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Songs for political action [sound recording].

Book Cover
Names: Cohen, Ronald D., | Samuelson, Dave. | Sandburg, Carl, | Allison, John, | Seeger, Charles, | Seeger, Ruth Crawford, | Jackson, Aunt Molly. | Gunning, Sarah Ogan, | Cadle, Tillman, | Handcox, John L., | Miller, Bob, | Bauman, Mordecai. | Siegmeister, Elie, | Robinson, Earl, | Robeson, Paul, | Kraber, Tony. | Aarons, Saul. | Dowd, Harrison, | White, Josh. | Guthrie, Woody, | Seeger, Pete, | Glazer, Tom. | Hawes, Butch, | Hawes, Bess Lomax, | Ives, Burl, | Wilson, Dooley, | Lancelot, | Partlow, Vern, | Hays, Lee, | Claiborne, Bob. | Asbell, Bernard. | Lord Invader, | McGhee, Brownie, | Beyer, Anna. | Levine, George. | Cunningham, Sis, | Reynolds, Malvina. | Oliver, Bill, | Casetta, Mario, | Blakeslee, Dick. | Wood, Hally. | Kleinman, Lou. | Gilbert, Ronnie. | Sanders, Betty. | Fast, Howard, | Alexander, Mara. | Huey, Richard, | Alvarez, Abigail. | Loring, Michael, | Lomax, Alan, | Hellerman, Fred, | Foye, Hope. | Duncan, Laura. | De Cormier, Robert. | Bernardi, Herschel. | Booth, Alan, | Gallant, Gerald. | Lieberman, Ernie, | Smith, Osborne. | Glazer, Joe. | Friedland, William H.
Published: Hambergen, Germany : Bear Family Records, p1996.
Topics: Topical songs. | Protest songs - United States. | Political ballads and songs - United States. | Radicalism - Songs and music. | Working class - United States - Songs and music. | Folk music - United States. | Anti-fascist movements - United States - Songs and music. | World War, 1939-1945 - United States - Songs and music. | Blues (Music) - 1941-1950. | Campaign songs - United States.
Regions: United States.
Genres: Music.
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019 |a36147109|a43309358|a62799260
024 3 |a4000127157201
028 01|aBCD 15 720 JL|bBear Family Records
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245 00|aSongs for political action|h[sound recording].
246 1 |iSubtitle on container and accompanying book:|aFolkmusic, topical songs, and the American left, 1926-1953
246 3 |aFolk music, topical songs and the American left, 1926-1953
260 |aHambergen, Germany :|bBear Family Records,|cp1996.
300 |a10 sound discs :|bdigital ;|c4 3/4 in. +|e1 book (212 p. : ill. ; 31 cm.)
500 |aCompact disc; in box (32 cm.).
500 |aBook comprises lyrics, program notes, bibliography, and discographies, by Ronald D. Cohen and Dave Samuelson.
504 |aIncludes bibliographical references (p. 204) and discographies.
505 00|gDisc one,|tThe leftist roots of folk revival.|tThe boll weevil|r(Carl Sandburg) ;|tPatriotic diggers|r(John Allison) ;|tLondon's bridge is falling down|r(Charles Seeger) ;|tRisselty rosselty|r(Charles & Ruth Crawford Seeger) ;|tOld grey mare|r(Ruth Crawford Seeger) ;|tHands|r(Charles Seeger) ;|tRagged hungry blues (part 1) ;|tRagged hungry blues (part 2)|r(Aunt Molly Jackson) ;|tI'm going to organize, baby mine|r(Sara Ogan Gunning) ;|tI don't want your millions, mister|r(Tillman Cadle) ;|tRaggedy, raggedy ;|tNo more mourning ;|tJoin the union tonight ;|tWe're going to roll the union on ;|tThere is mean things happening in this land|r(John Handcox) ;|tFarmer's letter to the President ;|tFarm relief blues ;|t11 cent cotton, 40 cent meat ;|tThe hootenanny song ;|tBank failures ;|tThe rich man and the poor man ;|tThe poor forgotten man|r(Bob Miller) ;|tThe soup song ;|tThe Internationale ;|tRise up (Comintern) ;|tUnited front ;|tForward, we've not forgotten ;|tIn praise of learning|r(New Singers) ;|tOn the picket line ;|tHold the fort ;|tCasey Jones ;|tSit down ;|tWrite me out my union card ;|tWe shall not be moved ;|tJoin the union ;|tSolidarity forever|r(Manhattan Chorus) --|gDisc two,|tTheatre and cabaret performers, 1936-1941.