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The stuffed owl : an anthology of bad verse /

selected and arranged by D.B. Wyndham Lewis and Charles Lee ; introduction by Billy Collins.

Book Cover
Names: Lewis, D. B. Wyndham | Lee, Charles,
Published: New York : New York Review Books, 2003.
Series: New York Review Books classics.
Topics: Bathetic poetry, English. | Bathetic poetry, Scottish. | Bathetic poetry, American. | Poetry.
Genres: Bathetic poetry. | Bathetic poetry.
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245 04|aThe stuffed owl :|ban anthology of bad verse /|cselected and arranged by D.B. Wyndham Lewis and Charles Lee ; introduction by Billy Collins.
260 |aNew York :|bNew York Review Books,|c2003.
300 |avi, 264 pages :|billustrations ;|c21 cm.
336 |atext|btxt|2rdacontent
337 |aunmediated|bn|2rdamedia
338 |avolume|bnc|2rdacarrier
490 1 |aNew York Review Books classics
500 |aIncludes indexes.
505 00|tPreface --|tProem --|tHors-d'oeuvre 1 --|tHors-d'oeuvre 2 --|tAn archangel's toilet ;|tYoickes! Gone away! /|rAbraham Cowley|g(1618-67) --|tThe body : a fancy ;|tNo doubt ;|tFrom "Nature's dessert" ;|tA posset for nature's breakfast /|rMargaret Cavendish, Duchess of Newcastle|g(1624-74) --|tThe return of Charles II ;|tThe English fleet goes out ;|tThe faculty at work ;|tTo account rendered /|rJohn Dryden|g(1631-1700) --|tThe wonder ;|tShort curse /|rJohn Banks|g(ft. 1677-96) --|tOn his mistress drowned /|rThomas Sprat|r(1635-1713) --|tHeavy going ;|tThe blue pencil /|rJohn Sheffield, Duke of Buckinghamshire|g(1648-1721) --|tOde upon the New Year /|rNahum Tate|g(1652-1715) --|tThe chase of the metaphor ;|tFrom the Psalms ;|tFrom the Book of Job ;|tThe crystal palaces ;|tPossibilities /|rSir Richard Blackmore|g(d. 1729) --|tRosamond's song ;|tKing Henry's song /|rJoseph Addison|g(1672-1719)) --|tMr. Gunston is shown round heaven ;|tA polyglot in paradise ;|tMr. Mead, Mr. Bates, and Mr. Gouge ;|tMrs. Warner arrives above ;|tOn the landing of William III /|rIsaac Watts|g(1674-1748) --|tFrom the New Year's ode, 1731 ;|tFrom the birthday ode, 1732 ;|tFrom another, 1743 /|rColley Cibber|g(1671-1757).
505 00|tSalute to property ;|tOde to Miss Margaret Pulteney ;|tTo the right Hon. Robert Walpole, Esq. /|rAmbrose Philips|g(1674-1749) --|tNature queries /|rJohn, Lord Hervey|g(1696-1743) --|tRustic interior ;|tAdvice to the stout ;|tThe gastric muse ;|tOn washing ;|tOn feather beds /|rJohn Armstrong|g(1709-79) --|tA submarine jaunt ;|tSeascape ;|tA runcible thought ;|t"Sting her up!" --|tFrom the "Ode to the King" ;|tFrom "Ocean, an ode" --|tTo a solemn musick --|tFinal pæan ;|tYe nations, tremble! Parliament has met ;|tWith a yo, ho, ho ;|tLa pudeur Française /|rEdward Young|g(1683-1765) --|tPastoral ;|tThe insensible Hottentot ;|tThe house beautiful ;|tLeeds for pleasure /|rJohn Dyer|g(1700-58) --|tHome industries first ;|tGoats and botanists ;|tThe chase of Jessy /|rWilliam Shenstone|g(1714-63) --|tLe spleen /|rJoseph Warton|g(1722-1800) --|tBryan and Pereene ;|tCrescendo ;|tThe shame of France ;|tAdvice to slave-owners ;|tCall to the muse /|rJames Grainer|g(1721-67) --|tOf George, and property /|rThomas Warton, the Younger|g(1728-90) --|tIl latte /|rEdward Jerningham|g(1727-1812) --|tHops and props ;|tThe nail in the grass /|rChristopher Smart|g(1722-71).
