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Handbook of low-level laser therapy /

edited by Michael R. Hamblin, Marcelo Victor Pires de Sousa, Tanupriya Agrawal.

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Names: Hamblin, Michael R., | Pires de Sousa, Marcelo Victor, | Agrawal, Tanupriya
Published: Singapore : Pan Stanford Publishing, [2017]
Topics: Lasers - Therapeutic use - Handbooks, manuals, etc. | MEDICAL / Pharmacology
Genres: Electronic books. | Handbooks and manuals.
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1. What is low-level laser (light) therapy? / Marcelo Victor Pires de Sousa -- 2. History of low-level laser (light) therapy / Michael R. Hamblin -- 3. Lasers, LEDs, and other light sources / James Carroll -- 4. Is coherence important in photobiomodulation? / Tomas Hode -- 5. Tissue optics / Bryan James Stephens and Linda Ramball Jones -- 6. Light-tissue interaction and light dosimetry / Ana Carolina de Magalhães and Elisabeth Mateus Yoshimura -- 7. Mitochondrial light absorption and its effect on ATP production / Nicolette Houreld -- 8. Water as a photoacceptor, energy transducer, and rechargeable electrolytic bio-battery in photobiomodulation / Luis Santana-Blank, Elizabeth Rodríguez-Santana, Jesús A. Santana-Rodríguez, Karin E. Santana-Rodríguez, and Herberto Reyes-Barrios -- 9. Role of reactive oxygen species in low-level laser therapy / Vikrant Rai -- 10. Molecular basis for photobiomodulation : light-induced nitric oxide synthesis by cytochrome c oxidase in low-level laser therapy / Robert Oliver Poyton and Marina Hendrickson -- 11. Cytoprotective effect of low-level light therapy using LEDs on neurons / Margaret Wong-Riley and Huan Ling Liang -- 12. Low-level laser and cultured neural tissue / Patricia J. Armati and Roberta T. Chow -- 13. Shining a light on Parkinson's Disease / Daniel McKenzie Johnstone, Cécile Moro, Jonathan Stone, Alim-Louis Benabid, and John Mitrofanis -- 14. Low-level laser therapy and stem cells / Qi Zhang, Chang Zhou, and Tingting Dong -- 15. Antimicrobial photodynamic therapy / Vanderlei Salvador Bagnato, Cristina Kurachi, Kate Cristina Blanco, and Natalia Mayumi Inada -- 16. Low-level laser (light) therapy for wound healing in animal models / André Luiz Oliveira Ramos, Felipe Scholz Ramos, and Marcelo Victor Pires de Sousa -- 17. Low-level laser therapy for arthritis in animal models : beneficial effect and action mechanism / Flavio Aimbire and Paulo de Tarso Camilo de Carvalho -- 18. Low-level laser therapy for lung diseases : from the bench to the bed / Flavio Aimbire -- 19. Low-level laser (light) therapy in tendon healing in in vitro and in vivo models / Lucas F. de Freitas and Michael R. Hamblin -- 20. Bone repair in animal models / Antonio Luiz B. Pinheiro, Luiz G. Pinheiro Soares, and Aparecida Maria C. Marques -- 21. Transcranial low-level laser (light) therapy for stroke and traumatic brain injury in animal model / Michael R. Hamblin, Luis De Taboada, and Ying-Ying Huang -- 22. Phototherapy in peripheral nerve repair and muscle preservation / Shimon Richkind -- 23. Low-level laser therapy for spinal cord repair / Takahiro Ando and Michael R. Hamblin -- 24. Low-level laser (light) therapy for the treatment of visual system injury and disease / Janis T. Eells, Sandeep Gopalakrishnan, Michele M. Salzman, Krisztina Valter, Jan Provis, Ricardo Natoli, John Mitrofanis, Jonathan Stone, and Melinda Fitzgerald -- 25. Protection from cardiac ischemia and reperfusion injury / Agnes Keszler, Svjetlana Dosenovic, and Martin Bienengraeber --
