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An anthology of Jewish-Russian literature : two centuries of dual identity in prose and poetry /

edited, selected, and cotranslated, with introductory essays by Maxim D. Shrayer.

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Names: Shrayer, Maxim,
Published: Armonk, N.Y. : Sharpe, 2007-
Topics: Russian literature - Jewish authors - Translations into English. | Jews in literature. | Russian literature - 19th century - Translations into English. | Russian literature - 20th century - Translations into English.
Genres: Reference works. | Translations. | Reference works.
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245 03|aAn anthology of Jewish-Russian literature :|btwo centuries of dual identity in prose and poetry /|cedited, selected, and cotranslated, with introductory essays by Maxim D. Shrayer.
260 |aArmonk, N.Y. :|bSharpe,|c2007-
300 |avolumes <1-2> ;|c24 cm
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504 |aIncludes bibliographical references and indexes.
505 0 |av. 1. 1801-1953 -- v. 2. 1953-2001.
505 00|tVOLUME 1 : 1801-1953 --|tNote on Transliteration, Spelling of Names, Dates, and Notes --|tNote on How to Use This Anthology --|tEditor's General Introduction : Toward a Canon of Jewish-Russian Literature /|rMaxim D. Shrayer --|tJewish-Russian Literature : A Selected Bibliography --|tTHE BEGINNING --|tFrom Lament of the Daughter of Judah (1803) /|rLeyba Nevakhovich --|tGAINING A VOICE : 1840-1881 --|t"The People" (1840) /|rLeon Mandelstam --|t"When my daydreams cross the brink of long lost days ..." (1844) /|rAfanasy Fet --|t"Sheltered by a crimson awning ..." (1847) /|rAfanasy Fet --|tFrom An Answer to the Slav (1849; pub. 1911) /|rRuvim Kulisher --|tFrom The Penal Recruit (1859) /|rOsip Rabinovich --|tFrom Seething Times (1860s; pub. 1871-73) /|rLev Levanda --|tFrom Notes of a Jew : "Childhood Sufferings" (1863; pub. 1871-73) /|rGrigory Bogrov --|tFIRST FLOWERING : 1881-1902 --|tFrom The Misfit (1881) /|rRashel Khin --|tFrom "The Woman" (1883) /|rSemyon Nadson --|t"I grew up shunning you, O most degraded nation ..." (1885) /|rSemyon Nadson --|t"To Rubinstein" (1886) /|rNikolai Minsky --|t"Song " (1890s) /|rSimon Frug --|t"Shylock" (1890s) /|rSimon Frug --|t"An Admirer of Napoleon" (1800s) /|rSimon Frug --|tAuthor's Preface to vol. 1 of Collected Stories and Sketches (1898) /|rBen-Ami --|tFrom The Memoirs of a Jew (ca. 1900) /|rAvraam-Uria Kovner --|tON THE EVE : 1903-1917 --|t"The Countrymen" (1902) /|rDavid Aizman --|tFrom The Jews (1903) /|rSemyon Yushkevich --|t"The Old Ghetto" (1903; rev. 1940) /|rDmitri Tsenzor --|t"Father" (1914; rev. 1940) /|rDmitri Tsenzor --|t"In Memory of Herzl" (1904) /|rVladimir Jabotinsky --|t"An Exchange of Compliments" (1911) /|rVladimir Jabotinsky --|t"In an Alien Tongue" (1900s) /|rLeyb Jaffe --|t"Off the Corfu Coast" (c. 1905-6) /|rLeyb Jaffe --|t"The Jewish Question" (1909) /|rSasha Cherny --|t"Judeophobes" (1909) /|rSasha Cherny --|t"The Guardian Press" (1900s) /|rOssip Dymow --|t"The Book" (1910) /|rS. An-sky --|t"To the Jewish Nation" (1911) /|rIlya Ehrenburg --|t"Jews, I haven't strength to live with you ..." (1912) /|rIlya Ehrenburg --|t"Evening" (1913) /|rVladislav Khodasevich --|t"Rachel's Tears" (1916) /|rVladislav Khodasevich --|t"I love all temples, my own and others' ..." (1916) /|rRahel --|t"Tablets of the Past and Chains of the Past" (1916) /|rRahel --|t"Palestine" (1916) /|rSamuil Marshak --|t"My anguish does the Lord not heed ..." (1913-22) /|rSofia Parnok --|t"Hagar" (1913-22) /|rSofia Parnok --|t"Not for safekeeping for awhile ..." (1913-22) /|rSofia Parnok.
