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Our changing planet : the view from space /

edited by Michael D. King, Glaire L. Parkinson, Kim C. Partington, Robin G. Williams.

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Names: King, Michael D., | Parkinson, Claire L., | Partington, Kim C., | Williams, Robin G.,
Published: Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2007.
Topics: Environmental sciences - Remote sensing. | Nature - Effect of human beings on. | Environnement. | Dégradation de l'environnement. | Photographie. | Télédétection. | Espace. | Earth - Pictorial works. | Space photography. | Remote sensing - Pictorial works. | Earth.
Regions: Earth (Planet) - Photographs from space. | Earth (Planet) - Remote-sensing images. | Earth (Planet)
Genres: Photographs from space. | Remote-sensing images.
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245 00|aOur changing planet :|bthe view from space /|cedited by Michael D. King, Glaire L. Parkinson, Kim C. Partington, Robin G. Williams.
264 1|aCambridge ;|aNew York :|bCambridge University Press,|c2007.
300 |axvii, 390 pages :|billustrations (chiefly color), maps (chiefly color) ;|c32 cm
336 |atext|btxt|2rdacontent
337 |aunmediated|bn|2rdamedia
338 |avolume|bnc|2rdacarrier
500 |aIncludes index.
505 00|tForeword /|rP.J. Sellers --|tPreface /|rM.D. King,|rC.L. Parkinson,|rK.C. Partington,|rR.G. Williams --|tAcknowledgments --|g[pt. 1].|tThe dynamic atmosphere --|tIntroduction /|rM.D. King --|tClouds : are the shutters of the Earth changing? /|rD.P. Wylie,|rW.P. Menzel --|tCloud optical and microphysical properties /|rM.D. King --|tClouds and the Earth's radiation budget /|rN.G. Loeb,|rT. Wong --|tWater vapor /|rB.J. Soden --|tA world of rain /|rR.F. Adler,|rG.J. Huffman,|rS. Curtis --|tHurricanes : connections with climate change /|rJ.B. Halverson --|tLightning /|rS.J. Goodman,|rD.E. Buechler,|rE.W. McCaul, Jr. --|tWarming and cooling of the atmosphere /|rQ. Fu,|rC.M. Johanson --|tDust in the wind /|rN.C. Husu,|rS., -C. Tsay,|rM.D. King,|rD.J. Diner --|tAtmospheric pollution : a global problem /|rD.P. Edwards --|tShip tracks /|rS. Platnick --|tAirplane contrails /|rP. Minnis --|tWeekly cycle of nitrogen dioxide pollution from space /|rS. Beirle,|rU. Platt,|rT. Wagner,|rM.O. Wenig,|rJ.F. Gleason --|tThe ozone hole /|rR.D. McPeters --|tThe chlorine threat to Earth's ozone shield /|rM.L. Santee.
505 00|g[pt. 2].|tThe vital land --|tIntroduction /|rK.C. Partington --|tThe San Andreas fault : adjustments in the Earth's crust /|rD.T. Sandwell,|rB.R. Smith --|tMt. Pinatubo : an enduring volcanic hazard /|rP.J. Mounginis-Mark --|tExtreme floods /|rS. Caquard,|rG.R. Brakenridge --|tSatellite monitoring of Ebola virus hemorrhagic fever epidemics /|rJ.E. Pinzon,|rC.J. Tucker --|tSnow cover : the most dynamic feature on the Earth's surface /|rD.K. Hall,|rJ.L. Foster --|tGlaciers : scribes of climate ; harbingers of change /|rD.K. Hall,|rR.S. Williams, Jr. --|tBoreal forests : a lengthening growing season /|rK.C. McDonald,|rJ.S. Kimball --|tSoil moisture : a critical underlying role /|rM.F. Jasinski,|rT.J. Jackson,|rM. Owe,|rB.A. Cosgrove --|tThe sunlit Earth /|rC.B. Schaaf --|tTemperature of the land surface /|rZ. Wan.
