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Paths and rivers : Sa'dan Toraja society in transformation /

Roxana Waterson.

Book Cover
Main Author: Waterson, Roxana.
Published: Leiden KITLV Press 2009.
Series: Verhandelingen van het Koninklijk Instituut voor Taal-, Land- en Volkenkunde ; 253.
Topics: Toraja (Indonesian people) - Rites and ceremonies. | Toraja (Indonesian people) - Social life and customs. | Ethnology - Indonesia - Tana Toraja. | Social evolution. | Society and social sciences. | HISTORY - Asia - Southeast Asia. | Ethnische Identität | Ethnische Gruppe | Ackerbau
Regions: Indonesia - Tana Toraja. | Indonesien | Tana Toraja
Genres: Electronic books.
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100 1 |aWaterson, Roxana.|4aut
245 10|aPaths and rivers :|bSa'dan Toraja society in transformation /|cRoxana Waterson.
260 |aLeiden|bKITLV Press|c2009.
300 |a1 online resource (xxxii + 510 pages)
336 |atext|btxt|2rdacontent
337 |acomputer|bc|2rdamedia
338 |aonline resource|bcr|2rdacarrier
490 1 |aVerhandelingen van het Koninklijk Instituut voor Taal-, Land- en Volkenkunde,|x1572-1892 ;|v253
504 |aIncludes bibliographical references (pages 475-498) and index.
505 00|tIntroduction --|tA return journey --|tLife in Buttang --|gPart one:|tThe uses of the past.|gI.|tToraja and their neighbours; Historical perspectives --|gII.|tThe view from the mountains --|gIII.|tThe ancestors of the same dream --|gIV.|tA time of chaos --|gV.|tThe awakening of the oath; memory, identity and historical action --|gVI.|tThe colonial encounter and social transformation --|gPart two:|tA house society.|gVII.|tThe mythical origins of humans and their houses --|gVIII.|tA system of rank under strain --|gIX.|tTrunk and branch --|gX.|tBlood and bone --|gPart three:|tVillage life.|gXI.|tWomen and men --|gXII.|tPlanting a hearth --|gXIII.|tLand, labour and inheritance --|gPart four:|tSmoke of the rising and the setting sun.|gXIV.|tThe structure of Aluk To Dolo --|gXV.|tThe enhancement of fertility --|gXVI.|tA changing religious landscape --|gXVII.|tThe making of ancestors --|gXVIII.|tDynamics of the ceremonial economy --|tConclusion.
505 00|tIntroduction --|tA return journey --|tLife in Buttang --|gPart One:|tThe uses of the past.|gI.|tToraja and their neighbours; Historical perspectives --|tOn modes of remembering the past --|tToraja in the Austronesian world --|tNaming the Toraja --|tIntimacies and enmities: Toraja relations with the Bugis --|tMarginality and resistance: political relations between highlands and lowlands --|gII.|tThe view from the mountains.|tThe story of Laki Padada --|tHeroes, tricksters, and relations with lowland kingdoms --|gIII.|tThe Ancestors of the Same Dream --|t'Holding back the mountain of Bone': the seventeenth century --|tThe Ancestors of the Same Dream in oral memory --|gIV.|tA time of chaos.|tThe 1890s: the 'Time of the Sidenreng people' --|tThe nineteenth century in local memory --|tThe commoditization of slavery --|gV.|tThe awakening of the oath; Memory, identity and historical action.
505 80|gVI.|tThe colonial encounter and social transformation --|tDutch takeover and its initial impacts --|tThe Dutch Reformed Church Mission --|tThe modernizing process and the development of 'Toraja' identity --|tJapanese Occupation and the struggle for independence --|gPart Two:|tA house society.|gVII.|tThe mythical origins of humans and their houses.|tTypes of mythical narrative --|tLaughter from the stone: cosmology and creation --|tThe house of Puang Matua --|tThe first carpenters --|tThe first humans on earth --|tSky and water meet on earth: the to manurun di langi' --|tThe to manurun in Malimbong --|tQuestions of precedence and links with the past --|gVIII.|tA system of rank under strain.|tOn the mythical origins of slavery --|tRegional variations in the ranking system --|tChanging relationships between nobles and their dependents.
505 80|gIX.|tTrunk and branch.|tHouses, land and graves --|tMetaphors of origin: the trunk and the tip --|tThe 'life' of the house --|tThe house and the rapu --|tHopes and dreams --|gX.|tBlood and bone.|tThe inheritance of kinship substance --|tThe centrality of siblingship in the conceptualization of kin relations --|tFractions of kinship substance --|tFrom siblings to affines, and back again --|gPart Three:|tVillage life.|gXI.|tWomen and men --|tOn multiplicity and ambiguity in gender analysis --|tGender as an unmarked category in Tana Toraja --|tPairing and balance in marital relationships --|tMobility and stability: elements of difference in the characterisation of gender --|gXII.|tPlanting a hearth.|tCourtship and engagement --|tThe marriage ritual --|tMarriage and status: intermarriage between ranks --|tModernity and the changing style of weddings.
