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Oxygen radicals in biological systems /

edited by Lester Packer.

Book Cover
Names: Packer, Lester.
Published: Orlando [Fla.] : Academic Press, 1984.
Series: Methods in enzymology ; v. 105.
Topics: Active oxygen. | Radicals (Chemistry) | Oxygène actif. | Radicaux (Chimie) | Free Radicals. | Oxygen - metabolism. | Oxygen - toxicity.
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245 00|aOxygen radicals in biological systems /|cedited by Lester Packer.
260 |aOrlando [Fla.] :|bAcademic Press,|c1984.
300 |axxviii, 600 p. :|bill. ;|c24 cm.
490 1 |aMethods in enzymology ;|vv. 105
504 |aIncludes bibliographical references and indexes.
505 00|tChemistry of dioxygen /|rMonika J. Green, H. Allen O. Hill and Packer Lester --|tBiochemistry of oxygen radical species /|rM. Brunori, G. Rotilio and Packer Lester --|tCharacterization of singlet oxygen /|rChristopher S. Foote ... [et al.] --|tRole of iron in oxygen radical reactions /|rBarry Halliwell, John M. C. Gutteridge and Packer Lester --|tOverview : Biological sources of O2 /|rIrwin Fridovich and Packer Lester --|tOverview : Superoxygenase /|rRyotaro Yoshida, Osamu Hayaishi and Packer Lester --|tMethods for the study of superoxide chemistry in nonaqueous solutions /|rJoan S. Valentine ... [et al.] --|tGeneration of superoxide radicals in aqueous and ethanolic solutions by vacuum-uv photolysis /|rBenon H. J. Bielski and Packer Lester --|tIsolation and characterization of superoxide dismutase /|rJ. V. Bannister, W. H. Bannister and Packer Lester --|tSuperoxide dismutase assays /|rL. Flohé, F. Ötting and Packer Lester --|tSubcellular distribution of superoxide dismutases in rat liver /|rBruce L. Geller, Dennis R. Winge and Packer Lester --|tAssays of glutathione peroxidase /|rLeopold Flohé, Wolfgang A. Günzler and Packer Lester --|tCatalase in vitro /|rHugo Aebi and Packer Lester --|tAssays of lipoxygenase, 1,4-pentadiene fatty acids, and o2 concentrations : Chemiluminescence methods /|rSimo Laakso ... [et al.] --|tHigh-performance liquid chromatography methods for vitamin e in tissues /|rJudith L. Buttriss, Anthony T. Diplock and Packer Lester --|tVitamin e analysis methods for animal tissues /|rIndrajit D. Desai and Packer Lester --|tSimultaneous determination of reduced and oxidized ubiquinones /|rMasahiro Takada ... [et al.] --|tAssay of carotenoids /|rNorman I. Krinsky, Sudhakar Welankiwar and Packer Lester --|tUric acid : Functions and determination /|rPaul Hochstein ... [et al.] --|tPulse radiolysis methodology /|rKlaus-Dieter Asmus and Packer Lester --|tElectron and hydrogen atom transfer reactions : Determination of free radical redox potentials by pulse radiolysis /|rL. G. Forni, R. L. Willson and Packer Lester --|tSpin trapping /|rEdward G. Janzen and Packer Lester --|tSpin trapping of superoxide and hydroxyl radicals /|rGerald M. Rosen, Elmer J. Rauckman and Packer Lester --|tReaction of ·OH /|rGidon Czapski and Packer Lester --|tElectron spin resonance spin destruction methods for radical detection /|rRolf J. Mehlhorn, Lester Packer and Packer Lester --|tLow-level chemiluminescence as an indicator of singlet molecular oxygen in biological systems /|rEnrique Cadenas, Helmut Sies and Packer Lester --|tHigh-pressure liquid chromatography-electrochemical detection of oxygen free radicals /|rRobert A. Floyd ... [et al.] --|tSurvey of the methodology for evaluating negative air ions : Relevance to biological studies /|rRonald Pethig and Packer Lester --|tDetection of oxidative mutagens with a new salmonella tester strain (ta102) /|rDavid E. Levin ... [et al.] --|tDetermination of the mutagenicity of oxygen free radicals using microbial systems /|rHosni M. Hassan, Carmella S. Moody and Packer Lester --|tAssay of rate of aging of conidia of neurospora crassa /|rKenneth D. Munkres, Cheryl A. Furtek and Packer Lester --
