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The romantic South.

Book Cover
Editor: Kane, Harnett T.
Published: New York, Coward-McCann [1961]
Series: American vista series.
Topics: American literature - Southern States. | Littérature américaine - États-Unis (Sud)
Regions: Southern States - Civilization. | États-Unis (Sud) - Civilisation. | Southern States.
Genres: Illustrated works.
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100 1 |aKane, Harnett T.|q(Harnett Thomas),|d1910-1984,|eeditor.
245 14|aThe romantic South.
260 |aNew York,|bCoward-McCann|c[1961]
300 |a385 pages|billustrations|c28 cm.
336 |atext|btxt|2rdacontent
337 |aunmediated|bn|2rdamedia
338 |avolume|bnc|2rdacarrier
490 1 |aAmerican vista series
505 00|t"They hugged him with great affection" /|rGiovanni Da Verrazzano --|tLady gave her life for her pearls ; incredible abundance "even in the midst of summer" /|rArthur Barlowe --|t"Many rare and wonderful experiments" /|rThomas Harriot --|t"Kindely intreating us, daunsing and feasting us with strawberries" /|rJohn Smith --|tThomas Wolfe re-creates Catawba's discovery /|rThomas Wolfe --|tTe deum in gratitude for entrance into the Mississippi's mouth ; they "became joyful mothers" /|rJohn Lawson --|tInto the west-lying valley /|rMarshall Fishwick --|tThrough the night, they dreamed of scalpings /|rWilliam Byrd --|tToast of two worlds /|rEdith Tuis Sale --|tEpitaphs, buckskin breeches and sweet marriage vows ; their flaps were just too narrow /|rMingo Emmitta --|tJoy, festivity, happiness at Charleston, and also misery /|rJ. Hector St. John Crevecoeur --|tPlanters "don't much admire labour...except horse-racing" /|rHugh Jones --|t"Cry peace, peace...but there is no peace" /|rPatrick Henry --|tSurprise meeting /|rJohn Bernard --|tBlind preacher /|rWilliam Wirt --|tBring no dogs to church /|rCharles Woodmason --|tGrandmother saw her boy again /|rAndrew Burnaby --|tMiss Patsy Jefferson of America and Paris /|rEdith Tunis Sale --|tThomas Jefferson to his daughter ; Mr. Jefferson at his ease /|rFrancis Hall --|tHow Isaac remembered the master /|rCharles Campbell --|tCelebrated Virginian affirms the power of the Supreme Court /|rJohn Marshall --|tColonel Boone looked back over the past /|rDaniel Boone --|tLadies will make themselves fine... /|rJohann David Schoepf --|tJefferson's first inaugural address ; an Indian combo /|rChristian Schultz, Jr. --|tQueen Dolly of Montpelier /|rDorothy Todd Payne Madison --|t"Brink of insurrection and treason" /|rAndrew Jackson --|tJacksons at home /|rHenry Wise --|t"I have no where to sleep at night" /|rEdgar Allan Poe --|t"At home and abroad" /|rJohn P. Kennedy --|tJohn Randolph always had a word for it /|rWilliam Cabell Bruce --|tMr. Calhoun, "wonder of the world" /|rAlbert G. Brown --|tUnderside of North Carolina life ; Christmas night in the quarters /|rIrwin Russell --|tEven the ministers like the races /|rCharles Fraser --|t"Mr. Washington, dressed in Hannah's short gown and petticoat" /|rEdmund S. Morgan --|tOpportunity to choose his own name /|rBooker T. Washington --|tThere is charm in a pretty foot /|rJ. C. Guild --|tHow to insure an election /|rDavy Crockett --|tFools, fops and men's faces remembered /|rL. J. Bigelow --|tOn spitting and other topics /|rCharles Dickens --|tTwo innocents, and the minstrels of St. Louis /|rMark Twain --|tUncle Remus and the animals /|rJoel Chandler Harris --|tEpitaph to a dead slave /|rVirginius Dabney --|tGlory that was, grandeur that wasn't /|rHoward W. Odum --|tHow a model planter met his troubles /|rSusan Dabney Smedes --|tPioneer life in Kentucky /|rDaniel Drake --|tEverybody called on New Year's Day /|rEliza Ripley --|tSouthern gentleman defends southern gentlemen /|rDaniel R. Hundley --|tSpokesman