheric Research Program --|tGlobal Cooling in the 1970s --|tGlobal Warming Literature --|tGore, Albert Arnold, Jr. (1948- ) --|tGovernment Concerns for Human Health --|tGreen Culture and American Environmentalism --|tGreenhouse Effect --|tGreen Party in the United States --|tGreen Revolution --|tGreenwashing.
505 80|gv. 3.|tH-S.|tHadley Centre --|tHansen, James E. (1941- ) --|tHawken, Paul (1946- ) --|tHealth Impacts of Climate Change --|tHoldren, John P. (1944- ) --|tHuman History and Climate Change --|tHydropower --|tIndividual Energy Choices --|tInformal Climate Education --|tInhofe, James (1934- ) --|tIntergovernmental Panel on Climate Change --|tIntergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Fourth Assessment Report --|tIntergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Reports --|tInternational Geophysical Year --|tInternational Geosphere-Biosphere Programme --|tJackson, Lisa (1962- ) --|tJones, Anthony Kapel "Van" (1968- ) --|tKeeling, Charles David (1928-2005) --|tKyoto Protocol --|tLaki Volcanic Eruption of 1783 --|tLandscape Art in the 19th Century --|tLappé, Anna (1973- ) --|tLappé, Frances Moore (1944- ) --|tLead --|tLeadership in Energy and Environmental Design --|tLittle Ice Age --|tLomborg, Bjørn (1965- ) --|tLove Canal Homeowners Association --|tLovelock, James (1919- ) --|tMaathai, Wangari (1940- ) --|tMarcellus Shale --|tMarsh, George Perkins (1801-1882) --|tMcKibben, Bill (1960- ) --|tMedieval Warm Period --|tMeteorology in the 19th Century --|tMethane --|tMicrohydropower --|tMontreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer --|tNASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies --|tNational Center for Atmospheric Research --|tNational Climatic Data Center --|tNational Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration --|tNational Weather Service --|tNitrogen Cycle --|tNitrous Oxide --|tNorth American Free Trade Agreement --|tNuclear Power Policy --|tNuclear Power Technology --|tNuclear Winter --|tOcean Acidification --|tOcean Circulation --|tOceanic Carbon --|tOil Drilling in the Gulf of Mexico --|tOil Spills and the Marine Environment --|tOil Use --|tOstrum, Elinor Awan (1933- ) --|tPachauri, Rajendra (1940- ) --|tPaleoclimatology --|tPassive House Designed for Conservation --|tPassive Solar Buildings --|tPeak Oil --|tPhotovoltaic Technology --|tPickens Plan for Wind Energy --|tPrecautionary Principle --|tPresidential Election of 2000 --|tPublic Attitudes toward Climate Change around the World --|tPublic Attitudes toward Climate Change in the United States --|tRecycling in the United States --|tReducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation --|tRenewable Energy --|tRisk Management Perspective --|tRobinson, Kim Stanley (1952- ) --|tSchneider, Stephen H. (1945-2010) --|tScience Assessment for Policy Decisions --|tSediment Cores --|tShackleton, Nicholas John (1937-2006) --|tShiva, Vandana (1952- ) --|tSinger, Peter (1946- ) --|tSkeptics, Naysayers, Anomalies, and Controversies --|tSmart Grids --|tSocial-Ecological Resilience and Climate Change --|tSocial Movements Related to Climate Change --|tSocial Policy Adaptation, Child Poverty, and Global Warming --|tSolar Energy --|tSolar Variability --|tSport-Utility Vehicles --|tSprawl and New Urbanism.
505 80|gv. 4.|tT-W.|tTambora Eruption and the Global Climate Emergency of 1815-1818 --|tTemperature Record --| --|tTidal Energy --|tTipping Point --|tTransportation --|tUncertainty and Controversy: Risks of Climate Change --|tUnion of Concerned Scientists --|tUrban Planning and Climate Policy --|tVisual Arts Exhibitions Focused on Climate Change --|tVulnerability --|tWater Resources and Adaptation in the United States --|tWaxman-Markey Climate Bill: American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 --|tWeather Control and Artificial Climates --|tWildlife Conservation --|tWind Power --|tWind Power Debate along Cape Cod --|tWomen and Climate Change --|tWoodwell, George M. (1930- ) --|tWorld Climate Research Programme --|tWorld Mayors' Organizations --|gAppendix 1:|tCopenhagen Accord --|gAppendix 2:|tThe Marrakesh Accords --|gAppendix 3:|tKyoto Protocol --|gAppendix 4:|tCancun Agreements --|gAppendix 5:|tPresident Barack Obama's 2009 United Nations Climate Change Conference Speech --|gAppendix 6:|tRichard Muller's Testimony to the Committee on Science, Space, and Technology of the U.S. House of Representatives --|gAppendix 7:|tJames Hansen Speech, "Global Warming Twenty Years Later: Tipping Points Near" --|gAppendix 8:|tCancun Adaptation Framework, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change --|gAppendix 9:|t2010 Climate Action Report, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change --|gAppendix 10:|tClimate Change: Impacts, Vulnerabilities, and Adaptation in Developing Countries --|gAppendix 11:|tState of Connecticut et al. v. American Electric Power Company, Inc. et al. --|gAppendix 12:|tMassachusetts et al. v. Environmental Protection Agency et al. --|gAppendix 13:|tIPCC First Assessment Report --|gAppendix 14:|tIPCC Second Assessment Report --|gAppendix 15:|tIPCC Third Assessment Report --|gAppendix 16:|tIPCC Fourth Assessment Report --|tGeneral Bibliography --|tAbout the Editors and Contributors --|tIndex.
520 |aThe articles in this book are designed to inform readers' decision making through the insight of scholars from around the world, each of whom brings a unique approach to this topic. The work goes beyond pure science to consider other important factors, weighing the cultural, historical, and policy-driven contributors to this issue. In addition, the book explores the ideas that have converged and evolved in order to clarify our current predicament. By considering climate change in this holistic fashion, this reference collection will prepare readers to consider the issue from every angle --Back cover.
650 0|aClimatic changes|xResearch|vEncyclopedias.
650 0|aClimatic changes|xHistory|vEncyclopedias.
650 7|aClimatic changes.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst00864229
650 7|aClimatic changes|xResearch.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst00864259
650 7|aKlimaänderung.|0(DE-588)4164199-1|2gnd
650 7|aForschung.|0(DE-588)4017894-8|2gnd
655 7|aEncyclopedias.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01423798
655 7|aHistory.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01411628
700 1 |aBlack, Brian,|d1966-|eeditor.
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