505 00|g[Vol. 1 cont.] --|tREVOLUTION AND BETRAYAL : 1917-1939 --|t"A Jewish Wedding" (1916) /|rLeonid Kannegiser --|t"Regimental Inspection" (1917) /|rLeonid Kannegiser --|tPreface to The Jewish Anthology (1917) /|rMikhail Gershenzon --|t"Erez-Israel" (1919) /|rElisheva --|t"I won't light a candle at the Sabbath hour ..." (1919) /|rElisheva --|t"I will make your heaven as iron ..." (1919) /|rValentin Parnakh --|t"Deportees (1914-1917)" (1919) /|rValentin Parnakh --|t"Sabbetaians" (Excerpt, 1919-22) /|rValentin Parnakh --|t"Bar-Kokhba" (1920) /|rIlya Selvinsky --|t"Slip back into your mother, Leah ..." (1920) /|rOsip Mandelstam --|t"One Alexander Herzovich ..." (1931) /|rOsip Mandelstam --|t"Say, desert geometer, shaper ..." (1933) /|rOsip Mandelstam --|tFrom The Noise of Time : "Judaic Chaos" (1925) /|rOsip Mandelstam --|t"Jewish Luck" (1922) /|rVladimir Lidin --|t"Native Land" (1922) /|rLev Lunts --|t"Shields (and Candles)" (1922) /|rVeniamin Kaverin --|tFrom The Extraordinary Adventures of Julio Jurenito and His Disciples : "The Teacher's Prophecy Concerning the Destinies of the Tribe of Judah" (1922) /|rIlya Ehrenburg --|t"The Count" (1922-23) /|rAndrey Sobol --|tFrom Zoo, or Letters not About Love (1923) /|rViktor Shklovsky --|t"Kol Nidre" (1923) /|rMatvey Royzman --|t"The Rebbe's Son" (1924) /|rIsaac Babel --|t"Awakening" (1931) /|rIsaac Babel --|tFrom The Tale of Red-Headed Motele, Mr. Inspector, Rabbi Isaiah, and Commissar Blokh : "Miracles of Kishinev" (1925) /|rIosif Utkin --|t"Shop of Splendors" (1925-29) /|rElizaveta Polonskaya --|t"Encounter" (1927) /|rElizaveta Polonskaya --|tFrom The Commissars (1925) /|rYury Libedinsky --|t"The Nightingale and the Rose" (1925) /|rVera Inber --|t"This Path" (1927) /|rMark Tarlovsky --|tFrom A Man Is Brought to His Knees : "Thirty Pieces of Silver" (1928) /|rMikhail Kozakov --|tFrom Jews on the Land : "The Preachers" (1929) /|rViktor Fink --|t"R" (1929) /|rSemyon Kirsanov --|t"Origin" (1930) /|rEduard Bagritsky --|tFrom February (1933-34) /|rEduard Bagritsky --|t"The Prodigal Son Returns Home" (1930) /|rIlya Ilf --|tFrom The Little Golden Calf : "Passenger of the Special-Charter Train" (1931) /|rIlya Ilf and Evgeny Petrov --|tFrom Scorched Land (1932) /|rMark Egart --|t"David awoke in an unfamiliar bedroom ..." (1932; pub.1997) /|rArkady Shteynberg --|t"One night I saw the Black Sea in a dream ..." (1935; pub. 1997) /|rArkady Shteynberg --|tEMIGRATIONS : 1917-1967 --|t"Not my mother, but a Tula peasant woman ..." (1917, 1922) /|rVladislav Khodasevich --|t"In