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Cultural studies : an anthology /

edited by Michael Ryan ; associate editor Hanna Musiol.

Book Cover
Names: Ryan, Michael, | Musiol, Hanna.
Published: Malden, MA ; Blackwell Pub., 2008.
Topics: Culture - Methodology. | Culture - Study and teaching. | Popular culture. | Culture - Méthodologie. | Culture - Étude et enseignement. | Culture populaire. | Culturele studies.
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245 00|aCultural studies :|ban anthology /|cedited by Michael Ryan ; associate editor Hanna Musiol.
260 |aMalden, MA ;|aOxford :|bBlackwell Pub.,|c2008.
300 |axxviii, 1352 p. ;|c25 cm.
504 |aIncludes bibliographical references and index.
505 00|gPt. I : Policy and industry.|tBattle of the global paradigms /|rMichele Hilmes --|tOwnership, organisation, and cultural work /|rDavid Hesmondhalgh --|tThe World Wide Web and the corporate media system /|rRobert McChesney --|tIdentifying a policy hierarchy : communication policy, media industries, and globalization /|rAlison Beale --|tThe rhetoric of culture : some notes on magazines, Canadian culture, and globalization /|rImre Szeman --|gpt. II : Place, space, geography.|tMetaphors to live by : landscapes as systems of social reproduction /|rDon Mitchell --|tHegemony, ideology, pleasure : Blackpool /|rTony Bennett --|tCity of quartz : excavating the future in Los Angeles /|rMike Davis --|tGrids of difference : place and identity formation /|rGeraldine Pratt --|tCosmopolitan de-scriptions : Shanghai and Hong Kong /|rAckbar Abbas --|tAn occupied space /|rKathleen C. Stewart --|gpt. III : Gender and sexuality.|tBodily inscriptions, performative subversions /|rJudith Butler --|tMissing subjects : gender, power, and sexuality in merchant banking /|rLinda McDowell and Gillian Court --|tHorror and the monstrous-feminine : an imaginary abjection /|rBarbara Creed --|tJapanese queerscapes : global/local intersections on the Internet /|rMark McClelland --|tGet real! : cultural relevance and resistance to the mediated feminine ideal /|rLisa Duke --|gpt. IV : Ideologies.|tThe German ideology /|rKarl Marx and Friedrich Engels --|tIdeology /|rLouis Althusser --|tInterpellation /|rJohn Fiske --|tBecoming Dagongmei : politics of identities and differences /|rPun Ngai --|tThe ideology and discourse of modern racism /|rTeun van Dijk --|t9/11 and the jihad tradition /|rSohail H. Hashmi --|tAn ontology of everyday distraction : the freeway, the mall, and television /|rMargaret Morse --|tNichemarketing the apocalypse : violence as hard-sell /|rAnn Burlein --|gpt. V : Rhetoric and discourse.|tThe rhetoric of Hitler's "battle" /|rKenneth Burke --|tPublic speech, dance, jokes, and song /|rJohn D.H Downing --|tThinking about the end of the world with conservative Protestants /|rMark Hulsether --|tThe rumor bomb : American mediated politics as pure war /|rJayson Harsin --|tTalkin' Tupac : speech genres and the mediation of cultural knowledge /|rGeorge Kamberelis and Greg Dimitriadis --
505 00|gpt. VI : Ethnicity.|tWhat is race? /|rRichard Lewontin, Steven Rose, and Leon Kamin --|tThe crisis of "race" and raciology /|rPaul Gilroy --|tWhat is to be gained by looking white people in the eye? : culture, race, and gender in cases of sexual violence /|rSherene Razack --|tFiaca and Veron-ismo /|rGrant Farred --|gpt. VII : Identity, lifestyle, subculture.|tSubculture : the meaning of style /|rDick Hebdige --|tThe goth scene and (sub)cultural substance /|rPaul Hodkinson --|t"Why don't you act your color?" : preteen girls, identity, and popular music /|rPamela J. Tracy --|tElements of vogue /|rMarcos Becquer and José Gatti --|tIn our angelhood : rave as counterculture and spiritual revolution /|rSimon Reynolds --|tLowrider style : cultural politics and the poetics of scale /|rBen Chappell --|tPurity and danger /|rStephen Duncombe --|gpt. VIII : Consumer culture and fashion studies.