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Global exploration 2002 : integrated methods for discovery abstracts of oral and poster presentations ; April 14-16, 2002 /

abstract editors: Erin E. Marsh, Richard J. Goldfarb, Warren C. Day ; co-sponsored by Society for Geology Applied to Mineral Deposits ...[et al.]

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Published: Littleton, CO. : Society of Economic Geologists, 2002.
Topics: Metallurgical research - Congresses. | Mines and mineral resources - Congresses. | Mining districts - Congresses. | Mining geology - Congresses.
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Preface -- Structural Controls on Gold Mineralization at the Ashanti Gold Deposit, Obuasi, Ghana / Allibone, A.H., McCuaig, T.C., Harris, D., Etheridge, M., Munroe, S., Byrne, D., Amanor, J., and Gyapong, W. -- Exploration and Geology, 1962 to 2002, at the Goldstrike Property, Carlin Trend, Nevada / Bettles, K. -- Geology and Exploration History of the Century Zn-Pb-Ag Deposit / Broadbent, G.C., Andrews, S.J., Kelso, I.J. -- Exploration History and Geology of the Kansanshi Cu(-Au) Deposit, Zambia / Broughton, D.W., Hitzman, M.W., Stephens, A.J. -- Recent Exploration Activities within the Cripple Creek Mining District, Colorado, USA / Brown, T.R., Vardiman, D.M., Roy, E., Ward, M. -- Recent Advances in the Noril'sk Model and Its Application for Exploration of Ni-Cu-PGE Sulfide Deposits / Diakov, S., West, R., Schissel, D., Krivtsov, A., Kochnev Pervoukhov, V., TsNigri, I.M. -- Entrepreneurship in the Mining Industry: The Intergration of Natural Sciences and Business / Freeman, L.W. -- Recent Developments Concerning the Geological History and Genesis of the Witwatersrand Gold Deposits, South Africa / Frimmel, H.E., Minter, W.E.L. -- The Geologic Setting of Intrusion-Related Hydrothermal Systems near the Batu Hijau Porphyry Copper-Gold Deposit, Sumbawa, Indonesia / Garwin, S.L. -- Discoveries in the Fresnillo-Francisco I. Madero Silver-Zinc District, Zacatecas State, México / Giles, D.A., Fons, J.G., Trejo de la Cruz, P. -- The Epigenetic Sediment-Hosted Serra Pelada Au-PGE Deposit and Its Potential Genetic Association with Fe oxide Cu-Au Mineralization within the Carajás Mineral Province, Amazon Craton, Brazil / Grainger, C.J., Groves, D.I., Costa, C.H.C. -- Integrated Targeting: The Future for Exploration Success / Groves, D.I. -- Geology, Exploration and Discovery in the Tintina Gold Province, Alaska and Yukon / Hart, C.J.R., McCoy, D.T., Goldfarb, R.J., Smith, M., Roberts, P., Hulstein, R., Bakke, A.A., Bundtzen, T.K. -- Hidden Diamond Deposits - the Role of Tectonic and Structural Craton Analysis in an Integrated Exploration Approach / Helmstaedt, H., Gurney, J.J. -- Mississippi Valley-Type Lead-Zinc Deposits through Earth History / Leach, D.L. -- Global Diamond Exploration - A Matter of Scale / McCandless, T.E. -- Potassic Igneous Rock Signatures to Gold Mineralization: Ladolam Gold Deposit, Lihir Island, Papua New Guinea / Müller, D., Herzig, P.M., Scholten, J.C., Hunt, S. -- The Neves Corvo Deposit, Iberian Pyrite Belt, Portugal: Impacts and Future, 25 Years after the Discovery / Relvas, J.M.R.S., Barriga, F.J.A.S., Pinto, A., Ferreira, A., Pacheco, N., Noiva, P., Barriga, G., Baptista, R., Carvalho, D., Oliveira, V., Munhá, J., Hutchinson, R.W. -- Discovery and Geology of the Esquel Low-Sulfidation Epithermal Gold Deposit, Patagonia, Argentina / Sillitoe, R.H., Cooper, C., Sale, M.J., Soechting, W., Echavarria, D., Gallardo, J.L. -- The Giant El Teniente Breccia Deposit: Hypogene Copper Distribution and Emplacement / Skewes, M.A., Arévalo, A., Floody, R., Zuñiga, P.H., Stern, C.R. -- Trends and Forces in Mining and Mineral Exporation / Snow, G.G., Juhas, A.P. -- Geology of the Yanacocha Gold Deposits, Northern Peru / Teal, L., Harvey, B., Williams, C., Goldie, M. -- The Platinum Quest / Viljoen, M.J. -- Discovery and Geology of the Canningtno Ag-Pb-Zn Deposit, Mount Isa Easter Succession, Australia: Development and Application of Exploration Model for Broken Hill-Type Deposits / Walters, Stephen, Skrzeczynski, Bob, Whiting, Tom, Bunting, Frank, Arnold, Gary -- Tectonic Setting, Characteristics and Regional Exploration Criteria for Gold Mineralization in the Altaid Orogenic Collage: the Tien Shan Province as a Key Example / Yakubchuk, A.S., Cole, A., Seltmann, R., Shatov, V. -- Abstracts of Poster Presentations -- Precious Metal Mineralization of the San Nicholas Vein, El Cubo Mine, Guanajauto, Mexico / Abeyta, R. -- Structural Controls on Vein Formation and Characterization of Gold Mineralization and Associated Alteration at the La Camorra Mine, Venezuela / Anderson, S.D., McClelland, W.C., Munroe, M., Howe, D.J. -- Tourmaline Composition of Breccia from Copper and Gold Systems - Milford, Utah, USA and La Joya, Bolivia / Babcock, J., Peterson, E.U. -- Geological Evolution of the Kamo Porphyry Skarn Copper Deposit, Western Iran: A Model for the Relation Between Geophysical Anomalies and Geochemical Alteration / Bagheri, H., Moore, F. -- Petrology of Sulfide- and PGE-Bearing Zones in the Lower Portion of the Lake Owen Layered Mafic Intrusion, Albany County, Wyoming / Ball, B. -- The Tectonics and Structual Geology of the Solwezi Region, Northwestern Province, Zambia: Integrating Airborne Geophysics with Geological Field Observations to Interpret Regional Geology / Barron, J.W. -- Mineralogy, Lithogeochemistry and Geochronology of Beryl and Columbite- and Tantalite-Bearing Pegmatites from the Seridó Pegmatite District, Northeastern Brazil: Criteria for Exploration / Baumgartner, R., Moritz, R., Sallet, R., Romer, R., Chiaradia, M. -- Spatial and Temporal Relations between "Cordilleran Base Metal Lodes" and Precious Metal High Sulfidation Epithermal Mineralization in the Colquijirca District, Central Peru / Bendezú, R., Fontboté, L. -- New Kimberlite Discoveries in Kansas: Magnetic Expression and Structural Setting / Berendsen, P., Weis, T. -- Willemite Mineralization at the Vazante Deposit, Brazil / Blesa, A., Carman, C., Miersemann, U. -- GEODE - A European Science Foundation Program on Geodynamics and Ore Deposits Evolution / Blundell, D., Stumpfl, E. -- A Structural and Fluid Inclusion Analysis of the West Chance Orebody, Sunshine Mine, Kellogg, Idaho / Boyer, D.S. -- Petrography of Host Rocks, Alteration, and Mineralization at the Beltana Zinc Deposit, South Australia / Broughton, D., Greaser, K., Alzughoul, K. -- The Akwatia Diamond Field, Ghana, West Africa: Source Rocks / Canales, D., Norman, D.I. -- Structural Model for the Milpillas District, Northern Sonora, Mexico / Carreon, N., Petersen, E.U. -- Volcanic and Hydrothermal Environment of Epithermal High-Sulfidation Deposits in the Creataceous Banat-Srednegorie Belt (of Eastern Europe): Constraints from the Chelopech Deposit, Bulgaria / Chambefort, I., Mortiz, R., Petrunov, R., Simova Georgieva, S. -- Exploration for Cu-Zn Skarn Deposits - An Example from the Empire Mine, Custer County, Idaho / Chang, Z., Meinert, L.D. -- Sedimentology, Diagenesis and Hydrothermal Alteration of the Old Red Sandstone in the Irish Midlands / Chapman, L., Hitzman, M. -- Volcanologic Setting of the Veladero North High-Sulfidation Epithermal Deposit, Valle del Cura, San Juan Province, Argentina / Charchaflié.