505 80|gXIII.|tLand, labour and inheritance.|tSale, pawning and sharecropping of land --|tPrinciples of inheritance --|tLotong's story --|tAgricultural labour and the formation of communal work groups --|gPart Four:|tSmoke of the rising and the setting sun.|gXIV.|tThe structure of Aluk To Dolo.|tRites of the East and the West --|tAncestors and deities in the landscape --|tIntimacy with the ancestors --|gXV.|tThe enhancement of fertility.|tThe ritual rhythm of the agricultural cycle --|tThe ma'bua', climactic Rite of the East --|gXVI.|tA changing religious landscape.|tLocal religions in the Indonesian national context --|tConversion, modernity and identity --|gXVII.|tThe making of ancestors.|tThe journey to the afterlife --|tThe organization of a funeral --|gXVIII.|tDynamics of the ceremonial economy.|tEconomic domains and their intersections in --|tthe Sa'dan highlands --|tShifting measures of value: buffaloes and money --|tMortuary ritual and the constitution of value --|tConclusion.
505 80|gAppendices --|gA.|tPassonde-sonde, Prayer recited after the ritual of ma'tetean bori', (interpretation of dreams) at the conclusion of the house ceremony --|gB.|tChant for the ma'bugi' ritual --|gC.|tVerses of two ma'badong chants for the deceased (ossoran badong) --|gD.|tRanked levels of the funeral ceremony --|gE Table of exchange values and inflation over the twentieth century --|gF.|tGenealogies --|g1.|tTato' Dena''s genealogy of Tangdilino' and his numerous children, who spread out from Banua Puan to found new houses in different parts of Toraja. --|g2.|tTato' Dena''s genealogy of Tamboro Langi', a widely recognized to manurun ancestor. He and his wife Sanda Bilik founded their tongkonan on Mount Ullin in Saluputti. Their great-grandchild Laki Padada went in search of eternal life and married a princess of Gowa; their three sons ruled in Luwu', Toraja (Sangalla') and Gowa respectively. This story is the most important of those linking Toraja to the lowland kingdoms. --|g3.|tGenealogies of tongkonan Buttang, Pasang and Pokko' in Malimbong, showing the mythical ancestors Pa'doran and Gonggang Sado'ko'.
520 |aFieldwork extending over a thirty-year period provided materials for this book. Paths and Rivers offers an unusually deep and broad picture of the Sa'dan Toraja as a society in dynamic transition over the course of the past century. The Toraja inhabit the mountainous highlands of South Sulawesi, Indonesia, and are well known for their dramatic architecture, their unusual cliff burials, and their flamboyant ceremonial life, which places extraordinary economic demands on individuals and families. The analysis is informed, firstly, by a comparative perspective which sets Toraja social structure in the context of the Austronesian world. Secondly, the author delves deeply into Toraja social memory to show how people think about the past. She examines the usefulness of history and myth in the present as a source of identity, a template for action, or a resource by means of which to claim precedence. The book gives a clear picture of the structure and ethos of the indigenous Toraja religion, the Aluk To Dolo or 'Way of the Ancestors', with its complex cycle of rituals. The book concludes with an analysis of the ceremonial economy, which draws upon both domestic subsistence production and the global market economy. Paths and Rivers draws together a fascinating picture of one society's journey into modernity. Roxana Waterson is Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology, National University of Singapore. She is also the author of The living house: an anthropology of architecture in Southeast Asia (3rd ed., Thames and Hudson, 1997) and Southeast Asian lives: Personal narratives and historical experience (Singapore University Press/Ohio University Press, 2007).
546 |aEnglish.
650 0|aToraja (Indonesian people)|xRites and ceremonies.
650 0|aToraja (Indonesian people)|xSocial life and customs.
650 0|aEthnology|zIndonesia|zTana Toraja.
650 0|aSocial evolution.
650 7|aSociety and social sciences.|2bicssc
650 7|aHISTORY|zAsia|zSoutheast Asia.|2bisacsh
650 7|aEthnology.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst00916106
650 7|aSocial evolution.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01122456
650 7|aToraja (Indonesian people)|xRites and ceremonies.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01152722
650 7|aToraja (Indonesian people)|xSocial life and customs.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01152724
650 7|aEthnische Identität|2gnd
650 7|aEthnische Gruppe|2gnd
650 7|aAckerbau|2gnd
651 7|aIndonesia|zTana Toraja.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01271160
651 7|aIndonesien|2gnd
651 7|aTana Toraja|2gnd
653 |aSa'adan Toraja
653 |aCelebesian
653 |aSocial anthropology
653 |aSocial structure
653 |aSocial change
653 |aModernization
653 |aHistory
653 |aMythology
653 |aCultural identity
653 |aGender relations
653 |aRituals
653 |aReligion
653 |aChristianization
653 |aSulawesi Tengah
653 |aIndonesia
653 |aField work
653 |aCelebesie
653 |aSociale antropologie
653 |aSociale structuur
653 |aSociale verandering
653 |aModernisatie
653 |aGeschiedenis
653 |aMythologie
653 |aCulturele identiteit
653 |aSekse relatie
653 |aRituelen
653 |aChristendom
653 |aIndonesie
653 |aVeldwerk
655 0|aElectronic books.
776 08|iPrint version:|aWaterson, Roxana.|tPaths and rivers.|dLeiden : KITLV Press, 2009|z9067183075|w(DLC) 2009521561|w(OCoLC)213401175
793 0 |aBooks at JSTOR Open Access.
830 0|aVerhandelingen van het Koninklijk Instituut voor Taal-, Land- en Volkenkunde ;|v253.
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