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Encyclopedia of race and racism /

Patrick L. Mason, editor in chief.

Book Cover
Names: Mason, Patrick L.,
Published: Detroit : Macmillan Reference USA, 2013.
Edition: 2nd ed.
Topics: Racism - United States - Encyclopedias. | Minorities - United States - Social conditions - Encyclopedias. | Race relations - Encyclopedias. | Racism - Encyclopedias. | SOCIAL SCIENCE - Discrimination & Race Relations. | SOCIAL SCIENCE - Minority Studies.
Regions: United States - Race relations - Encyclopedias. | United States - Ethnic relations - Encyclopedias. | United States.
Genres: Electronic books. | Electronic reference sources. | Encyclopedias. | Encyclopedias.
Online Access: Available to current RMU students, faculty, and staff. Click here for full text.
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245 00|aEncyclopedia of race and racism /|cPatrick L. Mason, editor in chief.
250 |a2nd ed.
260 |aDetroit :|bMacmillan Reference USA,|c2013.
300 |a1 online resource (4 volumes) :|billustrations, maps.
336 |atext|btxt|2rdacontent
337 |acomputer|bc|2rdamedia
338 |aonline resource|bcr|2rdacarrier
500 |a"Macmillan Library Reference"--Cover.
504 |aIncludes bibliographical references and index.
505 0 |aV. 1. A-C -- v. 2. D-I -- v. 3. J-R -- v. 4. S-Z, Primary sources, Index.
505 00|gv. 1.|tAbolition movement --|tAdmixture --|tAffirmative action --|tAfrica --|tAfrica: Belgian colonies --|tAfrica: British colonies --|tAfrica: French colonies --|tAfrica: German colonies --|tAfrica: Italian colonies --|tAfrica: Portuguese colonies --|tAfrican Blood Brotherhood --|tAfrican diaspora --|tAfrican economic development --|tAfrican enslavement, Precolonial --|tAfrican Liberation Support Committee --|tAfrocentrism --|tAfro-syncretic Religions --|tAlien land laws --|tAllen, Richard 1760-1831 --|tAmbedkar, B.R. 1891-1956 --|tAmerican Anti-Slavery Society --|tAmerican Colonization Society and the founding of Liberia --|tAmerican Friends Service Committee --|tAmerican Indian boarding schools --|tAmerican Indian Movement (AIM) --|tAmerican Indians --|tAmerican Negro Academy --|tAncestry --|tAntebellum black ethnology --|tAnthropology, History of --|tAnthropometry --|tAnti-Apartheid Movement --|tAnti-Defamation League --|tAnti-Indian Movement --|tAnti-Semitism --|tAnti-Semitism: overview --|tAnti-Semitism: Arab world --|tAnti-Semitism: modern Europe --|tAnti-Semitism: United States --|tApartheid --|tArab Americans --|tAryans --|tAssociation for the Study of Negro Life and History --|tAtlantic Creoles and vernacular English --|tAtlantic slave trade --|tAustralian aborigine peoples --|tAztlán --|tBaartman, Saartje c. 1790-1815 --|tBaker, Ella 1903-1986 --|tBaldwin, James 1924-1987 --|tBandung Conference, 1955 --|tBarrio --|tBates, Daisy 1912-1999 --|tBeauty standards --|tBelgian Congo --|tBell Curve, the --|tBerlin Conference of 1884-1885 --|tBigotry --|tBiko, Stephen Bantu 1946-1977 --|tBiological determinism --|tBiracialism --|tBirmingham School of Cultural Studies --|tBirth of a Nation, the --|tBlack Arts Movement --|tBlack codes --|tBlack consciousness --|tBlack immigration --|tBlack Indians --|tBlack nationalism --|tBlack Panther Party for Self-Defense --|tBlack popular culture (US) --|tBlack Power --|tBlackness in Latin America --|tBlack-White intermarriage --|tBlood purity laws --|tBlood Quantum --|tBoas, Franz 1858-1942 --|tBolívar, Simón 1783-1830 --|tBollywood --|tBorders --|tBraceros, repatriation, and seasonal workers --|tBrown, John 1800-1859 --|tBrown v. Board of Education --|tBuddhists and Buddhism --|tBuffalo soldiers --|tBunche, Ralph 1903-1971 --|tBurakumin --|tCalhoun, John C. 1782-1850 --|tCancer (Breast) --|tCapitalism --|tCaribbean immigration --|tCaste and casteism --|tCésaire, Aimé 1913-2008 --|tChamberlain, Houston Stewart 1855-1927 --|tChicago School, the --|tChicano Movement --|tChildren, Status Disparities of --|tChinese diaspora --|tChinese immigration and exclusion (US), Nineteenth Century --|tChisholm, Shirley 1924-2005 --|tChristian identity --|tChristians and Christianity --|tCitizenship --|tCivil Rights Acts --|tCivil Rights Movement --|tCivil War politics --|tClarkson, Thomas 1760-1846 --|tColorism --|tCondorcet, Marquis de 1743-1794 --|tConfucianism --|tContact hypothesis --|tCoon Carnival --|tCox, Oliver 1901-1974 --|tCreation narratives --|tCreole languages --|tCrime and American Indians --|tCriminal justice system (US) --|tCriminality and social factors --|tCritical race theory --|tCrusades --|tCuffe, Paul 1759-1817 --|tCultural deficiency --|tCultural determinism --|tCultural resistance --|tCulture.
