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Emerging trends in computing, informatics, systems sciences, and engineering [electronic resource] /

Tarek Sobh, Khaled Elleithy, editors.

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Names: Sobh, Tarek M. | Elleithy, Khaled.
Published: New York, NY : Springer, c2013.
Series: Lecture notes in electrical engineering ; v.151.
Topics: Computer engineering - Congresses. | Computer science - Congresses. | Information technology - Congresses. | COMPUTERS / Computer Literacy | COMPUTERS / Computer Science | COMPUTERS / Data Processing | COMPUTERS / Hardware / General | COMPUTERS / Information Technology | COMPUTERS / Machine Theory | COMPUTERS / Reference
Genres: Electronic books.
Online Access: SpringerLink Link to Emerging trends in computing, informatics, systems sciences, and engineering (access limited to Benedictine University patrons)
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Customized Opinion Mining using Intelligent Algorithms / Pablo Cababie, Alvaro Zweig, Gabriel Barrera and Daniela Lopéz De Luise -- Information Security Measurement Roles and Responsibilities / Margareth Stoll and Ruth Breu -- Service and Information Security Improvement by Collaborative Business Process Management / Margareth Stoll -- Software Design for Dynamic Stitching of Multi-Spectral Images of Field Crops / Chi N. Thai, S. T. Jones and G. C. Rains -- Teaching Robotics to Students with Mixed Interests / Chi N. Thai -- An Initial Study Identifying Trends in Test Cases / Shivsubramani Krishnamoorthy -- Providing Strategies for Education in Engineering for Virtual Team Development / S. E. McCaslin and M. Young -- New Automated Assembly Model Based on Automated Route Card Scheme / Yuval Cohen and Dina Goren-Bar -- On Using a Semiotic Quality Framework to Evaluate the Quality of Conceptual Database Schemas / Erki Eessaar --
Pareto Front Investigation of Multivariable Control Systems / Ka Wing Ho and M. Braae -- Multi-objective Performance Evaluation of Controllers for a Thermal Process / T. Koetje, M. Braae and M. Tsoeu -- Design Considerations for Generalized Predictive Controllers and Systems with Fractional Dead Time / Christopher Domenic Cecchini -- R-Mesh Simulator Using C++ / Abdelwadood Mesleh, Omar AlHeyasat, Mohammad Al-Rawabdeh and Mazen AbuZaher -- Image Pre-Compensation for Visually Impaired Computer Users with Variable Pupil Size / Jian Huang, Armando Barreto, Miguel Alonso and Malek Adjouadi -- Digital Filtering of the Pupil Diameter Signal for Affective Assessment of a Computer User / Peng Ren, Armando Barreto, Ying Gao and Malek Adjouadi -- TCCT: A GUI Table Comparison Computer Tool / Ali Alzaabi, Georges Alquié, Hussain Tassadaq and Ali Seba -- Information Management for Holistic, Collaborative Information Security Management / Margareth Stoll, Michael Felderer and Ruth Breu --
Towards Passive Walking for the Fully-Actuated Biped Robot Nao / Gareth Priede and Alexander Ferrein -- The Multi GPU Accelerated Waveform Inversion in Distributed OpenCL Environment / M. Kloc and T. Danek -- The Analysis of the Efficiency of Parallelization of Existing Serial Code on the Basis of Seismic Migration / K. Oleszko and T. Danek -- A Cluster Analysis for Determining the Effects of Codes of Conduct in the Business Administration / David López-Jiménez, Salvador Bueno and M. Dolores Gallego -- Playing with Numbers: Development Issues and Evaluation Results of a Computer Game for Primary School Students / Chris T. Panagiotakopoulos, M. E. Sarris and E. G. Koleza -- Reverse Auctions: How Electronic Auctions Can Aid Governments in Significantly Cutting Their Procurement Spending and Introduce Greater Competition in Public Sector Contracting / David C. Wyld -- Models for Some Smart Toys and Extensions / Dan Ciulin -- Matrix-Based Methods for Supporting Logic Planning of IT Projects / Zsolt Tibor Kosztyán and Judit Kiss --
