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Press Photography Award 1942-1998 : From Joe Rosenthal and Horst Faas to Moneta Sleet and Stan Grossfeld /

Heinz-Dietrich Fischer, Erika J. Fischer.

Book Cover
Names: Fischer, Erika J. | Fischer, Heinz-Dietrich.
Published: Berlin ; Boston : De Gruyter Saur, [2017]
Edition: Reprint 2017.
Topics: Photojournalism - Awards. | LANGUAGE ARTS & DISCIPLINES / Journalism.
Genres: Electronic books.
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245 00|aPress Photography Award 1942-1998 :|bFrom Joe Rosenthal and Horst Faas to Moneta Sleet and Stan Grossfeld /|cHeinz-Dietrich Fischer, Erika J. Fischer.
250 |aReprint 2017.
264 1|aBerlin ;|aBoston :|bDe Gruyter Saur,|c[2017]
264 4|c©2000
300 |a1 online resource (367 pages) :|bZahlr. Abb.
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490 0 |aLiberal Arts ;|vVolume 14
505 00|tAbout a Collapsed Sudanese Girl On Her Way to a Feeding Center in 1993 --|t1995 a Spot Award. About the Political Crisis in the State of Haiti and Its Aftermath in 1994 --|t1995 b Feature Award. About the Flight of Rwandans to Overcrowded Zaire Camps in 1994 --|t1996 a Spot Award. About the Oklahoma City Blast and the Rescue of a Victim in 1995 --|t1996 b Feature Award. About a Kenyan Girl Suffering from a Shocking Circumcision Rite in 1995 --|t1997 a Spot Award. About the Heavy California Floodwater Catastrophe in 1996 --|t1997 b Feature Award. About the Russian President in Action at a Rock Concert in Rostov in 1996 --|t1998 a Spot Award. About Human Tragedies in Central African Countries in 1997 --|t1998 b Feature Award. About Young Children of Alcohol and Drug Abusing Adults in 1997 --|tWinners of the Photography Award, 1999 -- 2005 --|tIndex.
505 00|tFrontmatter --|tPreface --|tContents --|tIntroduction. History and Development of the Pulitzer Prize for Photography --|tPresentation Practices of Award-Winning Photos --|tRemarks about the Documentation Criteria --|t1942 General Award. About the Demonstrators of a Major Detroit Motor Plant in 1941 --|t1943 General Award. About an Extremely Thirsty Indian Sailor Close to Dehydration in 1942 --|t1944 General Award (I). About a Totally Destroyed Island in the Pacific War Theatre in 1943 --|t1944 General Award (II). About a Soldier's Return and the Welcome by His Family in 1943 --|t1945 General Award. About the Erection of a War Historical American Monument in 1945 --|t1946 General Award. About the Decision to Withhold the Prize for Photos from 1945 --|t1947 General Award. About the Flames Destroying a Complete Building and Killing People in 1946 --|t1948 General Award. About Boston Patrolmen and an Unexpected Shooting in 1947 --|t1949 General Award. About a Hero of Baseball and His Moving Retirement Ceremony in 1948 --|t1950 General Award. About Dangerous Flying Manoeuvres at Oakland Airport in 1949 --|t1951 General Award. About Fleeing People in the Early Stages of the Korean War in 1950 --|t1952 General Award. About an Unfair Attack On a Top Black Football Player in 1951 --|t1953 General Award. About the Presidential Candidate Adlai Stevenson in Michigan in 1952 --|t1954 General Award. About a Semi-Truck Accident and Some Kind of a Miracle in 1953 --|t1955 General Award. About a Couple after Their Infant's Death at the Beach in 1954 --|t1956 General Award. About a Burning Airplane after Smashing to a Long Island Ground in 1955 --|t1957 General Award. About the Andrea Doria Ship Catastrophe in the North Atlantic in 1956 --|t1958 General Award. About a Two-Year Old Boy Talking to a Policeman During a Parade in 1957 --|t1959 General Award. About the Tragedy of a Young Child Killed at a Minneapolis Street in 1958 --|t1960 General Award. About the Result of a War Crimes Tribunal by Castro's Troops in 1959 --|t1961 General Award. About an Assassination by Sword of a Japanese Politician in 1960 --|t1962 General Award. About Conversations of Eisenhower and Kennedy at Camp David in 1961 --|t1963 General Award. About the Final Absolution by a Navy Chaplain in Venezuela in 1962 --|t1964 General Award. About Jack Ruby's Shooting of the Accused Kennedy Slayer in 1963 --|t1965 General Award. About the Harsh Realities of the Vietnam War to Civilians in 1964 --|t1966 General Award. About Vietnamese Women and Children Trapped in the Action in 1965 --|t1967 General Award. About Shooting Down of a Black Voter On a Mississippi Highway in 1966 --|t1968 a Spot Award. About a Successful Mouth-Upon-Mouth Reanimation Procedure in 1967 --|t1968 b Feature Award. About the Frustration of American Soldiers in Vietnam Battle Fields in 1967 --|t1969 a Spot Award. About the Killing of a Prisoner by Vietnam's National Police Chief in 1968 --|t1969 b Feature Award. About the Atlanta Funeral Service for a Monumental Black Leader in 1968 --|t1970 a Spot Award. About Some Heavy Turmoils and Violent Actions at Cornell University in 1969 --|t1970 b Feature Award. About Living Circumstances and Poverty of Florida Migrant Workers in 1969 --|t1971 a Spot Award. About