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All you need to know about the music business /

Donald S. Passman ; illustrations by Randy Glass.

Book Cover
Author: Passman, Donald S.
Other Names: Glass, Randy,
Published: New York : Simon & Schuster, 2015.
Edition: Ninth edition ; Simon & Schuster hardcover edition.
Topics: Music trade - United States. | Music - Economic aspects - United States. | Copyright - Music - United States. | Popular music - Writing and publishing.
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100 1 |aPassman, Donald S.,|eauthor.
245 10|aAll you need to know about the music business /|cDonald S. Passman ; illustrations by Randy Glass.
250 |aNinth edition ; Simon & Schuster hardcover edition.
264 1|aNew York :|bSimon & Schuster,|c2015.
300 |axxii, 516 pages :|billustrations ;|c24 cm
336 |atext|btxt|2rdacontent
337 |aunmediated|bn|2rdamedia
338 |avolume|bnc|2rdacarrier
500 |aIncludes index.
505 0 |aFirst steps -- pt. I. Your team of advisors. How to pick a team (Getting your team together; Business philosophy; Hiring a team; Changing a team member; Cocktail party talk) -- Personal managers (Role; Commission overview; Negotiating the manager's deal; Picking the right manager) -- Business managers (Role; How to pick a business manager; Business manager checklist; Fees; Your half of the job) -- Attorneys (Picking a lawyer; Fees; Conflicts of interest; Attorney checklist) ; Agents (Role; Fees; Deal points; Picking an agent) --
505 8 |apt. II. Record deals. Broad-strokes overview of the record business (Industry structure; A word about retailers; Do you need a record label?; What's a record?; Masters; Royalty computation; Ye olde royalty calculations) -- Advances and recoupment (Advances: the basic concept; Cross-collateralization) -- Real-life numbers (Overview; Royalties; Advances; 360 rights) -- Other major deal points (Amount of product; How long?; Delivery requirements; Controlled compositions; Greatest hits; Live albums; Guaranteed release; Independents day) -- Producer and mixer deals (What's a producer?; Royalties; Advances; Other royalty computations; Who hires the producer?; A major point: pay attention; Mixers) -- Advanced royalty computations (Distribution methods; Royalties for United States sales; Foreign royalties; Reserve limitations; SoundScan; Master licenses; Electronic transmissions, including digital downloads, digital streaming, and things that go bump in the night; Coupling and compilations; Joint recordings; "Greatest hits" albums; Multiple albums; Box sets; Television advertising; DVDs and other home video devices; Mid-price records; Budget records; New and developing artist prices; Record clubs; Cutouts, deletes, scraps, and other food for bottom feeders; Premiums; Video games; DART, digital performance, and webcasting monies; Public performance of masters; Accountings) -- Advanced record deal points (Advanced demo deal negotiation; Exclusivity; Videos; Independent promotion; Merchandising rights; Tour support; Territory; Union per-record charges; Album cover artwork; Creative, marketing, and other controls) -- Loan-out, independent production, label, and distribution deals (Loan-out deals; Independent production agreements; Joint ventures; Pressing and distribution (P&D) deals; Upstream deals) --
505 8 |apt. III. Songwriting and music publishing. Copyright basics (Basic copyright concepts; What are all these rights you get?; Exceptions to the copyright monopoly; Compulsory mechanical licenses) -- Publishing companies and major income sources (Publishing overview; Sources of income; Public performance royalties; Mechanical royalties; Controlled composition clauses; Maximum rate per song; Maximum rate per album, EPs, and singles) -- Secondary publishing income (Synchronization and transcription licenses; Electronic transmissions, including digital downloads, ringtones, webcasting, subscription services, and podcasting; Printed music; Foreign subpublishing; P&U; DART monies (Audio Home Recording Act of 1992)) -- Bonus section! How to set up a publishing company -- Songwriter deals (Songwriter royalties; Standard contracts; Performance monies; Print music royalties; DART, webcasting, and interactive streaming monies; Advances; Term songwriter agreements; Pop quiz; Co-writes (songs written by two or more songwriters) ; Creative control; Reversion of copyright) -- Copublishing and administration deals (Copublishing deals net; Administration agreements; Now look where you are!) -- Advanced copyright concepts (Who owns the copyright?; Works for hire; Duration of copyright; Right of termination; Digital performance of masters and webcasting) -- Even more advanced copyright concepts (I got you twenty, babe; How to terminate a copyright transfer in your spare time, for fun and profit; Extension rights; Digital samples; Sound recording copyrights; The copyright notice; Registration and deposit; What you get when someone rips off your copyright) --
505 8 |apt. IV. Group issues. Groups (Group provisions in record deals; Trivia quiz; Internal group deals; What's in a name?) -- pt. V. Touring. Personal appearances : touring (Roles of team members; Marketing; Personal appearance deals; New artists: Midlevel artists; Heritage acts; Superstar touring; VIP ticketing; Sponsorship; Hall fees; Riders; I'll take the whole thing...; Lining your pockets with more gold) --
505 8 |apt. VI. Merchandising. Tour merchandising (Merchandisers; Royalties; Hall fees; Advances; Term; Advance repayment; Exclusivity; Creative control; Sell-off rights; Bootleggers) -- Retail merchandising (Royalties; Other deal points; Caution) -- pt. VII. Classical music. Classical music (Term and product; Royalties; Advances; Mechanical royalties; Marketing tie-ins) --
505 8 |apt. VIII. Motion picture music. Overview of motion picture music (Introduction; One song : eight deals; The rights involved) -- Performer deals (Overview; Performance in the film (no record rights); Record rights to film performance) -- Film songwriter deals (Terminology; Deal points) -- Composer agreements (Deal points; Package deals; Creative financing; Television composers; Video game composers) -- Licensing existing recordings and existing songs for motion pictures (Master licenses; Licensing existing musical compositions for films; Film music quiz) -- Music supervisors (Role; Fees and royalties; Television supervisors) -- Soundtrack album deals (Score albums; Song albums; Cost covering; Other issues).
520 |a"For more than twenty years, All You Need to Know About the Music Business has been universally regarded as the definitive guide to the music industry. Now in its ninth edition, this latest edition leads novices and experts alike through the crucial, up-to-the-minute information on the industry's major changes in response to today's rapid technological advances and uncertain economy,"
650 0|aMusic trade|zUnited States.
650 0|aMusic|xEconomic aspects|zUnited States.
650 0|aCopyright|xMusic|zUnited States.
650 0|aPopular music|xWriting and publishing.
700 1 |aGlass, Randy,|eillustrator.

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