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Young lady, who was late a resident in that unhappy town. ([1775) An humble intercession for the distressed town of Boston,now almost deserted by its former rightful inhabitants, many of whom have fled, chusing to take refuge in the woods and caves, for the sake of liberty, rather than to live in splendor and affluence among slaves and tyrants; which place is at present under the government of a lawless British soldiery ... who, under the sanction of martial law, exercise every cruelty that can possibly be invented by the most uncultivated savages or fiercest barbarians, on the remaining miserable inhabitants, who are obliged to dwell there contrary to the faith of that perfidious arch-traitor and truce-breaking T. Gage. Salem [Mass.]: : Printed by E. Russell, next door to John Turner, Esq; in the Main-Street, 1775.--Travelling-traders, &c. are desired to call at the above place, where they may supply themselves with sundry new pieces on the tunes, very cheap by the quantity.,

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