From Three Dimensional Document Circulation Diagram into UML Diagrams / Ilona Bluemke and Stanislaw Jerzy Niepostyn -- Operating System for Wireless Embedded Systems Powered by Energy Harvesters / Attila Strba and Tibor Krajčovič -- Data Transformation and Data Transitive Techniques for Protecting Sensitive Data in Privacy Preserving Data Mining / S. Vijayarani and A. Tamilarasi -- Handling Maintenance Projects with Matrix-Based Methods / Zsolt T. Kosztyán, Csaba Hegedűs, Judit Kiss and Anikó Németh -- Computer Aided Diagnostic Methods to Forecast Condition-Based Maintenance Tasks / Zsolt Tibor Kosztyán and Csaba Hegedűs -- On Numerical Approach to Stochastic Systems Modelling / Eimutis Valakevicius and Mindaugas Snipas -- An Advanced DSS for Classification of Multiple-Sclerosis Lesions in MR Images / I. De Falco, M. Esposito and G. De Pietro -- E-Learning Software for Students with Autism / Soly Mathew Biju, Catherine Todd, Latif Tchantchane and Bushra Yakoob --
Steganography and Steganalysis: Current Status and Future Directions / Eman Abdelfattah and Ausif Mahmood -- Validation of System Architectures Against Requirements / Andre Pflueger, Wolfgang Golubski and Stefan Queins -- A Few Reflections Regarding Assessment in an E-Learning Environment / Jan Genci -- Methods to Ensure Higher Variability of Knowledge Tests in the Moodle LMS Environment / Jan Genci -- The Use of Virtualization and Thin Clients Within the Infrastructure of Computer Labs / R. Mitwicki, S. Sikora and T. Danek -- Testing Mobile Agents on the Azul Platform / Michał Komorowski -- Support of Relational Algebra Knowledge Assessment / Henrieta Telepovska and Matus Toth -- On Synergy of Motivational Projects and Agile Software Development Practices / Deniss Kumlander -- Expert System as the Tool for Information Asymmetry Reduction on RCBS Market in EU / M. Hedvicakova and I. Soukal -- Instructional Design for Building Entrepreneurial Competency in Romania: First Stage Research Framework and Results / C. A. Hutu and S. Avasilcai --
Security Requirements for Internet Voting Systems / Md. Abdul Based and Stig Fr. Mjølsnes -- A Multi-Algorithm, High Reliability Steganalyzer Based on Services Oriented Architecture / Eman Abdelfattah and Ausif Mahmood -- A Quality Model of Metamodeling Systems / Rünno Sgirka and Erki Eessaar -- Selection of Appropriate Data Storage for Wavelet Transform Coefficients / I. Žouželková, R. Vala and M. Juřík -- Drug Delivery by Electroporation: Review / Sadhana Talele -- Wine Maturation Using High Electric Field / Sadhana Talele and Mark Benseman -- A Computational Intelligence Approach for Forecasting Telecommunications Time Series / Paris A. Mastorocostas and Constantinos S. Hilas -- Designing a Networking Tool for Automatic Domain Zone Updating / Charalambos Alatas and Constantinos S. Hilas -- Open Source Software Development: Exploring Research Perspectives / Preet Kanwal, Anu Gupta and Ravinder Kumar Singla -- Informal Instructional Design to Engage and Retain Students in Engineering / Cecilia K. Y. Chan and Tom Colloton --
TCP with Advanced Window Scaling Option / Michal Olšovský and Margaréta Kotočová -- Implementation of the Handheld Decision Support System for Agriculture and Home Gardening / Mária Pohronská and Tibor Krajčovič -- A Low-Overhead BIST Architecture for Digital Data Processing Circuits / Roland Dobai, Marcel Baláž, Peter Trebatický, Peter Malik and Elena Gramatová -- Dynamic Web Service Composition with MDE Approaches and Ontologies / Eduardo D. C. Bezerra, Denivaldo Lopes and Zair Abdelouahab -- An Approach Based on Z Language for Formalization of Model Transformation Definition / Carlos C. G. Mendes, Zair Abdelouahab and Denivaldo Lopes -- Intrusion Detection System for Botnet Attacks in Wireless Networks Using Hybrid Detection Method Based on DNS / Raimundo Pereira da Cunha Neto, Zair Abdelouahab, Valéria Priscilla Monteiro Fernandes and Bruno Rodrigues Froz --
Parallelization of Closed-Form Stiffness Matrix Generation for Tetrahedral Finite Elements / Sara E. McCaslin -- Metrics in Assessing the Quality and Evolution of jEdit / Ilona Bluemke and Rafał Roguski -- Customising a BBVC for Asterisk VoIP Services / Y. Oyedele, A. Terzoli and K. Mufeti -- An Exploratory Empirical Study of Internal Quality Attributes of Open Source Software Systems / Denis Kozlov, Jussi Koskinen, Markku Sakkinen and Jouni Markkula -- An Approach to Information Technologies for Solving Mathematical Physics Problems / A. Jansone and L. Zacs. K. Jakimov -- Multiple Software Watchdog Timers in the Linux OS / J. Abaffy and T. Krajčovič -- An Ontology-Based Fuzzy Approach for Alert Verification and Correlation in RFID Systems / M. Esposito -- XML Database Storage for Web based Application / Puspha Rani Suri and Neetu Sardana -- Towards C# Application Development Using UML State Machines: A Case Study / Anna Derezińska and Marian Szczykulski --
