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The American economy [electronic resource] : a historical encyclopedia /

Cynthia L. Clark, editor.

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Names: Northrup, Cynthia Clark,
Published: Santa Barbara, Calif. : ABC-CLIO, c2011.
Edition: Rev. ed.
Regions: United States - Economic policy - Encyclopedias. | United States - Economic conditions - Encyclopedias. | United States - Social policy - Encyclopedias. | United States - Social conditions - Encyclopedias.
Genres: Electronic books. | Elelctronic reference sources.
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245 04|aThe American economy|h[electronic resource] :|ba historical encyclopedia /|cCynthia L. Clark, editor.
250 |aRev. ed.
260 |aSanta Barbara, Calif. :|bABC-CLIO,|cc2011.
300 |a1 online resource (2 v. (xxvi, 1257, I-86 p.)) :|bill.
504 |aIncludes bibliographical references.
505 00|tList of Short Entries --|tA & M Records v. Napster Inc. --|tAcquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) --|tAdvanced Technology Office (ATO) --|tAffirmative Action --|tAffluence --|tAgricultural Adjustment Act of 1938 --|tAgricultural and Mechanical (A & M) Colleges --|tAgricultural Credit Act of 1987 --|tAgricultural Credit Improvement Act of 1992 --|tAgricultural Government-Sponsored Enterprises (GSEs) --|tAgricultural Policy --|tAgricultural Programs Adjustment Act of 1984 --|tAid to Dependent Children (ADC) --|tAid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) --|tAlaska --|tAldrich-Vreeland Act --|tAlliance for Progress --|tAmerican Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 --|tAmerican Economic Association (AEA) --|tAmerican Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) --|tAmerican Inventors Protection Act of 1999 --|tAmerican Revolution --|tAmerican Stock Exchange (AMEX) --|tAmerican System --|tAntidumping --|tAnti-Imperialist League --|tAntitrust Suits --|tAntiunion Policies --|tArab Oil Embargo --|tArticles of Confederation --|tAutomobile --|tAviation --|tBaby Boom --|tBacon, Nathaniel (1647-1676) --|tBacon's Rebellion (1676) --|tBakke v. Board of Regents of California --|tBalance of Payments --|tBalance of Trade --|tBank Failures --|tBanking Act --|tBanking System --|tBank of the United States (BUS), First: 1791-1811 --|tBank of the United States (BUS), Second: 1816-1836 --|tBank Protection Act --|tBeard, Charles Austin --|tBerlin Wall --|tBiddle, Nicholas --|tBison (Buffalo) --|tBland-Allison Act --|tBlock Grants --|tBoard of Governors of the Federal Reserve System --|tBond Sales --|tBonus March --|tBoston Tea Party (December 16, 1773) --|tBoxer Rebellion --|tBoycotts, Colonial --|tBretton Woods Agreement --|tBudget and Accounting Act of 1921 --|tBudget Deficits and Surpluses --|tBunau-Varilla, Philippe Jean --|tBureau of Corporations --|tBureau of Freedmen, Refugees, and Abandoned Lands --|tBureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) --|tBush, George Herbert Walker --|tBush, George W. --|tBusiness --|tCanada, Invasion of --|tCapitalism --|tCaptains of Industry --|tCarey Act --|tCarnegie, Andrew --|tCarpetbaggers --|tCensus --|tCentral Treaty Organization (CENTO) --|tCharles River Bridge v. Warren Bridge --|tCheckers Speech --|tChecks and Balances --|tChild Labor --|tChina --|tCivilian Conservation Corps (CCC) --|tCivil Rights Act of 1968 --|tCivil Rights Movement --|tCivil Works Administration (CWA) --|tClass --|tClay, Henry --|tClayton Anti-Trust Act --|tCleveland, Grover --|tClinton, William Jefferson --|tCohens v. Virginia --|tCoin's Financial School --|tCold War --|tColonial Administration --|tCommission Government --|tCommittee on the Conduct