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Handbook of emotions /

edited by Michael Lewis, Jeannette M. Haviland-Jones, and Lisa Feldman Barrett.

Book Cover
Names: Lewis, Michael, | Haviland-Jones, Jeannette M. | Barrett, Lisa Feldman.
Published: New York : Guilford Press, 2010.
Edition: 3rd ed., pbk. ed.
Topics: Emotions. | Emotions - Sociological aspects.
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245 00|aHandbook of emotions /|cedited by Michael Lewis, Jeannette M. Haviland-Jones, and Lisa Feldman Barrett.
250 |a3rd ed., pbk. ed.
260 |aNew York :|bGuilford Press,|c2010.
300 |axvi, 848 p., [4] p. of plates :|bill. (some col.) ;|c26 cm.
504 |aIncludes bibliographical references and indexes.
505 00|gpt. 1.|tInterdisciplinary foundations --|g1.|tThe philosophy of emotions /|rRobert C. Solomon --|g2.|tHistory of emotions : issues of change and impact /|rPeter N. Stearns --|g3.|tThe sociology of emotions /|rJane E. Stets|gand|rJonathan H. Turner --|g4.|tThe affective brain and core consciousness ; how does neural activity generate emotional feelings? /|rJaak Panksepp --|g5.|tThe psychologists' point of view /|rNico H. Frijda --|g6.|tThe clinical application of emotion in psychotherapy /|rLeslie S. Greenberg --|g7.|tEmotions, music, and literature /|rP.N. Johnson-Laird|gand|rKeith Oatley --|g8.|tThe evolutionary psychology of the emotions and their relationship to internal regulatory variables /|rJohn Tooby|gand|rLeda Cosmides --|g9.|tThe role of emotion in economic behavior /|rScott Rick|gand|rGeorge Loewenstein.
505 00|gpt. 2.|tBiological and neurophysiological approaches --|g10.|tEmotional networks in the brain /|rJoseph E. LeDoux|gand|rElizabeth A. Phelps --|g11.|tThe psychophysiology of emotion /|rJeff T. Larsen,|rGary G. Berntson,|rKirsten M. Poehlmann,|rTiffany A. Ito,|gand|rJohn T. Cacioppo --|g12.|tVocal expressions of emotion /|rJo-Anne Bachorowski|gand|rMichael J. Owren --|g13.|tFacial expressions of emotion /|rDavid Matsumoto,|rDacher Keltner,|rMichelle N. Shiota,|rMaureen O'Sullivan,|gand|rMark Frank --|g14.|tA "nose" for emotion : emotional information and challenges in odors and semiochemicals /|rJeanette M. Haviland-Jones|gand|rPatricia J. Wilson --|g15.|tThe neuroimaging of emotion /|rTor D. Wagner,|rLisa Feldman Barrett,|rEliza Bliss-Moreau,|rKristen A. Lindquist,|rSeth Duncan,|rHedy Kober,|rJosh Joseph,|rMatthew Davidson,|gand|rJennifer Mize --|g16.|tInteroception and emotion : a neuroanatomical perspective /|rA.D. (Bud) Craig.
505 00|gpt. 3.|tDevelopmental changes --|g17.|tThe development of facial expressions : current perspectives on infant emotions /|rLinda A. Camras|gand|rSerah S. Fatani --|g18.|tThe emergence of human emotions /|rMichael Lewis --|g19.|tChildren's understanding of emotion /|rPaul L. Harris --|g20.|tThe interface of emotional development with social context /|rCarolyn Saarni --|g21.|tYoung children's understanding of others' emotions /|rSherri C. Widen|gand|rJames A. Russell --|g22.|tIntermodal emotional processes in infancy /|rArlene S. Walker-Andrews --|g23.|tr Long-lived emotions : a life course perspective on emotional development /|rCarol Magai --|gpt. 4.|tSocial perspectives --|g24.|tGender and emotion in context /|rLeslie R. Brody|gand|rJudith A. Hall --|g25.|tThe cultural psychology of the emotions : ancient and renewed /|rRichard A. Shweder,|rJonathan Haidt,|rRandall Horton,|gand|rCraig Joseph --|g26.|tIntergroup emotions /|rEliot R. Smith|gand|rDiane M. Mackie --|g27.|tEmpathy and prosocial behavior /|rMartin L. Hoffman --|g28.|tSocial functions of emotion /|rAgneta H. Fischer|gand|rAntony S.R. Manstead.
505 00|gpt. 5.|tPersonality issues --|g29.|tSubjective well-being /|rRichard E. Lucas|gand|rEd Diener --|g30.|tTemperament and emotion /|rJohn E. Bates,|rJackson A. Goodnight,|gand|rJennifer E. Fite --|g31.|tEmotion regulation /|rJames J. Gross --|g32.|tEmotional complexity /|rKristen A. Lindquist|gand|gLisa Feldman Barrett --|gpt. 6.|tCognitive factors --|g33.|tEmotional intelligence /|rPeter Salovey,|rBrian T. Detweiler-Bedell,|rJerusha B. Detweiler-Bedell,|rand|rJohn D. Mayer --|g34.|tSome ways in which positive affect influences decision making and problem solving /|rAlice M. Isen --|g35.|tAdvances in modeling emotion and thought : the importance of developmental, online, and multilevel analyses /|rNancy L. Stein,|rMarc W. Hernandez,|gand|rTom Trabasso --|g36.|tEmotion concepts /|rPaula M. Niedenthal --|g37.|tMemory and emotion /|rElizabeth A. Kensinger|gand|rDaniel L. Schacter --|g38.|tA framework for representing emotional states /|rMarvin Minsky --|g39.|tAppraisal theories : how cognition shapes affect into emotion /|rGerald L. Clore|gand|rAndrew Ortony.
505 00|gpt. 7.|tHealth and emotions --|g40.|tEmotions and health behavior : a self-regulation perspective /|rMichael A. Diefenbach,|rSuzanne M. Miller,|rMatthew Porter,|rEllen Peters,|rMichael Stefanek,|gand|rHoward Leventhal --|g41.|tEmotions, the neuroendocrine and immune systems, and health /|rMargaret E. Kemeny|gand|rAvgusta Shestyuk --|g42.|tHealth-promoting and health-damaging effects of emotions : the view from developmental functionalism /|rNathan S. Consedine --|g43.|tEmotion disturbances as transdiagnostic processes in psychopathology /|rAnn M. Kring --|gpt. 8.|tSelect emotions --|g44.|tFear and anxiety : overlaps and dissociations /|rArne Öhman --|g45.|tThe development of anger and hostile interactions /|rElizabeth A. Lemerise|gand|rKenneth A. Dodge --|g46.|tSelf-conscious emotions : embarrassment, pride, shame, and guilt /|rMichael Lewis --|g47.|tDisgust /|rPaul Rozin,|rJonathan Haidt,|gand|rClark R. McCauley --|g48.|tPositive emotions /|rBarbara L. Fredrickson|gand|rMichael A. Cohn --|gSadness and grief /|rGeorge A. Bonanno,|rLaura Goorin,|gand|rKarin G. Coifman --|tAuthor index --|tSubject index.
650 0|aEmotions.
650 0|aEmotions|xSociological aspects.
700 1 |aLewis, Michael,|d1937 Jan. 10-
700 1 |aHaviland-Jones, Jeannette M.
700 1 |aBarrett, Lisa Feldman.
994 |aC0|bICO

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