Visualization of Verilog Digital Systems Models / K. Jelemenská, M. Nosál' and P. Čičák -- Expert System Aided Power System Reinforcement with Reliability and Voltage Sag Consideration / Sahar A. Moussa, M. El-Geneidy and E. N. Abdalla -- A TSK Fuzzy Approach to Channel Estimation for 802.11a WLANs / Laura Ivanciu, Ligia Chira Cremene and Gabriel Oltean -- Comparison of Bootstrapping and Finite State Machine Simulations of a Scheduling Benchmark / George Anderson, Tshilidzi Marwala and Fulufhelo Vincent Nelwamondo -- Low Power 8-Bit Baugh-Wooley Multiplier Based on Wallace Tree Architecture / Xingguo Xiong and Muzi Lin -- Rapid Prototyping and CAD/CAM in Building Design Education: A Very Early Introduction to Mass Customization / Neander Silva and Ecilamar Lima -- Design and Implementation of Nonlinear Control Strategies: A Tutorial / J. F. Briones, M. A. Paz, J. L. Gallegos, J. I. O. Rodriguez and M. O. Aguilar --
Using PRINCE2 Project Management Methodology to Develop SOA Based Applications / U. Şimşek and H. Gümüşkaya -- Logical Circuits Design Education Based on Virtual Verification Panel / P. Pištek, R. Marcinčin, T. Palaj and J. Štrba -- Extending LR Parsing to Implement Rewriting Semantics in Extensible Programming Languages / Ernesto Ocampo Herrera and Leonardo Val -- Neuro-Fuzzy Model Related To Job Assignation / Marius Pislaru and Silvia Avasilcai -- Time-Based Location Prediction Technique for Wireless Cellular Networks / Joshua Bradley and Sherif Rashad -- Computer Simulation Applied to the Design of Urban Public Spaces: Day Lighting in the Squares / Tatiana Yeganiantz, Neander Silva and Ecilamar Lima -- Some Results in Automatic Functional Test Design for Processors / Ján Hudec -- Enhanced Classroom Presenter / K. Jelemenská, P. Koine and P. Čičák -- A Textual Domain Specific Language for User Interface Modelling / Mart Karu --
Vehicle Detection Even in Poor Visibility Conditions Using Infrared Thermal Images and Its Application to Road Traffic Flow Monitoring / Yoichiro Iwasaki, Shinya Kawata and Toshiyuki Nakamiya -- Using Data Mining Techniques for Diagnostic of Virtual Systems Under Control of KVM / Monika Chuchro, Kamil Szostek, Adam Piórkowski and Tomasz Danek -- C# Based Media Center / Taner Arsan, Rasim Sen, Barkan Ersoy and Kadir Kadirhan Devri -- An Efficient Intrusion Detection System for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks / B. V. Ram Naresh Yadav, B. Satyanarayana and O. B. V. Ramanaiah -- The Academic Rating Criteria for Knowledge Web-Based in Thailand / K. Dowpiset and C. Nuangjamnong -- Traditional and Modern MCQ Methods as In-class Formative Assessment / Cecilia K.Y. Chan, Vincent W.L. Tam and Wilton T.T. Fok -- Evaluating the Impact of Various Modulation Schemes on WiMAX Quality of Service / Justin Morgan and Hetal Jasani -- Estimation of Depth Map Using Image Focus: A Scale-Space Approach for Shape Recovery / W. A. Smith, K. P. Lam, D. J. Collins and J. Tarvainen --
Applying Intelligent Agents in Traffic Control for Traffic Intersection Groups / Tzong-An Su and Yau-Chiuan Yang -- Energy Saving in Advanced Absorption Heat Pump with Object Oriented Programming / R. J. Romero, S. Silva-Sotelo, Rodríguez Martínez and J. Cerezo Román -- Application of Artificial Neural Networks in Chosen Glass Laminates Properties Prediction / Soňa Rusnáková, Zora Jančíková, Pavol Koštial, David Seidl and Ivan Ružiak, et al. -- Archaeology, Incas, Shape Grammars and Virtual Reconstruction / W. Iain Mackay and Neander F. Silva -- Strategic Design of a Financial Model / Simone Santos, Brandon Link, Mauricio Tagliari and Adolfo Alberto Vanti -- Numerical Analysis of Electromagnetic Field Coupled with the Thermal Field in Induction Heating Process / Mihaela Novac, Ovidiu Novac, Ecaterina Vladu, Liliana Indrie and Adriana Grava -- Process Deployment: A Taxonomy of Critical Success Factors / Luz S. Bayona, Jose A. Calvo-Manzano, Gonzalo Cuevas and Tomás San Feliu.

Table of Contents for: Emerging trends in computing, informatic