of the War (CCW) --|tCommonwealth v. Hunt --|tCommunism --|tCommunity Action Programs --|tCompany Towns --|tComputer --|tConfiscation Acts --|tCongress --|tConservation --|tConstitution --|tConsumer Price Index (CPI) --|tConsumer Spending --|tContinental Congress --|tContinental Impost --|tContinental System --|tConvict Lease --|tCoordinating Committee for Multilateral Export Controls (CoCom) --|tCorruption --|tCotton --|tCouncil-Manager Government --|tCouncil of Economic Advisers (CEA) --|tCoxey's Army (April 1894) --|tCredit --|tCrédit Mobilier --|tCrime --|tCuba --|tCurrency Act --|tCurrency Act of 1900 --|tDams, Construction of --|tDartmouth College v. Woodward --|tDawes Plan --|tDawes Severalty Act --|tDebs, Eugene Victor --|tDefense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) --|tDefense Plant Corporation (DPC) --|tDefense Sciences --|tDeficit Spending --|tDeLima v. Bidwell --|tDemocracy --|tDemocratic Party --|tDepression of the 1890s --|tDepressions --|tDeregulation --|tDesert Land Act --|tDigital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 --|tDingley Tariff --|tDisarmament --|tDisaster Assistance Act of 1988 --|tDisease --|tDistribution Act --|tDivorce --|tDollar Diplomacy --|tDominican Republic --|tDow Jones Industrial Average --|tDownes v. Bidwell --|tDust Bowl --|tEarnings --|tEconomic Cooperation Administration (ECA) --|tEconomic Indicators --|tEconomic Interpretation of the Constitution --|tEconomic Liberalism --|tEconomic Opportunity Act of 1964 --|tEconomic Stabilization Act of 1970 --|tEconomy Act --|tEcosocialism --|tEdison, Thomas Alva --|tEducation --|tElectricity --|tElectronic Commerce (E-Commerce) --|tEmancipation Proclamation (January 1, 1863) --|tEmbargoes --|tEmbargo of 1807 --|tEmergency Price Control Act --|tEmployment Act of 1946 --|tEnergy --|tEnergy Crisis --|tEntitlement Programs --|tEnvironment --|tEqual Pay Act of 1963 --|tExport Control Act.
505 00|tFamily Assistance Plan (FAP) --|tFarm Credit Amendments Act of 1985 --|tFarm Credit System Reform Act of 1996 --|tFarm Crisis of 1982 --|tFarm Disaster Assistance Act of 1987 --|tFarmer Mac Reform Act of 1995 --|tFarm Security Administration (FSA) --|tFederal Agricultural Improvement and Reform Act of 1996 (FAIR Act of 1996) --|tFederal Agricultural Mortgage Corporation (Farmer Mac) --|tFederal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) --|tFederal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) --|tFederal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA) --|tFederal Highway Act of 1956 --|tFederalist Papers --|tFederal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae) --|tFederal Reserve Act (Owen-Glass Act) of 1913 --|tFederal Trade Commission Act --|tFederal Trade Commission (FTC) --|tFletcher v. Peck --|tFlex Acres --|tFloating Exchange Rates --|tFood and Drug Administration (FDA) --|tFoot and Mouth Disease (FMD) --|tForce Act --|tFord, Henry --|tFordney-McCumber Tariff --|tForeign Policy --|tForest Reserve Act --|tFort Knox --|tForty Acres and a Mule --|tFourteenth Amendment --|tFree Market --|tFree-Soil Party --|tFree Trade --|tFree Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) --|tFrench and Indian War --|tFugitive Slave Acts --|tFull Employment --|tGadsden Purchase --|tGallatin, Albert --|tGeneral Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) --|tGeorge, Henry --|tGibbons v. Ogden --|tGlass-Steagall Banking Act --|tGlobalization --|tGold Reserve Act --|tGold Rush, California --|tGold Standard --|tGold versus Silver --|tGood Neighbor Policy --|tGovernment Budgets --|tGramm-Rudman-Hollings, Balanced Budget, and Emergency Deficit Control Act --|tGreat Depression --|tGreat Railroad Strike of 1877 --|tGreat Society --|tGreen Party --|tGreenpeace --|tGreenspan, Alan --|tGross National Product (GNP) --|tGroup of Seven (G-7) --|tHamilton, Alexander --|tHarris Treaty --|tHawaii --|tHawley-Smoot Tariff --|tHay-Pauncefote Treaties --|tHepburn Railroad Regulation Act --|tHigh-Tech Industries --|tHomestead Act --|tHorseshoe Bend, Battle of --|tHousing Act of 1949 --|tHousing Act of 1954 --|tHull, Cordell --|tImmigration --|tIndentured Servants --|tIndian Policy --|tIndustrial Heartland --|tIndustrialization --|tIndustrial Revolution --|tIndustrial Workers of the World (IWW) --|tInflation --|tInfrastructure --|tInsular Cases --|tInterest Rates --|tInternational Monetary Fund (IMF) --|tInternational Trade Organization --|tInterstate Commerce Commission (ICC) --|tIntolerable Acts --|tIran-Contra --|tIrrigation --|tIsolationism --|tJackson, Andrew --|tJapan --|tJapanese Oil Embargo --|tJay's Treaty --|tJungle, The --|tKeating-Owen Act --|tKennedy Round --|tKeynes, John Maynard --|tKeynesian Economics --|tKeyserling, Leon --|tKnights of Labor --|tLabor Contract Law --|tLabor-Management Relations Act (Taft-Hartley Act) --|tLaissez-Faire --|tLee, Henry --|tLend-Lease Act --|tLevittown --|tLobbying --|tLong, Huey --|tLouisiana Purchase --|tMacon's Bill No. 2 --|tMacroeconomics --|tMad Cow Disease --|tManifest Destiny --|tMarshall, John --|tMarshall Plan --|tMarxism --|tMaysville Road Bill of 1830 --|tMcAdoo, William G. --|tMcCulloch v. Maryland --|tMcKinley Tariff Act --|tMcNary-Haugen Bill --|tMedia --|tMedicaid --|tMedicare --|tMedicine --|tMellon, Andrew William --|tMental Illness --|tMercantilism --|tMerchants of Death --|tMicroeconomics --|tMicrosoft --|tMicrosystems Technology Office (MTO) --|tMilitary-Industrial Complex (MIC) --|tMinimum Wage --|tMixed Economy --|tMonetary Policy --|tMontgomery Bus Boycott --|tMorgan, John Pierpont --|tMorrill Tariff Act --|tMultinational Corporations --|tMunn v. Illinois --|tMuscle Shoals (Tennessee Valley Authority) --|tNader, Ralph --|tNasdaq --|tNational Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) --|tNational Bank Act of 1863 --|tNational Cordage Company --|tNational Currency Act of 1863 --|tNational Defense Education Act of 1958 --|tNational Endowment for the Arts (NEA) --|tNational Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) --|tNational Grange of the Patrons of Husbandry --|tNational Guard --|tNational Income and Product Accounts (NIPA) --|tNational Industrial Recovery Act (NIRA) --|tNational Labor Relations Board (NLRB) --|tNational Marketing Quota --|tNational Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) --|tNational Recovery Administration (NRA) --|tNational Technical Information Service (NTIS) --|tNational Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) --|tNational War Labor Board (NWLB) --|tNavigation Acts (1651, 1660, 1672) --|tNew Deal --|tNewlands Reclamation Act --|tNew York Stock Exchange (NYSE) --|tNicaragua --|tNon-Importation Act --|tNon-Importation Agreements, Colonial --|tNon-Intercourse Act of 1809 --|tNorth American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) --|tNorth Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) --|tNorthern Securities Company --|tNorthwest Ordinance --|tNullification Crisis --|tOccupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 (OSHA) --|tOffice of Price Administration (OPA) --|tOffice of Production Management (OPM) --|tOffice of War Mobilization (OWM) --|tOil --|tOil Embargoes --|tOpen Door Notes --|tOrders in Council --|tOrdinance of 1785 --|tOrganization of American States (OAS) --|tOrganization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).
