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The Norton book of light verse /

edited by Russell Baker, with the assistance of Kathleen Leland Baker.

Book Cover
Names: Baker, Russell, | Baker, Kathleen,
Published: New York : Norton, [1986]
Edition: 1st ed.
Topics: Humorous poetry, English. | English poetry. | Humorous poetry, American. | American poetry. | Poetry - Anthologies (multiple authors) | Humor | Lyrik | Anthologie. | American poetry. | Humorous poetry. | English poetry. | American poetry.
Regions: Englisch. | USA.
Genres: Humorous poetry. | Humorous poetry. | Humorous poetry. | Humorous poetry. | Poetry.
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245 04|aThe Norton book of light verse /|cedited by Russell Baker, with the assistance of Kathleen Leland Baker.
250 |a1st ed.
264 1|aNew York :|bNorton,|c[1986]
264 4|c©1986
300 |a447 pages ;|c24 cm
336 |atext|btxt|2rdacontent
337 |aunmediated|bn|2rdamedia
338 |avolume|bnc|2rdacarrier
500 |aIncludes index.
505 00|tTwentieth century blues /|rMarquis, Don --|tFrom Certain maxims of Archy /|rAuden, W. H. --|tThe unknown citizen/Doggerel by a senior citizen /|rMacNeice, Louis --|tBagpipe music /|rUpdike, John --|tInsomnia the gem of the ocean /|rKinnell, Galway --|tIn a parlor containing a table /|rPiercy, Marge --|tThe development /|rCiardi, John --|tSuburban /|rGinsberg, Allen --|tI am a victim of telephone /|rLazard, Naomi --|tIn answer to your query /|rConway, Jack --|tClothes make the man /|rLipton, James --|t[Misericordia!] /|rLarkin, Philip --|tAnnus mirabilis /|rChappell, Fred --|tGuess who /|rHoffenstein, Samuel --|t[Babies haven't any hair] /|rNash, Ogden --|tA man can complain, can't he? /|rCoward, Noel --|tWhat's going to happen to the tots? /|rBlaker, Margaret --|tPippa passes, but I can't get around this truck /|rRobinson, Edwin Arlington --|tMiniver Cheevy /|rParry, David Fisher --|tMiniver Cheevy, Jr. --|tArts and letters /|rWilbur, Richard --|tThe prisoner of Zenda /|rGarth, Samuel --|t[What frenzy has of late possess'd the brain!] /|rHerbert, A. E. --|tTriangular legs /|rWhite, E. B. --|tI paint what I see /|rHollander, John --|tThe Russian soul II /|rAnonymous --|tWhat Hiawatha probably did|rSagoff, Maurice --|tRobinson Crusoe Daniel Defoe /|rPreface ShrinkLit --|tElements of style William Strunk, Jr. and E. B. White /|rPrior, Matthew --|tEarning a dinner /|rHecht, Anthony --|tThe Dover bitch /|rCowper, William --|tSimplicity /|rColeridge, Hartley --|tFie on Eastern luxury! /|rThackeray, William Makepeace --|tA Victorian paraphrase /|rField, Eugene --|tThe preference declared /|rDobson, Austin --|tPersicos odi: Pocket version /|rWhicher, George F. Myrtle for two|rPreston, Keith --|tChicago analogue /|rCarryl, Guy Wetmore --|tThe sycophantic fox and the gullible raven /|rCoward, Noel --|tHe never did that to me /|rBurgess, Gelett --|tThe purple cow/Confession /|rSharpless, Stanley --|tJ. Hamlet /|rAnonymous --|tYou're the top /|rPorter, Cole --|tBrush up your Shakespeare /|rHood, Thomas --|tTo Minerva /|rBishop, Morris --|t[The limerick is furtive and mean] /|rGilbert, W. S. --|tSong (from "Patience") /|rHolmes, Oliver Wendell --|tCacoëthes scribendi /|rFried, Barbara --|tThe good old days /|rAdams, Franklin P. ("F. P. A.") --|tTo a thesaurus /|rPreston, Keith --|tThe parental critic /|rBelloc, Hillaire --|tOn his books /|rAnonymous --|tTo a living author /|rWilbur, Richard --|tWhat's good for the soul is good for sales/To an American poet just dead /|rThackeray, William Makepeace.
