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Hebrew Bible, Old Testament : the history of its interpretation /

edited by Magne Sæbø.

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Names: Sæbø, Magne. | Brekelmans, C. | Haran, Menahem. | Fishbane, Michael A. | Ska, Jean Louis, | Machinist, Peter.
Published: Göttingen : Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 1996-©2015.
Topics: Bible. Old Testament - Criticism, interpretation, etc. - History. | Bible. Old Testament - Criticism, interpretation, etc., Jewish - History.
Genres: Criticism, interpretation, etc. | History.
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volume I, part 1. From the beginnings to the Middle Ages (until 1300). Antiquity. Historical problems and challenges: a prolegomenon / Magne Sæbø -- Inner-biblical exegesis / Michael Fishbane -- The history and significance of a standard text of the Hebrew Bible / Emanuel Tov -- The significance of a fixed canon of the Hebrew Bible / John Barton -- The interpretative character and significance of the Septuagint version / John W. Wevers -- Early Jewish Biblical interpretation in the Qumran literature / Johann Maier -- Early Jewish interpretation in a Hellenistic style / Folker Siegert -- Scripture and canon in Jewish Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha / Robert A. Kraft -- Josephus on canon and Scriptures / Steve Mason, Robert A. Kraft -- Social and institutional conditions for early Jewish and Christian interpretation of the Hebrew Bible, with special regard to religious groups and sects / Jarl Fossum -- From inner-Biblical interpretation to early rabbinic exegesis / Jay M. Harris -- Formative growth of the tradition of rabbinic interpretation. Local conditions for a developing rabbinic tradition / David Kraemer -- Scriptural interpretation in the Mishnah / David Kraemer -- Pattern and developments in rabbinic Midrash of late antiquity / Richard Kalmin -- The hermeneutics of the law in rabbinic Judaism: Mishnah, Midrash, Talmuds / Jacob Neusner -- The Targums: their interpretative character and their place in Jewish text tradition / Étan Levine -- New Testament interpretation of the Old Testament / Hans Hübner -- The development of scriptural interpretation in the second and third centuries, except Clement and Origen / Oskar Skarsaune -- The question of Old Testament canon and text in the early Greek church / Oskar Skarsaune -- Greek philosophy, hermeneutics and Alexandrian understanding of the Old Testament / J.F. Procopé -- The Christian exegesis of the Old Testament in the Alexandrian tradition / J.N.B. Carleton Paget -- Exegesis of the Old Testament in the Antiochene school with its prevalent literal and historical method / Sten Hidal -- Exegetical contacts between Christian and Jews in the Roman Empire / Günter Stemberger -- The interpretative character of the Syriac Old Testament / Michael Weitzman -- The Christian Syriac tradition of interpretation / Lucas Van Rompay -- The Latin Old Testament tradition / Eva Schulz-Flügel -- Jerome : his exegesis and hermeneutics / René Kieffer -- The reception of the Origenist tradition in Latin exegesis / Christoph Jacob -- Augustine : his exegesis and hermeneutics / David F. Wright -- Church and synagogue as the respective matrix of the development of an authoritative Bible interpretation : an epilogue / Magne Sæbø.
volume I, part 2. From the beginnings to the Middle Ages (until 1300). Middle Ages. The problem of periodization of 'the Middle Ages': some introductory remarks / Magne Sæbø -- Political and cultural changes from the fifth to the eleventh century / Aryeh Grabois -- The significance of Hebrew philology for the development of a literal and historical Jewish Bible interpretation / Frederick E. Greenspahn -- The interpretative value of the Massoretic punctuation / E.J. Revell -- The geonim of Babylonia as Biblical exegetes / Robert Brody -- Medieval Jewish Biblical exegesis in Northern Africa / Frederick E. Greenspahn -- Early Hebraists in Spain: Menaḥem ben Saruq and Dunash ben Labraṭ / Angel Sá́enz-Badillos -- Karaite exegesis / Daniel Frank -- Clearing peshat and derash / Stephan Garfinkel -- Gregory the Great: a figure of tradition and transition in church exegesis / Stephan Ch. Kessler -- The institutional framework of Christian exegesis in the Middle Ages / Ulrich Kopf -- Aspects of Old Testament interpretation in the church from the seventh to the tenth century / Claudio Leonardi -- Genres, forms and various methods in Christian exegesis of the Middle Ages / Gilbert Dahan -- Masters and disciples: aspects of Christian interpretation of the Old Testament in the eleventh and twelfth centuries / G.R. Evans -- The linguistic school: Judah Ḥayyūj, Jonah ibn Janāḥ, Moses ibn Chiquitilla and Judah ibn Balʻam / Aharon Maman -- The aesthetic exegesis of Moses ibn Ezra / Mordechai Cohen -- The philosophical exegesis / Sara Klein-Braslavy -- The school of literal Jewish exegesis in northern France / Avraham Grossman -- Jewish exegesis in Spain and Provence, and in the East, in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. Isaac ben Samuel al-Kanzi / Uriel Simon -- Abraham ibn Ezra / Uriel Simon -- The Qimhi family / Mordechai Cohen -- Moses ben Nahman/Nahmanides (Ramban) / Yaakov Elman -- The post-Maimonidean schools of exegesis in the East: Abraham Maimonides, the pietists, Tanḥûm ha-Yerušalmi and the Yemenite school / Paul B. Fenton -- Kabbalistic exegesis / Moshe Idel -- The school of St. Victor in Paris / Rainer Berndt -- Christian interpretation of the Old Testament in the high Middle Ages / Karlfried Froehlich -- Development of Biblical interpretation in the Syrian churches of the Middle Ages / Lucas van Rompay -- Elements of Biblical interpretation in medieval Jewish-Christian disputation / Günter Stemberger -- Supplement to chapter 5. Ben Sira the and Wisdom of Solomon: their interpretative significance. Canon and Scripture in the Book of Ben Sira (Jesus Sirach/Ecclesiaticus) / Pancratius C. Beentjes -- Wisdom of Solomon and Scripture / Maurice Gilbert.