Orogenic Vein and Disseminated Gold Deposits, Reefton Goldfield, South Island, New Zealand / Christie, A.B., Bierlein, F.P., Brathwaite, R.L., Corner, N.G. -- Structural Controls on Copper Mineralization at the Mammoth Deposit, Mt Gordon Fault Zone, Mt Isa Inlier, Australia: Implications for Target Generation / Clark, D.J., Scott, R., Richardson, S. -- Petrographic Implications of the Picket Pin PGE Deposit, Stillwater Complex, Montana / Corkery, J.T. -- Geologic Observations of the Victorio Mountains Mining District, Luna County, New Mexico / Donahue, K.M., McLemore, V.T., Campbell, A.R. -- A Brief Survey of the Wall-Rock Geology, Mineralization, and Alteration at the Third Plain Zinc Prospect, North Flinders Ranges, South Australia / Erbele, N., Price, J. -- Exploration Potential in Kenya / Gathogo, P.N. -- The Easternmost Laramide Porphyry Cu-Mo Deposit in Southwestern North America - Red Hills, Presidio County, Texas / Gilmer, A.K., Kyle, J.R., Connelly, J.N., Mathur, R.D., Henry, C.D. -- The Taca Taca Porphyry Copper Prospect, Northern Argentina / Gomez, G.M., Campbell, A.R. -- Using Melt Inclusions to Understand Magmatic-Hydrothermal Evolution in the Epithermal-Porphyry Copper Environment: Some Examples from Mining Areas of Peru and Romania / Grancea, L., Cuney, M., Leroy, J. -- The Paleoproterozoic Carbonate-Hosted Pering Lead-Zinc Deposit, Northwest Province, South Africa / Greyling, L.N., Huizenga, J.M., Gutzmer, J. -- Preliminary Fluid Inclusion Results from Mineralized Veins in the Zambia Copperbelt / Greyling, L.N., Yao, Y., Robb, L.J., Master, S. -- The Distribution of Halogens in the Sudbury Breccia Matrix as Pathfinder Elements for Footwall Cu-PGE Mineralization in the Fraser Copper Zone, Onaping-Levack Area, Sudbury District, Ontario, Canada / Hanley, J. -- Application of Field Spectroscopy to Mapping Alteration Related to Base Metal Mineralization in the Damaran Carbonate-Dominated Terranes of the Otavi Mountainland, Namibia / Hansrod, B.D., Paterson, C.J., Duke, E.F. -- Metamorphic and Structural Controls of the Juniper Lode, Keystone District, South Dakota / Hardesty, I.R., Paterson, C.J. -- Mineralization Age and Hydrothermal Alteration of the Cibaliung Epithermal Deposit, Banten, Indonesia / Harijoko, A., Watanabe, K., Duncan, R., Izawa, E. -- Stratigraphic and Structural Controls of the Shafter Carbonate-Replacement Ag-Zn-Pb Deposit, Presidio County, Texas / Head, J.A., Kyle, J.R. -- The Stratigraphy and Geological Significance of the Infill-Sequences in the Merlin Kimberlite Field, Northern Territory, Australia / Hell, A.J., Ramsay, W.R.H., Rheinberger, G., Reddicliffe, T.H., Tyler, E.W.J., Archbold, N.W. -- Nukundamite (Cu₃.₃₈Fe₀.₆₂S₄) at High Sulfidation States Associated with Potassic Alteration in the Bingham Porphyry Cu-Au-Mo District, Utah / Inan, E.E., Einaudi, M.T.
Sedimentary Rock-Hosted Disseminated and Skarn Gold Mineralization in the Taebaegsan Region, South Korea: Occurrence and Environment of Formation / James, L.P., Park, M., Shin, H. -- Siliceous Exhalites and Manganese-Rich Horizons as Guides to VHMS Exploration in the Iberian Pyrite Belt: the Example of the Soloviejo Manganese Deposit (Spain) / Jorge, R.C.G.S., Relvas, J.M.R.S., Barriga, F.J.A.S. -- Occurrence of Globular Fe-Al ore in a Basaltic Andesite Lava Flow in the Tertiary Batcha Igneous Complex, Cameroon / Kuepouo, G., Tchouankoue, J.P. -- Fluid Inclusion Gas Analysis: A New Geothermal and Mineral Exploration Tool / Kurilovitch, L., Norman, D.I., Blamey, N.J.F. -- Systematic Mineral Potential Evaluation with a GIS-Based Database System (SPCPM): Potential for Olympic Dam-Kiruna and VMS Type Deposits in the Manitou-Wakeham and Abitibi Areas, Québec / Lamothe, D., Dion, C., Beaumier, M. -- The Mt Gibson Iron Deposit: A Non-Supergene Origin for High-Grade Hematite Ore Derived from Banded Iron-Formation / Lascelles, D.F. -- Fluid Characterization as an Exploration Tool in the Irish Zn-Pb Orefield- Fluid Inclusion and Stable Isotope Analyses of Specific Cementation Stages / Lee, M.J., Wilkinson, J.J., Earls, G. -- The Atacama Fault System and Iron-Oxide Mineralization: A Structural and Alteration Model for Mineralization from the Los Colorados and El Algarrobo Deposits in the Huasco Province, Northern Chile / Leech, D., Treloar, P.J., Grocott, J., Rankin, A.H. -- The Imiter Ag Deposit (Morocco): a Giant Precambrian Epithermal Deposit / Levresse, G., Cheilletz, A., Gasquet, D., Archibald, D., Reisberg, L., Kyser, K. -- A GIS-Supported Study to Correlate Geodynamic Processes and Ore Deposit Formation over Time / Lips, A., Cassard, D., Stein, G., Milesi, J.P. -- Advanced Argillic and Sericitic Alteration in the Buckskin Range, Nevada: A Product of Ascending Magmatic Fluids from the Deeper Yerinton Porphyry Copper Environment / Lipske, J.L. -- Alteration Mineralogy and Trace Element Geochemistry of the Karaha-Telaga Bodas Geothermal System, Indonesia: Assessing Fluid Sources and Behavior / Lutz, S.J., Moore, J.N. -- A New Look at Middle Teriary Dismemberment and Rotation of Laramide Porphyry Systems in Southern Arizona / Maher, D., Seedorff, E., Barton, M. -- Ultramafic Rock-Hosted Massive Sulfide Deposits / Marques, A.F.A., Barriga, F.J.A.S., da Costa, I.R., Relvas, J.M.R.S., Costa, R.L.P., Dias, A.S.C.M.A., Fouquet, Y. -- Base Metal Mineralization in a Uranium District: Browns Deposit, Rum Jungle, NT, Australia / McCready, J., Stumpfl, E.F., Ahmad, M., Gee, R.D., Lally, J. -- Structural Controls on MVT-Mineralization in a Trastensional Graben, Pillara Deposit, Lennard Shelt, Western Australia / Miller, J.M., Nelson, E.P., Hitzman, M.