Moscow I was born. I never ..." (1923) /|rVladislav Khodasevich --|t"The Assassination of Uritsky" (1923) /|rMark Aldanov --|t"Shield of David, crescent or icon ..." (1923) /|rEvgeny Shklyar --|t"Where's Home?" (1925) /|rEvgeny Shklyar --|t"I, Dovid-Ari Ben Meir ..." (1925) /|rDovid Knut --|t"A Kishinev Burial" (1929) /|rDovid Knut --|t"Haifa" (1938) /|rDovid Knut --|t"Tsfat" (1938) /|rDovid Knut --|t"The Land of Israel" (1938) /|rDovid Knut --|t"Autumn in the Provinces" (1920s; pub. 1928) /|rDon-Aminado --|t"A snatch of speech came floating on the air ..." (1932) /|rRaisa Blokh --|t"Remember, father would stand ..." (1933) /|rRaisa Blokh --|t"How can I find you again, holy names ..." (1934) /|rRaisa Blokh --|t"Grandmother" (late 1930s-early 1940s; pub. 1946) /|rAnna Prismanova --|t"Eyes" (late 1930s-early1940s; pub. 1946) /|rAnna Prismanova --|t"Shine" (1938-39) /|rAnna Prismanova --|t"Shtetl" (1943) /|rSofia Dubnova-Erlich --|t"Scorched Hearth" (1944) /|rSofia Dubnova-Erlich --|t"Pharaoh's Daughter" (early 1950s; pub. 1953) /|rSofia Pregel --|t"In the Ghetto" (early 1950s; pub. 1953) /|rSofia Pregel --|t"You Shall Not Forget" (early 1950s; pub. 1953) /|rSofia Pregel --|tFrom A Jewish Tale : "The Exodus from Poland" (late 1950s) /|rYuly Margolin --|tFrom The Promised Land : "If I Forget You, O Jerusalem" (1960s) /|rAndrey Sedykh --|tWAR AND TERROR : 1939-1953 --|tFrom Country Fair : "Mr. Dykhes and Others" (ca. 1940) /|rBoris Yampolsky --|t"Rachels, Hayims, and Leahs wander ..." (1941) /|rIlya Ehrenburg --|t"Because remembrance of Esther's sultry midday ..." (1944) /|rIlya Ehrenburg --|t"Babi Yar" (1944-45) /|rIlya Ehrenburg --|t"To this ghetto people will not come ..." (1944-46) /|rIlya Ehrenburg --|t"To the Jews" (1941) /|rIlya Ehrenburg --|t"Jews" (1942) /|rIlya Ehrenburg --|t"The Triumph of a Man" (1944) /|rIlya Ehrenburg --|t"The Old Teacher" (1943) /|rVassily Grossman --|t"To a Jewish Girl" (1940) /|rMargarita Aliger --|tFrom Your Victory (1944-45) /|rMargarita Aliger --|t"Babi Yar" (1944-45; pub. 1946) /|rLev Ozerov --|t"Death Camp" (1945) /|rPavel Antokolsky --|tFrom Lieutenant Colonel of the Medical Corps (1949; pub. 1956) /|rYuri German --|t"In the Lowlands" (1944) /|rBoris Pasternak --|t"Odessa" (1944) /|rBoris Pasternak --|tFrom Doctor Zhivago (1946-[1955]; pub. 1957) /|rBoris Pasternak --|tBibliography of Primary Sources for Volume I --|tOutline of Jewish-Russian History, Part I, 1772-1953 /|rJohn D. Klier --|tThe Jews in Russia and the Soviet Union, 1772-1953 : A Selected Bibliography.
