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Readings in psychology : understanding human behavior /

James A. Dyal, Texas Christian University.

Book Cover
Editor: Dyal, James A.
Published: New York : McGraw-Hill, 1962.
Topics: Psychology. | Human behavior. | Psychologie. | Psychologie. | Einführung. | Psychologie. | Behavior. | Psychology.
Genres: Einführung.
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100 1 |aDyal, James A.|q(James Albert),|d1928-|eeditor.
245 10|aReadings in psychology :|bunderstanding human behavior /|cJames A. Dyal, Texas Christian University.
260 |aNew York :|bMcGraw-Hill,|c1962.
300 |a444 pages :|billustrations ;|c21 cm
336 |atext|btxt|2rdacontent
337 |aunmediated|bn|2rdamedia
338 |avolume|bnc|2rdacarrier
505 00|gCh.1|tLectures on the philosophy of the human mind /|rThomas Brown -- The|tdefinition of psychology /|rWilliam James --|tMind, consciousness and the method of psychology /|rEdward B. Titchener --|tWhat is behaviorism? /|rJohn B. Watson -- The|tevolution of scientific method in psychology /|rJ.P.Chaplin and T.S. Karwiec -- The|taims of science /|rClarence W. Brown and Edwin E. Ghiselli -- The|tmethods of psychology /|rT.G. Andrews --|tPsychology as a science /|rGregory A. Kimble -- The|thistorical meaning of psychology as a science and profession /|rRollo May --|gch.2|tConstitutional and prenatal factors in infant and child health /|rM.F. Ashley Montague --|tGrowth potentials of the human infant /|rArnold Gesell -- The|tmammal and his environment /|rD.O. Hebb --|tContinuities and discontinuities in cultural conditioning /|rRuth Benedict -- ch.3|tCentral stimulation and other new approaches to motivation and reward /|rNeal E. Miller --|tDeficiency motivation and growth motivation /|rAbraham Maslow -- A|ttheory of human motivation /|rA.H. Maslow --|gch.4 The|tPhysiology of fear and anger /|rDaniel H. Funkenstein -- The|tbiological advantages of emotional motives /|rRobert Ward Leeper and Peter Madison -- The|tnature of love /|rHarry F. Harlow --|tEmotional richness and emotional poverty /|rRobert Ward Leeper and Peter Madison --|gch.5|tSome recent studies of conflict behavior and drugs /|rNeal E. Miller --|tReaction to frustration -- a critique and hypothesis /|rS. Stansfeld Sargent --|tOur inner conflicts /|rKaren Horney --|gch.6|tSome structural factors in perception /|rClifford T. Morgan --|tModification of electric activity in cochlear nucleus during "attention" in unanesthetized cats /|rRaul Hernandez-Peon, Harold Scherrer, and Michel Jouvet --|tExperiments in perception /|rW.H. Ittelson and F.P. Kilpatrick --|tCultural influence on the perception of movement: the trapeziodal illusion among zulus /|rGordon W. Allport and Thomas F. Pettigrew.
505 00|gCh. 7|tOn the neural basis of the conditioned response /|rR.W. Sperry --|tElectrophysiological correlates of a conditioned response in cats /|rRobert Galambos, Guy Sheatz and Vernon G. Vernier --|tLearning without response under two conditions of external cues /|rHarold J. McNamara, John B. Long and Edward L. Wike -- The|toperant, from rat to man: an introduction to some recent experiments on human behavior /|rWilliam Verplanck -- The|tscience of learning and the art of teaching /|rB.F. Skinner -- The|telimination of tantrum behavior by extinction procedures /|rCarl D. Williams --|tBrainwashing, conditioning and ddd (debility, dependency and dread) /|rI. E. Farber, Harry F. Harlow, and Louis Jolyon West --|gch. 8 A|tneuropyschological approach to thinking /|rJohn Gaito --|tReasoning as an associative process: III. the role of verbal responses in problem solving /|rCharles N. Cofer -- The|tinfluence of mental set on problem solving /|rIan M.L. Hunter --|tDoes group participation when using brainstorming facilitate or inhibit creative thinking? /|rDonald W. Taylor, Paul C. Berry, and Clifford H. Block --|gch. 9 The|teffect of early and late brain injury upon test scores and the nature of normal adult intelligence /|rD.O. Hebb --|tIntellectual malfunctioning and personality /|rEdith A. Weisskopf --|tNegro versus white intelligence: a continuing controversy /|rWilliam M. McCord and Nicholas J Demerath III --|tOn race and intelligence: a joint statement /|rOtto Klineberg et al. --|gch. 10|tRole enactment /|rTheodore S. Sarbin -- The|teffects of mild frustration on the expression of prejudiced attitudes /|rEmory L. Cowen, Judah Landes and Donald E. Schaet --|tSex-role development in a changing culture /|rDaniel G. Brown --|gch. 11|tSelf-conceptions, motivations and interpersonal attitudes of early and late-maturing girls/|rMary Cover Jones and Paul Henry Mussen --|tOn becoming a person /|rCarl R. Rogers --|tContributions to role-taking theory: a clinical study of self and role /|rTheodore R. Sarbin and Norman Farberow --|gch. 12 The|tbiological appraoch to the study of personality /|rRoger J. Williams --|tTypes of adjustive reactions /|rJames C. Coleman --|tMasculinity, identification, and father-son relationships /|rPaul Mussen and Luther Distler --|tPersonality development in contemporary culture /|rRobert R. Sears --|gch. 13|tEffects on behavior in humans with the administration of taraxein /|rRobert G. Heath, Sten Martens, Byron E. Leach, Matthew Cohen, and Charles Angel --|tPsychological factors in schizophrenia /|rJames C. Coleman -- The|tschizophrenic sequence: withdrawl, disorganization, psychotic reorganization /|rRichard L. Jenkins --|tCulture and neurosis /|rKaren Horney.
650 0|aPsychology.
650 0|aHuman behavior.
650 7|aHuman behavior.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst00962811
650 7|aPsychology.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01081447
650 17|aPsychologie.|2gtt
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650 07|aPsychologie.|2swd
650 2|aBehavior.
650 2|aPsychology.
653 0|aHuman behavior
653 0|aPsychology
655 4|aEinführung.
776 08|iOnline version:|aDyal, James A. (James Albert), 1928-|tReadings in psychology: understanding human behavior.|dNew York, McGraw-Hill, 1962|w(OCoLC)1032831202
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