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Virgil., Davidson, Joseph,, Hitch, Charles,, Hodges, James,, Fuller, John,, Robinson, Jacob,, Trye, Thomas,, Beecroft, John,, Baldwin, R.Johnston, W. (MDCCLIV [1754) The works of Virgiltranslated into English prose, as near the original as the different idioms of the Latin and English languages will allow. With the Latin text and order of construction on the same page; and critical, historical, geographical, and classical notes, in English, from the best commentators both ancient and modern, beside a very great number of notes entirely new. For the use of schools as well as of private gentlemen. In two volumesLondon : Printed by assignment from Joseph Davidson, for C. Hitch, J. Hodges, J. Fuller, J. Robinson, T. Trye, J. Beecroft, R. Baldwin, J. Ward, W. Johnston, and G. Keith,

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