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Eating disorders and obesity [electronic resource] : a comprehensive handbook /

edited by Kelly D. Brownell, B. Timothy Walsh.

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Names: Brownell, Kelly D., | Walsh, B. Timothy,
Published: New York : The Guilford Press, [2017]
Edition: Third edition.
Topics: Eating disorders - Handbooks, manuals, etc. | Obesity - Handbooks, manuals, etc. | Feeding and Eating Disorders. | Obesity. | Body Weight. | Health & fitness - Diseases - General. | Medical - Clinical Medicine. | Medical - Diseases. | Medical - Evidence-Based Medicine. | Medical - Internal Medicine.
Genres: Electronic books. | Handbooks and manuals.
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Part I. Foundations. Regulation of body weight -- Central neural pathways and integration in the control of food intake and energy balance / Gary J. Schwartz -- Decreased peripheral hormonal negative-feedback control of food intake and body weight in obesity / Gerard P. Smith -- Leptin and body weight / Yiying Zhang and Rudolph L. Leibel -- Genetics of obesity and related traits / Ruth J. F. Loos and Rudolph L. Leibel -- The epigenetics of obesity / Alexis C. Frazier-Wood and David B. Allison -- Prenatal effects on body weight / Emily Oken -- Taste, eating, and body weight / Linda M. Bartoshuk -- Physiological adaptations following weight reduction / Michael Rosenbaum and Rudolph L. Leibel -- Body composition / Nerys Astbury and Dympna Gallagher -- Energy expenditure and the regulation of energy balance / Eric Ravussin -- Macronutrients, energy balance, and body weight regulation / Kevin D. Hall -- Cognitive neuroscience and the risk for weight gain / Eric Stice and Sonja Yokum -- Body weight and neurocognitive function / Misty A. W. Hawkins and John Gunstad -- Psychological and Social Factors -- Acquisition of food preferences and eating patterns in children / Jennifer Orlet Fisher and Leann L. Birch -- Parental food rules and children's eating : intended and unintended consequences / Myles S. Faith -- Prevalence and demographics of dieting / Andrew J. Hill -- The impact of dieting / Dianne Neumark-Sztainer and Katie A. Loth -- Weight suppression / Michael R. Lowe -- Origins of binge eating : pediatric loss-of-control eating / Marian Tanofsky-Kraff -- Sociocultural influences on body image and eating disturbance / Anne E. Becker -- Stigma, discrimination, and obesity / Rebecca M. Puhl -- Body image, obesity, and eating disorders / J. Kevin Thompson and Lauren Schaefer -- Body dysmorphic disorder / Katharine A. Phillips -- Does addressing obesity create risk for eating disorders? / Kendrin R. Sonneville and S. Bryn Austin.
Part II. Eating disorders. Clinical characteristics of eating disorders -- The history of eating disorders / Richard A. Gordon -- Classification of eating disorders / B. Timothy Walsh -- Anorexia nervosa / Evelyn Attia -- Severe and enduring anorexia nervosa / Stephen W. Touyz and Phillipa J. Hay -- Bulimia nervosa / Pamela K. Keel -- Binge eating disorder / Michael J. Devlin -- Avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder / Rachel Bryant-Waugh -- Night eating syndrome / Kelly C. Allison -- Eating disorders in males / Theodore E. Weltzin -- Medical complications of anorexia nervosa / Philip S. Mehler -- Medical complications of bulimia nervosa / Philip S. Mehler -- Medical complications of eating disorders in children and adolescents / Neville H. Golden -- Connections between eating disorders and obesity / Marsha D. Marcus -- Epidemiology and Etiology of eating disorders -- Epidemiology of eating disorders / Hans W. Hoek -- Global mental health and priorities for eating disorders / Kathleen M. Pike -- The genetics of eating disorders / Cynthia M Bulik and Gerome Breen -- Risk factors for eating disorders / Karina L. Allen and Ulrike Schmidt -- Emotion regulation and eating disorders / Stephen A. Wonderlich and Jason M. Lavender -- Disturbances of the central nervous system in anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa / Laura A. Berner and Walter H. Kaye -- Cognitive neuroscience and eating disorders / Joanna E. Steinglass -- Treatment and prevention of eating disorders -- Assessment of feeding and eating disorders / Jennifer J. Thomas -- Cognitive behavior therapy and eating disorders / Christopher G. Fairburn -- Interpersonal psychotherapy / Denise E. Wilfley and Dawn M. Eichen -- Family therapy and eating disorders / Daniel Le Grange and Ivan Eisler -- Psychopharmacological treatment of anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa / Laurel E. S. Mayer -- Psychopharmacological treatment of binge eating disorder / James I. Hudson and Harrison G. Pope, Jr. -- Psychological treatment of binge eating disorder / Carlos M. Grilo -- Intensive treatment of anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa / Janet Treasure -- Weight restoration in anorexia nervosa / Angela S. Guarda and Graham W. Redgrave -- Self-help treatments for eating disorders / Robyn Sysko -- Dissemination of evidence-based treatment / G. Terence Wilson -- Prevention of eating disorders / Tracey D. Wade -- Does advocacy for eating disorders really work? / Kitty Westin and Scott Crow.
