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The OKeh Ellington /

Duke Ellington.

Book Cover
Composer, Arranger, Instrumentalist, Conductor: Ellington, Duke
Other Names: Miley, Bubber, | Metcalf, Louis, | Smith, Jabbo, | Whetsol, Arthur, | Jenkins, Freddy, | Williams, Cootie, | Nanton, Tricky Sam, | Tizol, Juan, | Hodges, Johnny, | Robinson, Prince, | Bigard, Barney, | Hardwick, Otto, | Carney, Harry, | Guy, Fred, | Johnson, Lonnie, | Braud, Wellman, | Greer, Sonny, | Hall, Adelaide, | Mills, Irving, | Cox, Baby, | Garry, Sid,
Published: [New York, N.Y.] : Columbia, [1991]
Series: Columbia jazz masterpieces.
Topics: Jazz - 1921-1930. | Piano with jazz ensemble. | Big band music. | Swing (Music) | Jazz - 1921-1930.
Genres: Compact discs. | Swing (Music) | Jazz. | Jazz. | Swing (Music)
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028 02|aC2K 46177|bColumbia|q(container)
028 02|aCK 46178|bColumbia|q(disc 1)
028 02|aCK 46179|bColumbia|q(disc 2)
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050 00|aSDB 05599
050 14|aM1366.E45|bO44 1991
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096 |bColumbia:|aC2K 46177 (CK 46178--CK 46179).
100 1 |aEllington, Duke,|d1899-1974,|ecomposer,|earranger,|einstrumentalist,|econductor.
240 10|aInstrumental music.|kSelections
245 14|aThe OKeh Ellington /|cDuke Ellington.
264 1|a[New York, N.Y.] :|bColumbia,|c[1991]
264 4|c℗1991
300 |a2 audio discs :|bdigital ;|c4 3/4 in.
306 |a023257
336 |aperformed music|bprm|2rdacontent
337 |aaudio|bs|2rdamedia
338 |aaudio disc|bsd|2rdacarrier
344 |adigital|gmono|2rda
347 |aaudio file|bCD audio|2rda
382 01|bpiano|n1
490 1 |aColumbia jazz masterpieces
500 |aTitle from disc labels.
500 |aBig band swing music.
500 |aSelections previously released.
500 |aCompact discs.
500 |aProgram notes by Stanley Dance (23 p.) in container.
505 00|gdisc 1.|tEast St. Louis toodle-oo /|rDuke Ellington, Bubber Miley|g(3:03) --|tHop head /|rDuke Ellington|g(2:55) --|tDown in our alley blues / Duke Ellington, Otto Hardwick|g(3:01) --|tWhat can a poor fellow do? /|rBilly Meyers, Elmer Schoebel|g(3:08) --|tBlack and tan fantasy /|rDuke Ellington, Bubber Miley|g(3:23) --|tChicago stomp down /|rHenry Creamer, James P. Johnson|g(2:46) --|tSweet mama|g(papa's getting mad) /|rFred Rose, George Little, Peter Frost|g(2:52) --|tStack O'Lee blues /|rRafael Lopez, Lew Colwell|g(2:49) --|tBugle call rag /|rJack Pettis, Elmer Schoebel, Billy Meyers|g(2:37) --|tTake it easy /|rDuke Ellington|g(3:12) --|tJubilee stomp /|rDuke Ellington|g(2:42) --|tHarlem twist|g(East St. Louis toodle-oo) /|rDuke Ellington, Bubber Miley|g(3:15) --|tDiga diga doo /|rDorothy Fields, Jimmy McHugh|g(2:51) --|tDoin' the new low down /|rDorothy Fields, Jimmy McHugh|g(3:05) --|tBlack beauty /|rDuke Ellington|g(3:00) --|tSwampy river /|rDuke Ellington|g(2:48) --|tThe mooche /|rDuke Ellington, Irving Mills|g(3:11) --|tMove over /|rDuke Ellington|g(3:03) --|tHot and bothered /|rDuke Ellington|g(3:15) --|tThe blues with a feelin' /|rDuke Ellington|g(3:13) --|tGoin' to town /|rDuke Ellington, Bubber Miley|g(2:55) --|tMisty mornin' /|rDuke Ellington, Arthur Whetsol|g(3:20) --|tI must have that man /|rDorothy Fields, Jimmy McHugh|g(3:19) --|tFreeze and melt /|rDorothy Fields|g(2:51) --|tMississippi moan /|rDuke Ellington|g(3:24).
