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Advances in swarm intelligence : third International Conference, ICSI 2012, Shenzhen, China, June 17-20, 2012 Proceedings. Part II /

Ying Tan, Yuhui Shi, Zhen Ji (eds.).

Book Cover
Names: Tan, Ying, | Shi, Yuhui. | Ji, Zhen.
Published: Berlin ; Springer, ©2012.
Series: Lecture notes in computer science ; 7332.
LNCS sublibrary. SL 1, Theoretical computer science and general issues.
Topics: Swarm intelligence - Congresses. | Informatique.
Genres: Electronic books. | Conference papers and proceedings.
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111 2 |aICSI (Conference)|n(3rd :|d2012 :|cShenzhen, China)
245 10|aAdvances in swarm intelligence :|bthird International Conference, ICSI 2012, Shenzhen, China, June 17-20, 2012 Proceedings.|nPart II /|cYing Tan, Yuhui Shi, Zhen Ji (eds.).
260 |aBerlin ;|aNew York :|bSpringer,|c©2012.
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490 1 |aLecture notes in computer science,|x0302-9743 ;|v7332
490 1 |aLNCS sublibrary. SL 1, Theoretical computer science and general issues
504 |aIncludes bibliographical references and author index.
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505 80|tOptimizing Supplier Selection with Disruptions by Chance-Constrained Programming /|rWenjuan Zang, Yankui Liu and Zhenhong Li --|tFlock by Leader: A Novel Machine Learning Biologically Inspired Clustering Algorithm /|rAbdelghani Bellaachia and Anasse Bari --|tCluster_KDD: A Visual Clustering and Knowledge Discovery Platform Based on Concept Lattice /|rAmel Grissa Touzi, Amira Aloui and Rim Mahouachi --|tDesign and Implementation of an Intelligent Automatic Question Answering System Based on Data Mining /|rZhe Qu and Qin Wang --|tComprehensive Evaluation of Chinese Liquor Quality Based on Improved Gray-Clustering Analysis /|rHuanglin Zeng and Xuefei Tang --|tOntology-Based Hazard Information Extraction from Chinese Food Complaint Documents /|rXiquan Yang, Rui Gao, Zhengfu Han and Xin Sui --|tA Novel Collaborative Filtering Algorithm Based on Social Network /|rQun Liu, Yi Gao and Zhiming Peng --|tThe Evaluation of Data Uncertainty and Entropy Analysis for Multiple Events /|rSanghyuk Lee and T.O. Ting --|tDesign Similarity Measure and Application to Fault Detection of Lateral Directional Mode Flight System /|rWookJe Park, Sangmin Lee, Sanghyuk Lee and T.O. Ting --|tA Novel Classification Algorithm to Noise Data /|rHong Li, Yu Zong, Kunlun Wang and Buxiao Wu --|tA Two-Layered P2P Resource Sharing Model Based on Cluster /|rQiang Yu, Xiang Chen and Huiming Wang --|tThe Effects of Customer Perceived Disposal Hardship on Post-Consumer Product Remanufacturing: A Multi-agent Perspective /|rBo Xing, Wen-jing Gao, Fulufhelo V. Nelwamondo, Kimberly Battle and Tshilidzi Marwala.
