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All you need to know about the music business /

Donald S. Passman ; illustrations by Randy Glass.

Book Cover
Author: Passman, Donald S.
Other Names: Glass, Randy,
Published: New York : Simon & Schuster, 2015.
Edition: Ninth edition ; Simon & Schuster hardcover edition.
Topics: Music trade - United States. | Music - Economic aspects - United States. | Copyright - Music - United States. | Popular music - Writing and publishing.
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First steps -- pt. I. Your team of advisors. How to pick a team (Getting your team together; Business philosophy; Hiring a team; Changing a team member; Cocktail party talk) -- Personal managers (Role; Commission overview; Negotiating the manager's deal; Picking the right manager) -- Business managers (Role; How to pick a business manager; Business manager checklist; Fees; Your half of the job) -- Attorneys (Picking a lawyer; Fees; Conflicts of interest; Attorney checklist) ; Agents (Role; Fees; Deal points; Picking an agent) --
pt. II. Record deals. Broad-strokes overview of the record business (Industry structure; A word about retailers; Do you need a record label?; What's a record?; Masters; Royalty computation; Ye olde royalty calculations) -- Advances and recoupment (Advances: the basic concept; Cross-collateralization) -- Real-life numbers (Overview; Royalties; Advances; 360 rights) -- Other major deal points (Amount of product; How long?; Delivery requirements; Controlled compositions; Greatest hits; Live albums; Guaranteed release; Independents day) -- Producer and mixer deals (What's a producer?; Royalties; Advances; Other royalty computations; Who hires the producer?; A major point: pay attention; Mixers) -- Advanced royalty computations (Distribution methods; Royalties for United States sales; Foreign royalties; Reserve limitations; SoundScan; Master licenses; Electronic transmissions, including digital downloads, digital streaming, and things that go bump in the night; Coupling and compilations; Joint recordings; "Greatest hits" albums; Multiple albums; Box sets; Television advertising; DVDs and other home video devices; Mid-price records; Budget records; New and developing artist prices; Record clubs; Cutouts, deletes, scraps, and other food for bottom feeders; Premiums; Video games; DART, digital performance, and webcasting monies; Public performance of masters; Accountings) -- Advanced record deal points (Advanced demo deal negotiation; Exclusivity; Videos; Independent promotion; Merchandising rights; Tour support; Territory; Union per-record charges; Album cover artwork; Creative, marketing, and other controls) -- Loan-out, independent production, label, and distribution deals (Loan-out deals; Independent production agreements; Joint ventures; Pressing and distribution (P&D) deals; Upstream deals) --
pt. III. Songwriting and music publishing. Copyright basics (Basic copyright concepts; What are all these rights you get?; Exceptions to the copyright monopoly; Compulsory mechanical licenses) -- Publishing companies and major income sources (Publishing overview; Sources of income; Public performance royalties; Mechanical royalties; Controlled composition clauses; Maximum rate per song; Maximum rate per album, EPs, and singles) -- Secondary publishing income (Synchronization and transcription licenses; Electronic transmissions, including digital downloads, ringtones, webcasting, subscription services, and podcasting; Printed music; Foreign subpublishing; P&U; DART monies (Audio Home Recording Act of 1992)) -- Bonus section! How to set up a publishing company -- Songwriter deals (Songwriter royalties; Standard contracts; Performance monies; Print music royalties; DART, webcasting, and interactive streaming monies; Advances; Term songwriter agreements; Pop quiz; Co-writes (songs written by two or more songwriters) ; Creative control; Reversion of copyright) -- Copublishing and administration deals (Copublishing deals net; Administration agreements; Now look where you are!) -- Advanced copyright concepts (Who owns the copyright?; Works for hire; Duration of copyright; Right of termination; Digital performance of masters and webcasting) -- Even more advanced copyright concepts (I got you twenty, babe; How to terminate a copyright transfer in your spare time, for fun and profit; Extension rights; Digital samples; Sound recording copyrights; The copyright notice; Registration and deposit; What you get when someone rips off your copyright) --
pt. IV. Group issues. Groups (Group provisions in record deals; Trivia quiz; Internal group deals; What's in a name?) -- pt. V. Touring. Personal appearances : touring (Roles of team members; Marketing; Personal appearance deals; New artists: Midlevel artists; Heritage acts; Superstar touring; VIP ticketing; Sponsorship; Hall fees; Riders; I'll take the whole thing...; Lining your pockets with more gold) --
pt. VI. Merchandising. Tour merchandising (Merchandisers; Royalties; Hall fees; Advances; Term; Advance repayment; Exclusivity; Creative control; Sell-off rights; Bootleggers) -- Retail merchandising (Royalties; Other deal points; Caution) -- pt. VII. Classical music. Classical music (Term and product; Royalties; Advances; Mechanical royalties; Marketing tie-ins) --
pt. VIII. Motion picture music. Overview of motion picture music (Introduction; One song : eight deals; The rights involved) -- Performer deals (Overview; Performance in the film (no record rights); Record rights to film performance) -- Film songwriter deals (Terminology; Deal points) -- Composer agreements (Deal points; Package deals; Creative financing; Television composers; Video game composers) -- Licensing existing recordings and existing songs for motion pictures (Master licenses; Licensing existing musical compositions for films; Film music quiz) -- Music supervisors (Role; Fees and royalties; Television supervisors) -- Soundtrack album deals (Score albums; Song albums; Cost covering; Other issues).

Table of Contents for: All you need to know about the music bus