|tThe strange funeral in Braddock|r(Mordecai Baumann & Elie Siegmeister) ;|tAbraham Lincoln (parts 1 & 2) ;|tJoe Hill|r(Earl Robinson) ;|tSpring song|r(Paul Robeson) ;|tThe Old Chisholm Trail|r(Tony Kraber) ;|tOld paint (The horse with the union label) ;|tCapitalistic boss (parts 1 & 2)|r(Saul Aarons) ;|tLittle theatre on the right ;|tLittle theatre on the left|r(Harrison Dowd) ;|tNine foot shovel ;|tChain gang boun' ;|tTrouble ;|tGoin' home boys ;|tCryin' who? Cryin' you! (parts 1 & 2) ;|tTold my captain ;|tJerry ;|tSouthern exposure ;|tUncle Sam says ;|tJim Crow train ;|tBad housing blues ;|tDefense factory blues|r(Josh White) --|gDisc three,|tThe Almanac Singers, March 1941-July 1941.|tThe strange death of John Doe ;|tBilly boy ;|t"C" for conscription ;|tWashington breakdown ;|tLisa Jane ;|tBallad of October 16th ;|tPlow under ;|tTalking union ;|tUnion train ;|tWhich side are you on? ;|tGet thee behind me, Satan ;|tUnion maid ;|tAll I want ;|tSongs for bridges|r(Almanac Singers) ;|tBabe o' mine|r(Woody Guthrie) ;|tBlow ye winds, heigh ho ;|tHaul away, Joe ;|tBlow the man down ;|tThe Golden Vanity ;|tAway, Rio ;|tThe coast of High Barbary ;|tGreenland fishing ;|tThe dodger song ;|tGround hog ;|tState of Arkansas ;|tHard, ain't it hard ;|tI ride an old paint ;|tHouse of the rising sun ;|tThe weaver's song|r(Almanac Singers) --|gDisc four,|tFighting the fascists, 1942-1944.|tDear Mr. President ;|tBelt line girl ;|tRound, round Hitler's grave ;|tSide by side ;|tDeliver the goods ;|tReuben James ;|tBoomtown Bill ;|tKeep that oil a-rollin'|r(Almanac Singers) ;|tI'm looking for a home (Housing song) ;|tAmsterdam maid ;|tSong of the free ;|tIn Washington ;|tOvertime pay|r(Priority Ramblers) ;|tQuinte brigada|r(Pete Seeger, Tom Glazer, Baldwin Hawes, Bess Lomax) ;|tJarama Valley|r(Glazer, Hawes, Lomax) ;|tSpanish marching song ;|tCook house ;|tThe young man from Alcala ;|tQuinte regimento ;|tQuarter master song (Seeger, Glazer, Hawes, Lomax) ;|tLittle man on a fence|r(Josh White & the Boys (Union Boys)) ;|tJim Crow ;|tYou better get ready ;|tHold the fort ;|tWe shall not be moved ;|tU.A.W.-C.I.O. ;|tHold on|r(Union Boys) ;|tSolidarity forever|r(Burl Ives & the Boys (Union Boys)) ;|tA dollar ain't a dollar anymore|r(the Union Boys) --|gDisc five,|tWorld War II and the folk revival.|tHorace Greeley ;|tKevin Barry ;|tThe house I live in ;|tA man's a man for a' that ;|tDrill ye tarriers drill ;|tThe frozen logger ;|tJefferson and liberty ;|tSweet Betsy from Pike ;|tDirty miner ;|tGrand Coulee Dam|r(Earl Robinson) ;|tFree and equal blues (parts 1 & 2)|r(Earl Robinson & Dooley Wilson) ;|tThe century of the common man|r(Sir Lancelot) ;|tI'm a native American Nazi ;|tJoin the U.A.W.-C.I.O. ;|tKeeping score for '44 ;|tThe U.A.W. train ;|tSusan's in the union ;|tThe rollback blues ;|tMama don't allow|r(Vern Partlow) ;|tFarmer-labor train ;|tSo long, it's been good to know you ;|tTalking sailor ;|tSally, don't you grieve|r(Woody Guthrie) ;|tCitizen C.I.O.|r(Tom Glazer & Josh White) ;|tNo more blues|r(Josh White) ;|tWe've got a plan ;|tSocial worker's talking blues ;|tI'm gonna put my name down|r(Tom Glazer) ;|tFreedom road|r(Josh White).