505 00|gVOLUME 2: 1953-2001 --|tNote on Transliteration, Spelling of Names, Dates, and Notes --|tNote on How to Use This Anthology --|gTHE THAW: 1953-1964 --|tEditor's Introduction /|rMaxim D. Shrayer --|tThese Abrám, Isák and Yákov /|rBoris Slutsky --|tOh, but we Jews had all the luck /|rBoris Slutsky --|tOf the Jews /|rBoris Slutsky --|tHorses in the Ocean /|rBoris Slutsky --|tProdigal Son /|rBoris Slutsky --|tPuny Jewish children /|rBoris Slutsky --|tFrom Life and Fate /|rVassily Grossman --|tOf the world of shtetls /|rNaum Korzhavin --|tChildren in Auschwitz /|rNaum Korzhavin --|tJewish graveyard near Leningrad /|rJoseph Brodsky --|tI'm not asking death for immortality /|rJoseph Brodsky --|tFrom This is Moskow Speaking /|rYuly Daniel --|tEnemies /|rEmmanuil Kazakevich --|gLATE SOVIET EMPIRE: 1964-1991 --|tEditor's Introduction /|rMaxim D. Shrayer --|tFrom Hope Against Hope: A Memoir: "The Origins of the Miracle" /|rNadezhda Mandelstam --|tThe Path to Destruction /|rNadezhda Mandelstam --|tIn Memory of My Father /|rGenrikh Sapgir --|tPsalm 3 /|rGenrikh Sapgir --|tPsalm 116 /|rGenrikh Sapgir --|tPsalm 132 /|rGenrikh Sapgir --|tPsalm 136 /|rGenrikh Sapgir --|tPsalm 150 /|rGenrikh Sapgir --|tA Pole Rode /|rGenrikh Sapgir --|tGhetto, 1943 /|rAleksandr Aronov --|tThat ravishing blatherskite /|rAleksandr Aronov --|tVictory: A Story with Exaggerations /|rVassily Aksyonov --|tThe Train /|rAleksandr Galich --|tThe Ballad of an Unknown Soldier /|rAleksandr Galich --|tIn the country that has nearly forgotten /|rYan Satunovsky --|tWho are you, repatriated windows /|rYan Satunovsky --|tGirls with golden eyes /|rYan Satunovsky --|tYou're mistaken /|rYan Satunovsky --|tIt's the end of our nation /|rYan Satunovsky --|tMy Slavic language is Russian /|rYan Satunovsky --|tI'm Moyshe from Berdichev /|rYan Satunovsky --|tEve, a civilized Jewess /|rYan Satunovsky --|tExpressionism-Zionism /|rYan Satunovsky --|tBlessed be the ill fate /|rYan Satunovsky --|tGate slamming /|rYan Satunovsky --|tThey are anti-Semites, and anti-Semites /|rYan Satunovsky --|tSome say: in Solzhenitsyn's time /|rYan Satunovsky --|tWhen that teacher in Poland, so as not /|rAleksandr Kushner --|tLetters /|rAleksandr Kushner --|tIf I had been born in Germany in the same year /|rAleksandr Kushner --|tFrom Four Quarters /|rEvgeny Gabrilovich --|tAlthough the East is seeded in me deep /|rYulia Neyman --|tWhat was so frightening? Everything was fine /|rYulia Neyman --|tJudith /|rYulia Neyman --|tKhaim /|rSemyon Lipkin --|tAbraham's Last Night /|rSemyon Lipkin --|tFrom The Life of Aleksandr Zilber /|rYury Karabchievsky --|tAbove the grounds of the asylum /|rInna Lisnyanskaya --|tMy father, a military doctor /|rInna Lisnyanskaya --|tTo my people -- an outcast /|rInna Lisnyanskaya --|tAn Incident /|rInna Lisnyanskaya --|tLet's cross out the pale /|rBoris Slutsky --|tI love the anti-Semites, they reward /|rBoris Slutsky --|tThe rabbis come down to the valley /|rBoris Slutsky --|tFrom A Society Chronicle: The Stepmother /|rIuliu Edlis --|tFrom Heavy Sand /|rAnatoly Rybakov --|tFrom Only My Heart Was Broken /|rLev Ginzburg --|tFrom The Overturned House: "A Visit with Marc Chagall" /|rYuri Trifonov --|tFrom Summer in Baden-Baden /|rLenid Tsypkin --|tFrom Tears and Prayers of Fools /|rGrigory Kanovich --|tSomeone astutely observed ... /|rYuri Levitansky --|tFrom Blizzard /|rAleksandr Mezhirov --|tFor the Last Time /|rEvgeny Reyn --|tI'm going to see my grandparents ... /|rSara Pogreb --|tI'm bidding farewell to the slush ... /|rSara Pogreb --|tFrom Pedigree /|rIzrail Metter --|tKhamsin /|rMikhail Sinelnikov --|tA Jewish Lady /|rMikhail Sinelnikov --|tGreeks into Stambul, brash with tambourines /|rMikhail Sinelnikov --|tJourney to Kashgar /|rBella Ulanovskaya --|tA German Girl /|rVladimir Britanishsky --|tMixed Marriage /|rVladimir Britanishsky.
