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Christianities in Asia /

edited by Peter C. Phan.

Book Cover
Names: Phan, Peter C.,
Published: Malden, MA : Wiley-Blackwell, 2011.
Series: Blackwell guides to global Christianity.
Topics: Christianity - Asia.
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1. Introduction: Asian Christianity/Christianities: Which Asia? -- Which Christianity? -- Introducing Asian Christianities / Peter C. Phan -- 2. India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Burma/Myanmar: Local Basics -- Early Christian Presence in Mainland South Asia -- The First Attack on Contextualized South Asian Christianity -- A Second Attack on Contextualized South Asian Christianity -- Contextualization in Early Roman Catholicism Elsewhere in South Asia -- Protestant Contextualization- the Pietists -- The Baptists -- Laity and the Expansion of Christianity -- Contemporary Contextualisation in South Asia: Church, State, and People -- Violent Attacks Against Christian Churches -- Theological, Ecclesial, and Liturgical Contextualization -- The Performance of Christianity in South Asia -- Toward a Conclusion / Elizabeth Koepping --
3. Sri Lanka: The Land, its Make Up and the People -- The Portuguese Period -- The Dutch Period -- The British Period -- Independent Sri Lanka -- At the Turn of the Century -- The Present Scenario -- Process of Inculturation and Contextualized Theology -- Whither Sri Lanka? / Jeyaraj Rasiah -- 4. Indonesia: Language -- Cultural Diversity -- Christian Diversity -- Outward Form, Inner Spirit -- Christians and Muslims -- Papua: Dignity and Identity -- Ambon: Conflict and Reconciliation -- Sulawesi: Vibrant and Vocal -- East Nusa Tenggara: Christian Heartlands -- Bali: A Minority within a Minority -- Java: Indigenous Roots -- Java: Education -- Java: Art and Music -- Java: Movers and Shakers -- Jakarta: Pietism and Social Engagement -- Sumatra: Local Roots, National Leadership -- Future Prospects / John Prior --
5. Malaysia and Singapore: The Countries and Their People -- Political, Culture, and Religious History -- British Imperialism and Racial and Ethnic Politics -- Christianity: Its Beginnings and Development -- Christianity: A Foreign Religion -- The Challenge of an Indigenous Church -- The Challenge of Islamization -- The Challange of Ecumenism -- The Challenge of Church-State Relations -- The New and Growing Churches / Edmund Kee-Fook Chia -- 6. The Philippines: Transplanting Spanish Catholicism -- Appropriating Christianity, Resisting Colonial Rule -- (Re)Building Mission -- Meeting National Challenges, Engaging the World -- "In But Not Of This World" / José Mario C. Francisco -- 7. Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand: The Socialist Republic of Vietnam -- Cambodia, Loas, Thailand -- A Look Into the Future / Peter C. Phan --
8. Mainland China: A New China -- World Christianity and Chinese Christianity -- Christianity with Chinese Characteristics -- Christianity and Chinese Society -- Christianity's Prospects in China / Ying Fuk-tsang -- 9. Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau: Taiwan -- Hong Kong -- Macau / Lo Lung-kwong -- 10. Japan: Introduction -- The Cultural Diversity of Christianity in Japan -- Roman Catholic Mission in Pre-Modern Japan -- Persecution and Martydom -- Hidden Christians -- The Second Phase of Christian Mission: Increasing Diversity -- State Shinto and the Christian Churches -- The Place of Nagasaki in Japanese Catholicism -- Postwar Developments -- The Wider Impact of Christianity: Education and Social Welfare -- Christianity as a Japanese Religion: Diverse Appropriations -- From "Paternal" to "Maternal" Religion -- Uchimura Kanzō and the Non-church Movement -- Inculturation and the Ancestors in Japanese Christianity -- "Christian" Weddings and the Rites of Passage -- Inter-Faith Dialogue -- Future Prospects / Mark R. Mullins --
11. South Korea: Introduction -- The Beginning of Christianity in Korea -- Indigenous Christian Leaders, Past, and Present -- Christianity as an Agency of Modernization -- The Rise of Christianity Amidst Rapid Industrialization and Urbanization -- This-Worldly Orientation of Korean Protestantism -- Individual Religiosity of Christians -- The Future of Christianity in Korea / Andrew Eungi Kim -- The Middle East: The Syriac Orthodox Church of Antioch -- The Church of the East -- Missionary Activity of the Syriac Church -- Churches in Arabia -- gThe Maronite Church -- gThe Armenians in the Middle East -- gThe Last Century / Lois Farag -- Conclusion: Whither Asian Christianities?: A Prospective Glance -- Future Directions: A Triple Dialogue -- Asian and Pentecostal / Peter C. Phan.

Table of Contents for: Christianities in Asia