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[National Council of American-Soviet Friendship : pamphlets].

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Published: [Publisher varies], 1922-1979.
Topics: Communism - United States. | National Council of American-Soviet Friendship (U.S.)
Regions: United States - Foreign relations - Soviet Union. | Soviet Union - Foreign relations - United States.
Genres: Political and Social Activism Pamphlet Collection.
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245 00|a[National Council of American-Soviet Friendship :|bpamphlets].
260 |a[Publisher varies],|c1922-1979.
300 |aBoxes :|billustrations ;|c23 x 8 x 21 cm
336 |atext|btxt|2rdacontent
337 |aunmediated|bn|2rdamedia
505 00|gBox 1:|tManifesto to the workers of America|g(1922) --|tWhy every worker should join the communist party|g(1930?) --|tAmerican farmer /|rGeorge Anstrom|g(1932) --|tIndustrial slavery, Roosevelt's "new deal" /|rI. Amter|g(1933) --|tWhat war means to the workers /|rRobt W. Dunn|g(1934) --|tLenin, Liebknecht, Luxemburg|g(1934) --|t15 years of the communist party /|rAlex Bittelman|g(1934) --|tReports of the Soviet delegation to the International Geographical Congress in Warsaw 1934 --|tWho are the reds /|rRoy Hudson|g(1937) --|tWe, the people /|rJoseph C. Clark|g(1937) --|tTell it to millions!|g(1938?) --|tLaFollette third party: will it unite or split the progressive forces?|g(1938) --|tThis 4th of July /|rRob Fowler Hall|g(1939) --|tNo gold stars for us-our boys stay home! /|rAnn Rivington|g(1940) --|tJim-crow in uniform /|rClaudia Jones|g(1940) --|t1886-1941 May Day: we shall be heard|g(1941?) --|tFamily of nation|g(1941) --|tStudy of Marxism-Leninism and the role of the party in promoting national unity|g(1942) --|tTwo questions on winning the war /|rRoy Hudson|g(1942) --|tFrederick Douglass abolitionist, liberator, statesman|g(1943?) --|tFor world peace and freedom /|rAlexander A. Troyanovsky|g(1943) --|tDrama in wartime Russia /|rHenry Wadsworth Longfellow Dana|g(1943) --|tAmerican-Anglo-Soviet alliance|g(1943) --|t1944 ... year of decision!|g(1944?) --|tOrganized labor in the Soviet Union /|rEdwin S. Smith|g(1943) --|tOrganized labor in the Soviet Union /|rEdwin S. Smith|g(1944) --|tOur plan for plenty|g(1945) --|tIt is against the law|g(1945) --|tSocialism: what's in it for you /|rA.B. Magil|g(1946) --|tSocialism: what's in it for you /|rA.B. Magil|g(1947) --|tPeople against the trusts /|rEugene Dennis|g(1946) --|t"Foreign agent" hoax|g(1947).
505 00|gBox 2:|tAmerica and Russia /|rCorliss Lamont|g(1943) --|tIs Communism un-American? 9 questions about the communist party answered /|rEugene Dennis|g(1947) --|tThird party and the 1948 elections /|rEugene Dennis|g(1948) --|tTo the residents of a great city, a message!|g(194?) --|tOn the spirit of the Estonian minorities law /|rKarl Aun|g(1950?) --|tYou should join now, don't wait|g(no date) --|tLenin Liebknecht Luxemburg /|rMax Shachtman|g(no date) --|tUnity!|g(no date) --|tHow to end the cold war and build the peace|g(1948) --|tDear unknown friend|g(1949) --|tSoviet impressions /|rJohn A. Kingsbury|g(1950) --|tHow the Russians see the future!|g(1952) --|tSoviet Union proposes peaceful co-existence|g(1955) --|tTotal disarmament in four years /|rN.S. Khrushchev|g(1959) --|tAmerican-Soviet facts|g(March, 1967).
505 00|gBox 3:|tSocialist competition in the Soviet Union|g(1929) --|tTenth anniversary of American-Soviet relations: U.S.A., U.S.S.R., a selection of the leading addresses delivered at the Madison Square Garden meeting and at the opening luncheon session of the Congress of American-Soviet Friendship held in New York City November 6-8, 1943|g(1943) --|tSoviet Russia and the post-war world /|rCorliss Lamont|g(1943) --|tLabor's stake in American-Soviet friendship: addresses /|rWilliam Green, R.J. Thomas, William McFetridge, Joseph Curran and others|g(1943?) --|tOur Soviet ally in war and peace /|rHon. Joseph E. Davies|g(1944) --|tUSA USSR partners for peace|g(1945?) --|tAmerican policy for peace and a new world: speech of Claude Pepper of Florida in the Senate of the United States, Wednesday, March 20, 1946|g(1946) --|tStatement on American foreign policy|g(1947?) --|tRoad to peace: an address delivered at the Chicago Civic Opera House, November 27, 1948|g(1949) --|tRussia with our own eyes: workers from other countries present firsthand report|g(1950?) --|tUSA-USSR cooperation and world peace|g(1951) --|tSeeing is believing: Americans go visiting in the Soviet Union|g(1951) --|tThirty-five years of the Soviet state: the nineteenth anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the United States and the Soviet Union, 1933-1952|g(1952) --|tThis can't go on: an address to the people of the United States /|rIlya Ehrenbourg|g(1952) --|tAfter work: a visit to the Stalinogorsk Palace of Culture|g(1953) --|tWe proudly present: the story of the National Council of American-Soviet Friendship, 1943-1953|g(1953?) --|tSelection of quotations on peaceful co-existence|g(1954) --|tU.S.A. welcomes soviet farmers|g(1955) --|tTotal disarmament in four years /|rN.S. Khrushchev|g(1959) --|tFor peace for friendship: second National Convention, American-Soviet Friendship, September 7-9, 1979, Chicago, Illinois|g(1979).
610 20|aNational Council of American-Soviet Friendship (U.S.)
650 0|aCommunism|zUnited States.
651 0|aUnited States|xForeign relations|zSoviet Union.
651 0|aSoviet Union|xForeign relations|zUnited States.
655 7|aPolitical and Social Activism Pamphlet Collection.|2local
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