505 00|g[Volume 2 cont.} --|gTHE JEWISH EXODUS: 1967-001 --|tEditor's Introduction /|rMaxim D. Shrayer --|tA Farewell to Russia /|rLev Mak --|tAugust in Odessa /|rLev Mak --|tLot's Lament /|rHenri Volohonsky --|tThe Summit of Hermon /|rHenri Volohonsky --|tGalilee (Song) /|rHenri Volohonsky --|tThe Last Rabbi /|rArkady Lvov --|tFrom Glints of the Wave: Afánta-Utóma ("Fantasia-Judaica") /|rIlia Bokstein --|tFrom The Jesters: "The Appearance of Prophet Elijah, 1714" /|rDavid Markish --|tSinai /|rMichail Grobman --|tSamaria's hills are gross /|rMichail Grobman --|tThe print of the palm of God /|rMichail Grobman --|tFrom The King's Hour /|rBoris Khazanov --|tOrientalia /|rYuri Kolker --|tPurple Smoke /|rFelix Roziner --|tFrom A Foreign Woman: "Talents and Admirers" /|rSergei Dovlatov --|tChildhood /|rMichael B. Kreps --|tThe Cat with the Yellow Star /|rMichael B. Kreps --|tCall of the Ancestors /|rMichael B. Kreps --|tSarah and the Rooster /|rPhilip Isaac Berman --|tAll Vows /|rRuth Zernova --|tChagall's Self-Portrait with Wife /|rDavid Shrayer-Petrov --|tMy Slavic Soul /|rDavid Shrayer-Petrov --|tEarly Morning in Moscow /|rDavid Shrayer-Petrov --|tVilla Borghese /|rDavid Shrayer-Petrov --|tHände Hoch! /|rDavid Shrayer-Petrov --|tA Copper Penny for Good Luck /|rIgor Mikhalevich-Kaplan --|t1995: Happy New Year! /|rMarina Temkina --|tThe Arrest of an Anti-Semite /|rFriedrich Gorenstein --|tEnd of August in Trakai /|rMaxim D. Shrayer --|tFrom Trinity-Lykovo /|rMaxim D. Shrayer --|gIN POST SOVIET TIMES: 1991-2001 --|tEditor's Introduction /|rMaxim D. Shrayer --|tVerses in Memory of My Father /|rVladimir Gandelsman --|tGenele the Purse Lady /|rLudmila Ultiskaya --|tFrom A Glorious End to Inglorious Generations: Faith and Alienation /|rAnatoly Nayman --|tFrom On Job's Ways /|rIan Probstein --|tThe People of the Book /|rIan Probstein --|tFrom the Confession of a Jew /|rAleksandr Melikhov --|tBring on the Enemy! /|rMikhail Zhvanetsky --|tLandscape with Job and a Daisy /|rTatyana Voltskaya --|tFragmenta /|rMichail Bexrodnyj --|tFrom Jew Ivanych: Who is Who? The Orphan /|rEduard Shulman --|tWake up All the Poets All Died Overnight ... /|rAnn Gorenko --|tFrom Songs of Dead Children: The Golem /|rAnna Gorenko --|tTranslating from the European /|rAnna Gorenko --|tFrom Here Comes the Messiah! /|rDina Rubina --|tAn Allegory of Pound /|rIlya Kutik --|tOrientation /|rYuri Leving --|tBibliography of Primary Sources for Volume 2 --|tOutline of Jewish-Russian History, Part II: 1954-2001 /|rJohn D. Klier --|tThe Jews in Russia and the Soviet Union, 1954-2001: A Selected Bibliography.
650 0|aRussian literature|xJewish authors|vTranslations into English.
650 0|aJews in literature.
650 0|aRussian literature|y19th century|vTranslations into English.
650 0|aRussian literature|y20th century|vTranslations into English.
650 7|aJews in literature.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst00983388
650 7|aRussian literature.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01102312
650 7|aRussian literature|xJewish authors.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01102339
655 7|aReference works.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01919963
655 7|aTranslations.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01423791
655 7|aReference works.|2lcgft
700 1 |aShrayer, Maxim,|d1967-
776 08|iOnline version:|tAnthology of Jewish-Russian literature.|dArmonk, N.Y. : Sharpe, 2007-|w(OCoLC)649208489
994 |a92|bSOI

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