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Advances in swarm intelligence : third International Conference, ICSI 2012, Shenzhen, China, June 17-20, 2012 Proceedings. Part II /

Ying Tan, Yuhui Shi, Zhen Ji (eds.).

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Names: Tan, Ying, | Shi, Yuhui. | Ji, Zhen.
Published: Berlin ; Springer, ©2012.
Series: Lecture notes in computer science ; 7332.
LNCS sublibrary. SL 1, Theoretical computer science and general issues.
Topics: Swarm intelligence - Congresses. | Informatique.
Genres: Electronic books. | Conference papers and proceedings.
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An Automatic Learning System to Derive Multipole and Local Expansions for the Fast Multipole Method / Seyed Naser Razavi, Nicolas Gaud, Abderrafiâa Koukam and Naser Mozayani -- Iterative L1/2 Regularization Algorithm for Variable Selection in the Cox Proportional Hazards Model / Cheng Liu, Yong Liang, Xin-Ze Luan, Kwong-Sak Leung and Tak-Ming Chan, et al. -- Automatic Scoring on English Passage Reading Quality / Junbo Zhang, Fuping Pan and Yongyong Yan -- An e-Learning System Based on GWT and Berkeley DB / Bo Song and Miaoyan Li -- An Expandable Recommendation System on IPTV / Jie Xiao and Liang He -- Intrinsic Protein Distribution on Manifolds Embedded in Low-Dimensional Space / Wei-Chen Cheng -- A Novel Approach to Modelling Protein-Protein Interaction Networks / Zhuhong You, Yingke Lei, Zhen Ji and Zexuan Zhu -- Additive Order Preserving Encryption Based Encrypted Documents Ranking in Secure Cloud Storage / Jiuling Zhang, Beixing Deng and Xing Li -- Research of Web Image Retrieval Technology Based on Hu Invariant Moments / Jian Wu and Siyong Xiong -- A Classifier Based on Minimum Circum Circle / Xi Huang, Ying Tan and Xingui He -- Research on Domain-Specific Features Clustering Based Spectral Clustering / Xiquan Yang, Meijia Wang, Lin Fang, Lin Yue and Yinghua Lv -- An Iterative Approach to Keywords Extraction / Yang Wei -- Knowledge Annotation Framework Oriented Geospatial Semantic Web Service Management / Rupeng Liang, Hongwei Li, Jian Chen, Leilei Ma and Hu Chen.
Optimizing Supplier Selection with Disruptions by Chance-Constrained Programming / Wenjuan Zang, Yankui Liu and Zhenhong Li -- Flock by Leader: A Novel Machine Learning Biologically Inspired Clustering Algorithm / Abdelghani Bellaachia and Anasse Bari -- Cluster_KDD: A Visual Clustering and Knowledge Discovery Platform Based on Concept Lattice / Amel Grissa Touzi, Amira Aloui and Rim Mahouachi -- Design and Implementation of an Intelligent Automatic Question Answering System Based on Data Mining / Zhe Qu and Qin Wang -- Comprehensive Evaluation of Chinese Liquor Quality Based on Improved Gray-Clustering Analysis / Huanglin Zeng and Xuefei Tang -- Ontology-Based Hazard Information Extraction from Chinese Food Complaint Documents / Xiquan Yang, Rui Gao, Zhengfu Han and Xin Sui -- A Novel Collaborative Filtering Algorithm Based on Social Network / Qun Liu, Yi Gao and Zhiming Peng -- The Evaluation of Data Uncertainty and Entropy Analysis for Multiple Events / Sanghyuk Lee and T.O. Ting -- Design Similarity Measure and Application to Fault Detection of Lateral Directional Mode Flight System / WookJe Park, Sangmin Lee, Sanghyuk Lee and T.O. Ting -- A Novel Classification Algorithm to Noise Data / Hong Li, Yu Zong, Kunlun Wang and Buxiao Wu -- A Two-Layered P2P Resource Sharing Model Based on Cluster / Qiang Yu, Xiang Chen and Huiming Wang -- The Effects of Customer Perceived Disposal Hardship on Post-Consumer Product Remanufacturing: A Multi-agent Perspective / Bo Xing, Wen-jing Gao, Fulufhelo V. Nelwamondo, Kimberly Battle and Tshilidzi Marwala.
Dynamic ROI Extraction Algorithm for Palmprints / Hemantha Kumar Kalluri, Munaga V.N.K. Prasad and Arun Agarwal -- Video-Base People Counting and Gender Recognition / Yuen Sum Wong, Cho Wing Tam, Siu Mo Lee, Chuen Pan Chan and Hong Fu -- Facial Expression Recognition Based on Cortex-Like Mechanisms / Heng Zhao, Xiaoping Wang and Qiang Zhang -- Texture and Space-Time Based Moving Objects Segmentation and Shadow Removing / Ye-Peng Guan -- A Client/Server Based Mechanism to Prevent ARP Spoofing Attacks / Haider Salim, Zhitang Li, Hao Tu and Zhengbiao Guo -- A Novel Focused Crawler Based on Breadcrumb Navigation / Lizhi Ying, Xinhao Zhou, Jian Yuan and Yongfeng Huang -- Hausdorff Distance with k-Nearest Neighbors / Jun Wang and Ying Tan -- About Eigenvalues from Embedding Data Complex in Low Dimension / Jiun-Wei Liou and Cheng-Yuan Liou -- Multi-level Description of Leaf Index Based on Analysis of Canopy Structure / Shanchen Pang, Tan Li, Feng Dai and Xianhu Qi -- An Energy-Balanced Cluster Range Control Algorithm with Energy Compensation Factors / Juanjuan Li and Dingyi Fang -- Situation Cognitive in Adjustable Autonomy System Theory and Application / Rubo Zhang and Lili Yin -- Research on an Automatic Generated Method of High-Speed Surface Vessel Molded Lines / Chuntao Li, Xiang Qi, Jian Shi and Zhongfang Shi.