505 00|tEntry of the villagers ;|tCause and effect ;|tA sombre moment /|rOliver Goldsmith|g(1728-74) --|tFemales, sacred and profane /|rJohn Duncombe|g(1729-86) --|tEliza at the battle ;|tFine figure of a nymph ;|t"Ae fond kiss, and then-- " ;|tThe maiden truffle ;|tThe birth of KNO₃ /|rErasmus Darwin|g(1731-1802) --|tMr. Baker is well ;|tMiss Hoyland is coy ;|tMr. Smith is dead /|rThomas Chatterton|g(1752-70) --|tA business man's lair ;|tThe Baileys ;|tA bright morning ;|tInvitation to the waltz /|rGeorge Crabbe|g(1754-1832) --|tVerses on the death of Sir James Hunter Blair /|rRobert Burns|g(1759-96) --|tElegy written after reading the "Sorrows of Werter" ;|tThe rush to the lakes ;|tSome terrify lions ;|tThe poet is piqued ;|tThe tiff /|rRobert Merry ("Della Crusca")|g(1755-98) --|tOff duty ;|tThe well-aimed tear /|rHannah Cowley ("Anna Matilda")|g(1743-1809) --|tMoods ;|tNotice to tourists /|rDella Cruscans|g(fl. 1785-92) --|tThe temple of chastity ;|tThe vest of Myrtle /|rMary Robinson ("Perdita")|g(1758-1800) --|tVirtue protests ;|tRatiocinative ;|tThe affectionate heart /|rJoseph Cottle|g(1770-1853).
505 00|tGeorge III enters paradise /|rRobert Southey|g(1774-1843) --|tLovers' exchange ;|tDomestic chat ;|t"What with this and that--" ;|tAphrodite Adiposa /|rJames Henry Leigh Hunt|g(1784-1859) --|tThe evening stroll ;|tThe evening sin ;|tBritannia rejecta /|rHenry Kirke White|g(1785-1806) --|tThe tear ;|tThe prisoner scolds ;|tCæsar sings /|rGeorge Gordon, Lord Byron|g(1788-1824) --|tOdd case of Mr. Gill ;|t(Oxford Street?) ;|tThe aged, aged man ;|tAsked and answered ;|tThe old huntsman ;|tBaffled ;|tThe course prescribed ;|tA mother's quest ;|tInsensibility ;|tThe stuffed owl ;|tDecadence ; or The umbrella ;|tA worm's life not everything ;|tAn experiment that failed /|rWilliam Wordsworth|g(1770-1850) --|tTo some ladies /|rJohn Keats|g(1795-1821) --|tThe female friend ;|tThe first-rate wife ;|tThe unfortunate gentleman ;|tFrom "The rose-covered grave" ;|tCatastrophe ;|tThe poet questions the ant ;|tAnd so home /|rCornelius Whur|g(1782-1853) --|tA contretemps ;|tProximities ;|tThe once-over /|rRobert Pollock|g(1798-1827) --|tGet-together song ;|tEfficiency /|rRalph Waldo Emerson|g91803-82) --|tOh no! We never mention her ;|tSomething to love ;|tI'm saddest when I sing ;|tThe soldier's tear ;|tI'd be a butterfly /|rThomas Haynes Bayly|g(1797-1839) --|tInsect affection /|rElizabeth Oakes Smith|g(1806-93) --|tMarine vignette ;|tA request ;|tFore and aft ;|tOn the revolution /|rRobert Montgomery|g(1807-55).