Mineral Chemistry of Tourmaline Occurrences in Sonora, Northern Mexico: A Guide to Copper Mineralization / Moore, J.A.A., Petersen, E.U., Carreon, N. -- Ongoing Assessment of Mineral Resource Potential of the Paleoproterozic Nagssugtoquidan and Rinkian Orogens in West Greenland - Integration of Geological, Geophysical and Geochemical Data / Nielsen, B.M., Rasmussen, T.M., Stendal, H. -- A Geostatistical Approach for the Detection and Interpretation of Alteration Zones, Ruby Hill Prospect, Eureka District, Nevada / Pfeifer, J.A., Schaeben, H. -- Gold Mineralization at the Neves Corvo Deposit, Portugal / Pinto, A., Bowles, J.F.W., Benzaazoua, M., Marion, P., Barriga, F.J.A.S., Ferreira, A. -- Paleomagnetic Results and Structural Implications for the Mid-Tertiary Cripple Creek Diatreme Complex / Rampe, J., Geissman, J., Melker, M. -- Age and Evolution of the Salobo Iron Oxide Copper-Gold Hydrothermal System, Carajás Mineral Province, Northern Brazil / Requia, K., Fontbote, L., Stein, H., Chiaradia, M. -- Structural, Lithological, and Geochemical Controls on Gold Mineralization at the Minas Azules Deposit, Northern Argentina / Rodríguez, G.A. -- Pogo Deposit: Geochemistry and Geochronology of the Liese Veins, East-Central Alaska, USA / Rombach, C.S., Newberry, R.J., Smith, M., Marsh, E., Layer, P. -- Genetic Evolution of the Magmatic Hydrothermal Breccia and Stockwork Veinlets of the Goat Hill Orebody, Questa Prophyry Molybdenum System, New Mexico / Rowe, A., McLemore, V.T., Walker, B.M., Norman, D.I., Blamey, N.J.F. -- Isotopic Constraints on the Relationship Between Gold Mineralization and Magnetite-Rich Alteration at the Wallaby Gold Deposit, Western Australia / Salier, B.P., Groves, D.I., McNaughton, N.J. -- Analysis of Major Lineaments in the Coastal Cordillera, Region VI, Chile: An Interpretation Based on Magnetometry and Landsat Images / Sánchez, M., Moreno, M., Bascur, R., Rodríguez, M., Alfaro, G. -- Structural Controls on Mineralization of the Coeur d'Alene District, Idaho / Smith, H.R., McClelland, W.C. -- Geologic Characteristics of Skarn and Porphyry Zinc Mineralization at the Bismark Mine, Chihuahua Mexico / Starr, J., Meinert, L., Williams, T. -- Where Do We Stand on Resources and Reserves? / Stevens, M.G. -- Age, Mineralogy, and Regional Controls of the La Negra and Zimapan Skarn Deposits, Central Mexico / Vassallo, L.F., Arkhipova, N.A., Starostin, V.I., Shatagin, N.N., Sousa, J.E. -- Volcanic Facies Architecture and Models for the Development of the Depositional Setting of Giant Massive Sulfide Deposits: Tambogrande, Northern Peru / Winter, L.S. -- The Structural Development and Vein Paragenesis of the Permata, Batu Badlinding and Hulubai Au-Ag Epithermal Vein System, Mt Muro, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia / Wurst, A.T., Gemmell, J.B., Bradley, T., Brown, P. -- Chromite Composition, Sulfur Fugacity and Geodynamic Environments: Important Factors Controlling Local PGE Enrichment in Ophiolitic Chromitites / Zaccarini, F., Garuti, G.

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