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Eating disorders and obesity [electronic resource] : a comprehensive handbook /

edited by Kelly D. Brownell, B. Timothy Walsh.

Book Cover
Names: Brownell, Kelly D., | Walsh, B. Timothy,
Published: New York : The Guilford Press, [2017]
Edition: Third edition.
Topics: Eating disorders - Handbooks, manuals, etc. | Obesity - Handbooks, manuals, etc. | Feeding and Eating Disorders. | Obesity. | Body Weight. | Health & fitness - Diseases - General. | Medical - Clinical Medicine. | Medical - Diseases. | Medical - Evidence-Based Medicine. | Medical - Internal Medicine.
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245 00|aEating disorders and obesity|h[electronic resource] :|ba comprehensive handbook /|cedited by Kelly D. Brownell, B. Timothy Walsh.
250 |aThird edition.
264 1|aNew York :|bThe Guilford Press,|c[2017]
264 4|c©2017
300 |a1 online resource (xxi., 690 pages) :|billustrations.
336 |atext|btxt|2rdacontent
337 |acomputer|bc|2rdamedia
338 |aonline resource|bcr|2rdacarrier
504 |aIncludes bibliographical references and index.
505 00|gPart I. Foundations.|tRegulation of body weight --|tCentral neural pathways and integration in the control of food intake and energy balance /|rGary J. Schwartz --|tDecreased peripheral hormonal negative-feedback control of food intake and body weight in obesity /|rGerard P. Smith --|tLeptin and body weight /|rYiying Zhang and Rudolph L. Leibel --|tGenetics of obesity and related traits /|rRuth J. F. Loos and Rudolph L. Leibel --|tThe epigenetics of obesity /|rAlexis C. Frazier-Wood and David B. Allison --|tPrenatal effects on body weight /|rEmily Oken --|tTaste, eating, and body weight /|rLinda M. Bartoshuk --|tPhysiological adaptations following weight reduction /|rMichael Rosenbaum and Rudolph L. Leibel --|tBody composition /|rNerys Astbury and Dympna Gallagher --|tEnergy expenditure and the regulation of energy balance /|rEric Ravussin --|tMacronutrients, energy balance, and body weight regulation /|rKevin D. Hall --|tCognitive neuroscience and the risk for weight gain /|rEric Stice and Sonja Yokum --|tBody weight and neurocognitive function /|rMisty A. W. Hawkins and John Gunstad --|tPsychological and Social Factors --|tAcquisition of food preferences and eating patterns in children /|rJennifer Orlet Fisher and Leann L. Birch --|tParental food rules and children's eating : intended and unintended consequences /|rMyles S. Faith --|tPrevalence and demographics of dieting /|rAndrew J. Hill --|tThe impact of dieting /|rDianne Neumark-Sztainer and Katie A. Loth --|tWeight suppression /|rMichael R. Lowe --|tOrigins of binge eating : pediatric loss-of-control eating /|rMarian Tanofsky-Kraff --|tSociocultural influences on body image and eating disturbance /|rAnne E. Becker --|tStigma, discrimination, and obesity /|rRebecca M. Puhl --|tBody image, obesity, and eating disorders /|rJ. Kevin Thompson and Lauren Schaefer --|tBody dysmorphic disorder /|rKatharine A. Phillips --|tDoes addressing obesity create risk for eating disorders? /|rKendrin R. Sonneville and S. Bryn Austin.
