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Glycosaminoglycans : chemistry and biology /

edited by Kuberan Balagurunathan, Hiroshi Nakato, Umesh R. Desai.

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Names: Balagurunathan, Kuberan, | Nakato, Hiroshi, | Desai, Umesh R.,
Published: New York : Humana Press, [2014]
Series: Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.) ; v. 1229.
Springer protocols (Series)
Topics: Glycosaminoglycans. | Glycosaminoglycans. | Glycosaminoglycans - chemistry
Genres: Laboratory Manuals.
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245 00|aGlycosaminoglycans :|bchemistry and biology /|cedited by Kuberan Balagurunathan, Hiroshi Nakato, Umesh R. Desai.
264 1|aNew York :|bHumana Press,|c[2014]
264 4|c©2015.
300 |axvi, 625 pages :|billustrations (some color) ;|c26 cm.
336 |atext|btxt|2rdacontent
337 |aunmediated|bn|2rdamedia
338 |avolume|bnc|2rdacarrier
490 1 |aMethods in Molecular Biology ;|v1229
490 1 |aSpringer protocols
504 |aIncludes bibliographical references and index.
505 00|tAutomated Synthesis of Chondroitin Sulfate Oligosaccharides /|rChien-Fu Liang, Heung Sik Hahm, and Peter H. Seeberger --|tEnzymatic Synthesis of Heparan Sulfate and Heparin /|rApril Joice [and six others] --|tProduction of Size-Defined Heparosan, Heparan Sulfate, and Heparin Oligosaccharides by Enzymatic Depolymerization /|rSpencer Brown and Balagurunathan Kuberan --|tChemical Modification of Heparin and Heparosan /|rKarthik Raman, Balagurunathan Kuberan, and Sailaja Arungundram --|tSynthesis of Sulfur Isotope-Labeled Sulfate Donor, 3'-Phosphoadenosine-5'- Phosphosulfate, for Studying Glycosaminoglycan Functions/|rCaitlin Mencio [and three others] --|tPreparation of Isotope-Enriched Heparan Sulfate Precursors for Structural Biology Studies /|rXylophone V. Victor [and three others] --|tSynthesis of Glycosaminoglycan Mimetics Through Sulfation of Polyphenols /|rRami A. Al-Horani [and three others] --|tSynthesis of Selective Inhibitors of Heparan Sulfate and Chondroitin Sulfate Proteoglycan Biosynthesis /|rCaitlin Mencio [and three others] --|tAscidian (Chordata-Tunicata) Glycosaminoglycans : Extraction, Purification, Biochemical, and Spectroscopic Analysis /|rMauro S.G. Pavão --|tHuman Blood Glycosaminoglycans : Isolation and Analysis /|rMd. Ferdous Anower-E-Khuda and Koji Kimata --|tChromatographic Molecular Weight Measurements for Heparin, Its Fragments and Fractions, and Other Glycosaminoglycans /|rBarbara Mulloy and John Hogwood --|tMass Spectrometric Methods for the Analysis of Heparin and Heparan Sulfate /|rMiroslaw Lech, Ishan Capila, and Ganesh V. Kaundinya --|tValidated Capillary Electrophoretic Assays for Disaccharide Composition Analysis of Galactosaminoglycans in Biologic Samples and Drugs/Nutraceuticals /|rAthanasia P. Asimakopoulou [and five others] --|tFast Screening of Glycosaminoglycan Disaccharides by Fluorophore-Assisted Carbohydrate Electrophoresis (FACE) : Applications to Biologic Samples and Pharmaceutical Formulations /|rEvgenia Karousou [and seven others] --|tCapillary Electrophoretic Analysis of Isolated Sulfated Polysaccharides to Characterize Pharmaceutical Products /|rZachary Shriver and Ram Sasisekharan --|tMethods for Measuring Exchangeable Protons in Glycosaminoglycans /|rConsuelo N. Beecher and Cynthia K. Larive --|tHeparan Sulfate Structure : Methods to Study N-Sulfation and NDST Action /|rAnders Dagälv [and five others] --|tAnalysis of Hyaluronan Synthase Activity /|rDavide Vigetti [and three others] --|tA Rapid, Nonradioactive Assay for Measuring Heparan Sulfate C-5 Epimerase Activity Using Hydrogen/Deuterium Exchange-Mass Spectrometry /|rPonnusamy Babu [and three others] --|tAggrecan : Approaches to Study Biophysical and Biomechanical Properties /|rHadi Tavakoli Nia, Christine Ortiz, and Alan Grodzinsky --|tUse of Flow Cytometry for Characterization and Fractionation of