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What social robots can and should do : proceedings of Robophilosophy 2016/TRANSOR 2016 /

edited by Johanna Seibt, Marco Nørskov and Søren Schack Andersen.

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Names: Seibt, Johanna, | Nørskov, Marco, | Andersen, S. Schack,
Vernacular: What social robots can and should do : proceedings of Robophilosophy 2016/TRANSOR 2016 / edited by Johanna Seibt, Marco Nr�skov and Sr�en Schack Andersen.
Nr�skov, Marco, editor.
Published: Amsterdam, Netherlands : IOS Press, 2016.
Series: Frontiers in artificial intelligence and applications ; v. 290.
Topics: Human-robot interaction - Congresses. | TECHNOLOGY & ENGINEERING - Engineering (General)
Genres: Electronic books. | Conference papers and proceedings.
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Machine generated contents note: pt. I Abstracts for Plenary Lectures -- Can Phronetic Robots Be Engineered by Computational Logicians? No ... and Yes / Selmer Bringsjord -- Is It Wrong to Kick a Robot? Towards a Relational and Critical Robot Ethics and Beyond / Mark Coeckelbergh -- Other Problems: Rethinking Ethics in the Face of Social Robots / David J. Gunkel -- Power in Human Robot Interactions / Wendy Ju -- Why and How Should Robots Behave Ethically? / Benjamin Kuipers -- Robots That Have Free Will / Domenico Parisi -- Robotics and Art, Computationalism and Embodiment / Simon Penny -- Are Sex Robots as Bad as Killing Robots? / Kathleen Richardson -- Cyborg Able-Ism and Recuperative Robotics: Forecasts from Japan / Jennifer Robertson -- Should We Place Robots in Social Roles? / Amanda Sharkey -- Artificial Phronesis and the Social Robot / John Sullins -- pt. II Session Papers and Extended Abstracts -- 1. Methodological Issues -- Generic Scale for Assessment of Attitudes Towards Social Robots: The ASOR-5 / Johanna Seibt -- We, Anthrobot: Learning from Human Forms of Interaction and Esprit de Corps to Develop More Plural Social Robotics / Michael Rovatsos -- Robots as Confederates: How Robots Can and Should Support Research in the Humanities / Kerstin Fischer -- Bringing the Notion of Everyday Life Back to the Center of Social Robotics and HRI / Glenda Hannibal -- Using Language Games as a Way to Investigate Interactional Engagement in Human-Robot Interaction / Lars Christian Jensen -- Robot Choreography: Performance Paradigms for Experimental HRI Setups / Damith Herath -- "If It's Not Broken, Don't Fix It?" An Inquiry Concerning the Understanding of Child-Robot Interaction / Raya A. Jones -- Are We Really Adressing the Human in Human-Robot Interaction? Adopting the Phenomenologically-Situated Paradigm / Mohammad Obaid -- "Integrative Social Robotics" -- A New Method Paradigm to Solve the Description Problem And the Regulation Problem? / Johanna Seibt -- 2. Ethical Tasks and Implications -- Tacit Security? Roboethics and Societal Challenges of S̀ocial Robotic Information- and Cyberwar' / Michael Funk -- Role of Phronesis in Robot Ethics / Anne Gerdes -- Master/iSlave Dialectic: Post (Hegelian) Phenomenology and the Ethics of Technology / Nolen Gertz -- Robots, Autonomy, and Responsibility / Pekka Makela -- Social Robotics, Elderly Care, and Human Dignity: A Recognition-Theoretical Approach / Jari Pirhonen -- Structural Discrimination and Autonomous Vehicles: Immunity Devices, Trump Cards and Crash Optimisation / Hin-Yan Liu -- Ethical Impact of an Increased Presence of Robots on Human-Human Interaction (HHI) Within Aging Populations / Jason Borenstein -- Robots and Moral Obligations / Matthijs Smakman -- Social Robots, Privacy, and Ownership of Data: Some Problems and Suggestions / Myrthe van Nus -- 3. Emotions in Human Robot Interactions -- Interdisciplinary Approach to Improving Cognitive Human-Robot Interaction -- A Novel Emotion-Based Model / Jainendra Shukla -- Can Artificial Systems Have Genuine Emotions? The Enactive Approach to Affectivity and Artificial Systems / Maike Klein -- Motions with Emotions? / Lea Hennala -- 4. Education, Art, and Innovation -- Robot Enhancement of Cognitive and Ethical Capabilities of Humans / Vishwas Kalipalya-Mruthyunjaya -- Experiences from Long-Term Implementation of Social Robots in Danish Educational Institutions / Rikke Risager -- "Are You Talkin' to Me?" A Study of Social Robots Featuring in Robotic Art / Bojana Romic -- Students' Normative Perspectives on Classroom Robots / Ana Paiva -- Speculative Co-Design of Robots / Nadezhda Zilberman -- 5. Artificial Meaning and Rationality -- Computability of Rational Action / S.M. Amadae -- Principle of Double Effect Applied to Ethical Dilemmas of Social Robots / Martin Mose Bentzen -- What Your Computer Still Can't Know: A Refutation of Bringsjord's Refutation of Searle's Refutation of Bostrom and Floridi / Ahti-Veikko Pietarinen -- 6. Social Norms and Robot Sociality -- Polite Interactions with Robots / Patrick Blackburn -- Making Place for Social Norms in the Design of Human-Robot Interaction / Birger Johansson -- Robots and Human Sociality: Normative Expectations, the Need for Recognition, and the Social Bases of Self-Esteem / Arto Laitinen -- How to Count Multiple Personal-Space Intrusions in Social Robot Navigation / Felix Lindner -- 7. Perceptions of Social Robots -- I Am Her(e): Physical/Cognitive Robots and Human Intimacy in the Imagery of Spike Jonze's Movies / Satomi Sugiyama -- Moral Patients: What Drives the Perceptions of Moral Actions Towards Humans and Robots? / Aleksandra Swiderska -- Sense of Social Atmosphere (Kuki) and Robots That Should Read the Situation to Be Safe / Hironori Matsuzaki -- Magical Thinking and Empathy Towards Robots / Maciej Musial -- Trust in Human-Robot Interaction: The Role of Appearance / Veronika Vanova -- Human-Animal Analogy in Human-Robot Interaction / Karolina Zawieska -- pt. III Workshop Descriptions and Abstracts of Workshop Contributions -- Studying Robots in the Wild / Cathrine Hasse -- Commitment and Agency Management in Joint Action / John Michael -- Artificial Empathy: New Frontiers / Hagen Lehmann -- Phronesis for Machine Ethics? Can Robots Perform Ethical Judgments? / Charles Ess -- Co-Designing Child-Robot Interactions / Victor van den Bergh -- Responsible Robotics: Bridging the Gap Between Moral Philosophy and Applied Ethics in Robotics / Noel Sharkey.

Table of Contents for: What social robots can and should do : p