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Great true stories of crime, mystery & detection, from the Readers digest.

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Published: Pleasantville, Reader's Digest Association [1965]
Topics: Crime. | Criminals. | Detective and mystery stories.
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130 0 |aReader's digest.
245 10|aGreat true stories of crime, mystery & detection,|bfrom the Readers digest.
246 3 |aGreat true stories of crime, mystery and detection
260 |aPleasantville,|bReader's Digest Association|c[1965]
300 |a576 p.|billus.|c21 cm.
505 00|tMurder at Harvard /|rStewart H. Holbrook --|tFour months in a haunted house /|rHarlan Jacobs --|tThe shadow of a doubt /|rFulton Oursler --|tHow we trapped Capone /|rFrank J. Wilson, as told to Howard Whitman --|tCounsel assigned /|rMary Raymond Shipman Andrews --|tThe man who sold the Eiffel Tower /|rJames F. Johnson, as told to Floyd Miller --|tThe case of Lord Dufferin /|rLouis K. Anspacher --|tDetective's holiday /|rOctavus Roy Cohen --|tA stranger in the car /|rGerald L. Moore --|tThe great Portuguese bank-note swindle /|rFrederic Sondern --|tLove and the lie detector /|rDavid Redstone --|t"They swore my life away" /|tClifford Shephard, as told to W.W. Ward --|tA housewife who confounded two countries /|rMurray Teigh Bloom --|tThe state of Tennessee versus Uncle Joe /|rT.H. Alexander --|tSecrets of a Soviet assassin /|rIsaac Don Levine --|tThe Count of Gramercy park /|rRobert Hayden Alcorn --|tAlmost the perfect detective /|rAnthony Abbot --|tThe global war on narcotics /|rFrederic Sondern --|tBond of reunion /|rCarl Carmer --|tThe trial that rocked the nation /|rJohn T. Scopes --|tThe amazing Mr. Means /|rJ. Edgar Hoover, with Courtney Ryley Cooper --|tA killer is loose /|rJoseph P. Blank --|tOne Alaska night /|rBarrett Willoughby --|tLife and death of a twisted genius /|rLeslie Velie --|tThe capture of Adolf Eichmann /|rBela W. von Block --|tThe Abraham Lincoln murder mystery /|rTheodore Roscoe --|tSlaughter by airplane /|rTerrence F. Flahiff --|tThe Archer-Shee case /|rAlexander Woollcott --|tMr. Hard-to-Catch /|rIrwin Ross --|tWhy the choir was late /|rGeorge H. Edeal --|tThe letter the birds wrote /|rJohn William Rogers --|tTillie scrubbed on /|rWilliam F. McDermott and Karl Detzer --|tThe curse of Amen-ra /|rEdgar Wallace --|tThe killer, the mother and the boy /|rErnest Havemann --|tGhost dog of sunnybank /|rAlbert Payson Terhune --|tThe great armored-car robbery /|rFrederic Sondern --|tCelebrated scamp /|rAlva Johnston --|tPortrait of Harry /|rArthur Trevenning Harris --|tFortune in the grave /|rJ. Edgar Hoover --|tShip of sleepless men /|rAnthony Abbot --|tMiracle on the gallows /|rJerome Beatty --|tThe unmasking of Paul "The waiter" Ricca /|rLouis Sidran --|tNo clues /|rKarl Detzer --|tBaker Street episode /|rEllery Husted --|tA girl named Lavender /|rCarl Carmer --|tThe Reader's Digest murder case /|rFulton Oursler --|t"A mistake doesn't have to be final" /|rJoseph Phillips --|tBritain's most baffling crime /|rAnthony Abbot --|tThe blaster /|rJ. Edgar Hoover --|tThings I can't explain /|rMary Roberts Rinehart --|tDeath in the Arctic /|rArthur Train --|tImpersonator extraordinary /|rIrwin Ross --|tBluebeard of paris /|rWebb Miller --|tOur travels with Ho-tei /|rC.J. Lambert --|tWho killed Les Wilson? /|rJoseph P. Blank --|tSeeds of treason /|rRalph de Toledano and Victor Lasky --|tEvidence of the unseen /|rArchibald Rutledge --|tThe manufactured clue /|rAlan Hynd --|tThe Millvale apparition /|rLouis Adamic --|tPonzi's monumental swindle /|rHenry Thomas and Dana Lee Thomas.
650 0|aCrime.
650 0|aCriminals.
650 0|aDetective and mystery stories.
776 08|iOnline version:|aReader's digest.|tGreat true stories of crime, mystery & detection.|dPleasantville, Reader's Digest Association [1965]|w(OCoLC)654309214

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