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The era of interactive media [electronic resource] /

Jesse S. Jin, Changsheng Xu, Min Xu [editors].

Book Cover
Names: Jin, Jesse S. | Xu, Changsheng. | Xu, Min.
Published: New York, NY : Springer, c2013.
Topics: Interactive multimedia - Congresses.
Genres: Electronic books.
Online Access: SpringerLink Link to The era of interactive media (access limited to Benedictine University patrons)
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245 04|aThe era of interactive media|h[electronic resource] /|cJesse S. Jin, Changsheng Xu, Min Xu [editors].
260 |aNew York, NY :|bSpringer,|cc2013.
300 |a1 online resource :|bill. (some col.)
504 |aIncludes bibliographical references.
505 00|gPart 1.|tBest Papers and Runner-ups --|tImage Re-Emotionalizing /|rMengdi Xu, Bingbing Ni, Jinhui Tang and Shuicheng Yan --|tThesaurus-Assistant Query Expansion for Context-Based Medical Image Retrieval /|rHong Wu and Chengbo Tian --|tForgery Detection for Surveillance Video /|rDai-Kyung Hyun, Min-Jeong Lee, Seung-Jin Ryu, Hae-Yeoun Lee and Heung-Kyu Lee --|tDigital Image Forensics: A Two-Step Approach for Identifying Source and Detecting Forgeries /|rWiem Taktak and Jean-Luc Dugelay --|tHuman Activity Analysis for Geriatric Care in Nursing Homes /|rMing-Yu Chen, Alexander Hauptmann, Ashok Bharucha, Howard Wactlar and Yi Yang.
505 80|gPart 2.|tFace Detection, Recognition and Synthesis --|tMulti-Feature Face Recognition Based on 2D-PCA and SVM /|rSompong Valuvanathorn, Supot Nitsuwat and Mao Lin Huang --|tFace Orientation Detection Using Histogram of Optimized Local Binary Pattern /|rNan Dong, Xiangzhao Zeng and Ling Guan --|tFast Eye Detection and Localization Using a Salient Map /|rMuwei Jian and Kin-Man Lam --|tEyeglasses Removal from Facial Image Based on MVLR /|rZhigang Zhang and Yu Peng.
505 80|gPart 3.|tVideo Coding and Transmission --|tA Multiple Hexagon Search Algorithm for Motion and Disparity Estimation in Multiview Video Coding /|rZhaoqing Pan, Sam Kwong and Yun Zhang --|tAdaptive Motion Skip Mode for AVS 3D Video Coding /|rLianlian Jiang, Yue Wang, Li Zhang and Siwei Ma --|tAdaptive Search Range Methods for B Pictures Coding /|rZhigang Yang --|tReplacing Conventional Motion Estimation with Affine Motion Prediction for High-Quality Video Coding /|rHoi-Kok Cheung and Wan-Chi Siu --|tFast Mode Decision Using Rate-Distortion Cost and Temporal Correlations in H.264/AVC /|rYo-Sung Ho and Soo-Jin Hwang --|tDisparity and Motion Activity Based Mode Prediction for Fast Mode Decision in Multiview Video Coding /|rDan Mao, Yun Zhang, Qian Chen and Sam Kwong --|tMultiple Reference Frame Motion Re-estimation for H.264/AVC Frame-Skipping Transcoding with Zonal Search /|rJhong-Hau Jiang, Yu-Ming Lee and Yinyi Lin --|tFrame Layer Rate Control Method for Stereoscopic Video Coding Based on a Novel Rate-Distortion Model /|rQun Wang, Li Zhuo, Jing Zhang and Xiaoguang Li --|tHardware Friendly Oriented Design for Alternative Transform in HEVC /|rLin Sun, Oscar C. Au, Xing Wen, Jiali Li and Wei Dai --|tA New Just-Noticeable-Distortion Model Combined with the Depth Information and Its Application in Multi-view Video Coding /|rFengzong Lian, Shaohui Liu, Xiaopeng Fan, Debin Zhao and Wen Gao.
505 80|gPart 4.|tAudio, image and video quality assessment --|tMulti-camera Skype: Enhancing the Quality of Experience of Video Conferencing /|rYing Wang, Prabhu Natarajan and Mohan Kankanhalli --|tContent Aware Metric for Image Resizing Assessment /|rLifang Wu, Lianchao Cao, Jinqiao Wang and Shuqin Liu --|tA Comprehensive Approach to Automatic Image Browsing for Small Display Devices /|rMuhammad Abul Hasan, Min Xu and Xiangjian He --|tCoarse-to-Fine Dissolve Detection Based on Image Quality Assessment /|rWeigang Zhang, Chunxi Liu, Qingming Huang, Shuqiang Jiang and Wen Gao.
505 80|gPart 5.|tAudio and image classification --|tBetter Than MFCC Audio Classification Features /|rRuben Gonzalez --|tA Novel 2D Wavelet Level Energy for Breast Lesion Classification on Ultrasound Images /|rYueh-Ching Liao, King-Chu Hung, Shu-Mei Guo, Po-Chin Wang and Tsung-Lung Yang --|tLearning-to-Share Based on Finding Groups for Large Scale Image Classification /|rLi Shen, Shuqiang Jiang, Shuhui Wang and Qingming Huang --|tVehicle Type Classification Using Data Mining Techniques /|rYu Peng, Jesse S. Jin, Suhuai Luo, Min Xu and Sherlock Au, et al..
