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Tools and algorithms for the construction and analysis of systems : 18th International Conference, TACAS 2012, held as part of the European Joint Conferences on Theory and Practice of Software, ETAPS 2012, Tallinn, Estonia, March 24-April 1, 2012. Proceedings /

Cormac Flanagan, Barbara König (eds.).

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Names: Flanagan, Cormac. | König, Barbara
Published: Berlin ; Springer, ©2012.
Series: Lecture notes in computer science ; 7214.
Lecture notes in computer science. Advanced research in computing and software science.
LNCS sublibrary. SL 1, Theoretical computer science and general issues.
Topics: System design - Congresses. | System analysis - Congresses. | Informatique.
Genres: Electronic books. | Conference papers and proceedings.
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Quantitative Models for a Not So Dumb Grid / Holger Hermanns -- History-Aware Data Structure Repair Using SAT / Razieh Nokhbeh Zaeem, Divya Gopinath, Sarfraz Khurshid and Kathryn S. McKinley -- The Guardol Language and Verification System / David Hardin, Konrad Slind, Michael Whalen and Tuan-Hung Pham -- A Bit Too Precise? Bounded Verification of Quantized Digital Filters / Arlen Cox, Sriram Sankaranarayanan and Bor-Yuh Evan Chang -- Numeric Bounds Analysis with Conflict-Driven Learning / Vijay D'Silva, Leopold Haller, Daniel Kroening and Michael Tautschnig -- Ramsey-Based Analysis of Parity Automata / Oliver Friedmann and Martin Lange -- VATA: A Library for Efficient Manipulation of Non-deterministic Tree Automata / Ondřej Lengál, Jiří Šimáček and Tomáš Vojnar -- LTL to Büchi Automata Translation: Fast and More Deterministic / Tomáš Babiak, Mojmír Křetínský, Vojtěch Řehák and Jan Strejček -- Pushdown Model Checking for Malware Detection / Fu Song and Tayssir Touili -- Aspect-Oriented Runtime Monitor Certification / Kevin W. Hamlen, Micah M. Jones and Meera Sridhar -- Partial Model Checking Using Networks of Labelled Transition Systems and Boolean Equation Systems / Frédéric Lang and Radu Mateescu -- From Under-Approximations to Over-Approximations and Back / Aws Albarghouthi, Arie Gurfinkel and Marsha Chechik.
Automated Analysis of AODV Using UPPAAL / Ansgar Fehnker, Rob van Glabbeek, Peter Höfner, Annabelle McIver and Marius Portmann, et al. -- Modeling and Verification of a Dual Chamber Implantable Pacemaker / Zhihao Jiang, Miroslav Pajic, Salar Moarref, Rajeev Alur and Rahul Mangharam -- Counter-Example Guided Fence Insertion under TSO / Parosh Aziz Abdulla, Mohamed Faouzi Atig, Yu-Fang Chen, Carl Leonardsson and Ahmed Rezine -- Java Memory Model-Aware Model Checking / Huafeng Jin, Tuba Yavuz-Kahveci and Beverly A. Sanders -- Compositional Termination Proofs for Multi-threaded Programs / Corneliu Popeea and Andrey Rybalchenko -- Deciding Conditional Termination / Marius Bozga, Radu Iosif and Filip Konečný -- The AVANTSSAR Platform for the Automated Validation of Trust and Security of Service-Oriented Architectures / Alessandro Armando, Wihem Arsac, Tigran Avanesov, Michele Barletta and Alberto Calvi, et al. -- Reduction-Based Formal Analysis of BGP Instances / Anduo Wang, Carolyn Talcott, Alexander J.T. Gurney, Boon Thau Loo and Andre Scedrov -- Minimal Critical Subsystems for Discrete-Time Markov Models / Ralf Wimmer, Nils Jansen, Erika Ábrahám, Bernd Becker and Joost-Pieter Katoen -- Automatic Verification of Competitive Stochastic Systems / Taolue Chen, Vojtěch Forejt, Marta Kwiatkowska, David Parker and Aistis Simaitis -- Coupling and Importance Sampling for Statistical Model Checking / Benoît Barbot, Serge Haddad and Claudine Picaronny.
