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Case studies on human rights and fundamental freedoms : a world survey /

ed.-in-chief, Willem A. Veenhoven, assistant to the ed.-in-chief, Winifred Crum Ewing, associate editors, Clemens Amelunxen [and 8 others].

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Names: Veenhoven, Willem Adriaan. | Ewing, Winifred Crum.
Published: The Hague : Nijhoff, 1975-1976.
Topics: Discrimination - Case studies. | Social history - 20th century. | Civil rights. | Human rights. | Droits de l'homme (Droit international) - Cas, Études de. | Discrimination - Cas, Études de. | Histoire sociale - 20e siècle. | Droits de l'homme. | Mensenrechten. | Burgerrechten. | Grondrechten. | Rechtsbescherming.
Genres: Case studies.
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245 00|aCase studies on human rights and fundamental freedoms :|ba world survey /|ced.-in-chief, Willem A. Veenhoven, assistant to the ed.-in-chief, Winifred Crum Ewing, associate editors, Clemens Amelunxen [and 8 others].
260 |aThe Hague :|bNijhoff,|c1975-1976.
300 |a5 volumes ;|c25 cm
336 |atext|btxt|2rdacontent
337 |aunmediated|bn|2rdamedia
338 |avolume|bnc|2rdacarrier
500 |a"Published for the Foundation for the Study of Plural Societies."
504 |aIncludes bibliographical references.
505 00|gVol. 1.|gIntroduction /|rW.A. Veenhoven --|tFrom gulag to guitk : political prisons in the USSR today /|rStefan T. Possony --|tDiscrimination against American Blacks /|rJ. Milton Yinger --|tAnti-Jewish discrimination since the end of World War II /|rJoseph Dunner --|tForeign workers in West Germany /|rClemens Amelunxen --|tSpain: regional, linguistic, and ideological conflict /|rManuel Medina --|tPeru : portrait of a fragmented society /|rGeorg Maier --|tEndangered cultures : the Indian in Latin America /|rMiguel Leon-Portilla --|tThe new Indianism and the Menominee of Wisconsin /|rVictor J. Hanby --|tDiscrimination in the Arab Middle East /|rCosta Luca --|tSuffering and struggle of the Kurds /|rL.M. von Taubinger --|tThe Kabyls : an oppressed minority in North Africa /|rEmmanuel Sivan --|tDiscrimination in Pakistan : national, provincial, tribal /|rAlbert E. Levak --|tInter-ethnic conflict in Africa /|rW.J. Breytenback --|tEthnic minorities in Japan /|rWilliam Wetherall and George A. Devos --|tHuman rights in Communist ruled East-Central Europe /|rWalter Dushnyck --|tPessimism in Australian race relations /|rColin Tatz --|tThe Mongolian nation within the Peoples Republic of China /|rPaul V. Hyer --|tDiscrimination in Great Britain /|rWinifred Crum Ewing.
505 00|gVol. 2.|tEthno-Linguistic cleavage in Belgium /|rMaurits van Haegendoren --|tDiscrimination and preferment in the Federal Republic of Germany /|rKatharina Otzen --|tSequels of alienation : West Indian migrants in Britain /|rChristopher Bagley --|tMarriage and women in Islamic Countries /|rClemens Amelunxen --|tIsraeli society : authoritarian traditionalism versus pluralist democracy /|rGeorges R. Tamarin --|tThe Kurds : another perspective /|rEmmanuel Sivan --|tDiscrimination in India /|rS.R. Mohan Das --|tThe caste system in Sri Lanka /|rD. Wickramanayake --|tEthnic discrimination in Fiji : an Indian view /|rR.K. Vasil --|tThe Papuans of Irian Jaya (West New Guinea) /|rJustus M. van der Kroef --|tDiscrimination against foreigners of Japanese descent in Japan /|rJiro Suzuki and Mickey Sakamoto --|tGovernment in the plural society : the South African model /|rDenis Worrall --|tDiscrimination in Australia and New Zealand /|rJohn S. Western --|tIndians in American cities /|rVictor J. Hanby --|tOccupation inequality in urban Mexico /|rSusan Eckstein --|tDiscrimination against Minorities in China /|rSechin Jagchid --|tAnti-Semitism in the Russian orbit /|rStefan T. Possony --|tDiscrimination and abuse of power in the USSR /|rWalter Dushnyck.
505 00|gVol. 3.|tEthnic politics in Malaysia /|rH.S. Leng --|tTowards Indian self-determination in Colombia /|rStephen Corry --|tDiscrimination in Sri Lanka /|rK.M. de Silva --|tInter-group conflict and tension in contemporary India /|rL.P. Vidyarthi --|tThe Netherlands : truly plural? /|rSue Masterman and Anton Koene --|tHomogeneity and pluralism in the Middle East : the case of Lebanon /|rMoshe Maʻoz --|tThe abuse of human rights in Indonesia /|rCarmel Budiardjo --|tPolitical problems of a minority group in Japan : recent conflicts in Brok liberation movements /|rHiroshi Wagatsuma --|tDiscrimination in Mara Whitcombe /|rDavid Hamilton and Mara Whitcombe --|tOppression and persecution in communist China /|rWarren Kuo --|tThe South-East Asian Chinese : accommodation without acceptance /|rJerome R. Bass --|tCuba : the new dominant caste /|rHerminion Portell-Vilá --|tCultural pluralism and discrimination in Australia : with special reference to white minority groups /|rJerzy Zubrzycki --|tAmerica's minorities /|rS.J. Makielski, Jr. --|tBlack-white relations in Iberian America : on the 'miscegenated-infused" racial system /|rMauricio Solaún --|tThe French language and the constitutional status of French Canadians /|rEdward McWhinney --|tThe backward classes in India /|rAndré Béteille --|tThe Harkis : from involvement to exile /|rJacques Leguèbe --|tMilitary governments in communally divided societies : their impact upon national integration /|rEric A. Nordlinger --|tDiscrimination and the Maoris in New Zealand /|rRichard Thompson.
