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Handbook of attachment : theory, research, and clinical applications /

edited by Jude Cassidy, Phillip R. Shaver.

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Names: Cassidy, Jude, | Shaver, Phillip R.,
Published: New York, NY : The Guilford Press, [2016]
Edition: Third edition.
Topics: Attachment behavior. | Attachment behavior in children. | Object Attachment. | Parent-Child Relations.
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Nature of the Child's Ties / Jude Cassidy -- Attachment Disruptions, Reparative Processes, and Psychopathology: Theoretical and Clinical Implications / Roger Kobak, Kristyn Zajac, & Stephanie D. Madsen -- Attachment, Loss, and Grief: Bowlby's Views, New Developments, and Current Controversies / R. Chris Fraley & Phillip R. Shaver -- Internal Working Model Construct in Light of Contemporary Neuroimaging Research / Inge Bretherton & Kristine A. Munholland -- Attachment Theory within a Modern Evolutionary Framework / Jeffry A. Simpson & Jay Belsky -- Psychobiological Origins of Infant Attachment and Its Role in Development / H. Jonathan Polan & Myron A. Hofer -- Attachment in Rhesus Monkeys / Stephen J. Suomi -- Attachment, Parenting, and Genetics / Marian J. Bakermans-Kranenburg and Marinus H. van IJzendoorn -- Attachment and Psychoneuroimmunology / Katherine B. Ehrlich, Gregory E. Miller, Jason D. Jones, & Jude Cassidy -- Attachment and Temperament as Intersecting Developmental Products and Interacting Developmental Contexts Throughout Infancy and Childhood / Brian E. Vaughn & Kelly K. Bost -- Studying the Biology of Human Attachment / Amie A. Hane & Nathan A. Fox -- Toward a Neuroscience of Attachment / James A. Coan -- Normative Development: The Ontogeny of Attachment in Childhood / Robert S. Marvin, Preston A. Britner, & Beth S. Russell -- Precursors of Attachment Security / R. M. Pasco Fearon & Jay Belsky -- Attachment Relationships in the Context of Multiple Caregivers / Carollee Howes & Susan Spieker -- Early Attachment and Later Development: Reframing the Questions / Ross A. Thompson -- Attachment in Middle Childhood / Kathryn A. Kerns & Laura E. Brumariu -- Measurement of Attachment Security and Related Constructs in Infancy and Early Childhood / Judith Solomon & Carol George -- Multiple Facets of Attachment in Adolescence / Joseph P. Allen & Joseph S. Tan -- Pair Bonds as Attachments: Mounting Evidence in Support of Bowlby's Hypothesis / Debra M. Zeifman & Cindy Hazan -- Adult Romantic Attachment: Developments in the Study of Couple Relationships / Judith A. Feeney -- Attachment and Sexual Mating: The Joint Operation of Separate Motivational Systems / Gurit E. Birnbaum -- Same-Sex Romantic Attachment / Jonathan J. Mohr & Skyler D. Jackson -- Adult Attachment and Emotion Regulation / Mario Mikulincer & Phillip R. Shaver -- Attachment in Middle and Later Life / Carol Magai, Mariá Teresa Frías, & Philip R. Shaver -- Adult Attachment Interview: Protocol, Method of Analysis, and Selected Empirical Studies: 1985-2015 / Erik Hesse -- Measurement of Individual Differences in Adult Attachment / Judith A. Crowell, R. Chris Fraley, & Glenn I. Roisman -- Attachment and Psychopathology in Childhood / Michelle DeKlyen & Mark T. Greenberg -- Attachment Disorganization from Infancy to Adulthood: Neurobiological Correlates, Parenting Contexts, and Pathways to Disorder / Karlen Lyons-Ruth & Deborah Jacobvitz -- Challenges to the Development of Attachment Relationships Faced by Young Children in Foster and Adoptive Care / Mary Dozier & Michael Rutter -- Attachment States of Mind and Psychopathology in Adulthood / K. Chase Stovall-McClough & Mary Dozier -- Prevention and Intervention Programs to Support Early Attachment Security: A Move to the Level of the Community / Lisa J. Berlin, Charles H. Zeanah, & Alicia F. Lieberman -- Attachment and Adult Psychotherapy: Theory, Research, and Practice / Arietta Slade -- Reconciling Psychoanalytic Ideas with Attachment Theory / Peter Fonagy, Patrick Luyten, Elizabeth Allison, & Chloe Campbell -- Couple and Family Therapy: An Attachment Perspective / Audrey Brassard & Susan M. Johnson -- Caregiving / Brooke C. Feeney & Susan S. Woodhouse -- Cross-Cultural Patterns of Attachment: Universal and Contextual Dimensions / Judi Mesman, Marinus H. van IJzendoorn, & Abraham Sagi-Schwartz -- Lifespan Perspective on Attachment and Care for Others: Empathy, Altruism, and Prosocial Behavior / Phillip R. Shaver, Mario Mikulincer, Jacquelyn T. Gross, Jessica A. Stern, & Jude Cassidy -- Attachment and Religious Representations and Behavior / Pehr Granqvist & Lee A. Kirkpatrick -- Divorce through the Lens of Attachment Theory / Brooke C. Feeney & Joan K. Monin -- Attachment and School Readiness / Amanda P. Williford, Lauren M. Carter, & Robert C. Pianta -- Implications of Attachment Theory and Research for Child Care Policies / Michael Rutter & Camilla Azis-Clauson -- The Place of Attachment in Development / L. Alan Sroufe.
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Table of Contents for: Handbook of attachment : theory, researc