505 80|gv. 2.|tDalits --|tDance --|tDarwin, Charles Robert 1809-1882 --|tDavis, Angela 1944- --|tDawes Act --|tDay laborers, Latino --|tDeme --|tDemographics and race --|tDemographics (racial) in the Western Hemisphere --|tDesegregation (US) --|tDiscordance, Principle of --|tDiscrimination: constitutional provisions, legislation, and jurisprudence --|tDiscrimination, Measurement of --|tDiseases --|tDoll Studies --|tDouglass, Frederick 1818-1895 --|tDred Scott v. Sandford --|tDu Bois, W.E.B. 1868-1963 --|tEconomic growth --|tEducation, Discrimination in Higher --|tEducation, Diversity in Higher --|tEducational disparities --|tEl Mestizaje --|tEl Plan de Santa Barbara --|tEmancipation --|tEnlightenment --|tEssentialism --|tEthiopia, Invasion of --|tEthnicity --|tEthnocentrism --|tEthnological exhibitions --|tEugenics --|tEuropean Middle Ages --|tExotic lady continents --|tExploitation --|tEysenck, Hans Jurgen 1916-1997 --|tFamilies --|tFanon, Frantz 1925-1961 --|tFascism --|tFederal recognition: what Is an Indian? --|tFelony disenfranchisement --|tFeminism --|tFirmin, Anténor 1850-1911 --|tFisk Jubilee Singers --|tForensic anthropology --|tForten, James 1766-1842 --|tFourth World --|tFreedmen's Bureau --|tFrelimo --|tGalton, Francis 1822-1911 --|tGandhi, Mohandas Karamchand 1869-1948 --|tGarnet, Henry Highland 1815-1882 --|tGarrison, William Lloyd 1805-1879 --|tGarvey, Marcus 1887-1940 --|tGenocide and crimes against humanity --|tGenocide: overview --|tCrimes against humanity: overview --|tGenocide and crimes against humanity: Armenia --|tGenocide and crimes against humanity: Assyrian Massacre --|tGenocide and crimes against humanity: Balkans --|tGenocide and crimes against humanity: Bosnia-Herzegovina --|tGenocide and crimes against humanity: Cambodia --|tGenocide and crimes against humanity: Haitian Massacre of 1937 --|tGenocide and crimes against humanity: Japanese Occupation --|tGenocide and crimes against humanity: Mayan Genocide in Guatemala --|tGenocide and crimes against humanity: Rwanda --|tGenocide and crimes against humanity: Sudan --|tGilroy, Paul 1956- --|tGlobal environment movement --|tGreat chain of being --|tGuevara, Che 1928-1967 --|tHaitian Revolution --|tHamer, Fannie Lou 1917-1977 --|tHate crimes --|tHate speech (US) --|tHealth care gap --|tHealth disparities --|tHeritability --|tHindus and Hinduism --|tHip-hop culture and rap music --|tHistorical trauma --|tHistorically black colleges and universities --|tHitler, Adolf 1889-1945 --|tHIV and AIDS --|tHollywood, Racial Depictions in --|tHolocaust --|tHolocaust denial --|tHuman biological variation --|tHuman evolution and genetics --|tHuman Genome Project --|tHuman trafficking --|tImmigration reform (US) --|tImmigration regulation --|tImperialism --|tImperialism: overview --|tImperialism: Africa --|tImperialism: Asia --|tImperialism: Middle East --|tIndian Rights Association --|tIndian slavery --|tIndians, American and Asian --|tIndigenous --|tInequality --|tInequality: overview --|tInequality: Brazil --|tInequality: China --|tInequality: India --|tInequality: Japan --|tInequality: Mexico --|tInfant mortality and birth weight --|tIntegration --|tIntelligence Project --|tInternal colony --|tIntersectionality --|tIQ and testing: critiques --|tIslamophobia.