Cell Populations Based on Their Expression of Heparan Sulfate Epitopes /|rRebecca J. Holley [and five others] --|tA Transgenic Approach to Live Imaging of Heparan Sulfate Modification Patterns /|rMatthew Attreed and Hannes E. Bülow --|tInformatics Tools to Advance the Biology of Glycosaminoglycans and Proteoglycans /|rLewis J. Frey --|tDesigning "High-Affinity, High-Specificity" Glycosaminoglycan Sequences Through Computerized Modeling /|rNehru Viji Sankaranarayanan [and three others] --|tUsing Isothermal Titration Calorimetry to Determine Thermodynamic Parameters of Protein-Glycosaminoglycan Interactions/|rAmit K. Dutta, Jörg Rösgen, and Krishna Rajarathnam --|tCharacterizing Protein-Glycosaminoglycan Interactions Using Solution NMR Spectroscopy /|rPrem Raj B. Joseph, Krishna Mohan Poluri, Krishna Mohan Sepuru, and Krishna Rajarathnam --|tGlycosaminoglycan-Protein Interaction Studies Using Fluorescence Spectroscopy /|rRio S. Boothello, Rami A. Al-Horani, and Umesh R. Desai --|tStudying Glycosaminoglycan-Protein Interactions Using Capillary Electrophoresis /|rAiye Liang and Umesh R. Desai --|tHistochemical Analysis of Heparan Sulfate 3-O-Sulfotransferase Expression in Mouse Brain /|rTomio Yabe and Nobuaki Maeda --|tKeratan Sulfate : Biosynthesis, Structures, and Biological Functions /|rKenji Uchimura --|tThe Sulfs : Expression, Purification, and Substrate Specificity /|rKenji Uchimura --|tThe Detection of Glycosaminoglycans in Pancreatic Islets and Lymphoid Tissues /|rMarika Bogdani [and five others] --|tNonradioactive Glycosyltransferase and Sulfotransferase Assay to Study Glycosaminoglycan Biosynthesis /|rCheryl M. Ethen [and five others] --|tMapping Proteoglycan Functions with Glycosidases /|rMauricio Cortes, Leslie K. Cortes, and Nancy B. Schwartz --|tCell Substrate Patterning with Glycosaminoglycans to Study Their Biological Roles in the Central Nervous System /|rTony W. Hsiao [and three others] --|tAnalyzing the Role of Heparan Sulfate Proteoglycans in Axon Guidance In Vivo in Zebrafish /|rFabienne E. Poulain --|tMurine Models in the Evaluation of Heparan Sulfate-Based Anticoagulants /|rDavid Gailani, Qiufang Cheng, and Ivan S. Ivanov --|tGenetic Approaches in the Study of Heparan Sulfate Functions in Drosophila /|rMasahiko Takemura and Hiroshi Nakato --|tMeasuring Sulfatase Expression and Invasion in Glioblastoma /|rAnna Wade [and three others]--|tSynthesis and Biomedical Applications of Xylosides /|rMausam Kalita [and four others] --|tA Strategic Approach to Identification of Selective Inhibitors of Cancer Stem Cells /|rNirmita Patel, Somesh Baranwal, and Bhaumik B. Patel --|tAnalysis of the Heavy-Chain Modification and TSG-6 Activity in Pathological Hyaluronan Matrices /|rMark E. Lauer [and three others] --|tHeparan Sulfate Modulates Slit3-Induced Endothelial Cell Migration /|rHong Qiu [and three others] --|tGlycosaminoglycan Functionalized Nanoparticles Exploit Glycosaminoglycan Functions /|rJames A. Vassie, John M. Whitelock, and Megan S. Lord --|tRole of Glycosaminoglycans in Infectious Disease /|rAkiko Jinno and Pyong Woo Park --|tIsolation and Purification of Versican and Analysis of Versican Proteolysis /|rSimon J. Foulcer, Anthony J. Day, and Suneel S. Apte --|tAnalysis of Human Hyaluronan Synthase Gene Transcriptional Regulation and Downstream Hyaluronan Cell Surface Receptor Mobility in Myofibroblast Differentiation /|rAdam C. Midgley and Timothy Bowen.
650 0|aGlycosaminoglycans.
650 12|aGlycosaminoglycans.
650 22|aGlycosaminoglycans|xchemistry
655 2|aLaboratory Manuals.
700 1 |aBalagurunathan, Kuberan,|eeditor.|4edt
700 1 |aNakato, Hiroshi,|eeditor.|4edt
700 1 |aDesai, Umesh R.,|eeditor.|4edt
710 2 |aSpringer Science+Business Media,|ecopyright holder.|4cph
830 0|aMethods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.) ;|vv. 1229.
830 0|aSpringer protocols (Series)
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