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Persons, souls, and death : a philosophical investigation of an afterlife /

David H. Lund.

Book Cover
Main Author: Lund, David H.
Published: Jefferson, N.C. : McFarland & Co., Publishers, ©2009.
Topics: Future life. | Mind and body. | Parapsychology and philosophy. | BODY, MIND & SPIRIT - Reincarnation.
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The perennial question -- A philosophical approach -- The influence and scope of science -- The coherence of the idea of post-mortem existence -- The relevance of the case for theism -- The nature of persons and the laws of nature -- The case against post-mortem existence -- Antecedent probability of extinction -- Empirically-grounded support of extinction -- Theory-based arguments for extinction -- Minds, souls, and persons -- Materialist-reductionist accounts of the mental -- Materialist theories of personal identity -- The immateriality of the mental -- Psychological theories of the person -- The person as subject of conscious states -- Mental-physical relations -- The causality problem -- Mind-brain interaction -- Causation conceived as reducible -- Causation conceived as irreducible -- Deep causation -- The directionality of causation -- Intentional causation -- Dualistic causation and the causal closure hypothesis -- Mental-mental causation -- Paranormal causation -- The causal independence of the conscious self -- General considerations supportive of post-mortem existence -- Theism and revelation accounts -- The deep unity of the self -- Non-intentional consciousness and the self -- Our investigation so far -- Near-death experiences -- Death-bed visions -- Non-terminal near-death experiences -- Naturalistic explanation of NDES -- Paranormal theories : ESP and super-ESP -- Apparitions -- Reciprocal apparitions -- The naturalistic interpretation -- Paranormal interpretations of apparitions of the dead -- Collective and iterative apparitional experiences -- The super-psi hypothesis -- The telepathic theory -- The objectivist theory -- The survivalist explanation -- Reincarnation -- Reincarnation vs. possession interpretations -- Cases of responsive xenoglossy -- Spontaneous recall of ostensible former lives -- The Shanti Devi case -- The case of Jasbir Jat -- The case of Swarnlata Mishra -- Naturalistic explanations -- The fraud hypothesis -- Cryptomnesia -- Paramnesia -- Inherited memory -- Paranormal explanations -- The psi hypothesis -- ESP plus impersonation -- Reincarnation and survival -- Reincarnation and the subject of conscious states -- Mental mediumship -- The mediumship of Mrs. Piper -- Mrs. Willett's mediumship -- Proxy sittings -- "Drop-in" communicators -- The cross-correspondences -- Assessment of the case for post-mortem existence -- Overview of our investigation into the essence of persons -- Dispositions and the self -- Sensory experience in an afterworld -- Discarnate communication -- The significance of the ostensible evidence of survival -- Super-psi or survival -- The balance of probabilities.

Table of Contents for: Persons, souls, and death : a philosophi