26. Low-level laser and experimental aortic aneurysm : mechanisms and therapeutic implications / Lilach Gavish and S. David Gertz -- 27. Low-level laser therapy : a treatment modality for multiple sclerosis targeting autoimmunity and oxidative stress / Zenas George, Miguel A. Tolentino, and Jeri-Anne Lyons -- 28. Low-level laser therapy as an alternative treatment for snake envenomation / Camila Squarzoni Dale and Stella Regina Zamuner -- 29. Veterinary low-level laser (light) therapy applications for companion animals / Richard L. Godine -- 30. Emergence of low-level laser (light) therapy in clinical veterinary practice / Ronald E. Hirschberg -- 31. Photomedicine for exotic animals : a case-based discussion / Narda G. Robinson -- 32. Recalcitrant wound : using low-level laser (light) therapy to manage non-healing wounds and ulcers / Raymond J. Lanzafame and Istvan Stadler -- 33. Clinical applications with low-level laser therapy in arthritis / Jan M. Bjordal -- 34. Use of low-level laser therapy and light-emitting diode therapy to improve muscle performance and prevent damage : from animal models to clinical trials / Cleber Ferraresi, Nivaldo Parizotto, Vanderlei Bagnato, and Michael R. Hamblin -- 35. Low-level laser therapy of pain : clinical applications / Roberta T. Chow -- 36. Low-level laser therapy and its application in tinnitus / Alessandra Nara de Souza Rastelli, Emanuelle Teixeira Carrera, Gustavo Nicolodelli, and Michael R. Hamblin -- 37. Laser therapy for the treatment of radiculopathy / Jerome M. True and Luis C. Vera -- 38. Difficult path to treating acute ischemic stroke patients with transcranial near-infrared laser therapy / Paul A. Lapchak, Pramod Butte, and Padmesh S. Rajput -- 39. Low-level laser (light) therapy for rehabilitation in traumatic brain injury and stroke, including chronic aphasia / Margaret A. Naeser, Paula I. Martin, Michael D. Ho, Maxine H. Krengel, Yelena Bogdanova, Jeffrey A. Knight, Megan K. Yee, Ross Zafonte, Bang-Bon Koo, John G. Roubil, and Michael R. Hamblin --
40. Transcranial near-infrared light for major depressive disorder : targeting the brain metabolism / Paolo Cassano, Abigail R. Archibald, and Dan V. Iosifescu -- 41. Low-level laser therapy : a corner stone in the management of cancer therapy-induced mucositis / René-Jean Bensadoun, Idriss Troussier, and Raj G. Nair -- 42. Photobiomodulation in dentistry : manipulating biostimulation and bioinhibition for clinical success / Gerry Ross and Alana Ross -- 43. Photobiomodulation for the clinical treatment of age-related macular degeneration / Graham Merry and Robert Dotson -- 44. Laser (light) therapy for postherpetic neuralgia / Kevin C. Moore and R. Glen Calderhead -- 45. Laser acupuncture / Lucas R. de Freitas and Michael R. Hamblin -- 46. Intravascular laser irradiation of blood / Daiane Thais Meneguzzo, Leila Soares Ferreira, Eduardo Machado de Carvalho, and Cássia Fukuda Nakashima -- 47. Nonsurgical laser therapy for type 1 and type 2 diabetes / Leonardo Longo -- 48. Laser therapy of traumatic central nervous system injuries / Leonardo Longo and Diego Longo -- 49. Low-level laser (light) therapy : aesthetic applications for hair / Felipe Scholz Ramos, André Luiz de Oliveira Ramos, and Marcelo Victor Pires de Sousa -- 50. Low-level laser (light) therapy for cosmetics and dermatology / Mossum K. Sawhney and Michael R. Hamblin -- 51. Low-level laser therapy for body contouring and fat reduction / Gaurav K. Gupta -- 52. Transcranial low-level laser (light) therapy for neurocognitive enchancement / Julio C. Rojas and F. Gonzalez-Lima -- 53. Post-operative uses of low-level laser therapy / Maria Cristina Chavantes, Nathali Cordeiro Pinto, and Vanessa Milanesi Holanda -- 54. Bright new world : future directions of low-level laser (light) therapy / Marcelo Victor Pires de Sousa and Maria Cristina Chavantes.

Table of Contents for: Handbook of low-level laser therapy