505 80|tDynamic ROI Extraction Algorithm for Palmprints /|rHemantha Kumar Kalluri, Munaga V.N.K. Prasad and Arun Agarwal --|tVideo-Base People Counting and Gender Recognition /|rYuen Sum Wong, Cho Wing Tam, Siu Mo Lee, Chuen Pan Chan and Hong Fu --|tFacial Expression Recognition Based on Cortex-Like Mechanisms /|rHeng Zhao, Xiaoping Wang and Qiang Zhang --|tTexture and Space-Time Based Moving Objects Segmentation and Shadow Removing /|rYe-Peng Guan --|tA Client/Server Based Mechanism to Prevent ARP Spoofing Attacks /|rHaider Salim, Zhitang Li, Hao Tu and Zhengbiao Guo --|tA Novel Focused Crawler Based on Breadcrumb Navigation /|rLizhi Ying, Xinhao Zhou, Jian Yuan and Yongfeng Huang --|tHausdorff Distance with k-Nearest Neighbors /|rJun Wang and Ying Tan --|tAbout Eigenvalues from Embedding Data Complex in Low Dimension /|rJiun-Wei Liou and Cheng-Yuan Liou --|tMulti-level Description of Leaf Index Based on Analysis of Canopy Structure /|rShanchen Pang, Tan Li, Feng Dai and Xianhu Qi --|tAn Energy-Balanced Cluster Range Control Algorithm with Energy Compensation Factors /|rJuanjuan Li and Dingyi Fang --|tSituation Cognitive in Adjustable Autonomy System Theory and Application /|rRubo Zhang and Lili Yin --|tResearch on an Automatic Generated Method of High-Speed Surface Vessel Molded Lines /|rChuntao Li, Xiang Qi, Jian Shi and Zhongfang Shi.
505 80|tAn Improved Moving Target Detection Method and the Analysis of Influence Factors /|rDongyao Jia and Xi Chen --|tPerformance of Termite-Hill Routing Algorithm on Sink Mobility in Wireless Sensor Networks /|rAdamu Murtala Zungeru, Li-Minn Ang and Kah Phooi Seng --|tDistributed Compressed Sensing Based on Bipartite Graph in Wireless Sensor Networks /|rZhemin Zhuang, Chuliang Wei and Fenlan Li --|tAn Improved ID-Based Key Management Scheme in Wireless Sensor Network /|rKakali Chatterjee, Asok De and Daya Gupta --|tIdentity Manage Interoperation Based on OpenID /|rShaofeng Yu, Dongmei Li and Jianyong Chen --|tNonlinear Calibration for N Thermocouple Sensor /|rXiaobin Li, Haiyan Sun, Naijie Xia and Jianhua Wang --|tIndependent Task Scheduling Based on Improved Harmony Search Algorithm /|rHua Jiang, Liping Zheng and Yanxiu Liu --|tDiscover Scheduling Strategies with Gene Expression Programming for Dynamic Flexible Job Shop Scheduling Problem /|rLi Nie, Yuewei Bai, Xiaogang Wang and Kai Liu --|tDistributed Rate Allocation for Multi-path Routing Based on Network Utility Maximization /|rYoujun Bu, Wei He, Kunpeng Jiang and Binqiang Wang --|tIntegration of Battery Charging to Tour Schedule Generation for an EV-Based Rent-a-Car Business /|rJunghoon Lee, Hye-Jin Kim and Gyung-Leen Park --|tA Scalable Algorithm for Finding Delay-Constraint Least-Cost End-to-End Path /|rYue Han, Zengji Liu, Mingwu Yao and Jungang Yang.