505 00|gVol. 4.|tMozambique under FRELIMO rule /|rJacques Leguèbe --|tThe Lapps of Sweden /|rEric Brodin --|tGroup discrimination in Orissa /|rL.K. Mahapatra --|tA Christian minority: the Copts in Egypt /|rY. Masriya --|tEthnic discrimination in Rwanda and Burundi /|rJeremy Greenland --|tThe balancing act : quota hiring in higher education /|rGeorge Roche --|tRace and class in Indonesia : pattern of discrimination and conflict /|rJustus M. van der Kroef --|tThe Southern Sudan civil war /|rArye Oded --|tEthnic discrimination and conflict : the case of the Korean minority in Japan /|rChangsoo Lee --|tUganda : the expulsion of the Asians /|rCharles Harrison --|tGender discrimination /|rClarize Stasz --|tThe manhunts : Aché Indians in Paraguay /|rMark Münzel --|tDiscrimination in Northern Ireland : the protests response /|rSarah Nelson --|tThe Arabs as slavers /|rJohn Laffin --|tThe problems of national minorities in the Soviet Union /|rEdward J. Rozek --|tCyprus : the Greek and Turkish confrontation /|rMichel and Eirwen Harbottle --|tThe persecution of Christians in the U.S.S.R. /|rMichael Bourdeaux.
505 00|gVol. 5.|tDiscrimination and conflict in Northern Ireland /|rDavid E. Schmitt --|tHuman rights in Northern Ireland /|rWinifred Crum Ewing --|tThe case of the Jews from Arab countries : a neglected issue /|rMaurice M. Roumani --|tMalaysia's forgotten people : education, cultural identity and socio-economic mobility among South Indian plantation workers /|rN.J. Colletta --|tSex discrimination : theory and research /|rConstantina Safilios-Rothschild --|tThe changing context of American race relations : urban Blacks and structural shifts in the economy /|rWilliam J. Wilson --|tRacism in Britain : management concept, 1948-1975 /|rChris Mullard --|tHolocaust in Burundi, 1972 /|rStanley Meiser --|tBangladesh : a profile of 20th-century genocide /|rAnthony Mascarenhas --|tMexican Americans in the United States : the evolution of a relationship /|rRudolph O. de la Garza --|tInstitutionalized inequality and differentiations : an evaluation of race discrimination in South Africa /|rLawrence Schlemmer --|tColour discrimination and policy evolution in South Africa /|rCas de Villiers --|tAffirmative action and American universities /|rAllan C. Ornstein --|tRacial discrimination in Rhodesia /|rMarshall W. Murphree and Donald G. Baker --|rThe violation of human rights in Uganda /|rPierre Naudin --|tDutch tolerance on trial : Holland on the brink of conflict /|rA.C.W. van der Vet --|tThe violation of human rights in India /|rThe International League for the Rights of Man --|tWomen in Bangladesh /|rRounaq Jahan --|tThe United Nations and human rights : the American viewpoint /|rJohn Scali, Philip Hoffman, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, and Leonard Garment.
520 |a"Published for the Foundation for the Study of Plural Societies."
648 7|a1900-1999|2fast
650 0|aDiscrimination|vCase studies.
650 0|aSocial history|y20th century.
650 0|aCivil rights.
650 0|aHuman rights.
650 6|aDroits de l'homme (Droit international)|xCas, Études de.
650 6|aDiscrimination|xCas, Études de.
650 6|aHistoire sociale|y20e siècle.
650 7|aDroits de l'homme.|2eclas
650 7|aCivil rights.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst00862627
650 7|aDiscrimination.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst00894985
650 7|aHuman rights.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst00963285
650 7|aSocial history.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01122498
650 17|aMensenrechten.|2gtt
650 17|aBurgerrechten.|2gtt
650 17|aGrondrechten.|2gtt
650 17|aRechtsbescherming.|2gtt
655 7|aCase studies.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01423765
700 1 |aVeenhoven, Willem Adriaan.
700 1 |aEwing, Winifred Crum.
710 2 |aStichting Plurale Samenlevingen.
776 08|iOnline version:|tCase studies on human rights and fundamental freedoms.|dThe Hague : Nijhoff, 1975-1976|w(OCoLC)608588164
776 08|iOnline version:|tCase studies on human rights and fundamental freedoms.|dThe Hague : Nijhoff, 1975-1976|w(OCoLC)609065234
856 42|u
938 |aBaker and Taylor|bBTCP|n76352642 //r883|cfl. 75.00 per vol.
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