volume II. From the Renaissance to the Enlightenment. From the Renaissance to the Enlightenment: aspects of the cultural and ideological framework of scriptural interpretation / Magne Sæbø -- The exegetical and hermeneutical legacy of the Middle Ages: Christian and Jewish perspectives. Nicholas of Lyra and Old Testament interpretation / Lesley Smith -- Levi ben Gershom/Gersonides / Seymour Feldman -- Bridging the Middle Ages and the Renaissance: Biblia pauperum, their genre and hermeneutical significance / Tarald Rasmussen -- Some sociopolitical and cultural aspects of the Renaissance / Trond Berg Eriksen -- The philosophical context of the Renaissance interpretation of the Bible / Jeremy Catto -- The institutional framework of theological studies in the late Middle Ages / Ulrich Köpf -- Ad fontes! The early humanist concern for the Hebraica veritas / Arjo Vanderjagt -- Isaac Abarbanel: from medieval to Renaissance Jewish Biblical scholarship / Eric Lawee -- The textual and hermeneutic work of Desiderius Erasmus of Rotterdam / Erika Rummel -- Scriptural interpretation in Renaissance Spain / Emilia Fernández Tejero, Natalio Fernández Marcos -- Early Christian Hebraists / Sophie Kessler Mesguich -- From the first printed Hebrew, Greek and Latin Bibles to the first polyglot Bible, the Complutensian polyglot: 1477-1577 / Adrian Schenker -- Scriptural interpretation in pre-Reformation dissident movements / G.R. Evans -- From the reform councils to the Counter-Reformation : the council as interpreter of Scripture / Oskar Skarsaune -- The cultural and sociopolitical context of the Reformation / Euan Cameron -- The Reformation as an epoch of the history of theological education / Ulrich Köpf -- The exegetical and hermeneutical work of Martin Luther / Siegfried Raeder -- The exegetical and hermeneutical work of John Oecolampadius, Huldrych Zwingli and John Calvin / Peter Opitz -- Pluriformity of early Reformation scriptural interpretation / R. Gerald Hobbs -- Humanism and Reformation in England and Scotland / Richard Rex -- History and impact of English Bible translations / Henry Wansbrough -- Three French Bible translations / Bertram Eugene Schwarzbach -- Scriptural interpretation among radical reformers / Hans-Jürgen Goertz -- Further development of Reformation hermeneutics / Bernt T. Oftestad -- Catholic Old Testament interpretation in the Reformation and early confessional eras / Jared Wicks -- The educational system during the confessional period / Ulrich Köpf -- On the threshold of a new age: expanding horizons as the broader context of scriptural interpretation / Charlotte Methuen -- The development of the Reformation legacy: hermeneutics and interpretation of the Sacred Scripture in the age of orthodoxy / Johann Anselm Steiger -- The Catholic counterpart and response to the Protestant orthodoxy / Pierre Gibert -- The polyglot Bibles of Antwerp, Paris and London: 1568-1658 / Adrian Schenker -- Later Christian Hebraists / Stephen G. Burnett -- Growing tension between church doctrines and critical exegesis of the Old Testament / H.J.M. Nellen -- The Bible hermeneutics of Baruch de Spinoza / Steven Nadler -- Early Old Testament critics in the Roman Catholic church: focusing on the Pentateuch / John W. Rogerson -- English rationalism, deism, and early Biblical criticism / Henning Graf Reventlow -- Early rationalism and Biblical criticism on the Continent / Christoph Bultmann -- Scriptural understanding and interpretation in Pietism / Johannes Wallmann -- Scriptural interpretation in English literary tradition / Stephen Prickett -- Hermeneutics in Hasidism / Moshe Idel -- Early Old Testament critics in Great Britain / William McKane -- Early Old Testament critics on the Continent / John Sandy-Wunsch -- Historical criticism of the Old Testament canon / John H. Hayes -- Jewish study of the Bible before and during the Jewish Enlightenment / Edward Breuer -- Towards the end of the 'century of Enlightenment': established shift from Sacra Scriptura to literary documents and religion of the people of Israel / Henning Graf Reventlow.