505 00|tThe sorrows of Werther /|rBeerbohm, Max --|tThomas Hardy and A. E. Housman /|rJonson, Ben --|tOn English monsieur /|rVeale, Peter --|tfrom Jonsonian poem in progress /|rRansom, John Crowe --|tSurvey of literature /|rNemerov, Howard --|tMystery story /|rBenson, Gerard --|tThe probatioun officeres tale /|rThomas, Lord Erskine --|tOn Scott's "The field of Waterloo" /|rMcKinney, Laurence --|tOboe|rCarryl, Guy Wetmore --|tA ballad /|rGray, Victor. ('All the world's a stage') /|rHoffenstein, Samuel --|tBirdie McReynolds/Miss Millay says something too /|rMcGinley, Phyllis. Public journal /|rTaylor, Bert Leston --|t("B. L.T.") Upon Julia's arctics /|rKingsmill, Hugh --|tWhat, still alive /|rKoch, Kenneth --|tVariations on a theme by William Carlos Williams /|rReed, Henry --|tChard Whitlow /|rKennedy, X. J. --|tFrom Emily Dickinson in Southern California /|rAnonymous --|tJustice to Scotland /|rChesterton, C. K. --|tVariations on an air composed on having to appear in a pagaent as Old King Cole/Some fun with the mother tongue /|rMcCord, David --|tAscot waistcoat /|rGodley, A. D. --|tOn the motor bus /|rAnonymous --|tThe American Indian /|rHollis, Mark --|t'Twixt cup and lip /|rGuiterman, Arthur --|tEverything in its place /|rAnonymous --|tCarmen Possum /|rBishop, Morris --|tThe naughty preposition /|rLoomis, Charles Battell. O-U-G-H /|rKing, Stoddard. Idyll /|rGuiterman, Arthur. Local note /|rCole, WIlliam --|tOh, noa, noa! /|rFeinstein, Robert N. Woolly --|tWords: British and Colonial printer --|tAn Arab and his donkey /|rPreston, Keith --|tLapsus linguae --|tOnly human /|rNemerov, Howard --|tLife cycle of common man /|rDickinson, Emily --|tI'm nobody! Who are you? /|rAnonymous --|tBrian O'Linn /|rBurns, Robert --|tThe jolly beggars /|rBersohn, Robert --|tThe dignity of labor /|rGeorge Gordon, Lord Byron --|tWhen a man hath no freedom to fight for at home /|rWilliams, Tennessee --|tCarrousel tune /|rChappell, Fred --|tFrom My mother shoots the breeze /|rRoethke, Theodore --|tFrom Three epigrams /|rWhite, E. B. --|tTo a lady across the way /|rNash, Ogden --|tHa! Original sin! /|rUntermeyer, Louis --|tRepentance /|rMarquis, Don --|tThe song of Mehitabel /|rDavison, Peter --|tMotley /|rMcGinley, Phyllis --|tReflections at dawn /|rHemminger, Graham Lee --|tThe smoking world /|rHerbert, A.P. Saturday night /|rAnonymous. Darwinism in the kitchen /|rRoethke, Theodore --|tSong for the squeeze-box /|rBetjeman, John --|tIn Westminster Abbey /|rKing, Stoddard. Trombone solo /|rCoward, Noel --|tI've been to a marvellous party --|tLife's losers /|rKing, Ben. The pessimist /|rKennedy, X. J. Brats /|rParker, Dorothy --|tThe flaw in paganism /|rFrost, Robert --|tThe objection to being stepped on /|rGuiterman, Arthur. On the vanity of earthly greatness /|rNash, Ogden --|tMr. Artesian's conscientiousness /|rYoung, Dorothy --|tLast lauch /|rHousman, A. E. Hallelujah! /|rNash, Ogden. Requiem /|rParker, Dorothy. Sanctuary /|rFuller, John. De Sade /|rAnonymous. [The night was growing old] /|rAnonymous. Determinism /|rKlappert, Peter. For the