505 00|tPanama and the Panama Canal --|tPan American Union --|tPanic of 1819 --|tPanic of 1837 --|tPanic of 1873 --|tPanic of 1893 --|tPanic of 1907 --|tParity --|tPatronage --|tPayne-Aldrich Tariff Act --|tPell Grant --|tPendleton Act --|tPersonal Responsibility Act of 1996 --|tPersonal Savings --|tPhilippines --|tPinckney Treaty (Treaty of San Lorenzo) --|tPinkerton Detective Agency --|tPiracy --|tPollock v. Farmer's Bank & Trust --|tPoll Tax --|tPopulation --|tPopulist Party --|tPoverty --|tPresident's Commission on the Status of Women --|tPrice Supports/Agricultural Adjustment --|tPrigg v. Pennsylvania --|tProhibition --|tProtective Tariffs --|tPublic Works Administration (PWA) --|tPuerto Rico --|tPullman Strike --|tPure Food and Drug Act --|tRailroads --|tRaw Materials --|tRaymond, Daniel --|tReagan, Ronald --|tReaganomics --|tRecession --|tReciprocal Trade Agreements Act of 1934 --|tRelief Act of 1821 --|tReport on Public Credit (January 1790) --|tReport on the Subject of Manufactures (December 5, 1791) --|tRepublican Party --|tResumption Act --|tRevenue Tariffs --|tRobber Barons --|tRockefeller, John D. --|tRolfe, John --|tRoosevelt, Franklin D. --|tRoosevelt, Theodore --|tRule of 1756 --|tRural Credit and Development Act of 1994 --|tRural Electrification Administration (REA) --|tSchechter Poultry Corp. v. United States --|tSchool Busing --|tSecurities and Exchange Commission --|tServicemen's Readjustment Act (G.I. Bill of Rights) --|tSeward, William --|tShare Our Wealth Plan --|tShare Our Wealth Society --|tShelley v. Kraemer --|tSherman Anti-Trust Act --|tSherman Silver Purchase Act --|tSinclair, Upton Beal, Jr. --|tSixteenth Amendment --|tSlavery --|tSmith-Connally Act (War Labor Disputes Act) --|tSmith-Lever Act --|tSmithsonian Agreement --|tSmuggling --|tSocialism --|tSocial Security Act of 1935 --|tSoil Conservation and Allotment Act --|tSouth Carolina Exposition and Protest --|tSpanish-American War (War of 1898) --|tStagflation --|tStamp Act --|tStamp Act Congress --|tStandard Oil --|tSteel --|tStrategic Defense Initiative (SDI) --|tSugar --|tSugar Act of 1764 --|tSupply-Side Economics --|tTariff of Abominations (Tariff of 1828) --|tTaxation, Confederation --|tTea Act of 1773 --|tTechnology Transfer --|tTennessee Valley Authority (TVA) --|tThirteenth Amendment --|tTimber and Stone Culture Act --|tTimber Culture Act --|tTownsend, Francis E. --|tTownsend Plan --|tTownshend Duties --|tTrademark Act of 1947 --|tTrademark Amendments Act of 1999 --|tTrail of Tears --|tTranscontinental Railroad --|tTransportation Revolution --|tTreaty of 1783 --|tTreaty of 1867 --|tTreaty of Ghent --|tTreaty of Greenville --|tTreaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo --|tTriangular Trade --|tTruman Doctrine --|tTrusts --|tTruth-in-Lending Act --|tTruth in Securities Act (Securities Act of 1933) --|tUnderwood-Simmons Tariff Act --|tUnemployment --|tUnemployment Insurance --|tUnited Nations (UN) --|tUnited Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) --|tUnited States v. E.C. Knight Co. --|tUrban Policy --|tU.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) --|tU.S. Chamber of Commerce --|tU.S. Customs Service --|tU.S. Department of Commerce --|tU.S. Department of Defense (DOD) --|tU.S. Department of Health and Human Services --|tU.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) --|tU.S. Department of Labor --|tU.S. Department of Treasury --|tU.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) --|tU.S. Housing Authority --|tU.S. Information Agency (USIA) --|tU.S. Mint --|tVan Buren, Martin --|tVietnam Conflict --|tVirgin Islands, Purchase of --|tVolcker, Paul A. --|tWage and Price Freeze --|tWagner Act --|tWar and Warfare --|tWar of 1812 --|tWar Production Board (WPB) --|tWealth Distribution --|tWelfare Economics --|tWhig Party --|tWhiskey Rebellion --|tWilliams v. Mississippi --|tWilson, Woodrow --|tWilson-Gorman Tariff --|tWomen --|tWorkers' Compensation --|tWorld Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) --|tWorld Trade Organization (WTO) --|tWorld War I --|tWorld War II --|tYazoo Land Companies.