the Shootings and Tragedies at Kent State University in 1970 --|t1971 b Feature Award. About Conditions at Illinois State Schools for the Retarded in 1970 --|t1972 a Spot Award. About Shocking Tortures and Killings of People in Bangladesh in 1971 --|t1972 b Feature Award. About Several Discouraging Facts On the Vietnam War in 1971 --|t1973 a Spot Award. About Vietnamese Children Escaping from a Napalm Bomb Area Near Saigon in 1972 --|t1973 b Feature Award. About Witnessing the Birth of a Child in Middle America in 1972 --|t1974 a Spot Award. About the Killing of an Alleged Kidnaper in Hollywood in 1973 --|t1974 b Feature Award. About the Return of an U.S. Soldier from a North Vietnamese Prison Camp in 1973 --|t1975 a Spot Award. About Totally Exhausted Firemen after the Burn Out of a House in 1974 --|t1975 b Feature Award. About Several Aspects of the Washington Life-Style in 1974 --|t1976 a Spot Award. About the Tragedy and the Results of a Boston Hotel Fire in 1975 --|t1976 b Feature Award. About Strong Controversies On Busing in Louisville's Schools in 1975 --|t1977 a Spot Award (I). About Heavy Disorder and Brutality in the Streets of Bangkok in 1976 --|t1977 a Spot Award (II). About Trouble On a Boston City Plaza after Student Demonstrations in 1976 --|t1977 b Feature Award. About the Chattanooga Armed Forces Day Parade at a Rainy Day in 1976 --|t1978 a Spot Award. About the Kidnapping of an Indianapolis Broker and the Role of TV in 1977 --|t1978 b Feature Award. About the White-Ruled Rhodesia and Opposing Guerilla Activities in 1977 --|t1979 a Spot Award. About a Family Tragedy in a Small Pennsylvania Town in 1978 --|t1979 b Feature Award. About the Destroying Power of a New England Blizzard in 1978 --|t1980 a Spot Award. About the Execution of People by the New Irani Leadership in 1979 --|t1980 b Feature Award. About the Lonely and Ascetic Life of the Texas Western Cowboy in 1979 --|t1981 a Spot Award. About the Punishment of People of the Former Liberian Government in 1980 --|t1981 b Feature Award. About the Living Conditions in the Michigan State Prison at Jackson in 1980 --|t1982 a Spot Award. About the Assassination Attempt On President Reagan in Washington in 1981 --|t1982 b Feature Award. About Army Members, Police Duties and Music Education in Illinois in 1981 --|t1983 a Spot Award. About Victims and Survivors of a Massacre in a Beirut Camp in 1982 --|t1983 b Feature Award. About Life and Death During the El Salvador Civil War in 1982 --|t1984 a Spot Award. About Some Effects of the War On the People of Lebanon in 1983 --|t1984 b Feature Award. About Memorial Day Grieving and the Effects of Starvation in Ethiopia in 1983 --|t1985 a Spot Award. About Some Highlights and Tragedies at the L.A. Olympics in 1984 --|t1985 b Feature Award (I). About Illegal Mexicans at the U.S. Border and Famine in Ethiopia in 1984 --|t1985 b Feature Award (II). About War Victims of the Fights in Angola and El Salvador in 1984 --|t1986 a Spot Award. About the Devastation after a Colombia Volcano Eruption in 1985 --|t1986 b Feature Award. About Homeless People at the Streets of Philadelphia in 1985 --|t1987 a Spot Award. About the Fall of Marcos2 Autocratic System in the Philippines in 1986 --|t1987 b Feature Award. About the Shattered Economic Dreams of Many American Farmers in 1986 --|t1988 a Spot Award. About a Baby's Accident and the Successful Life-Saving Procedures in 1987 --|t1988 b Feature Award. About Describing and Analyzing the Gradual Decay of Drug Consumers in 1987 --|t1989 a Spot Award. About the Rescue Attempts at a Burning St. Louis Apartment Building in 1988 --|t1989 b Feature Award. About Some Facets of Student Life at a Detroit High School in 1988 --|t1990 a Spot. Award About the Results of the San Francisco Killer Earthquake in 1989 --|t1990 b Feature Award. About the Political Uprisings in China and Romania in 1989 --|t1991 a Spot Award. About the African National Congress Murdering a Supposed Enemy in 1990 --|t1991 b Feature Award. About Orphaned Children Living in Post-Communist Romania in 1990 --|t1992 a Spot Award. About an Attempted Communist Coup D'etat in Moscow in 1991 --|t1992 b Feature Award. About the Lifestyles of Twenty-One-Year-Olds Across the U.S. in 1991 --|t1993 a Spot Award. About Highlights of the Summer Olympic Games in Barcelona in 1992 --|t1993 b Feature Award. About Some Images of Bill Clintons Presidential Campaign in 1992 --|t1994 a Spot Award. About the Dangerous American Mission to Somalia's Capital Mogadishu in 1993 --|t1994 b Feature Award.
546 |aIn English.
588 0 |aOnline resource; title from PDF title page (publisher's Web site, viewed 30. Jun 2017).
650 0|aPhotojournalism|xAwards.
650 7|aLANGUAGE ARTS & DISCIPLINES / Journalism.|2bisacsh
650 7|aPhotojournalism|xAwards.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01062023
655 4|aElectronic books.
700 1 |aFischer, Erika J.
700 1 |aFischer, Heinz-Dietrich.
856 40|u
938 |aDe Gruyter|bDEGR|n9783110955767
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