poet who said poets are struck by lightning only two or three times /|rCummings, E. E. Nobody loses all the time /|rSmith, Harry B. My Angeline /|rAnonymous. Poor but honest /|rGraham, Virginia. Disillusionment /|rPiercy, Marge. Hello up there /|rKennedy, X. J. --|tIn a prominent bar in Secaucus one day /|rField, Eugene. A piazza tragedy /|rGilbert, W. S. To the terrestrial globe (by a miserable wretch). Personalities /|rLear, Edward. By way of preface /|rEliot, T. S. Lines to Ralph Hodgson, Esqre./Lines for Cuscuscaraway and Mirza Murad Ali Beg /|rMorley, Christopher. The gospel of Mr. Pepys /|rBentley, Edmund Clerihew. [Sir Christopher Wren] /|rLehrer, Tom. Alma /|rUpdike, John. Some Frenchmen /|rFacos, James. Fable /|rAnonymous. Graffiti /|rHecht, Anthony. Paradise lost, book V, an epitome /|rHollander, John. Heliogabalus/Danish wit /|rNaylor, James B(all). Authorship /|rBenét, Rosemary and Stephen Vincent. Hernando de Soto, 1499?-1542 /|rStarbuck, George. High renaissance /|rBaker, Kathleen Leland. The baby Hilary, Sir Edmund. Food and drink /|rMilligan, Spike. A thousand hairy savages /|rHousman, A. E. G. K. Chesterton on his birth /|rAnonymous. Miss Fogerty's cake /|rKeats, John. Lines on the Mermaid Tavern /|rHoffenstein, Samuel. XIII (from As the crow flies, let him fly) /|rTucker, St. George. from The cynic /|rRoethke, Theodore.
505 00|tThe Saginaw song /|rPiercy, Marge --|tAttack of the squash people /|rAnonymous --|tWaiter, please /|rHoffmann, Heinrich --|tThe story of Augustus who would not have any soup /|rSmith, Sydney --|tSalad /|rWells, Carolyn --|tThe universal favorite /|rMcGinley, Phyllis --|tNotes for a Southern road map /|rCoward, Noel --|tAny part of piggy /|rLyly, John --|tOh, for a bowl of fat canary /|rCarroll, Lewis --|tTurtle soup /|rBlount, Roy, Jr. --|tAgainst broccoli /|rMitchell, Adrian --|tGiving potatoes /|rField, Roswell Martin --|tA counterblast against garlic /|rAnonymous --|tCautionary limerick /|rBlake, William --|tThe little vagabond /|rJohnson, Samuel --|t"Hermit hoar ..." /|rBelloc, Hillaire --|tOn jam /|rYoung, George W. --|tLips that touch liquor /|rAnonymous --|tJudged by the company one keeps /|rPeacock, Thomas Love --|tChorus (from Crotchet castle) /|rAde, George --|tR-E-M-O-R-S-E /|rTurberville, George --|tOf drunkenness --|tOccupations and preoccupations /|rGuiterman, Arthur --|tAnthologisitics /|rBishop, Morris --|tThe anatomy of humor /|rRoethke, Theodore --|t1. Pipling (from Three epigrams) /|rWhite, E. B. --|tCritic (from Definitions) /|rPaul, Louis --|tCynical portraits /|rNash, Ogden --|tThe purist /|rYeats, William Butler --|tThe fiddler of Dooney /|rParker, Dorothy --|tBohemia /|rSaxe, John Godfrey --|tThe news /|rHiebert, P. G. --|tThe farmer and the farmer's wife /|rBelloc, Hillaire --|tLord Lucky /|rGilbert, W. S. --|tThe modern major-general/The family fool /|rButler, Samuel --|tThe law /|rLamport, Felicia --|tPoll star /|rSherwood, Robert E. --|tThe old hokum buncombe /|rBrougham, Lord --|tThe orator's epitaph /|rCummings, E. E. --|t[A politician is an arse