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The Cambridge history of literary criticism.

Book Cover
Names: Kennedy, George A.
Published: Cambridge [England] ; Cambridge University Press, 1989-2013.
Topics: Criticism - History.
Genres: History.
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245 04|aThe Cambridge history of literary criticism.
260 |aCambridge [England] ;|aNew York :|bCambridge University Press,|c1989-2013.
300 |a9 volumes ;|c24 cm
336 |atext|btxt|2rdacontent
337 |aunmediated|bn|2rdamedia
338 |avolume|bnc|2rdacarrier
504 |aIncludes bibliographical references and indexes.
505 00|gv. 1.|tClassical criticism /|redited by George A. Kennedy|g(c1989). --|g1.|tEarly Greek views of poets and poetry /|rGregory Nagy --|g2.|tLanguage and meaning in Archaic and Classical Greece /|rGeorge A. Kennedy --|g3.|tPlato and poetry /|rG.R.F. Ferrari --|g4.|tAristotle's poetics /|rStephen Halliwell --|g5.|tThe evolution of a theory of artistic prose /|rGeorge A. Kennedy --|g6.|tHellenistic literary and philosophical scholarship /|rGeorge A. Kennedy and Doreen C. Innes --|g7.|tThe growth of literature and criticism at Rome /|rElaine Fantham --|g8.|tAugustan critics /|rDoreen C. Innes --|g9.|tLatin criticism of the Early Empire /|rElaine Fantham --|g10.|tGreek criticism of the Empire /|rDonald A. Russell --|g11.|tChristianity and criticism /|rGeorge A. Kennedy.
505 00|gv. 2.|tThe Middle Ages /|redited by Alastair Minnis and Ian Johnson|g(c2005). --|gI.|tThe liberal arts and the arts of Latin textuality. --|g1.|tGrammatica and literary theory /|rMartin Irvine with David Thomson --|g2.|tThe arts of poetry and prose /|rJ.J. Murphy --|g3.|tThe arts of letter-writing /|rRonald G. Witt --|g4.|tThe arts of preaching /|rSiegfried Wenzel. --|gII.|tThe study of classical authors. --|g5.|tFrom late Antiquity to the twelfth century /|rWinthrop Wetherbee --|g6.|tFrom the twelfth century to c. 1450 /|rVincent Gillespie. --|gIII.|tTextual psychologies : imagination, memory, pleasure. --|g7.|tMedieval imagination and memory /|rAlastair Minnis --|g8.|tThe profits of pleasure /|rGlending Olson. --|gIV.|tVernacular critical traditions : the early middle ages. --|g9.|tMedieval Irish literary theory and criticism /|rPatrick Sims-Williams and Erich Poppe --|g10.|tAnglo-Saxon textual attitudes /|rAnanya Jahanara Kabir --|g11.|tLiterary theory and practice in early-medieval Germany /|rJohn L. Flood --|g12.|tLiterary criticism in Welsh before c.1300 /|rMarged Haycock --|g13.|tCriticism and literary theory in Old Norse-Icelandic /|rMargaret Clunies Ross. --|gV.|tVernacular critical traditions : the late middle ages. --|g14.|tLatin commentary tradition and vernacular literature /|rRalph Hanna, Tony Hunt, R.G. Keightley, Alastair Minnis and Nigel F. Palmer --|g15.|tVernacular literary consciousness c. 1100 -- c. 1500 : French, German and English evidence /|rKevin Brownlee, Tony Hunt, Ian Johnson, Alastair Minnis and Nigel F. Palmer --|g16.|tOccitan grammars and the art of troubadour poetry /|rSimon Gaunt and John Marshall --|g17.|tLiterary theory and polemic in Castile, c. 1200-c. 1500 /|rJulian Weiss --|g18.|tLiterary criticism in Middle High German literature /|rNigel F. Palmer --|g19.|tLater literary criticism in Wales /|rGruffydd Aled Williams. --|gVI.|tLatin and vernacular in Italian literary theory. --|g20.|tDante Alighieri : experimentation and (self- ) exegesis /|rZygmunt G. Barański --|g21.|tThe Epistle to Can Grande /|rZygmunt G. Barański --|g22.|tThe Trecento commentaries on Dante's Commedia /|rSteven Botterill --|g23.|tLatin and vernacular from Dante to the age of Lorenzo (1321 -c. 1500) /|rMartin McLaughlin --|g24.|tHumanist views on the study of Italian poetry in the early Italian Renaissance /|rDavid Robey --|g25.|tHumanist criticism of Latin and vernacular prose /|rMartin McLaughlin. --|gVII.|tByzantine literary theory and criticism.|g26.|tByzantine criticism and the uses of literature /|rThomas M. Conley.