|tTheories of consumer culture /|rMike Featherstone --|tMythologies /|rRoland Barthes --|tFashion, culture, and the construction of identity /|rElizabeth Niederer & Rainer Winter --|tAnd then there was shopping /|rSze Tsung Leong --|tDoes cultural capital structure American consumption? /|rDouglas B. Holt --|tJulia learns to shop /|rSharon Zukin --|tFashion as a culture industry /|rAngela McRobbie --|tTommy Hilfiger in the age of mass customization /|rPaul Smith --|tConstructing purity : bottled water and the commodification of nature /|rAndy Opel --|gpt. IX : Music.|tJust a girl? : rock music, feminism, and the cultural construction of female youth /|rGayle Wald --|tSome anti-hegemonic aspects of African popular music /|rJohn Collins --|tDesert dreams, media, and interventions in reality : Australian aboriginal music /|rMarcus Breen --|tUbiquitous listening /|rAnahid Kassabian --|tThe nature/technology binary opposition dismantled in the music of Madonna and Björk /|rCharity Marsh & Melissa West --|tCharacterizing rock music culture : the case of heavy metal /|rWill Straw --|t"Represent" : race, space, and place in rap music /|rMurray Forman --|gpt. X : Media studies.|tEncoding, decoding /|rStuart Hall --|tHeliography : journalism and visualization of truth /|rJohn Hartley --|tThe cultural politics of news discourse /|rStuart Allan --|tImages of citizenship on television news : constructing a passive public /|rJustin Lewis, Karin Wahl-Jorgensen, and Sanna Inthorn --|tUnheimleich maneuver : self-image and identificatory practice in virtual reality environments /|rAlice Crawford --|tThe phenomenon of Lara Croft /|rAstrid Deuber-Mankowsky --
505 00|gpt. XI : Visual culture.|tFrom the missile gap to the culture gap : modernism in the fallout from Sputnik /|rDavid Howard --|tNostalgia, myth, and ideology : visions of Superman at the end of the "American century" /|rIan Gordon --|tCamera and eye /|rKaja Silverman --|tRe-writing "reality" : reading The Matrix /|rRussell J.A. Kilbourn --|tJackie Chan and the black connection /|rGina Marchetti --|tStories and meanings /|rSue Thornton & Tony Purvis --|tTeaching us to fake it : the ritualized norms of television's "reality" games /|rNick Couldry --|gpt. XII : Audience, performance, celebrity.|tTheories of consumption in media studies /|rDavid Morley --|tReading the romance /|rJanice Radway --|tThe cinematic apparatus and the construction of the film celebrity /|rP. David Marshall --|tFan cultures between "fantasy" and "reality" /|rMatt Hills --|tIs Elvis a god? : cult, culture, questions of method /|rJohn Frow --|tSerial killing for beginners /|rMark Seltzer --|gpt. XIII : Transnationality, globalization, post-coloniality.|tThe riot of Englishness : migrancy, nomadism, and the redemption of the nation /|rIan Baucom --|tThe economy of appearances /|rAnna Lowenhaupt Tsing --|tFrancophonie and the national airwaves : a history of television in Senegal /|rJo Ellen Fair --|tDiscrepant intimacy : popular cultural flows in East Asia /|rKoichi Iwabuchi --|tContemporary approaches to the arts /|rGreg Dimitriadis and Cameron McCarthy --|tConceptualizing an East Asian popular culture /|rChua Beng Huat --|tIntroduction to the study of popular cultures /|rNéstor García Canclini --|tBrazilian culture : nationalism by elimination /|rRoberto Schwarz.
650 0|aCulture|xMethodology.
650 0|aCulture|xStudy and teaching.
650 0|aPopular culture.
650 6|aCulture|xMéthodologie.
650 6|aCulture|xÉtude et enseignement.
650 6|aCulture populaire.
650 17|aCulturele studies.|2gtt
700 1 |aRyan, Michael,|d1951-
700 1 |aMusiol, Hanna.
856 42|3Contributor biographical information|u
856 42|3Publisher description|u
856 41|3Table of contents|u
946 |aBibNote
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