505 00|gPart II. Eating disorders.|tClinical characteristics of eating disorders --|tThe history of eating disorders /|rRichard A. Gordon --|tClassification of eating disorders /|rB. Timothy Walsh --|tAnorexia nervosa /|rEvelyn Attia --|tSevere and enduring anorexia nervosa /|rStephen W. Touyz and Phillipa J. Hay --|tBulimia nervosa /|rPamela K. Keel --|tBinge eating disorder /|rMichael J. Devlin --|tAvoidant/restrictive food intake disorder /|rRachel Bryant-Waugh --|tNight eating syndrome /|rKelly C. Allison --|tEating disorders in males /|rTheodore E. Weltzin --|tMedical complications of anorexia nervosa /|rPhilip S. Mehler --|tMedical complications of bulimia nervosa /|rPhilip S. Mehler --|tMedical complications of eating disorders in children and adolescents /|rNeville H. Golden --|tConnections between eating disorders and obesity /|rMarsha D. Marcus --|tEpidemiology and Etiology of eating disorders --|tEpidemiology of eating disorders /|rHans W. Hoek --|tGlobal mental health and priorities for eating disorders /|rKathleen M. Pike --|tThe genetics of eating disorders /|rCynthia M Bulik and Gerome Breen --|tRisk factors for eating disorders /|rKarina L. Allen and Ulrike Schmidt --|tEmotion regulation and eating disorders /|rStephen A. Wonderlich and Jason M. Lavender --|tDisturbances of the central nervous system in anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa /|rLaura A. Berner and Walter H. Kaye --|tCognitive neuroscience and eating disorders /|rJoanna E. Steinglass --|tTreatment and prevention of eating disorders --|tAssessment of feeding and eating disorders /|rJennifer J. Thomas --|tCognitive behavior therapy and eating disorders /|rChristopher G. Fairburn --|tInterpersonal psychotherapy /|rDenise E. Wilfley and Dawn M. Eichen --|tFamily therapy and eating disorders /|rDaniel Le Grange and Ivan Eisler --|tPsychopharmacological treatment of anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa /|rLaurel E. S. Mayer --|tPsychopharmacological treatment of binge eating disorder /|rJames I. Hudson and Harrison G. Pope, Jr. --|tPsychological treatment of binge eating disorder /|rCarlos M. Grilo --|tIntensive treatment of anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa /|rJanet Treasure --|tWeight restoration in anorexia nervosa /|rAngela S. Guarda and Graham W. Redgrave --|tSelf-help treatments for eating disorders /|rRobyn Sysko --|tDissemination of evidence-based treatment /|rG. Terence Wilson --|tPrevention of eating disorders /|rTracey D. Wade --|tDoes advocacy for eating disorders really work? /|rKitty Westin and Scott Crow.
505 00|gPart III. Obesity --|tEpidemiology and etiology of obesity --|tObesity is a global issue /|rTim Lobstein --|tConnections between undernutrition and obesity /|rJuan A. Rivera, Claudia Ivonne Ramirez-Silva, and Lilia S. Pedraza --|tPrevalence and demographics of obesity in the United States /|rHannah G. Lawman and Cynthia L. Ogden --|tEarly-life risk factors for childhood obesity /|rElsie M. Taveras --|tHealth risks associated with obesity /|rAdela Hruby and Frank B. Hu --|tObesity in U.S. racial/ethnic populations /|rShiriki K. Kumanyika --|tEpidemiology and causes of obesity in children and young adults /|rTimothy Gill --|tEconomic causes and consequences of obesity /|rJohn Cawley --|tDietary drivers of obesity /|rAdela Hruby and Frank B. Hu --|tPhysical activity and prevention of obesity /|rRussell R. Pate and Jennifer I. Flynn --|tThe gut microbiome and obesity /|rPhilip Chuang and Ilseung Cho --|tStress and obesity /|rAshley E. Mason and Elissa S. Epel --|tFood, addiction, and obesity /|rErica M. Schulte, Michelle A. Joyner, and Ashley N. Gearhardt --|tFood and addiction : reasons to be cautious /|rHisham Ziauddeen and Paul C. Fletcher --|tClinical characteristics of obesity --|tDefinition and classification of obesity /|rJune Stevens --|tMedical complications of obesity in adults /|rTirissa J. Reid and Judith Korner --|tMedical consequences of obesity in childhood and adolescence /|rWilliam H. Dietz --|tEffects of weight loss on health outcomes /|rRena R. Wing --|tSocial and psychological effects of weight loss /|rLucy F. Faulconbridge --|tTreatment of obesity --|tClinical assessment of patients with obesity /|rRobert F. Kushner --|tMacronutrient composition and obesity treatment /|rArne Astrup and Jennie Brand-Miller --|tTreatment of obesity in primary care practice /|rAdam G. Tsai and Thomas A. Wadden --|tTreatments for childhood obesity /|rDenise E. Wilfley and Dorothy J. Van Buren --|tWeight loss approaches for Black populations /|rGary G. Bennett and Bryan C. Batch --|tPortion size and energy density /|rBarbara J. Rolls and Samantha M. R. Kling --|tBehavioral treatment of obesity /|rMeghan L. Butryn and Thomas A. Wadden --|tPharmacological treatments for obesity /|rRekha B. Kumar and Louis J. Aronne --|tSurgery for obesity : Roux-en-Y gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy procedures /|rChristopher R. Daigle and Philip R. Schauer --|tSurgical devices for obesity /|rBruce M. Wolfe and Elizaveta Walker --|tThe role of scalable, community-based weight management programs /|rGary D. Foster, Angela Makris, and Alexis C. Wojtanowski --|tExercise in the management of obesity /|rJohn M. Jakicic and Renee J. Rogers --|tBody image issues in obesity /|rDavid B. Sarwer --|tImproving maintenance of weight loss /|rDelia Smith West --|tUsing digital media to address obesity /|rDeborah F. Tate --|tObesity prevention and policy --|tThe role of government in contributing to and addressing the obesity epidemic /|rThomas A. Farley --|tClosing the energy gap to address obesity prevention /|rY. Claire Wang --|tGlobal efforts to address obesity /|rCorinna Hawkes --|tAre national food policies helping or hurting obesity prevention? /|rMarion Nestle --|tThe role of advocacy in preventing obesity /|rRoberta R. Friedman --|tStrategies for creating obesity policy change /|rMargo G. Wootan --|tLegal approaches to addressing obesity /|rJennifer L. Pomeranz --|tStealth interventions for obesity : strategies for behavioral, social, and policy changes /|rThomas N. Robinson --|tSlim by design : using the CAN approach to develop effective obesity policies /|rBrian Wansink --|tBehavioral economics and obesity /|rLizzy Pope, Stephen T. Higgins, and Leonard H. Epstein --|tTaxes as a means for addressing obesity /|rTatiana Andreyeva, Frank J. Chaloupka, and Jamie F. Chriqui --|tSchools, child care, and obesity policy /|rMarlene B. Schwartz and Meghan L. O'Connell --|tAddressing the influence of food marketing to children /|rJennifer L. Harris --|tChanging physical activity environments /|rJames F. Sallis --|tFood labeling and obesity /|rChristina A. Roberto, Neha Khandpur, and Eric M. VanEpps --|tThe Centers for Disease Control and prevention's role as a federal agency in reversing U.S. trends in obesity /|rHeidi M. Blanck --|tModeling the impact of public policies /|rSteven L. Gortmaker.
520 |aAcclaimed for its encyclopedic coverage, this is the only handbook that synthesizes current knowledge and clinical practices in the fields of both eating disorders and obesity. Like the prior editions, the significantly revised third edition features more than 100 concise, focused chapters with lists of key readings in place of extended references. All aspects of eating disorders and obesity are addressed by foremost clinical researchers: classification, causes, consequences, risk factors, and pathophysiology, as well as prevention, treatment, assessment, and diagnosis. New to this edition: Reflects 15 years of important advances in both fields, including state-of-the-art intervention approaches and a growing focus on how the brain regulates eating behavior ; Dozens of entirely new chapters ; New topics: epigenetics, body weight and neurocognitive function, stress and emotion regulation, the gut microbiome, surgical devices for obesity, food labeling and marketing, and more ; Expanded coverage of prevention and policy. --|cProvided bt publisher.
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776 08|iPrint version:|tEating disorders and obesity.|bThird edition.|dNew York : The Guilford Press, [2017]|z9781462529063|w(DLC) 2016028018|w(OCoLC)951917300
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