505 00|gv. 3.|tThe Renaissance /|redited by Glyn P. Norton|g(c1999). --|g[I]|tReading and interpretation : an emerging discourse of poetics. --|g1.|tTheories of language /|rRichard Waswo --|g2.|tRenaissance exegesis /|rMichel Jeanneret --|g3.|tEvangelism and Erasmus /|rMarjorie O'Rourke Boyle --|g4.|tThe assimilation of Aristotle's Poetics in sixteenth-century Italy /|rDaniel Javitch --|g5.|tHorace in the sixteenth century : commentators into critics /|rAnn Moss --|g6.|tCicero and Quintilian /|rJohn O. Ward. --|g[II].|tPoetics. --|gI.|tHumanist classifications --|g7.|tHumanist classifications of poetry among the arts and sciences /|rWilliam J. Kennedy --|g8.|tTheories of poetry : Latin writers /|rAnn Moss --|gII.|tThe rediscovery and transmission of materials --|g9.|tLiterary imitation in the sixteenth century : writers and readers, Latin and French /|rAnn Moss --|g10.|tPetrarchan poetics /|rWilliam J. Kennedy --|g11.|tTranslatio and translation in the Renaissance : from Italy to France /|rValerie Worth-Stylianou --|g12.|tInvention /|rUllrich Langer --|gIII.|tRhetorical poetics --|g13.|tHumanist education /|rAnn Moss --|g14.|tSecond rhetoric and the grands rhétoriqueurs /|rRobert Griffin --|g15.|tThe rhetoric of presence : art, literature, and illusion /|rFranc̜ois Rigolot --|g16.|tThe paradoxical sisterhood : 'ut pictura poesis' /|rChrisopher Braider --|g17.|tConceptions of style /|rDebora Shuger --|g18.|tSir Philip Sidney's An apology for poetry /|rWesley Trimpi --|g19.|tAristotle, Horace, and Longinus : the conception of reader response /|rNicholas Cronk --|gIV.|tLiterary forms --|g20.|tItalian epic theory /|rDaniel Jacitch --|g21.|tThe lyric /|rRoland Greene --|g22.|tRenaissance theatre and the theory of tragedy /|rTimothy J. Reiss --|g23.|tElizabethan theatrical genres and literary theory /|rGeorge K. Hunter --|g24.|tDefining comedy in the seventeenth century : moral sense and theatrical sensibility /|rG.J. Mallinson --|g25.|tDialogue and discussion in the Renaissance /|rDavid Marsh --|g26.|tThe essay as criticism /|rFloyd Gray --|g27.|tThe genres of epigram and emblem /|rDaniel Russell --|g28.|tHumour and satire in the Renaissance /|rAnne Lake Prescott. --|g[III].|tTheories or prose fiction --|g29.|tTheories of prose fiction in England : 1558-1700 /|rPaul Salzman --|g30.|tTheories of prose fiction in sixteenth-century France /|rGlyn P. Norton --|g31.|tSeventeenth-century theories of the novel in France : writing and reading the truth /|rG.J. Mallinson --|g32.|tTheories of prose fiction and poetics in Italy : novella and romanzo (1525-1596) /|rGlyn P. Norton with Marga Cottino-Jones. --|g[IV].|tContexts of criticism : metropolitan culture and socio-literary environments --|g33.|tCriticism and the metropolis : Tudor-Stuart London /|rLawrence Manley --|g34.|tCriticism in the city : Lyons and Paris /|rTimothy Hampton --|g35.|tCulture, imperialism, and humanist criticism in the Italian city-states /|rDiana Robin --|g36.|tGerman-speaking centres and institutions /|rJames A. Parente, Jr. --|g37.|tCourts and patronage /|rMichael Schoenfeldt --|g38.|tRooms of their own : literary salons in seventeenth-century France /|rJoan DeJean --|g39.|tRenaissance printing and the book trade /|rGeorge Hoffmann. --|g[V].|tVoices of dissent --|g40.|tThe Ciceronian controversy /|rJohn Nonfasani --|g41.|tReorganizing the encyclopaedia : Vives and Ramus on Aristotle and the scholastics /|rMartin Elsky --|g42.|tThe rise of the vernaculars /|rRichard Waswo --|g43.|tAncients and moderns : France /|rTerence Cave --|g44.|tWomen as auctores in early modern Europe /|rElizabeth Guild. --|g[VI].|tStructures of thought. --|g45.|tRenaissance Neoplatonism /|rMichael J.B. Allen --|g46.|tCosmography and poetics /|rFernand Hallyn --|g47.|tNatural philosophy and the 'new science' /|rAnn Blair --|g48.|tStoicism and Epicureanism : philosophical revival and literary repercussions /|rJill Kraye --|g49.|tCalvinism and post-Tridentine developments /|rCatherine Randall --|g50.|tPort-Royal and Jansenism /|rRichard Parish. --|g[VII].|tNeoclassical issues : beauty, judgement, persuasion, polemics. --|g51.|tCombative criticism : Jonson, Milton, and classical literary criticism in England /|rColin Burrow --|g52.|tThe rhetorical ideal in France /|rHugh M. Davidson --|g53.|tCartesian aesthetics /|rTimothy J. Reiss --|g54.|tPrinciples of judgement : probability, decorum, taste, and the je ne sais quoi /|rMichael Moriarty --|g55.|tLonginus and the sublime /|rJohn Logan. --|g[VIII].|tA survey of national developments. --|g56.|tSeventeenth-century English literary criticism : classical values, English texts and contexts /|rJoshua Scodel --|g57.|tFrench criticism in the seventeenth century /|rMichael Moriarty --|g58.|tLiterary-critical developments in sixteenth- and seventeenth-century Italy /|rMarga Cottino-Jones --|g59.|tCultural commentary in seventeenth-century Spain : literary theory and textual practice /|rMarina Brownlee --|g60.|tThe German-speaking countries /|rPeter Skrine --|g61.|tThe low countries /|rTheo Hermans.
650 0|aCriticism|xHistory.
650 7|aCriticism.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst00883735
655 7|aHistory.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01411628
700 1 |aKennedy, George A.|q(George Alexander),|d1928-
776 08|iOnline version:|tCambridge history of literary criticism.|dCambridge [England] ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 1989-2013|w(OCoLC)897482695
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