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Proteolytic enzymes : aspartic and metallo peptidases /

edited by Alan J. Barrett.

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Names: Barrett, Alan J.
Vernacular: Peptide thioester substrates for serine peptidases and metalloendopeptidases / James C. Powers, Chih-Min Kam -- Fluorimetric assays of proteolytic enzymes / C. Graham Knight -- Defined substrate mixtures for mapping of proteinase specificities / Gerard M. McGeehan, D. Mark Bickett, Jeffrey S. Wiseman, Michael Green, Judd Berman -- Assay of proteoglycan degradation / Christopher J. Handley, David J. Buttle -- Theoretical and practical aspects of proteinase inhibition kinetics / Joseph G. Bieth -- Active-site titration of peptidases / C. Graham Knight -- Families of aspartic peptidases, and those of unknown catalytic mechanism / Neil D. Rawlings, Alan J. Barrett -- Procathepsin E and cathepsin E / Takashi Kageyama -- Processing enzymes of pepsin family: Yeast aspartic protease 3 and pro-opiomelanocortin converting enzyme / Y. Peng Loh, Niamh X. Cawley -- Proteinase A from Aspergillus niger / Kenji Takahashi -- Thermopsin / Xinli Lin, Jordan Tang -- Bacterial prolipoprotein signal peptidase / Krishnan Sankaran, Henry C. Wu -- Evolutionary families of metallopeptidases / Neil D. Rawlings, Alan J. Barrett -- Removal and replacement of metal ions in metallopeptidases / David S. Auld -- Pseudolysin and other pathogen endopeptidases of thermolysin family / Kazuyuki Morihara -- Neprilysin: Assay methods, purification, and characterization / Chingwen Li, Louis B. Hersh -- Inhibitors of neprilysin: Design, pharmacological and clinical applications / Bernard P. Roques, Florence Noble, Philippe Crine, Marie-Claude Fournié-Zaluski -- Peptidyl dipeptidase A: Angiotensin I-converting enzyme / Pierre Corvol, Tracy A. Williams, Florent Soubrier -- Astacin / Walter Stöcker, Robert Zwilling -- Meprins A and B / Russell L. Wolz, Judith S. Bond -- Snake venom metalloendopeptidases: Reprolysins / Jón B. Bjarnason, Jay W. Fox -- Atrolysins: Metalloproteinases from Crotalus atrox venom / Jay W. Fox, Jón B. Bjarnason -- Membrane-associated metalloproteinase recognized by characteristic cleavage of myelin basic protein: Assay and isolation / Linda Howard, Paul Glynn -- Serralysin and related bacterial proteinases / Hiroshi Maeda, Kazuyuki Morihara -- Vertebrate collagenases / Marianna Dioszegi, Paul Cannon, Harold E. Van Wart -- Human neutrophil collagenase / Harald Tschesche -- Human stromelysins 1 and 2 / Hideaki Nagase -- Gelatinases A and B / Gillian Murphy, Thomas Crabbe -- Matrilysin / J. Frederick Woessner Jr. -- Tissue inhibitors of matrix metalloendopeptidases / Gillian Murphy, Frances Willenbrock -- Quantification of matrix metalloproteinases in tissue samples / J. Frederick Woessner Jr. -- Thimet oligopeptidase and oligopeptidase M or neurolysin / Alan J. Barrett, Molly A. Brown, Pamela M. Dando, C. Graham Knight, Norman McKie, Neil D. Rawlings, Atsushi Serizawa -- Mitochondrial intermediate peptidase / Grazia Isaya, Frantisek Kalousek -- Dipeptidyl carboxypeptidase and oligopeptidase A from Escherichia coli and Salmonella typhimurium / Christopher A. Conlin, Charles G. Miller -- Oligopeptidases from Lactococcus lactis / Véronique Monnet -- Neurolysin: Purification and assays / F. Checler, H. Barelli, P. Dauch, V. Dive, B. Vincent, J.P. Vincent -- Leishmanolysin: Surface metalloproteinase of Leishmania / Jacques Bouvier, Pascal Schneider, Robert Etges -- Immunoglobulin A-metallo-type specific prolyl endopeptidases / Andrew G. Plaut, Andrew Wright -- Tetanus and botulism neurotoxins: Isolation and assay / Giampietro Schiavo, Cesare Montecucco -- Human carboxypeptidase N: Lysine carboxypeptidase / Randal A. Skidgel -- Human carboxypeptidase M / Fulong Tan, Peter A. Deddish, Randal A. Skidgel -- Carboxypeptidase T / Valentin M. Stepanov -- Pitrilysin / Angela Anastasi, Alan J. Barrett -- Insulysin and pitrilysin: Insulin-degrading enzymes of mammals and bacteria / Andrew B. Becker, Richard A. Roth -- N-arginine dibasic convertase / Paul Cohen, Adrian R. Pierotti, Valérie Chesneau, Thierry Foulon, Annik Prat -- Purification and characterization of mitochondrial processing peptidase of Neurospora crassa / Michael Brunner, Walter Neupert -- O-sialoglycoprotease from Pasteurella haemolytica / Alan Mellors, Reggie Y.C. Lo -- β-lytic endopeptidases / Efrat Kessler -- Procollagen N-peptidases: Procollagen N-proteinases / Karl E. Kadler, Samantha J. Lightfoot, Rod B. Watson -- Procollagen C-peptidase: Procollagen C-proteinase / Karl E. Kadler, Rod B. Watson -- Peptidyl-asp metalloendopeptidase / Marie-Luise Hagmann, Ursula Geuss, Stephan Fischer, Georg-Burkhard Kresse.
Published: San Diego : Academic Press, ©1995.
Series: Methods in enzymology ; v. 248.
Topics: Peptidase. | Aspartic proteinases. | Metalloproteinases. | Aspartic Acid Endopeptidases. | Metalloendopeptidases. | Peptidases. | Endopeptidases aspartiques. | Métalloprotéinases. | Proteolyse. | Metalloproteïnases. | Asparaginezuur. | Peptidasen. | Enzymen. | Aspartatproteasen | Metalloenzym | Proteasen | Enzymologia - podręczniki laboratoryjne. | Peptydazy.
Genres: Electronic books.
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Location & Availability for: Proteolytic enzymes : aspartic and metal