505 00|tChemistry of lipid peroxidation /|rNed A. Porter and Packer Lester --|tOverview of methods used for detecting lipid peroxidation /|rT. F. Slater and Packer Lester --|tChemical methods for the detection of lipid hydroperoxides /|rWilliam A. Pryor, Laurence Castle and Packer Lester --|tComparative studies on different methods of malonaldehyde determination /|rR. P. Bird, H. H. Draper and Packer Lester --|tConcentrating ethane from breath to monitor lipid peroxidation in vivo /|rGlen D. Lawrence, Gerald Cohen and Packer Lester --|tAssay of ethane and pentane from isolated organs and cells /|rArmin Müller, Helmut Sies and Packer Lester --|tDetection of malonaldehyde by high-performance liquid chromatography /|rHermann Esterbauer ... [et al.] --|tAssay for blood plasma or serum /|rKunio Yagi and Packer Lester --|tSpectrophotometric detection of lipid conjugated dienes /|rRichard O. Recknagel, Eric A. Glende and Packer Lester --|tFluorescent damage products of lipid peroxidation /|rCora J. Dillard, Al L. Tappel and Packer Lester --|tCalibration of microspectrophotometers as it applies to the detection of lipofuscin and the blue- and yellow-emitting fluorophores in situ /|rWilliam S. Stark ... [et al.] --|tDetection of the metabolism of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon derivatives to ultimate carcinogens during lipid peroxidation /|rThomas A. Dix, Lawrence J. Marnett and Packer Lester --|tDetection of picomole levels of lipid hydroperoxides using a dichlorofluorescein fluorescent assay /|rRichard Cathcart ... [et al.] --|tMeasurement of O2- production by human neutrophils. The preparation and assay of nadph oxidase-containing particles from human neutrophils /|rMichèle Markert ... [et al.] --|tMeasurement of O2- secreted by monocytes and macrophages /|rRichard B. Johnston and Packer Lester --|tSuperoxide production /|rPeter J. O'Brien and Packer Lester --|tEndothelial culture, neutrophil or enzymic generation of free radicals : In vitro methods for the study of endothelial injury /|rCharles F. Moldow, Harry S. Jacob and Packer Lester --|tSystemic consequences of O2- production /|rRolando Del Maestro and Packer Lester --|tCalcium and calmodulin in neutrophil activation /|rHarold P. Jones, Joe M. Mccord and Packer Lester --|tMeasurement of oxidizing radicals by polymorphonuclear leukocytes /|rDennis P. Clifford, John E. Repine and Packer Lester --|tAntimicrobial activity of myeloperoxidase /|rSeymour J. Klebanoff ... [et al.] --|tDetermination of microbial damage caused by oxygen free radicals, and the protective role of superoxide dismutase /|rHosni M. Hassan and Packer Lester --|tOxidizing radical generation by prostaglandin h synthase /|rPaul H. Siedlik, Lawrence J. Marnett and Packer Lester --|tAssay of in situ radicals by electron spin resonance /|rRonald P. Mason and Packer Lester --|tChloroplasts : Formation of active oxygen and its scavenging /|rKozi Asada and Packer Lester --
505 00|tDetermination of the production of superoxide radicals and hydrogen peroxide in mitochondria /|rAlberto Boveris and Packer Lester --|tHydroperoxide effects on redox state of pyridine nucleotides and ca2+ retention by mitochondria /|rChristoph Richter and Packer Lester --|tGlutathione disulfide (gssg) efflux from cells and tissues /|rHelmut Sies, Theo P. M. Akerboom and Packer Lester --|tStable tissue free radicals /|rW. Lohmann, H. Neubacher and Packer Lester --|tAssay of superoxide dismutase activity in tumor tissue /|rLarry W. Oberley, Douglas R. Spitz and Packer Lester --|tIn vitro cell cultures as tools in the study of free radicals and free radical modifiers in carcinogenesis /|rCarmia Borek and Packer Lester --|tRadicals in melanin biochemistry /|rRoger C. Sealy and Packer Lester --|tAssay of lipofuscin/ceroid pigment in vivo during aging /|rR. S. Sohal and Packer Lester --|tThe use of selective free radical probes to study active sites in enzymes and viruses /|rJ. Leslie Redpath and Packer Lester --|tDetection and measurement of drug-induced oxygen radical formation /|rMartyn T. Smith ... [et al.] --|tAlloxan and 6-hydroxydopamine : Cellular toxins /|rGerald Cohen, Richard E. Heikkila and Packer Lester --|tMicrosomal oxidant radical production and ethanol oxidation /|rArthur I. Cederbaum, Gerald Cohen and Packer Lester --|tExacerbation of superoxide radical formation by paraquat /|rHosni M. Hassan and Packer Lester --|tEthidium binding assay for reactive oxygen species generated from reductively activated adriamycin (doxorubicin) /|rJ. William Lown and Packer Lester --|tChemical carcinogenesis : Benzopyrene system /|rStephen A. Lesko and Packer Lester.
650 0|aActive oxygen.
650 0|aRadicals (Chemistry)
650 6|aOxygène actif.
650 6|aRadicaux (Chimie)
650 2|aFree Radicals.
650 2|aOxygen|xmetabolism.
650 2|aOxygen|xtoxicity.
700 1 |aPacker, Lester.
830 0|aMethods in enzymology ;|vv. 105.
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