505 80|gdisc 2.|tThat rhythm man /|rAndy Razaf, Fats Waller, Harry Brooks|g(2:41) --|tBeggar's blues /|rJohnny Hodges, Barney Bigard|g(3:16) --|tSaturday night function /|rDuke Ellington, Barney Bigard|g(3:22) --|tJungle jamboree /|rAndy Razaf, Fats Waller, Harry Brooks|g(3:02) --|tSnake hip dance /|rAndy Razaf, Fats Waller, Harry Brooks|g(2:48) --|tLazy Duke /|rDuke Ellington|g(3:06) --|tBlues of the vagabond /|rDuke Ellington|g(3:13) --|tSyncopated shuffle /|rDuke Ellington|g(2:45) --|tThe mooche /|rDuke Ellington, Irving Mills|g(3:20) --|tRagamuffin Romeo /|rMabel Wayne, Harry DeCosta|g(3:15) --|tEast St. Louis toodle-oo /|rDuke Ellington, Bubber Miley|g(3:13) --|tSweet mama /|rDuke Ellington|g(3:00) --|tHot and bothered /|rDuke Ellington|g(2:52) --|tDouble check stomp /|rBarney Bigard, Irving Mills|g(3:20) --|tBlack and tan fantasy /|rDuke Ellington, Bubber MIley|g(3:07) --|tBig house blues /|rDuke Ellington, Irving Mills|g(3:01) --|tRocky mountain blues /|rDuke Ellington, Irving Mills|g(3:08) --|tRing dem bells /|rDuke Ellington, Irving Mills|g(2:47) --|tThree little words /|rBurt Kalmar, Harry Ruby|g(3:12) --|tOld man blues /|rDuke Ellington, Irving Mills|g(3:05) --|tSweet chariot /|rDuke Ellington, Irving Mills|g(2:47) --|tMood indigo /|rDuke Ellington, Barney Bigard, Irving Mills|g(3:06) --|tI can't realize you love me /|rBuddy De Sylva, Walter Donaldson|g(3:23) --|tI'm so in love with you /|rDuke Ellington, Irving Mills|g(2:56) --|tRockin' in rhythm /|rDuke Ellington, Harry Carney, Irving Mills|g(3:14).
508 |aOriginal recordings produced by Tommy Rockwell, Bob Stephens, and Irving Mills.
511 0 |aDuke Ellington, piano, arranger, leader ; with variously Bubber Miley, Louis Metcalf, Jabbo Smith, Arthur Whetsol, Freddie Jenkins, trumpet ; Cootie Williams, trumpet, vocals ; Joe "Tricky Sam" Nanton, trombone ; Juan Tizol, valve trombone ; Henry Edwards, tuba ; Johnny Hodges, clarinet, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone ; Rudy Jackson, Prince Robinson, Barney Bigard, clarinet, tenor saxophone ; Otto Hardwick, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, baritone, saxophone ; Harry Carney, clarinet, alto saxophone, baritone saxophone ; Fred Guy, banjo ; Lonnie Johnson, guitar ; Wellman Braud, bass ; Sonny Greer, drums ; Adelaide Hall, Irving Mills, Baby Cox, Sid Garry, vocals.
518 |oRecorded between|d1927 March 22 and 1930 November 8.
648 7|a1921-1930|2fast
650 0|aJazz|y1921-1930.
650 0|aPiano with jazz ensemble.
650 0|aBig band music.
650 0|aSwing (Music)
650 1|aJazz|y1921-1930.
650 7|aSwing (Music)|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01140547
650 7|aBig band music.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst00831581
650 7|aJazz.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst00982165
650 7|aPiano with jazz ensemble.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01063497
655 0|aCompact discs.
655 7|aSwing (Music)|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01726756
655 7|aJazz.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01726653
655 7|aJazz.|2lcgft
655 7|aSwing (Music)|2lcgft
700 1 |aMiley, Bubber,|d1903-1932,|einstrumentalist.
700 1 |aMetcalf, Louis,|einstrumentalist.
700 1 |aSmith, Jabbo,|d1908-1991,|einstrumentalist.
700 1 |aWhetsol, Arthur,|einstrumentalist.
700 1 |aJenkins, Freddy,|d1906-1978,|einstrumentalist.
700 1 |aWilliams, Cootie,|einstrumentalist,|esinger.
700 1 |aNanton, Tricky Sam,|d1904-1946,|einstrumentalist.
700 1 |aTizol, Juan,|d1900-1984,|ecomposer,|einstrumentalist.
700 1 |aHodges, Johnny,|einstrumentalist.
700 1 |aRobinson, Prince,|d1902-1960,|einstrumentalist.