Verifying pCTL Model Checking / Johannes Hölzl and Tobias Nipkow -- Parameterized Synthesis / Swen Jacobs and Roderick Bloem -- QuteRTL: Towards an Open Source Framework for RTL Design Synthesis and Verification / Hu-Hsi Yeh, Cheng-Yin Wu and Chung-Yang (Ric) Huang -- Template-Based Controller Synthesis for Timed Systems / Bernd Finkbeiner and Hans-Jörg Peter -- Zeno: An Automated Prover for Properties of Recursive Data Structures / William Sonnex, Sophia Drossopoulou and Susan Eisenbach -- A Proof Assistant for Alloy Specifications / Mattias Ulbrich, Ulrich Geilmann, Aboubakr Achraf El Ghazi and Mana Taghdiri -- Reachability under Contextual Locking / Rohit Chadha, P. Madhusudan and Mahesh Viswanathan -- Bounded Phase Analysis of Message-Passing Programs / Ahmed Bouajjani and Michael Emmi -- Demonstrating Learning of Register Automata / Maik Merten, Falk Howar, Bernhard Steffen, Sofia Cassel and Bengt Jonsson -- Symbolic Automata: The Toolkit / Margus Veanes and Nikolaj Bjørner -- McScM: A General Framework for the Verification of Communicating Machines / Alexander Heußner, Tristan Le Gall and Grégoire Sutre -- SLMC: A Tool for Model Checking Concurrent Systems against Dynamical Spatial Logic Specifications / Luís Caires and Hugo Torres Vieira -- TAPAAL 2.0: Integrated Development Environment for Timed-Arc Petri Nets / Alexandre David, Lasse Jacobsen, Morten Jacobsen, Kenneth Yrke Jørgensen and Mikael H. Møller, et al. -- A Platform for High Performance Statistical Model Checking -- PLASMA / Cyrille Jegourel, Axel Legay and Sean Sedwards.
Competition on Software Verification / (SV-COMP) / Dirk Beyer -- Predicate Analysis with BLAST 2.7 / (Competition Contribution) / Pavel Shved, Mikhail Mandrykin and Vadim Mutilin -- CPAchecker with Adjustable Predicate Analysis / (Competition Contribution) / Stefan Löwe and Philipp Wendler -- Block Abstraction Memoization for CPAchecker / (Competition Contribution) / Daniel Wonisch -- Context-Bounded Model Checking with ESBMC 1.17 / (Competition Contribution) / Lucas Cordeiro, Jeremy Morse, Denis Nicole and Bernd Fischer -- Proving Reachability Using FShell / (Competition Contribution) / Andreas Holzer, Daniel Kroening, Christian Schallhart, Michael Tautschnig and Helmut Veith -- LLBMC: A Bounded Model Checker for LLVM's Intermediate Representation / (Competition Contribution) / Carsten Sinz, Florian Merz and Stephan Falke -- Predator: A Verification Tool for Programs with Dynamic Linked Data Structures / (Competition Contribution) / Kamil Dudka, Petr Müller, Petr Peringer and Tomáš Vojnar -- HSF(C): A Software Verifier Based on Horn Clauses / (Competition Contribution) / Sergey Grebenshchikov, Ashutosh Gupta, Nuno P. Lopes, Corneliu Popeea and Andrey Rybalchenko -- satabs: A Bit-Precise Verifier for C Programs / (Competition Contribution) / Gérard Basler, Alastair Donaldson, Alexander Kaiser, Daniel Kroening and Michael Tautschnig, et al. -- Wolverine: Battling Bugs with Interpolants / (Competition Contribution) / Georg Weissenbacher, Daniel Kroening and Sharad Malik.

Table of Contents for: Tools and algorithms for the constructio