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Physiological effects of noise.

Edited by Bruce L. Welch and Annemarie S. Welch.

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Names: Welch, Bruce L., | Welch, Annemarie S.,
Published: New York, Plenum Press, 1970.
Topics: Noise - Physiological effect - Congresses. | Bruit - Effets physiologiques - Congrès. | Geluid. | Gezondheidseffecten. | Bruit - Effets physiologiques - Congrès. | Noise - adverse effects - congresses.
Regions: Boston (Massachusetts)
Genres: Congresses. | Conference papers and proceedings.
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ADAPTATION -- Environmental Noise, "Adaptation" and Pathological Change / Bruce L. Welch -- RESISTANCE TO DISEASE -- Audiogenic Stress and Susceptibility to Infection / Marcus M. Jensen and A.F. Rasmussen, Jr. -- g ENDOCRINE AND METABOLIC FUNCTION -- Effects of Sound on Endocrine Function and Electrolyte Excretion / Mary F. Lockett -- Endocrine and Metabolic Effects of Noise in Normal, Hypertensive and Psychotic Subjects / A.E. Arguelles, M.A. Martinez, Eva Pucciarelli and Maria V. Disisto -- g CARDIOVASCULAR -- Noise, Hearing and Cardiovascular Function / Samuel Rosen -- Relation Between Temporary Threshold Shift and Peripheral Circulatory Effects of Sound / Gerd Jansen -- Cardiovascular and Biochemical Effects of Chronic Intermittent Neurogenic Stimulation / Joseph P. Buckley and Harold H. Smookler -- Cardiovascular and Teratogenic Effects of Chronic Intermittent Noise Stress / William F. Geber -- REPRODUCTIVE -- Effect of Noise During Pregnancy Upon Foetal Viability and Development / Arvay -- Audiogenic Stimulation and Reproductive Function / Tamari -- Effect of Noise During Pregnancy Upon Foetal and Subsequest Adult Behavior / Lester W. Sontag -- NEUROLOGICAL -- Extra-Auditory Effects of Sound on the Special Senses / Joseph R. Anticaglia -- Human Studies of Epileptic of Sound on the Special Senses / Joseph R. Anticaglia -- Human Studies of Epileptic Seizures Induced by Sound and Their Conditioned Extinction / Francis M. Forster -- The Functional State of the Brain During Sonic Stimulation / L.V. Krushinsky, L.N. Molodkina, D.A. Fless, L.P. Dobrokhotova, A.P. Steshenko, A.F. Smiokhina, Z.A. Zorina, L.G. Romanova -- Acoustic Priming of Audiogenic Seizures in Mice / Kenneth R. Henry and Robert E. Bowman -- Genetic and Temporal Characteristics of Audiogenic Seizures in Mice / John L. Fuller and Robert L. Collins -- Influence of Age, Auditory Conditioning, and Environmental Noise on Sound-Induced Seizures and Seizure Threshold in Mice / Gregory B. Fink and W.B. Iturrian -- BIOCHEMICAL AND PHARMACOLOGICAL -- Psychopharmacology of the Response to Noise, With Special Reference to Audiogenic Seizure in Mice / Alice G. Lehmann -- Neurochemical Factors in Auditory Stimulation and Development of Susceptibility to Audiogenic Seizures / Paul Y. Sze -- SLEEP -- Effects of Noise During Sleep / George J. Thiessen -- Auditory Stimulation, Sleep Loss on the EEG Stages of Sleep / Harold L. Williams -- STUDIES OF THE EFFECTS OF SONIC BOOMS FROM SUPERSONIC AIRCRAFT -- Awakening Effects of Simulated Sonic Booms and Subsonic Aircraft Noise / Jerome S. Lukas and Karl D. Kryter -- Effects of Noise on the Physiology and Behavior of Farm-Raised Animals / James Bond -- Effect of Sonic Booms on the Hatchability of Chicken Eggs and Other Studies of Aircraft-Generated Noise Effects on Animals / Jack M. Heinemann -- Man and Sonic Boom: Environmental Change / Charles W. Nixon -- Appendix: Current Sonic Boom Research in France / J.E. Dubois -- Summary of the Symposium / Chauncey D. Leake.

Table of Contents for: Physiological effects of noise