505 80|gDisc six,|tThe People's Songs era, 1945-1949.|tLandlord ;|tJohnny has gone for a soldier ;|tBeloved comrade ;|tThe man who couldn't walk around ;|tI'm the guy ;|tLittle man sitting on a fence|r(Josh White) ;|tWhen the country is broke ;|tMoney in the pocket ;|tOur fight is yours|r(Tom Glazer) ;|tMoses Green ;|tThe Rankin tree ;|tTalking Bilbo ;|tThis old world|r(Lee Hays) ;|tNo. 1 stooge|r(Bob Claiborne) ;|tSong of my hands|r(Bernie Asbel) ;|tMad as I can be|r(Bernie Asbel & Pete Seeger) ;|tJackie Robinson|r(Lord Invader) ;|tHigh price blues ;|tBlack, brown & white|r(Brownie McGhee) ;|tNix on Mundt ;|tNixon|r(Anna Beyer) ;|tThe daily worker's song|r(George Levine ) ;|tTaft-Hartley blues|r(unidentified vocalist) ;|tParnell Thomas blues|r(Sis Cunningham) ;|tTurn me loose|r(Malvina Reynolds & Bill Oliver) ;|tSnowball ;|tSwingin' on a scab|r(the Berries) ;|tOn to Sacramento|r(Mario Casetta) ;|tAtomic talking blues ;|tNewspapermen meet such interesting people|r(Vern Partlow) ;|tPassing through|r(Dick Blakeslee) --|gDisc seven,|tPete Seeger, 1946-1948.|tListen Mr. Bilbo ;|tJoe Hill|r(Pete Seeger, Butch Hawes, Lee Hays, Hally Wood, Lou Kleinman) ;|tO.P.A shout|r(Pete Seeger & Bob Claiborne) ;|tVoting union ;|tGet out to vote ;|tA dollar ain't a dollar anymore ;|tA dollar for P.A.C. ;|tOh, what Congress done to me ;|tFour P.A.C. nursery rhymes ;|tD.D.T. ;|tFare ye well, bad congressman ;|tNo, no, no discrimination ;|tVoter, oh voter|r(Pete Seeger, Tom Glazer, Butch Hays, Hally Wood) ;|gIntro ;|tCommonwealth of toil ;|tWe've got our eyes on you ;|tTalking union ;|tThe preacher and the slave ;|tWhich side are you on? ;|tSolidarity forever ;|tThe whole wide world around ;|tHold the fort ;|gconclusion|r(Pete Seeger, Tom Glazer, Hally Wood, Ronnie Gilbert) ;|tTalking P.A.C. ;|tConversation with a mule ;|tThe farmer is the man ;|tJoin the farmer's union ;|tTalking atom ;|tNewspapermen meet such interesting people ;|tSkillet good and greasy ;|tT for Texas ;|tCumberland Mountain bear chase|r(Pete Seeger) --|gDisc eight,|tCharter Records, 1946-1949.|tWalk in peace (part 1) ;|tWalk in peace (part 2) ;|tAtomic energy ;|tOld lady with a rolling pin|r(Sir Lancelot) ;|tRed boogie ;|tUnity rhumba ;|tElephant and the ass ;|tHungry rhapsody ;|tHousing (Goodson & Vale) ;|tBallad of F.D.R. ;|tJim Crow|r(People's Songs Chorus) ;|tMein shtetele belz|r(the Berries) ;|tZhonkoye (the Berries & Pete Seeger) ;|tTravelin' ;|tBlack, brown & white blues ;|tThe death of Harry Simms ;|tWinnsboro Cotton Mill blues ;|tNo Irish need apply|r(Pete Seeger) ;|tUnemployment compensation blues|r(Boots (Mario Casetta)) ;|tThe fireship ;|tJohnny, I hardly knew you|r(Betty Sanders) ;|tThe Peekskill story (incl. Hold the line), parts 1 & 2)|r(the Weavers & Howard Fast) ;|tWasn't that a time ;|tDig my grave ;|tFreight train blues ;|tLove song blues ;|tThe hammer song|r(the Weavers) --|gDisc nine,|tCampaign songs, 1944-1949.