505 00|g[pt. 3].|tThe restless ocean --|tIntroduction /|rR.G. Williams --|tOcean bathymetry and plate tectonics /|rD.T. Sandwell --|tOcean surface topography and circulation /|rL.-L. Fu --|tHeat in the ocean /|rP.J. Minnett --|tSea level rise /|rG.T. Mitchum|rR.S. Nerem --|tTides /|rR.D. Ray --|tWinds over ocean /|rW.T. Liu,|rX. Xie --|tThe stormy Atlantic /|rD.K. Woolf,|rI.S. Robinson --|tThe ocean biosphere /|rC.R. McClain,|rG.C. Feldman --|tCoccolithophores and the 'Sea of milk' /|rW.M. Balch --|tCoral bleaching /|rG. Liu,|rA.E. Strong --|tHunting red tides from space /|rK.L. Carner,|rJ.J. Walsh,|rJ.P. Cannizzaro --|tMarine sediments /|rJ.G. Acker --|tTsunamis /|rR. Scharroo --|g[pt. 4].|tThe frozen caps --|tIntroduction /|rK.C. Partington --|tAntarctica : a continent revealed /|rK.C. Jezek --|tIce sheets on the move /|rE. Rignot,|rI. Joughin --|tIce sheets and the threat to global sea level /|rR.H. Thomas,|rR.A. Bindschadler --|tThe great white ocean : the Arctic's changing sea ice cover /|rC.L. Parkinson --|tBound together : Arctic sea ice, ocean, and atmosphere /|rC.L. Parkinson --|tSea ice : the shifting crust of the Southern Ocean /|rM.R. Drinkwater,|rJ.C. Comiso --|tAntarctic Polynyas : ventilation, bottom water, and high productivity for the world's oceans /|rJ.C. Comiso,|rM.R. Drinkwater.
505 00|g[pt. 5].|tEvidence of our tenure --|tIntroduction /|rC.L. Parkinson --|tMapping the ancient Maya landscape from space /|rT.L. Sever,|rD.E. Irwin --|tGlobal land use changes /|rJ.A. Foley,|rN. Ramankutty,|rB. Leff,|rH.K. Gibbs --|tThe changing role of fire on Earth /|rD.P. Roy,|rC.O. Justice --|tThe tropical rain forest : threatened powerhouse of the biosphere /|rK.C. McDonald,|rB. Chapman,|rJ.S. Kimball,|rR. Zimmermann --|tThe green wave /|rL. Zhou,|rR.K. Kaufmann,|rC.J. Tucker,|rR.B. Myneni --|tMonitoring urban areas globally and locally /|rA. Schneider --|tGray wave of the great transformation /|rM.L. Imhoff,|rL. Bounoua,|rJ.M. Shepherd --|tUrban heat islands /|rD.A. Quattrochi,|rM.G. Estes, Jr.,|rC.A. Laymon,|rW.L. Crosson,|rB.F. Howell,|rJ.C. Luvall,|rD.L. Rickman --|tUrbanization in China : the Pearl River delta example /|rK.C. Seto --|tWater issues in the fertile crescent : irrigation in southeastern Turkey /|rM. Ozdogan,|rC.E. Woodcock,|rG.D. Salvucci --|tChronicling the destruction of Eden : the draining of the Iraqi marshes /|rG.T. Koeln,|rY. Naficy,|rC.L. Parkinson --|tDestruction of the Aral Sea /|rP.P. Micklin --|tThe desiccation of Lake Chad /|rM.T. Coe,|rC. Birkett --|tIndustrial pollution in the Russian Arctic /|rW.G. Rees --|tOil spills at sea /|rF. Parthiot.
505 00|tEpilogue --|tAppendix 1 : Satellites and satellite orbits /|rM.D. King --|tAppendix 2 : Glossary --|tAppendix 3 : Acronyms --|tAppendix 4 : Contributors --|tIndex --|tAbout the editors.
520 |aExamines what orbital imagery tells us about the atmosphere, land, ocean, and polar ice caps of our planet and the ways that it changes naturally, and in response to human activity.
650 0|aEnvironmental sciences|xRemote sensing.
650 0|aNature|xEffect of human beings on.
650 7|aEnvironnement.|2eclas
650 7|aDégradation de l'environnement.|2eclas
650 7|aPhotographie.|2eclas
650 7|aTélédétection.|2eclas
650 7|aEspace.|2eclas
650 7|aEnvironmental sciences|xRemote sensing.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst00913503
650 7|aNature|xEffect of human beings on.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01034564
650 7|aEarth|vPictorial works.|2sears
650 7|aSpace photography.|2sears
650 7|aRemote sensing|vPictorial works.|2sears
650 7|aEarth.|2sears
651 0|aEarth (Planet)|vPhotographs from space.
651 0|aEarth (Planet)|vRemote-sensing images.
651 7|aEarth (Planet)|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01860481
655 7|aPhotographs from space.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01423693
655 7|aRemote-sensing images.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01423694
700 1 |aKing, Michael D.,|eeditor.
700 1 |aParkinson, Claire L.,|eeditor.
700 1 |aPartington, Kim C.,|eeditor
700 1 |aWilliams, Robin G.,|eeditor
856 42|3Publisher description|u
994 |a92|bIAD

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