505 80|gv. 3.|tJanvier, Louis-Joseph 1855-1911 --|tJapanese American internment and relocation --|tJensen, Arthur 1923- --|tJewish Defense League --|tJews and Judaism --|tJim Crow --|tKahane, Meir 1932-1990 --|tKennewick Man --|tKing, Martin Luther, Jr. 1929-1968 --|tKu Klux Klan --|tLa Malinche --|tLa Raza --|tLabor market --|tLanguage --|tLatina gender and reproduction --|tLatino social movements --|tLatinos --|tLeague of Revolutionary Black Workers --|tLewis, W. Arthur 1915-1991 --|tLife expectancy --|tLinguistics --|tLinked fate --|tLumumba, Patrice 1925-1961 --|tMachismo --|tMacroeconomic Stabilization Policy --|tMalaria, Genetic Adaptation to --|tMalcolm X 1925-1965 --|tMandela, Nelson 1918- --|tMaoism --|tMardi Gras Indians --|tMarket competition --|tMarshall, Thurgood 1908-1993 --|tMarxism --|tMedical experimentation --|tMental health disparities --|tMexicans --|tMiddle East: minorities --|tMissionaries --|tModel minorities --|tMormonism --|tMotherhood --|tMulatto escape hatch --|tMulticulturalism --|tMultidimensional Inventory of Black Identity (MIBI) --|tMuslims and Islam --|tNAACP --|tNAACP: legal actions, 1935-1955 --|tNational Association of Colored Women's Clubs (NACWC) --|tNational Negro Convention Movement --|tNational Socialism --|tNational Urban League (US) --|tNationalism and ethnicity --|tNationalism and ethnicity: overview --|tNationalism and ethnicity: definition and history --|tNationalism and ethnicity: cultural nationalism --|tNationalism and ethnicity: Africa --|tNationalism and ethnicity: Asia --|tNationalism and ethnicity: Europe --|tNationalism and ethnicity: Latin America --|tNationalism and ethnicity: Middle East --|tNationalism and ethnicity: North America --|tNationalism and ethnicity: Pan-Arabism --|tNationalism and ethnicity: Zionism and Israel --|tNative American popular culture --|tNative American Rights Fund (NARF) --|tNativism --|tNegritude and negrismo --|tNeoliberalism --|tNew Abolitionist Movement --|tNew Negro, the --|tNkrumah, Kwame 1909-1972 --|tNyerere, Julius 1922-1999 --|tObama, Barack Hussein 1961- --|tOccupational crowding --|tOlympic Games --|tOperation Gatekeeper --|tOperation Wetback --|tOrganisation Armée Secrète (Secret Army Organization) --|tOrientalism --|t"Out of Africa" hypothesis --|tPalestinian Nakba --|tPan-Africanism --|tPassing --|tThe passing of the great race --|tPathology, Dysfunction, and Inequality --|tPay Equity --|tPerformance --|tPeriyar, E.V. Ramasamy Naicker 1879-1973 --|tPhule, Jotiba 1827-1890 --|tPioneer Fund --|t"Playing Indian" --|tPlessy V. Ferguson --|tPolygenism --|tPopulation genetics --|tPorres, Martin de, St. 1579-1639 --|tPost-structuralism --|tPoverty --|tPrejudice --|tPrison-industrial complex --|tPuerto Ricans, Identity and Self-Determination of --|tRace riots --|tRacial formations --|tRacial formations: Brazil --|tRacial formations: Canada --|tRacial formations: Central America --|tRacial formations: Cuba --|tRacial formations: The Dominican Republic --|tRacial formations: Haiti --|tRacial formations: Latin America --|tRacial formations: South Africa --|tRacial hierarchy --|tRacial profiling and biased policing --|tRacial purity (US), 1900-1910 --|tRacism --|tRacism: overview --|tRacism: alternative expressions --|tRacism: aversive --|tRacism: color-blind --|tRacism: cultural --|tRacism: institutional --|tRacism: medical --|tRacism: scientific --|tsymbolic and modern racism --|tRamabai, Pandita 1858-1922 --|tRape --|tRassenhygiene --|tRastafarianism --|tReconstruction --|tReconstruction amendments --|tReformation and Renaissance --|tReparations --|tReproductive rights --|tReservation system --|tRodney, Walter 1942-1980 --|tRoma.
