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The decline and fall of the Roman empire [electronic resource] Volume II /

by Edward Gibbon, esq.

Book Cover
Main Author: Gibbon, Edward
Published: London : Elecbook, 1999.
Series: Nations of the world.
ebrary Academic religion & philosophy
Academic complete, religion & philosophy
Topics: History, Ancient. | Byzantine Empire - History. | History, Ancient - Rome. | Rome - History - Empire, 30 B.C.-476 A.D.
Regions: Rome - History - Empire, 30 B.C.-476 A.D. | Byzantine Empire - History. | Byzantine Empire. | Rome (Empire)
Genres: Electronic books. | History.
Online Access: Access restricted to individuals currently affiliated with the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago and McCormick Theological Seminary
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""Contents""; ""Chapter XVII. Foundation of Constantinople.�Political System of Constantine, and his Successors.""; ""A new capital, A.D. 324""; ""Constantinople""; ""Dedication, A.D. 330 or 334""; ""Form of government""; ""The military""; ""The palace""; ""Finances""; ""Chapter XVIII. Character of Constantine.�Gothic War.�Death of Constantine.�Division of the Empire among his three Sons""; ""Crispus""; ""Murder of Crispus, A.D. 326""; ""Sons and nephews of Constantine""; ""The Sarmatians""; ""The Gothic war, A.D. 331""; ""Death of Constantine, A.D. 335""; ""Massacre of the princes""
""Division of the empire, A.D. 337""""Sapor, king of Persia""; ""The Persian war, A.D. 337-360""; ""Civil war, A.D. 340""; ""Murder of Constans, A.D. 350""; ""Campaigns and victories of Constantius""; ""Chapter XIX. Constantius sole Emperor.�Elevation and Death of Gallus.�Danger and Elevation of Julian.�Sarmatian and Persian W""; ""Rise of the eunuchs""; ""Gallus declared C�sar, A.D. 351""; ""Murder of Gallus""; ""Julian declared C�sar, A.D. 355""; ""Constantius gives Rome an obelisk""; ""The Quadian and Sarmatian war""; ""Sapor invades Mesopotamia, A.D. 359""; ""Germans invade Gaul""
""Julian�s victories in Gaul, A.D. 356-359""""Chapter XX. The Motives, Progress, and Effects of the Conversion of Constantine.""; ""Date of Constantine�s conversion""; ""Edict of Milan, A.D. 313""; ""Christianity seated on the throne of Rome""; ""Establishment of the ecclesiastical order""; ""I. Election of bishops""; ""II. Ordination of clergy""; ""III. Property of the church""; ""IV. Civil jurisdiction""; ""V. Spiritual censures""; ""VI. Public preaching""; ""VII. Privilege of the synods""
""Chapter XXI. Persecution of Heresy.�The Schism of the Donatists.�The Arian Controversy.�Athanasius.""""Persecution of Heresy""; ""Schism of the Donatists, A.D. 315""; ""The Trinitarian controversy""; ""Three systems of the Trinity""; ""The Council of Nice, A.D. 325; the Homoousion""; ""Arianism""; ""Council of Rimini, A.D. 360""; ""The Arian controversy""; ""Athanasius""; ""Councils of Arles and Milan, A.D. 353-355""; ""The retreat of Athanasius""; ""The Roman pontiff""; ""Constantinople and the Infidels""; ""The Donatist Circumcellions, A.D. 345""; ""Toleration of paganism""
""Chapter XXII. Julian is declared Emperor by the Legions of Gaul.�His March and Success.�The Death of Constantius.""""The legions of Gaul proclaim Julian emperor""; ""Julian declares civil war""; ""Death of Constantius, A.D. 361; Julian enters Constantinople as sole emperor""; ""Government of Julian""; ""Character of Julian""; ""Chapter XXIII. The Religion of Julian.�Universal Toleration.�He attempts to restore and reform the Pagan Worship.""; ""Paganism of Julian""; ""Religious toleration of Julian""; ""Julian attempts to restore paganism""; ""Jerusalem and the Jews under Julian""

Table of Contents for: The decline and fall of the Roman empire