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Handbook of neurochemistry and molecular neurobiology. Brain energetics, integration of molecular and cellular processes [electronic resource] /

Abel Lajtha (ed.) ; volume editors, Gary E. Gibson and Gerald A. Dienel.

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Names: Lajtha, Abel. | Gibson, Gary E. | Dienel, Gerald A.
Published: New York : Springer, c2007.
Edition: 3rd ed.
Topics: Brain - Metabolism. | Energy metabolism. | Brain - Pathopysiology. | Brain - metabolism. | Brain Chemistry - physiology. | Energy Metabolism - physiology. | Neurons - metabolism. | Synaptic Transmission.
Genres: Electronic books.
Online Access: SpringerLink
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Bioenergetics / D. G. Nicholls -- Glucose, Oxidative Energy Metabolism, and Neural Function in Brain Slices: Glycolysis Plays a Key Role in Neural Activity / Y. Okada, P. Lipton -- Pentose Phosphate Pathway and NADPH Metabolism / R. Dringen, H. H. Hoepken, T. Minich, C. Ruedig -- Cerebral Tricarboxylic Acid Cycles / T. B. Rodrigues, S. Cerdán -- Electron Transport. Structure, Redox-Coupled Protonmotive Activity, and Pathological Disorders of Respiratory Chain Complexes / S. Papa, V. Petruzzella, S. Scacco -- Mitochondrial F1Fo ATP Synthase / A. Gaballo, S. Papa -- Support of Energy Metabolism in the Central Nervous System with Substrates Other than Glucose / E. L. Roberts, Jr. -- Anaplerosis / B. Hassel -- Glial-Neuronal Shuttle Systems / C. Zwingmann, D. Leibfritz -- Cytoplasmic Glycolytic Enzymes. Synaptic Vesicle-Associated Glycolytic ATP-Generating Enzymes: Coupling to Neurotransmitter Accumulation / T. Ueda, A. Ikemoto -- Mitochondrial Architecture and Heterogeneity / G. A. Perkins, M. H. Ellisman -- Coupling of Neuronal Function to Oxygen and Glucose Metabolism Through Changes in Neurotransmitter Dynamics as Revealed with Aging, Hypoglycemia, and Hypoxia / J. A. Joseph, G. E. Gibson -- Coupling of Brain Function and Metabolism: Endogenous Flavoprotein Fluorescence Imaging of Neural Activities by Local Changes in Energy Metabolism / K. Shibuki, R. Hishida, H. Kitaura, K. Takahashi, M. Tohmi -- Coupling of Brain Function to Metabolism: Evaluation of Energy Requirements / A. Gjedde -- Energy Consumption by Phospholipid Metabolism in Mammalian Brain / A. D. Purdon, S. I. Rapoport -- Ion Transport and Energy Metabolism / O. Vergun, K. E. Dineley, I. J. Reynolds -- Acid-Base Transport and pH Regulation / J. W. Deitmer -- Nitric Oxide in Regulation of Mitochondrial Function, Respiration, and Glycolysis / J. P. Bolaños, A. Almeida -- Mitochondrial Production of Oxidants and Their Role in the Regulation of Cellular Processes / P. S. Brookes -- Uncoupling Proteins / J. S. Kim-Han, S. S. Ali, L. L. Dugan -- Actions of Toxins on Cerebral Metabolism at the Cellular Level / U. Sonnewald, T. Syversen, A. Schousboe, H. Waagepetersen, M. Aschner -- Mitochondrial/Cytosolic Interactions via Metabolite Shuttles and Transporters / K. F. LaNoue, V. Carson, D. A. Berkich, S. M. Hutson -- Mitochondrial-Endoplasmic Reticulum Interactions / G. Szabadkai, R. Rizzuto -- Mitochondria-Nucleus Energetic Communication: Role for Phosphotransfer Networks in Processing Cellular Information / P. P. Dzeja, A. Terzic -- Mitochondrial Permeability Transition in the CNS: Composition, Regulation, and Pathophysiological Relevance / T. Wieloch, G. Mattiasson, M. J. Hansson, E. Elmér / Mitochondrial Mechanisms of Oxidative Stress and Apoptosis / L. Soane, N. Solenski, G. Fiskum -- Proteomics / M. H. Maurer . W. Kuschinsky -- Genetics and Gene Expression of Glycolysis / J. C. LaManna, P. Pichiule, J. C. Chavez -- Transcriptional Integration of Mitochondrial Biogenesis / R. C. Scarpulla -- Mechanisms and Modeling of Energy Transfer Between Intracellular Compartments / V. A. Saks, M. Vendelin, M. K. Aliev, T. Kekelidze, J. Engelbrecht -- Modeling of Regulation of Glycolysis and Overall Energy Metabolism Under a Systems Biology Approach / M. Cascante, L. G. Boros, J. Boren -- Modeling of Electron Transport: Implications to Mitochondrial Diseases / J-P. Mazat, M. Beurton-Aimar, B. Faustin, T. Letellier, M. Malgat, C. Nazaret, R. Rossignol -- Metabolomics: Concepts and Potential Neuroscience Applications / B. S. Kristal, R. Kaddurah-Daouk, M. F. Beal, W. R. Matson.

Table of Contents for: Handbook of neurochemistry and molecular