|tWe're keeping score in '44|r(Earl Robinson) ;|tNo more blues|r(Josh White) ;|tLay that ballot down (parts 1 & 2)|r(Bill Oliver) ;|tThe fertilizer song ;|tTalking F.T.A. ;|tKiss the boys goodbye ;|tRound and round the canneries ;|tMy name is Cannery Bill|r(Vern Partlow) ;|tThe bosses' gang|r(Mara Alexander & others) ;|tBye, bye bosses|r(Mara Alexander) ;|tThe new walls of Jericho (Wallace fit the battle of America)|r(Richard Huey & chorus) ;|tHenry Wallace is the man|r(Royal Harmonaires) ;|tA corrido to Wallace and Taylor ;|tSecond corrido to Wallace and Taylor|r(Abigail Alvarez) ;|tThe battle hymn of '48|r(Paul Robeson) ;|tThe same old merry-go-round ;|tI've got a ballot ;|rGreat day|r(Michael Loring) ;|tWallace button ;|tGoodbye, Harry|r(George Levine) ;|tHenry Wallace|r(Sis Cunningham) ;|tWe can win with Wallace|r(Bill Oliver) ;|tWork with Wallace|r(Malvina Reynolds) ;|tThe century of the common man ;|tWallace is the man for me|r(Sir Lancelot) ;|tYankee Doodle, tell the boss|r(Michael Loring & Alan Lomax) ;|gIntro ;|tNew York City|r(Weavers) ;|tMarcantonio for me|r(Fred Hellerman) ;|tSkip to the polls|r(Weavers & Hope Foye) ;|tMarcantonio for mayor|r(Fred Hellerman) ;|tNow, right now|r(Laura Duncan) ;|tWe shall not be moved|r(the Weavers) ;|tOh, freedom|r(Hope Foye & Pete Seeger) ;|tBen Davis|r(Pete Seeger) ;|tM.T.A.|r(unidentified vocalist) ;|tThe people's choice|r(unidentified) ;|tKeep a-goin' and a-growin'|r(Fred Hellerman) --|gDisc ten,|tAn era closes, 1949-1953.|tThe riddle of Thurman Towns|r(DeCormier & Bernardi & Booth) ;|tGrapes to pick|r(Gerald Gallant) ;|gMedley:|tI don't want to get adjusted ;|tStand up and be counted ;|tWe will overcome ;|tThe Progressive Party is here to stay|r(Fred Hellerman) ;|tPity the downtrodden landlord|r(Bob Hill (Fred Hellerman)) ;|tThe hammer song ;|tBanks of marble|r(the Weavers) ;|tSpring song|r(Ernie Lieberman and Hope Foye) ;|gSongs [i.e.|tSong] of my hands ;|tMy old man ;|tI'm on my way|r(Ernie Lieberman) ;|tIn contempt ;|tDie gedanken sind frei ;|tWalk along together ;|tPut my name down ;|tHold on|r(Lieberman & Duncan & Smith & Sanders) ;|tDidn't my Lord deliver Daniel|r(Osborne Smith) ;|tI've got a right|r(Laura Duncan) ;|tWe shall overcome|r(Jewish Young Folksingers) ;|tTalking un-American blues|r(Betty Sanders) ;|tOld Bolshevik song ;|tThe cloakmaker's union ;|tLand of The daily worker ;|tOur line's been changed again ;|tIn Old Moscow ;|tUnite for unity ;|tBill Bailey ;|tThe last Internationale|r(Joe Glazer & Bill Friedland) ;|tThe giveaway boys in Washington ;|tJoe McCarthy's band|r(Joe Glazer) ;|tI've got to know ;|tThis land is your land|r(Woody Guthrie).
508 |aBook written by Ronald D. Cohen and Dave Samuelson.
511 0 |aVarious performers.
611 27|aWorld War (1939-1945)|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01180924
648 7|a1939 - 1950|2fast
650 0|aTopical songs.
650 0|aProtest songs|zUnited States.
650 0|aPolitical ballads and songs|zUnited States.
650 0|aRadicalism|vSongs and music.
650 0|aWorking class|zUnited States|vSongs and music.
650 0|aFolk music|zUnited States.
650 0|aAnti-fascist movements|zUnited States|vSongs and music.
650 0|aWorld War, 1939-1945|zUnited States|vSongs and music.
650 0|aBlues (Music)|y1941-1950.
650 0|aCampaign songs|zUnited States.