505 80|gv. 4.|tSchœlcher, Victor 1804-1893 --|tScholarship: social sciences --|tScottsboro Boys --|tSecession --|tSegregation, Index of Dissimilarity --|tSegregation, Residential --|tSex work --|tSexuality, Biological Basis of --|tSexuality, Racialized --|tSickle Cell Anemia --|tSkin color --|tSlave labor in the Americas --|tSlavery --|tSmith, James McCune 1813-1865 --|tSocial class and mortality --|tSocial democracy --|tSocial justice --|tSocial psychology of racism --|tSocial welfare states --|tSocialization --|tSoldiers of color --|tSouthern Poverty Law Center --|tSovereignty and American Indian communities --|tSports --|tSports: overview --|tSports: Asian martial arts --|tSports: basketball --|tSports: cricket --|tSports: football (international) --|tSports: football (US) --|tSports: track and field --|tStandardized tests --|tStereotype --|tStereotype threat --|tStigma --|tStowe, Harriet Beecher 1811-1896 --|tStratification economics --|tStudent Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) --|tSubspecies --|tSweatshops --|tTay-Sachs Disease --|tTelevision --|tTexas Rangers --|tTheories of athletic performance --|tTheories of athletic performance: overview --|tTheories of athletic performance: baseball --|tTheories of athletic performance: boxing --|t"Third World," transnational, and global feminisms --|tTillman, Benjamin "Pitchfork" 1847-1918 --|tTokenism --|tToussaint L'Ouverture c. 1743-1803 --|tTruth, Sojourner c. 1797-1883 --|tTurner, Henry McNeal 1834-1915 --|tTurner, Nat 1800-1831 --|tUndocumented workers --|tUnemployment and underemployment --|tUNESCO Statements on Race --|tUnited Farm Workers Union --|tUnited States Constitution --|tVesey, Denmark c. 1767-1822 --|tViolence, Racial --|tViolence against indigenous people, Latin America --|tVisual arts --|tVoting Rights Act of 1965 --|tWalker, David c. 1796-1830 --|tWashington, Booker T. 1856-1915 --|tWealth --|tWells-Barnett, Ida B. 1862-1931 --|tWhite racial identity --|tWhite settler societies --|tWhite supremacy --|tWhiteness and white privilege --|tWilliams, Eric 1911-1981 --|tWillie Lynch Letter --|tWinfrey, Oprah 1954- --|tWorld Conference Against Racism --|tZapatista Rebellion --|tZoot Suit Riots --|gAppendices --|tAnnotated Bibliography --|tAnnotated Filmography --|tList of Primary Sources.
520 |aExamines the anthropological, sociological, historical, economic, and scientific theories of race and racism in the modem era. Delves into the historic origins of ideas of race and racism and explores their social and scientific consequences. Includes biographies of significant theorists, as well as political and social leaders and notorious racists.
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650 0|aRacism|zUnited States|vEncyclopedias.
650 0|aMinorities|zUnited States|xSocial conditions|vEncyclopedias.
650 0|aRace relations|vEncyclopedias.
650 0|aRacism|vEncyclopedias.
650 7|aSOCIAL SCIENCE|xDiscrimination & Race Relations.|2bisacsh
650 7|aSOCIAL SCIENCE|xMinority Studies.|2bisacsh
650 7|aEthnic relations.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst00916005
650 7|aMinorities|xSocial conditions.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01023228
650 7|aRace relations.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01086509
650 7|aRacism.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01086616
651 0|aUnited States|xRace relations|vEncyclopedias.
651 0|aUnited States|xEthnic relations|vEncyclopedias.
651 7|aUnited States.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01204155
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655 4|aElectronic reference sources.
655 7|aEncyclopedias.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01423798
655 7|aEncyclopedias.|2lcgft
700 1 |aMason, Patrick L.,|eeditor.
776 08|iPrint version:|tEncyclopedia of race and racism.|dDetroit : Macmillan Reference USA, 2013|z9780028661742|w(DLC) 2012036450|w(OCoLC)810442367
856 40|u|zAvailable to current RMU students, faculty, and staff. Click here for full text.
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