An Improved Moving Target Detection Method and the Analysis of Influence Factors / Dongyao Jia and Xi Chen -- Performance of Termite-Hill Routing Algorithm on Sink Mobility in Wireless Sensor Networks / Adamu Murtala Zungeru, Li-Minn Ang and Kah Phooi Seng -- Distributed Compressed Sensing Based on Bipartite Graph in Wireless Sensor Networks / Zhemin Zhuang, Chuliang Wei and Fenlan Li -- An Improved ID-Based Key Management Scheme in Wireless Sensor Network / Kakali Chatterjee, Asok De and Daya Gupta -- Identity Manage Interoperation Based on OpenID / Shaofeng Yu, Dongmei Li and Jianyong Chen -- Nonlinear Calibration for N Thermocouple Sensor / Xiaobin Li, Haiyan Sun, Naijie Xia and Jianhua Wang -- Independent Task Scheduling Based on Improved Harmony Search Algorithm / Hua Jiang, Liping Zheng and Yanxiu Liu -- Discover Scheduling Strategies with Gene Expression Programming for Dynamic Flexible Job Shop Scheduling Problem / Li Nie, Yuewei Bai, Xiaogang Wang and Kai Liu -- Distributed Rate Allocation for Multi-path Routing Based on Network Utility Maximization / Youjun Bu, Wei He, Kunpeng Jiang and Binqiang Wang -- Integration of Battery Charging to Tour Schedule Generation for an EV-Based Rent-a-Car Business / Junghoon Lee, Hye-Jin Kim and Gyung-Leen Park -- A Scalable Algorithm for Finding Delay-Constraint Least-Cost End-to-End Path / Yue Han, Zengji Liu, Mingwu Yao and Jungang Yang.
Regularization Path for Linear Model via Net Method / Xin-Ze Luan, Yong Liang, Cheng Liu, Zong-Ben Xu and Hai Zhang, et al. -- Resolving Single Depot Vehicle Routing Problem with Artificial Fish Swarm Algorithm / Zhi Li, Haixiang Guo, Longhui Liu, Juan Yang and Peng Yuan -- Based-Parameter Adaptive Synchronization of Time-Delay Chaotic Systems / Ying Huang, Lan Yin and Wei Ding -- Application of FIFO in Seismic High-Speed Data Acquisition Systems on DSP / Wei Ding, Chenwang Liao, Tao Deng and Hao Wang -- Application of Visual Simulation in Building Marine Engine Room Simulator / Yelan He and Hui Chen -- A Robust Adaptive Filter Estimation Algorithm for Vision-Based Cooperative Motions of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle / Chaoxu Li, Zhong Liu, Zhihua Gao and Xuesong Li -- Design and Implement of a CUDA Based SPH Particle System Editor / Xianjun Chen and Yongsong Zhan -- Implementations of Main Algorithms for Generalized Eigenproblem on GPU Accelerator / Yonghua Zhao, Jian Zhang and Xuebin Chi -- The Existence of Nonoscillatory of a Third-Order Quasilinear Ordinary Differential Equation / Jinyan Wang -- A Research of All-Derivable Points / Sufang Wang and Chao Xu -- Connective Stability Analysis for a Class of Large-Scale Systems Based on the Inclusion Principle / Xuebo Chen, Xufei Lu, Xinyu Ouyang and Xiao Xiao -- Calculations of Amounts of Joint Reserve of Airplanes in Civil Aviation Systems / Zhe Yin, Yunfei Guo, Feng Lin, Di Gao and Maosheng Lai.
Global Optimization for the Sum of Linear Ratios Problem over Convex Feasible Region / Li Jin, Rui Wang and Peiping Shen -- TAC-RMTO: Trading Agent Competition in Remanufacture-to-Order / Bo Xing, Wen-jing Gao, Fulufhelo V. Nelwamondo, Kimberly Battle and Tshilidzi Marwala -- E-HASH: An Energy-Efficient Hybrid Storage System Composed of One SSD and Multiple HDDs / Jiao Hui, Xiongzi Ge, Xiaoxia Huang, Yi Liu and Qiangjun Ran -- Fault Diagnosis and Optimization for Agent Based on the D-S Evidence Theory / Wang Jianfang, Zhang Qiuling and Zhi Huilai -- Optimizing Hash Function Number for BF-Based Object Locating Algorithm / Zhu Wang and Tiejian Luo -- Quantized Steady-State Kalman Filter in a Wireless Sensor Network / Changcheng Wang, Guoqing Qi, Yinya Li and Andong Sheng -- A Multiple Shape-Target Tracking Algorithm by Using MCMC Sampling / Weifeng Liu, Zhong Chai and Chenglin Wen -- Modified UDP-Based Semi-supervised Learning for Fruit Internal Quality Detection / Peiyi Zhu, Benlian Xu and Jue Gao -- Research Progress of a Novel Hybrid 3G-VHF Communication System over Maritime Buoys / Xiaoying Wang, Yingge Chen and Benlian Xu -- Cell Automatic Tracking Technique with Particle Filter / Mingli Lu, Benlian Xu and Andong Sheng -- Ocean Buoy Communication Node Selection Strategy with Intelligent Ant Behavior / Benlian Xu, Qinglan Chen, Wan Shi and Xiaoying Wang.

Table of Contents for: Advances in swarm intelligence : third I