for southerners without slaves /|rHinton Rowan Helper --|tSam Houston seldom missed a trick /|rJ. C. Guild --|tFormer plantation lady has her say /|rFanny Kemble --|tDoes the Bible favor bondage? /|rT. Stringfellow --|tKnights and court ladies: the romantic ultimate /|rJames B. Avirett --|tUnder the poetic oaks /|rThomas McCaleb --|tMother always regulated the team /|rThomas Ashe --|tOld-time Mardi Gras /|rCharles Lyell --|t"Dearest" of all institutions /|rWilliam Makepeace Thackeray --|tOld sol "breaks a bank" ; cougar hunt /|rJohn James Audubon --|tGood cheat and card stealer at eleven /|rGeorge H. Devol --|tEvery vote counted /|rHenry S. Foote --|tChita, last island on the Gulf /|rLafcadio Hearn --|tMarshes of Glynn /|rSidney Lanier --|tTwo girls visit a gentleman /|rGrace King --|t"Power of the voudoo is still feared by many" /|rCharles Dudley Warner --|tLouisiana folklore /|rAlcée Fortier --|tHard land to win /|rPaul Horgan --|t"Three-legged Willie" knew his law /|rL. J. Begelow --|tMen of the Alamo ; begun in defeat, ended in resurrection /|rLon Tinkle --|tAlbert Sidney Johnston /|rWilliam Preston Johnston --|tJim Bowie and the lost San Saba mine /|rJ. Frank Dobie --|t"Till you get it in the neck" /|rCharles J. Finger --|tTale of two cities /|rGeorge Sessions Perry --|t"Oil is like that" /|rGeorge Fuermann --|t"If we succeed..." /|rHudson Strode --|t"To die we would prefer..." ; hadn't hugged for so long, he was out of practice /|rBell Irvin Wiley --|t"Wearing our your grinders, eating goober peas ; antique harvesters /|rJohn Crowe Ransom --|tOde of a latter-day poet /|rAllen Tate --|tPriest honors the confederate flag /|rAbram Joseph Ryan --|tMeeting at Appomattox /|rDouglas Southall Freeman --|tTime of family trouble after Shiloh /|rStark Young --|tMaking a Yankee out of him /|rJ. Bryan, III --|t"Antique earth returned out of the past" /|rSidney Lanier --|t"Losers always remember longer..." /|rHodding Carter --|tRed neck, burr head /|rJonathan Daniels --|tSoutherner probes the south's mind /|rW. J. Cash --|t"Is it true what they say about Dixie?" /|rWilliam T. Polk --|tMobile: harmonious through the mellowing of time /|rCarl Carmer --|tIncreased summer /|rJohn Peale Bishop --|tWhat folks were like at Cross Creek /|rMarjorie Kinnan Rawlings --|tNegro in the well /|rErskine Caldwell --|tRose for Emily /|rWilliam Faulkner --|tIntimate secrets from a stranger on the bus /|rRobert Tallant --|tSome notes on River Country /|rEudora Welty --|tEccentric, childlike universe /|rTruman Capote --|tSad café and its ballad /|rCarson McCullers --|tGrave /|rKatherine Anne Porter --|tChristian education /|rRobert Penn Warren --|tChanged, yet eternally the same /|rWilliam Alexander Percy --|tRevolt of a damnyankee /|rH. Allen Smith --|tSouth in the south Pacific /|rJ. Bryan, III.
520 |aIllustrated anthology of writings portraying Southern life and sentiment from Colonial times.
650 0|aAmerican literature|zSouthern States.
650 6|aLittérature américaine|zÉtats-Unis (Sud)
650 7|aAmerican literature.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst00807113
650 7|aCivilization.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst00862898
651 0|aSouthern States|xCivilization.
651 6|aÉtats-Unis (Sud)|xCivilisation.
651 7|aSouthern States.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01244550
655 7|aIllustrated works.|2rbgenr
776 08|iOnline version:|aKane, Harnett T. (Harnett Thomas), 1910-1984.|tRomantic South.|dNew York, Coward-McCann [1961]|w(OCoLC)582402763
776 08|iOnline version:|aKane, Harnett T. (Harnett Thomas), 1910-1984.|tRomantic South.|dNew York, Coward-McCann [1961]|w(OCoLC)608948466
830 0|aAmerican vista series.
994 |a92|bSPI

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