505 80|tRegularization Path for Linear Model via Net Method /|rXin-Ze Luan, Yong Liang, Cheng Liu, Zong-Ben Xu and Hai Zhang, et al. --|tResolving Single Depot Vehicle Routing Problem with Artificial Fish Swarm Algorithm /|rZhi Li, Haixiang Guo, Longhui Liu, Juan Yang and Peng Yuan --|tBased-Parameter Adaptive Synchronization of Time-Delay Chaotic Systems /|rYing Huang, Lan Yin and Wei Ding --|tApplication of FIFO in Seismic High-Speed Data Acquisition Systems on DSP /|rWei Ding, Chenwang Liao, Tao Deng and Hao Wang --|tApplication of Visual Simulation in Building Marine Engine Room Simulator /|rYelan He and Hui Chen --|tA Robust Adaptive Filter Estimation Algorithm for Vision-Based Cooperative Motions of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle /|rChaoxu Li, Zhong Liu, Zhihua Gao and Xuesong Li --|tDesign and Implement of a CUDA Based SPH Particle System Editor /|rXianjun Chen and Yongsong Zhan --|tImplementations of Main Algorithms for Generalized Eigenproblem on GPU Accelerator /|rYonghua Zhao, Jian Zhang and Xuebin Chi --|tThe Existence of Nonoscillatory of a Third-Order Quasilinear Ordinary Differential Equation /|rJinyan Wang --|tA Research of All-Derivable Points /|rSufang Wang and Chao Xu --|tConnective Stability Analysis for a Class of Large-Scale Systems Based on the Inclusion Principle /|rXuebo Chen, Xufei Lu, Xinyu Ouyang and Xiao Xiao --|tCalculations of Amounts of Joint Reserve of Airplanes in Civil Aviation Systems /|rZhe Yin, Yunfei Guo, Feng Lin, Di Gao and Maosheng Lai.
505 80|tGlobal Optimization for the Sum of Linear Ratios Problem over Convex Feasible Region /|rLi Jin, Rui Wang and Peiping Shen --|tTAC-RMTO: Trading Agent Competition in Remanufacture-to-Order /|rBo Xing, Wen-jing Gao, Fulufhelo V. Nelwamondo, Kimberly Battle and Tshilidzi Marwala --|tE-HASH: An Energy-Efficient Hybrid Storage System Composed of One SSD and Multiple HDDs /|rJiao Hui, Xiongzi Ge, Xiaoxia Huang, Yi Liu and Qiangjun Ran --|tFault Diagnosis and Optimization for Agent Based on the D-S Evidence Theory /|rWang Jianfang, Zhang Qiuling and Zhi Huilai --|tOptimizing Hash Function Number for BF-Based Object Locating Algorithm /|rZhu Wang and Tiejian Luo --|tQuantized Steady-State Kalman Filter in a Wireless Sensor Network /|rChangcheng Wang, Guoqing Qi, Yinya Li and Andong Sheng --|tA Multiple Shape-Target Tracking Algorithm by Using MCMC Sampling /|rWeifeng Liu, Zhong Chai and Chenglin Wen --|tModified UDP-Based Semi-supervised Learning for Fruit Internal Quality Detection /|rPeiyi Zhu, Benlian Xu and Jue Gao --|tResearch Progress of a Novel Hybrid 3G-VHF Communication System over Maritime Buoys /|rXiaoying Wang, Yingge Chen and Benlian Xu --|tCell Automatic Tracking Technique with Particle Filter /|rMingli Lu, Benlian Xu and Andong Sheng --|tOcean Buoy Communication Node Selection Strategy with Intelligent Ant Behavior /|rBenlian Xu, Qinglan Chen, Wan Shi and Xiaoying Wang.
520 |aThis book and its companion volume, LNCS vols. 7331 and 7332, constitute the Proceedings of the Third International conference on Swarm Intelligence, ICSI 2012, held in Shenzhen, China in June 2012. The 145 full papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from 247 submissions. The papers are organized in 27 cohesive sections covering all major topics of swarm intelligence research and developments.
650 0|aSwarm intelligence|vCongresses.
650 7|aInformatique.|2eclas
650 7|aSwarm intelligence.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01139953
653 4|aComputer science.
653 4|aComputer Communication Networks.
653 4|aComputer software.
653 4|aData mining.
653 4|aArtificial intelligence.
653 4|aInformation Systems Applications (incl. Internet)
653 4|aComputation by Abstract Devices.
655 4|aElectronic books.
655 7|aConference papers and proceedings.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01423772
700 1 |aTan, Ying,|d1964-
700 1 |aShi, Yuhui.
700 1 |aJi, Zhen.
830 0|aLecture notes in computer science ;|v7332.
830 0|aLNCS sublibrary.|nSL 1,|pTheoretical computer science and general issues.
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