volume III, part 1. From modernism to post-modernism (The nineteenth and twentieth centuries). The nineteenth century. Fascination with 'history': Biblical interpretation in a century of modernism and historicism / Magne Sæbø -- Historical, cultural and philosophical aspects of the nineteenth century with special regard to Biblical interpretation / Jan Rohls -- The phenomenon of 'historicism' as a backcloth of Biblical scholarship / Gunter Scholtz -- Expansion of the historical context of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament / Steven W. Holloway -- Expansion of the anthropological, sociological and mythological context of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament / J.W. Rogerson -- Expansion of the linguistic context of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament: Hebrew among the languages of the ancient Near East / Holger Gzella -- The 'new world' of North America and Canada: and the globalization of critical Biblical scholarship / James P. Byrd -- Protestant Biblical scholarship on the European continent and in Great Britain and Ireland / J.W. Rogerson -- Biblical scholarship in northern Europe / Jesper Høgenhaven -- The Catholic Church and historical criticism of the Old Testament / Gerald P. Fogarty -- Jewish Biblical scholarship between tradition and innovation / Edward Breuer, Chanan Gafni -- The 'history of Israel': its emergence as an independent discipline / Jean Louis Ska -- 'Lower criticism': studies in the Masoretic text and the ancient versions of the Old Testament as means of textual criticism / Richard D. Weis -- 'Higher criticism': the historical and literary-critical approach: with special reference to the Pentateuch / Thomas Römer -- The work of Abraham Kuenen and Julius Wellhausen / Rudolf Smend -- Albert Eichhorn and Hermann Gunkel: the emergence of a history of religion school / Erhard S. Gerstenberger -- In the wake of Wellhausen: the growth of a literary-critical school and its varied influence / Rudolf Smend -- A conservative approach in opposition to a historical-critical interpretation: E.W. Hengstenberg and Franz Delitzsch / Rudolf Smend -- Studies on the historical books: including their relationship to the Pentateuch / Karl William Weyde -- Prophecy in the nineteenth century reception / Christopher R. Seitz -- Studies of the Psalms and other Biblical poetry / Klaus Seybold -- Studies of the didactical books of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament / Katharine J. Dell -- The question of a 'Biblical theology' and the growing tension between 'Biblical theology' and a 'history of the religion of Israel': from Johann Philipp Gabler to Rudolf Smend, Sen. / Joachim Schaper -- Modernity's canonical crisis: historiography and theology in collision / Stephen B. Chapman.
volume III, part 2. From modernism to post-modernism (The nineteenth and twentieth centuries). The twentieth century. In our own, post-modern time: introductory remarks on two methodological problems in Biblical studies / Magne Sæbø -- Basic questions of hermeneutics as part of the cultural and philosophical framework of recent Bible studies / Dagfinn Føllesdal -- The linguistic context of Biblical Hebrew and Aramaic in the framework of Semitic philology, including Semitic epigraphy / Steven E. Fassberg -- Institutions and social life in ancient Israel: sociological aspects / Anselm C. Hagedorn -- The legacy of the literary-critical school and the growing opposition to historico-critical Bible studies: the concept of 'history' revisited, Wirkungsgeschichte and reception history / John Barton -- The emergence of the form-critical and traditio-historical approaches / Anthony F. Campbell -- Contemporary methods in Hebrew Bible criticism / David J.A. Clines -- The significance of the Old Testament in twentieth century systematic theology / Manfred Oeming -- Types of a recent 'canonical approach' / Dennis Olson -- Studies in the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament in the Americas of the twentieth century / Douglas A. Knight -- The Hebrew Bible/Old Testament studies in Africa / Hendrik Bosman -- The Hebrew Bible/Old Testament studies in twentieth century Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand / Mark A. O'Brien -- The Hebrew Bible/Old Testament studies in Asia / Seizō Sekine -- Biblical scholarship on the European continent and in the United Kingdom and Ireland / John Barton -- Biblical scholarship in northern Europe / Antti Laato -- Major developments in Jewish Biblical scholarship / S. David Sperling -- Questions of the 'history of Israel' in recent research / Jean Louis Ska -- Changes in Pentateuchal criticism / David M. Carr -- Historiography in the Old Testament / Walter Dietrich -- The prophets and the prophetic books, prophetic circles and traditions: new trends, including religio-psychological aspects / Marvin A. Sweeney -- The Psalms: their cultic setting, forms and traditions / Corinna Körting -- The phenomenon and literature of wisdom in its Near Eastern context and in the Biblical wisdom books / Knut M. Heim -- The study of law and ethics in the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament / Eckart Otto -- Problems and prospects of a 'history of the religion of Israel' / Joachim Schaper -- Old Testament theology: preliminary conclusions and future prospects / Bernd Janowski -- Modern theories of translation with special regard to recent Bible translations / Jan de Waard -- A brief epilegomenon to the history of interpretation of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament / Magne Sæbø.

Table of Contents for: Hebrew Bible, Old Testament : the histor