505 00|tThe Earl and the girl ;|tA challenge ;|tOnly a thought /|rCharles Mackay|g*1814-89) --|tProne ;|tBridal ballad ;|tEulalie /|rEdgar Allan Poe|g(1809-49) --|tMiss Adair ;|tMiss Lee ;|tA call ;|tFrom "The vigil of Aiden" /|rThomas Holley Chivers|g(fl. 1840) --|tSnoblesse oblige /|rElizabeth Barrett Browning|g(1809-61) --|tExcelsior /|rHenry Wadsworth Longfellow|g(1807-82) --|tLord Stanhope's steamer ;|tOn the cork packet, 1837 ;|tGreat Western days ;|tThe death of Huskisson ;|tRoses all the way ;|tThe railway boom, 1845 ;|tA lesson for the proud ;|tVision of the world, regenerated by the Gospel and the power of steam /|rT. Baker|g(fl. 1837-57) --|tTrombone solo ;|tLive and let live ;|tBecalmed in the tropics ;|tA thought ;|tFrom "The old arm-chair" ;|tEntry of the Marines ;|tA thought /|rEliza Cook|g(1818-89) --|tIncident in Italy ;|tThe passing of Arthur ;|tPæan /|rSamuel Carter|g(fl. 1848-51) --|tPortrait of a Victorian author ;|tThe marriage market ;|tThe poor relation ; or, Pious hope frustrated ;|tThe art of giving (1850) /|rMartin Farquhar Tupper|g(1810-89).
505 00|tThe Beelah viaduct ;|tHaloes, not hats ;|tMentem mortalia tangunt /|rJohn Close|g(1816-91) --|tA timely hint /|rSydney Thompson Dobell|g(1824-74) --|tCheck to song ;|tFinancial note ;|tThe count and the lady ;|tSordid scene /|rEdward Robert Bulwer Lytton, Earl of Lytton ("Owen Meredith")|g(1831-91) --|tA divine mission /|rGeorge Eveleigh|g(fl. 1863) --|tDisaster at sea ;|tA state occasion ;|tThe good young squire ;|tA graceful divine ;|tA lisp in numbers /|rEdward Edwin Foot|g(fl. 1867) --|tFrom "Ashtaroth," a drama ;|tThe fight in the cave ;|tA warning /|rAdam Lindsay Gordon|g(1833-70) --|tSteam : the seamy side ;|tByron : a critical survey ;|tA noble structure ;|tHic finis rapto ;|tThe poet is scornful ;|tA call|g(1876) ;|tAnti-Bacchics /|rJulia Moore|g(1847-1920) --|tOde sung at the opening of the International Exhibition ;|tThe Lord of Burleigh ;|tOcean-spoil alive, O! ;|tRiflemen form ;|tIphigenia in extremis /|rAlfred, Lord Tennyson|g(1809-92) --|tPostprandial --|tSubject index --|tIndex of authors.
520 |aThe editors of this legendary and hilarious anthology write: "It would seem at a hasty glance that to make an anthology of Bad Verse is on the whole a simple matter ... On the contrary ... There is bad Bad Verse and good Bad Verse." Here one finds the best of the worst of the greatest English poets, with an index ("Manure, adjudged a fit subject for the Muse, page 91") that is itself an inspired work of folly. Annotation. Just in time for National Poetry Month--the legendary and hilarious anthology containing the best of the worst poetry ever written by some of the world's most celebrated wordsmiths of the English language, including Dryden, Wordsworth, and Keats.
650 0|aBathetic poetry, English.
650 0|aBathetic poetry, Scottish.
650 0|aBathetic poetry, American.
650 1|aPoetry.
650 7|aBathetic poetry, American.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01764945
650 7|aBathetic poetry, English.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01764943
650 7|aBathetic poetry, Scottish.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01764944
655 7|aBathetic poetry.|2lcgft
655 7|aBathetic poetry.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01921589
700 1 |aLewis, D. B. Wyndham|q(Dominic Bevan Wyndham),|d1891-1969.
700 1 |aLee, Charles,|d1870-1956.
830 0|aNew York Review Books classics.
856 41|3Table of contents|u
856 42|3Publisher description|u
994 |aC0|bSOI

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