650 7|aAnti-fascist movements.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst00810329
650 7|aBlues (Music)|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst00835056
650 7|aCampaign songs.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst00844876
650 7|aFolk music.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst00929383
650 7|aPolitical ballads and songs.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01069210
650 7|aProtest songs.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01079869
650 7|aRadicalism.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01087015
650 7|aTopical songs.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01152658
650 7|aWorking class.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01180418
651 7|aUnited States.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01204155
655 7|aMusic.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01423855
700 1 |aCohen, Ronald D.,|d1940-|4wam
700 1 |aSamuelson, Dave.|4wam
700 1 |aSandburg, Carl,|d1878-1967.|4prf
700 1 |aAllison, John,|d1893-|4prf
700 1 |aSeeger, Charles,|d1886-1979.|4prf
700 1 |aSeeger, Ruth Crawford,|d1901-1953.|4prf
700 1 |aJackson, Aunt Molly.|4prf
700 1 |aGunning, Sarah Ogan,|d1910-1983.|4prf
700 1 |aCadle, Tillman,|d1902-1994.|4prf
700 1 |aHandcox, John L.,|d1904-1992.|4prf
700 1 |aMiller, Bob,|d1895-1955.|4prf
700 1 |aBauman, Mordecai.|4prf
700 1 |aSiegmeister, Elie,|d1909-1991.|4prf
700 1 |aRobinson, Earl,|d1910-1991.|4prf
700 1 |aRobeson, Paul,|d1898-1976.|4prf
700 1 |aKraber, Tony.|4prf
700 1 |aAarons, Saul.|4prf
700 1 |aDowd, Harrison,|d1897-1964.|4prf
700 1 |aWhite, Josh.|4prf
700 1 |aGuthrie, Woody,|d1912-1967.|4prf
700 1 |aSeeger, Pete,|d1919-2014.|4prf
700 1 |aGlazer, Tom.|4prf
700 1 |aHawes, Butch,|d1919-1971.|4prf
700 1 |aHawes, Bess Lomax,|d1921-2009.|4prf
700 1 |aIves, Burl,|d1909-1995.|4prf
700 1 |aWilson, Dooley,|d1894-1953.|4prf
700 0 |aLancelot,|cSir.|4prf
700 1 |aPartlow, Vern,|d1910-1981.|4prf
700 1 |aHays, Lee,|d1914-1981.|4prf
700 1 |aClaiborne, Bob.|4prf
700 1 |aAsbell, Bernard.|4prf
700 0 |aLord Invader,|d1914-1961.|4prf
700 1 |aMcGhee, Brownie,|d1915-1996.|4prf
700 1 |aBeyer, Anna.|4prf
700 1 |aLevine, George.|4prf
700 1 |aCunningham, Sis,|d1909-2004.|4prf
700 1 |aReynolds, Malvina.|4prf
700 1 |aOliver, Bill,|d1890-1965.|4prf
700 1 |aCasetta, Mario,|d1920-1996.|4prf
700 1 |aBlakeslee, Dick.|4prf
700 1 |aWood, Hally.|4prf
700 1 |aKleinman, Lou.|4prf
700 1 |aGilbert, Ronnie.|4prf
700 1 |aSanders, Betty.|4prf
700 1 |aFast, Howard,|d1914-2003.|4nrt
700 1 |aAlexander, Mara.|4prf
700 1 |aHuey, Richard,|d-1948.|4prf
700 1 |aAlvarez, Abigail.|4prf
700 1 |aLoring, Michael,|d1908-1993.|4prf
700 1 |aLomax, Alan,|d1915-2002.|4prf
700 1 |aHellerman, Fred,|d1927-|4prf
700 1 |aFoye, Hope.|4prf
700 1 |aDuncan, Laura.|4prf
700 1 |aDe Cormier, Robert.|4prf
700 1 |aBernardi, Herschel.|4prf
700 1 |aBooth, Alan,|d1924-1996.|4prf
700 1 |aGallant, Gerald.|4prf
700 1 |aLieberman, Ernie,|d1930-|4prf
700 1 |aSmith, Osborne.|4prf
700 1 |aGlazer, Joe.|4prf
700 1 |aFriedland, William H.|4prf
710 2 |aNew Singers.|4prf
710 2 |aManhattan Chorus (1937)|4prf
710 2 |aAlmanac Singers.|4prf
710 2 |aPriority Ramblers.|4prf
710 2 |aUnion Boys.|4prf
710 2 |aBerries (Musical group)|4prf
710 2 |aPeople's Songs (Organization)
710 2 |aGoodson and Vale.|4prf
710 2 |aPeople's Songs (Organization).|bChorus.|4prf
710 2 |aWeavers (Musical group)|4prf
710 2 |aRoyal Harmonaires.|4prf
710 2 |aJewish Young Folk-Singers.|4prf
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