505 00|tList of Essays and Primary Source Documents --|tESSAYS --|tAdvertising --|tAgricultural Policy --|tAntitrust Legislation --|tBanking --|tBig Business and Government Relationships --|tCommunications --|tCurrency --|tEconomic Theories --|tEducation --|tEnergy Policy --|tFederal Reserve Bank --|tForeign Policy --|tGovernment Domestic Economic Policies --|tImmigration Policy --|tInsurance --|tIntellectual Property --|tJudiciary --|tLabor --|tLand Policies --|tLaw --|tMonetary Policy --|tMoney Laundering --|tScience and Technology --|tSlavery --|tStock Market --|tTaxation --|tTrade Policy --|tTransportation Policy --|tUrbanization --|tWar --|tWelfare State --|tPRIMARY SOURCE DOCUMENTS --|tOrdinance of the Northwest Territory --|tReport on the Subject of Manufactures --|tTreaty between the United States of America and the French Republic with Conventions (Louisiana Purchase, 1803) --|tTreaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo --|tGadsden Purchase Treaty --|tHomestead Act --|tEmancipation Proclamation --|tTimber Culture Act --|tTimber and Stone Culture Act --|tSherman Anti-Trust Act --|tPanama Canal Treaty of 1903 --|tFederal Reserve Act --|tClayton Anti-Trust Act --|tFederal Trade Commission --|tFranklin D. Roosevelt on Hawley-Smoot Tariff --|tHerbert Hoover's Response to Franklin D. Roosevelt on Hawley-Smoot Tariff --|tLyndon B. Johnson's Great Society Speech --|tPanama Canal Treaty of 1977 --|tRonald Reagan's Remarks and a Question and Answer Session with Reporters on the Air Traffic Controllers' Strike --|tByron L. Dorgan's Senate Speech Opposing Financial Services Modernization Act (Gramm-Leach-Bliley) --|tEconomic Stimulus Act of 2008 --|tNew York Fed's Summary of Financing Agreement of JPMorgan Chase's Acquisition of Bear Sterns --|tU.S. Treasury Fact Sheet on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Bailout --|tAIG's Statement on Bailout Agreement with New York Federal Reserve --|tGeorge W. Bush's "Our Economy Is in Danger" Speech --|tGeorge W. Bush's Speech on Efforts to Restore Economic Stability --|tStatement of Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson Jr. on Actions to Protect the U.S. Economy --|tU.S. Secretary of Treasury Henry Paulson's Remarks on Troubled Assets Relief Program (TARP) --|tFederal Reserve Governor Randall S. Kroszner's "The Community Reinvestment Act and the Recent Mortgage Crisis" Speech --|tBarack Obama's Remarks on Recovery Act of 2009 --|tBarack Obama's State of the Union Speech on Economic Crisis and Recovery Efforts --|tBarack Obama's Remarks on the American Automotive Industry Bailout.
520 |a"A comprehensive collection of entries, essays, and primary source documents emphasizing the importance of economic policy in all aspects of life in the United States"--Publisher description.
588 |aDescription based on print version record.
651 0|aUnited States|xEconomic policy|vEncyclopedias.
651 0|aUnited States|xEconomic conditions|vEncyclopedias.
651 0|aUnited States|xSocial policy|vEncyclopedias.
651 0|aUnited States|xSocial conditions|vEncyclopedias.
655 4|aElectronic books.
655 4|aElelctronic reference sources.
700 1 |aNorthrup, Cynthia Clark,|d1959-
776 08|iPrint version:|tAmerican economy.|bRev. ed.|dSanta Barbara, Calif. : ABC-CLIO, c2011|z9781598844610|w(DLC) 2010024504|w(OCoLC)642001653
856 40|3Credo Reference|u
938 |aCredo Reference|bCRED|n9781780344386
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