700 1 |aBigard, Barney,|einstrumentalist.
700 1 |aHardwick, Otto,|d1904-1970,|einstrumentalist.
700 1 |aCarney, Harry,|einstrumentalist.
700 1 |aGuy, Fred,|einstrumentalist.
700 1 |aJohnson, Lonnie,|d1894-1970,|einstrumentalist.
700 1 |aBraud, Wellman,|einstrumentalist.
700 1 |aGreer, Sonny,|einstrumentalist.
700 1 |aHall, Adelaide,|esinger.
700 1 |aMills, Irving,|d1894-1985,|ecomposer,|elyricist,|esinger.
700 1 |aCox, Baby,|esinger.
700 1 |aGarry, Sid,|esinger.
700 12|aEllington, Duke,|d1899-1974.|tEast St. Louis toodle-oo.
700 12|aEllington, Duke,|d1899-1974.|tHop head.
700 12|aEllington, Duke,|d1899-1974.|tDown in our alley blues.
700 12|aSchoebel, Elmer.|tWhat can a poor fellow do?
700 12|aEllington, Duke,|d1899-1974.|tBlack and tan fantasy.
700 12|aJohnson, James P.|q(James Price),|d1894-1955.|tChicago stomp down.
700 12|aRose, Fred,|d1897-1954.|tSweet Mamma (Papa's getting mad)
700 12|aPettis, Jack,|d1902-1963.|tBugle call rag.
700 12|aEllington, Duke,|d1899-1974.|tTake it easy.
700 12|aEllington, Duke,|d1899-1974.|tJubilee stomp.
700 12|aMcHugh, Jimmy,|d1894-1969.|tBlackbirds of 1928.|pDiga diga doo.
700 12|aMcHugh, Jimmy,|d1894-1969.|tBlackbirds of 1928.|pDoin' the new low-down.
700 12|aEllington, Duke,|d1899-1974.|tBlack beauty.
700 12|aEllington, Duke,|d1899-1974.|tSwampy river.
700 12|aEllington, Duke,|d1899-1974.|tMooche.
700 12|aEllington, Duke,|d1899-1974.|tMove over.
700 12|aEllington, Duke,|d1899-1974.|tHot and bothered.
700 12|aEllington, Duke,|d1899-1974.|tBlues with a feelin'.
700 12|aEllington, Duke,|d1899-1974.|tGoin' to town.
700 12|aEllington, Duke,|d1899-1974.|tMisty mornin'.
700 12|aMcHugh, Jimmy,|d1894-1969.|tBlackbirds of 1928.|pI must have that man.
700 12|aMcHugh, Jimmy,|d1894-1969.|tFreeze and melt.
700 12|aEllington, Duke,|d1899-1974.|tMississippi moan.
700 12|aWaller, Fats,|d1904-1943.|tThat rhythm man.
700 12|aBigard, Barney.|tBeggar's blues.
700 12|aEllington, Duke,|d1899-1974.|tSaturday night function.
700 12|aWaller, Fats,|d1904-1943.|tHot chocolates.|pJungle jamboree.
700 12|aWaller, Fats,|d1904-1943.|tSnake hip dance.
700 12|aEllington, Duke,|d1899-1974.|tLazy Duke.
700 12|aEllington, Duke,|d1899-1974.|tBlues of the vagabond.
700 12|aEllington, Duke,|d1899-1974.|tSyncopated shuffle.
700 12|aWayne, Mabel,|d1904-1978.|tRagamuffin Romeo.
700 12|aEllington, Duke,|d1899-1974.|tSweet Mama.
700 12|aBigard, Barney.|tDouble check stomp.
700 12|aEllington, Duke,|d1899-1974.|tBig house blues.
700 12|aEllington, Duke,|d1899-1974.|tRocky Mountain blues.
700 12|aEllington, Duke,|d1899-1974.|tRing dem bells.
700 12|aRuby, Harry.|tThree little words.
700 12|aEllington, Duke,|d1899-1974.|tOld man blues.
700 12|aEllington, Duke,|d1899-1974.|tSweet chariot.
700 12|aEllington, Duke,|d1899-1974.|tMood indigo.
700 12|aDonaldson, Walter,|d1893-1947.|tI can't realize you love me.
700 12|aEllington, Duke,|d1899-1974.|tI'm so in love with you.
700 12|aEllington, Duke,|d1899-1974.|tRockin' in rhythm.
730 02|aStack O'Lee blues.
740 02|aGoing to town.
830 0|aColumbia jazz masterpieces.
938 |aBaker and Taylor|bBTCP|nbe2001017420
994 |aC0|bUIU

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