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Brand advocates : turning enthusiastic customers into a powerful marketing force /

Rob Fuggetta.

Book Cover
Main Author: Fuggetta, Rob.
Published: Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley, c2012.
Topics: Relationship marketing. | Customer loyalty. | Word-of-mouth advertising. | Branding (Marketing)
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100 1 |aFuggetta, Rob.
245 10|aBrand advocates :|bturning enthusiastic customers into a powerful marketing force /|cRob Fuggetta.
260 |aHoboken, N.J. :|bWiley,|cc2012.
300 |axx, 283 p. :|bill. ;|c24 cm.
500 |aIncludes index.
505 8 |aMachine generated m. y,|cc2012. siastic customers into a powerful marketing force /|cRob Fuggetta. hat You'll Learn Why I Wrote This Book How This Book Is Organized Your Advocate Army Is Ready. Are You? Section 1: Understanding Brand Advocates Chapter 1: What's A Brand Advocate, Anyway? Trusted Champions Social Media Amplifies Advocates Ultimate Customers What Makes Advocates Tick? Advocates: A Different Breed Entirely Most Passionate Customers Most Engaged Customers One Size Doesn't Fit All Suprisingly Large Segment Global Advocates An Army Of Advocates Visible Advocates Hidden Advocates Diverse Group Depends On The Category Active Advocates Vive La Difference Not All Fans Are Brand Advocates Different Motivations Not All Loyal Customers Are Advocates Not All Community Members Are Advocates Brand Advocates Are Players (In A Good Way) Customers & Other Advocates Few Customers, Many Advocates Can't Keep A Secret Advocacy Moves Online You Don't Need To Own It To Recommend It Chapter 2: Not All Advocates Are Equal 1. Advocate Influence Measuring Advocate's Klout 2. Advocacy Frequency Segmenting Brand Advocates Chapter 3: What's A Brand Advocate Worth? A Simple Approach Three Examples Conservative Estimate Proof In Advocacy Pudding Chapter 4: Five Proven Ways (& One Shocking Way) To Create More Brand Advocates Section 2: The Power Of Advocate Marketing Chapter 5: The Power Of Advocate Marketing Finding Box Advocates Unleashing Box Advocates Box-Full Of Referrals Box Embraces Advocacy A New Way Of Marketing Unleashing Advocates Trusted Advocates Sustainable Marketing Force Authentic Advocacy Word Of Mouth Marketing At Scale Advocacy Drives Growth Advocacy & The Consumer Decision Journey Beyond Listening & Engagement The 3 R's Of Advocacy 3 Major Advocacy Benefits Tradtional Marketing Model The "Triangle Of Trust" Fair Exchange Of Value Maintaining Balance Betting Against Beacon Not An Either/Or Advocates Positively Impact Purchase Process Case Studies Section 3: Advocate Marketing Playbook Chapter 6: Advocate Marketing Playbook Overview Advocate Flow Advocate Flow Example Chapter 7: Identifying 3 Ways To Identify Advocates 1. Asking The Ultimate Question Advocates, Detractors, And Passives, Oh My! What's Your Net Promoter Score?; Growth By Advocacy Turning Promoters Into Profits 1% Nps But Millions Of Advocates Ask Often Where To Find Advocates During Product Usage When To Ask Moments Of Delight Pulling The Trigger Keep It Short What Else To Ask Where To Start Who To Ask Should You Use An Incentive? 2. Finding Advocates In The Social Media Jungle Growing Your Advocate Army Set It & Forget It! But Wait, There's More! Chapter 8 Energizing: Boosting Online Ratings Silent Killers Dumb Ideas A 5-Star Solution To Bad Reviews Advocates To The Rescue Webroot Boosts Online Ratings Webroot Identifies Advocates Webroot Energizes Advocates Chapter 9 Energizing: The Power Of Advocate Stories Different Than Reviews Advocates Love Telling Stories Coleman Advocates Share Their Camping Stories Creative Uses Of Advocates' Stories 3 Strategic Uses For Advocates' Stories Chapter 10 Energizing: Advocates Have The Answers How Advocate Answers Works Results Where Advocate Answers Fits Best Risks Of Advocate Answers Opt-In To Answers? Chapter 11 Energizing: Sharing The Love 3 Key Benefits Of Advocate Sharing Share This! Advocacy Goes Viral Most Valuable Sharing How Social Sharing Works For Advocacy How Advocates Share Most Efficient Sharing Channels Top 10 Tips For Advocate Sharing Chapter 12 Mobilizing 1. Mobilizing Advocates For Product Launches Real-World Examples Advocate Seeding Program Five Steps Of An Advocate Seeding Program Overview Of Advocate Seeding Program Process 2. Mobilizing Advocates During Social Media Crises Two Important Things To Know About Social Media Crises Brand Under Attack? Fight Back! But What If There Is No Advocate Cavalry? 3. Mobilize Advocates To Boost Promotions Takin' It To The Streets Other Ways To Mobilize Advocate
520 |a"Brand advocates are your most loyal, passionate, and engaged customers. These enthusiastic customers don't just buy your products--they sell your products for you. Brand advocates tweet, blog, and Yelp about you; they praise you with five-star reviews on Amazon and TripAdvisor; they talk you up in social networks, online communities, and over coffee; and they defend you from detractors. According to social media firm, Vitrue, a Facebook fan may be worth $3.28. But, according to a study by customer satisfaction company, Satmetrix, a single brand advocate for an enterprise software company is worth $565,000 based on his referral value.This book is the go-to resource for teaching businesses how to make their customers be one of their most effective marketing components. The book explains how to find your brand advocates by determining levels of customer loyalty, and how to use their resources and power. Once you've found your advocates, the book explains how to get them to fill the gap from customer to advocate, from enjoying their experience to actively promoting their experience. The book gives you the secrets of turning advocates into marketers. You'll learn how to Discover who Brand Advocates are and what makes these influential customers tick Create and grow your Brand Army by continuously identifying advocates on Facebook, Yelp, and other online reviewer sites Energize and mobilize your Brand Army to spread positive Word of Mouth, create and maintain customers, and become your biggest supporters; Reward your advocates by giving them what they crave most Keep score. You'll learn how to measure results and ROI from online marketing programs featuring brand advocates "--|cProvided by publisher.
650 0|aRelationship marketing.
650 0|aCustomer loyalty.
650 0|aWord-of-mouth advertising.
650 0|aBranding (Marketing)
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