upon] /|rJones, M. Keel --|tElection reflection /|rCummings, E. E. --|t[Next to of course God] /|rHughes, Langston --|tWhat? /|rHardy, Thomas --|tThe ruined maid /|rKing, Stoddard --|tCrime at its best /|rAnonymous --|tOn a clergyman's horse biting him /|rWhite, E. B. Commuter --|tMoney, money, money /|rNemerov, Howard --|tReflections on the seizure of the Suez, and on a proposal to line the banks of that canal with billboard advertisements /|rBishop, Morris --|tDiogenes /|rArmour, Richard --|tMoney /|rCiardi, John --|tBack through the looking glass to the other side /|rBunner, H. C. --|tBehold the deeds! /|rHughes, Langston --|tLittle lyric (of great importance) /|rNemerov, Howard --|tBOOM! /|rNash, Ogden --|tIntrospective reflection /|rBelloc, Hillaire. Fatigue /|rAdams, Franklin P. ("F. P.A.") The rich man /|rElliott, Ebenezer. On Communists /|rAnonymous. Art /|rClough, Arthur Hugh. Spectator ab extra /|rPreston, Keith. The complete cynic /|rAnonymous. The advertising agency song /|rKing, Ben --|tIf I should die /|rSmith, Stevie --|tCorrespondence between Mr. Harrison in Newcastle and Mr. Sholto Peach Harrison in Hull /|rAnonymous --|tFrom a London bookshop /|rField, Eugene --|tMr. Billings of Louisville -- Belloc, Hillaire. Lord Finchley /|rBierce, Ambrose. [Don't steal, thou'lt never thus compete] /|rAnonymous. Where are you going, my pretty maid /|rWilbur, Richard. A summer morning /|rNash, Ogden. From One from one leaves two. Ports of call /|rTibble, Anne --|tTrials of a tourist /|rLear, Edward --|tThe owl and the pussy cat /|rGeorge Gordon, Lord Byron --|tWritten after swimming from Sestos to Abydos/The Lisbon packet /|rBishop, Morris --|tPublic aid for Niagara Falls/Ozymandias revisited /|rNewton, Byron Rufus --|tOwed to New York-1906 /|rColeridge, Samuel Taylor --|tCologne/On my joyful departure from the same city, etc.
520 |aA collection of 400 poems arranged in eighteen thematic sections.
650 0|aHumorous poetry, English.
650 0|aEnglish poetry.
650 0|aHumorous poetry, American.
650 0|aAmerican poetry.
650 7|aPoetry|xAnthologies (multiple authors)|2bisacsh
650 7|aAmerican poetry.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst00807348
650 7|aEnglish poetry.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst00912278
650 7|aHumorous poetry, American.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst00963760
650 7|aHumorous poetry, English.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst00963775
650 7|aHumor|2gnd|0(DE-588)4026170-0
650 7|aLyrik|2gnd|0(DE-588)4036774-5
650 07|aAnthologie.|2swd
650 1|aAmerican poetry.
650 7|aHumorous poetry.|2sears
650 7|aEnglish poetry.|2sears
650 7|aAmerican poetry.|2sears
651 7|aEnglisch.|2swd
651 7|aUSA.|2swd
655 4|aHumorous poetry.
655 7|aHumorous poetry.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01726647
655 7|aHumorous poetry.|2gsafd
655 7|aHumorous poetry.|2lcgft
655 7|aPoetry.|2lcgft
700 1 |aBaker, Russell,|d1925-2019,|eeditor.
700 1 |aBaker, Kathleen,|d1934 November-|eeditor.
994 |aC0|bIHT

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