Part III. Obesity -- Epidemiology and etiology of obesity -- Obesity is a global issue / Tim Lobstein -- Connections between undernutrition and obesity / Juan A. Rivera, Claudia Ivonne Ramirez-Silva, and Lilia S. Pedraza -- Prevalence and demographics of obesity in the United States / Hannah G. Lawman and Cynthia L. Ogden -- Early-life risk factors for childhood obesity / Elsie M. Taveras -- Health risks associated with obesity / Adela Hruby and Frank B. Hu -- Obesity in U.S. racial/ethnic populations / Shiriki K. Kumanyika -- Epidemiology and causes of obesity in children and young adults / Timothy Gill -- Economic causes and consequences of obesity / John Cawley -- Dietary drivers of obesity / Adela Hruby and Frank B. Hu -- Physical activity and prevention of obesity / Russell R. Pate and Jennifer I. Flynn -- The gut microbiome and obesity / Philip Chuang and Ilseung Cho -- Stress and obesity / Ashley E. Mason and Elissa S. Epel -- Food, addiction, and obesity / Erica M. Schulte, Michelle A. Joyner, and Ashley N. Gearhardt -- Food and addiction : reasons to be cautious / Hisham Ziauddeen and Paul C. Fletcher -- Clinical characteristics of obesity -- Definition and classification of obesity / June Stevens -- Medical complications of obesity in adults / Tirissa J. Reid and Judith Korner -- Medical consequences of obesity in childhood and adolescence / William H. Dietz -- Effects of weight loss on health outcomes / Rena R. Wing -- Social and psychological effects of weight loss / Lucy F. Faulconbridge -- Treatment of obesity -- Clinical assessment of patients with obesity / Robert F. Kushner -- Macronutrient composition and obesity treatment / Arne Astrup and Jennie Brand-Miller -- Treatment of obesity in primary care practice / Adam G. Tsai and Thomas A. Wadden -- Treatments for childhood obesity / Denise E. Wilfley and Dorothy J. Van Buren -- Weight loss approaches for Black populations / Gary G. Bennett and Bryan C. Batch -- Portion size and energy density / Barbara J. Rolls and Samantha M. R. Kling -- Behavioral treatment of obesity / Meghan L. Butryn and Thomas A. Wadden -- Pharmacological treatments for obesity / Rekha B. Kumar and Louis J. Aronne -- Surgery for obesity : Roux-en-Y gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy procedures / Christopher R. Daigle and Philip R. Schauer -- Surgical devices for obesity / Bruce M. Wolfe and Elizaveta Walker -- The role of scalable, community-based weight management programs / Gary D. Foster, Angela Makris, and Alexis C. Wojtanowski -- Exercise in the management of obesity / John M. Jakicic and Renee J. Rogers -- Body image issues in obesity / David B. Sarwer -- Improving maintenance of weight loss / Delia Smith West -- Using digital media to address obesity / Deborah F. Tate -- Obesity prevention and policy -- The role of government in contributing to and addressing the obesity epidemic / Thomas A. Farley -- Closing the energy gap to address obesity prevention / Y. Claire Wang -- Global efforts to address obesity / Corinna Hawkes -- Are national food policies helping or hurting obesity prevention? / Marion Nestle -- The role of advocacy in preventing obesity / Roberta R. Friedman -- Strategies for creating obesity policy change / Margo G. Wootan -- Legal approaches to addressing obesity / Jennifer L. Pomeranz -- Stealth interventions for obesity : strategies for behavioral, social, and policy changes / Thomas N. Robinson -- Slim by design : using the CAN approach to develop effective obesity policies / Brian Wansink -- Behavioral economics and obesity / Lizzy Pope, Stephen T. Higgins, and Leonard H. Epstein -- Taxes as a means for addressing obesity / Tatiana Andreyeva, Frank J. Chaloupka, and Jamie F. Chriqui -- Schools, child care, and obesity policy / Marlene B. Schwartz and Meghan L. O'Connell -- Addressing the influence of food marketing to children / Jennifer L. Harris -- Changing physical activity environments / James F. Sallis -- Food labeling and obesity / Christina A. Roberto, Neha Khandpur, and Eric M. VanEpps -- The Centers for Disease Control and prevention's role as a federal agency in reversing U.S. trends in obesity / Heidi M. Blanck -- Modeling the impact of public policies / Steven L. Gortmaker.

Table of Contents for: Eating disorders and obesity : a compreh