505 80|gPart 6.|tStereo Image and Video Analysis --|tStereo Perception's Salience Assessment of Stereoscopic Images /|rQi Feng, Fan Xiaopeng and Zhao Debin --|tConfidence-Based Hierarchical Support Window for Fast Local Stereo Matching /|rJae-Il Jung and Yo-Sung Ho --|tOcclusion Detection Using Warping and Cross-Checking Constraints for Stereo Matching /|rYo-Sung Ho and Woo-Seok Jang --|tJoint Multilateral Filtering for Stereo Image Generation Using Depth Camera /|rYo-Sung Ho and Sang-Beom Lee.
505 80|gPart 7.|tObject Detection --|tJustifying the Importance of Color Cues in Object Detection: A Case Study on Pedestrian /|rQingyuan Wang, Junbiao Pang, Lei Qin, Shuqiang Jiang and Qingming Huang --|tAdaptive Moving Cast Shadow Detection /|rGuizhi Li, Lei Qin and Qingming Huang --|tA Framework for Surveillance Video Fast Browsing Based on Object Flags /|rShizheng Wang, Wanxin Xu, Chao Wang and Baoju Wang --|tPole Tip Corrosion Detection Using Various Image Processing Techniques /|rSuchart Yammen, Somjate Bunchuen, Ussadang Boonsri and Paisarn Muneesawang --|tReal-Time Cascade Template Matching for Object Instance Detection /|rChengli Xie, Jianguo Li, Tao Wang, Jinqiao Wang and Hanqing Lu.
505 80|gPart 8.|tAction Recognition and Surveillance --|tAn Unsupervised Real-Time Tracking and Recognition Framework in Videos /|rHuafeng Wang, Yunhong Wang, Jin Huang, Fan Wang and Zhaoxiang Zhang --|tRecognizing Realistic Action Using Contextual Feature Group /|rYituo Ye, Lei Qin, Zhongwei Cheng and Qingming Huang --|tMutual Information-Based Emotion Recognition /|rYue Cui, Suhuai Luo, Qi Tian, Shiliang Zhang and Yu Peng, et al..
505 80|gPart 9.|tVisual Analysis and Retrieval --|tPartitioned K-Means Clustering for Fast Construction of Unbiased Visual Vocabulary /|rShikui Wei, Xinxiao Wu and Dong Xu --|tComponent-Normalized Generalized Gradient Vector Flow for Snakes /|rYao Zhao, Ce Zhu, Lunming Qin, Huihui Bai and Huawei Tian --|tAn Adaptive and Link-Based Method for Video Scene Clustering and Visualization /|rHong Lu, Kai Chen, Yingbin Zheng, Zhuohong Cai and Xiangyang Xue --|tAn Unsupervised Approach to Multiple Speaker Tracking for Robust Multimedia Retrieval /|rM. Phanikumar, Lalan Kumar and Rajesh M. Hegde --|tOn Effects of Visual Query Complexity /|rJialie Shen and Zhiyong Cheng.
505 80|gPart 10.|tWatermarking and Image Processing --|tReversible Image Watermarking Using Hybrid Prediction /|rXiang Wang, Qingqi Pei, Xinbo Gao and Zongming Guo --|tA Rotation Invariant Descriptor for Robust Video Copy Detection /|rShuqiang Jiang, Li Su, Qingming Huang, Peng Cui and Zhipeng Wu --|tDepth-Wise Segmentation of 3D Images Using Dense Depth Maps /|rSeyedsaeid Mirkamali and P. Nagabhushan --|tA Robust and Transparent Watermarking Method Against Block-Based Compression Attacks /|rPhi Bang Nguyen, Azeddine Beghdadi and Marie Luong --|tA New Signal Processing Method for Video Image-Reproduce the Frequency Spectrum Exceeding the Nyquist Frequency Using a Single Frame of the Video Image /|rSeiichi Gohshi.
505 80|gPart 11.|tApplications --|tA Novel UEP Scheme for Scalable Video Transmission Over MIMO Systems /|rChao Zhou, Xinggong Zhang and Zongming Guo --|tFramework of Contour Based Depth Map Coding System /|rMinghui Wang, Xun He, Xin Jin and Satoshi Goto --|tAn Audiovisual Wireless Field Guide /|rRuben Gonzalez and Yongsheng Gao --|tCDNs with DASH and iDASH Using Priority Caching /|rCornelius Hellge, Yago Sánchez, Thomas Schierl, Thomas Wiegand and Danny De Vleeschauwer, et al. --|tA Travel Planning System Based on Travel Trajectories Extracted from a Large Number of Geotagged Photos on the Web /|rKohya Okuyama and Keiji Yanai --|tA Robust Histogram Region-Based Global Camera Estimation Method for Video Sequences /|rXuesong Le and Ruben Gonzalez.
650 0|aInteractive multimedia|vCongresses.
653 4|aComputer science.
653 4|aInformation systems.
653 4|aMultimedia systems.
653 4|aInformation Systems and Communication Service.
655 0|aElectronic books.
700 1 |aJin, Jesse S.
700 1 |aXu, Changsheng.
700 1 |aXu, Min.
711 2 |aIEEE Pacific Rim Conference on Multimedia|n(12th :|d2011 :|cSydney, N.S.W.)
852 80|beitem|hSpringer|t1
856 40|3SpringerLink|u|yLink to The era of interactive media|z(access limited to Benedictine University patrons)
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