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Investing for dummies /

by Eric Tyson.

Book Cover
Main Author: Tyson, Eric
Published: Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley, 2008.
Edition: 5th ed.
Series: --For dummies
Topics: Investments.
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Introduction -- How savvy investors build wealth -- Conventions used in this book -- Foolish assumptions -- How this book is organized -- Part I. Investing fundamentals -- Part II. Stocks, bonds, and Wall Street -- Part III. Getting rich with real estate -- Part IV. Savoring small business -- Part V. Investing resources -- Part VI. The part of tens -- Icons used in this book -- Where to go from here -- pt. I. Investing fundamentals -- 1. Exploring your investment choices -- Getting started with investing -- Building wealth with ownership investments -- The stock market -- Real estate -- Small business -- Generating income from lending investments -- Considering cash equivalents -- Steering clear of futures and options -- Passing up precious metals -- Counting out collectibles -- 2. Weighing risks and returns -- Evaluating risks -- Market-value risk -- Individual-investment risk -- Purchasing-power risk -- Career risk -- Analyzing returns -- The components of total return -- Savings and money market account returns -- Bond returns -- Stock returns -- Real estate returns -- Small-business returns -- Considering your goals -- 3. Getting your house in order before you invest -- Establishing an emergency reserve -- Evaluating your debts -- Conquering consumer debt -- Mitigating your mortgage -- Establishing your financial goals -- Tracking your savings rate -- Determining your investment tastes -- Funding your retirement accounts -- Gaining tax benefits --Delaying increases your pain -- Checking out retirement account options -- Choosing retirement account investments -- Taming your taxes -- Determining your tax bracket -- Knowing what's taxed and when to worry -- Choosing the right investment mix -- Considering your age -- Making the most of your investment options -- Easing into risk : dollar cost averaging -- Treading carefully when investing for college -- Education savings accounts -- Section 529 plans -- Allocating college investments -- Protecting your assets --
pt. II. Stocks, bonds, and Wall Street -- 4. The workings of stock and bond markets -- How companies raise money through the financial markets -- Deciding whether to issue stocks or bonds -- Taking a company public : understanding IPOs -- Understanding financial markets and economics -- Uncovering the roots : capitalism -- Driving stock prices through earnings -- Weighing whether markets are efficient -- Moving the market : interest rates, inflation, and the Federal Reserve -- 5. Building wealth with stocks -- Taking stock of how you make money -- Defining "the market" -- Looking at major stock market indexes -- Counting reasons to use indexes -- Stock-buying methods -- Buying stocks via mutual funds -- Using exchange-traded funds and hedge funds -- Selecting individual stocks -- Spotting the best times to buy and sell -- Calculating price/earnings ratios --Citing times of speculative excess -- Buy more when stocks are "on sale" -- Avoiding problematic stock buying practices -- Beware brokers' conflicts of interest -- Don't day trade or short-term trade -- Don't buy penny stocks -- The keys to stock market success -- 6. Investigating and purchasing individual stocks -- Building on others' research -- Discovering the Value Line Investment Survey -- Considering independent brokerage research -- Examining successful money managers' stock picks -- Reviewing financial publications and Web sites -- Understanding annual reports -- Financial and business highlights -- Balance sheet -- Income statement -- Exploring other useful corporate reports -- 10-Ks -- 10-Qs -- Proxies -- Getting ready to invest in stocks -- Understanding stock prices -- Purchasing stock "direct" from companies -- Placing your trade through a broker -- 7. Exploring bonds and other lending investments -- Banks : the cost of feeling secure -- The realities of bank insurance -- The overused certificate of deposit (CD) -- The money market fund alternative to savings accounts -- Why bother with bonds? -- Assessing the different types of bonds -- Determining when you get your money back : maturity matters -- Weighing the likelihood of default -- Examining the issuers (and tax implications) -- Buying bonds -- Deciding between individual bonds and bond mutual funds -- Understanding bond prices -- Buying treasuries -- Buying other individual bonds -- Considering other lending investments -- Guaranteed-investment contracts -- Private mortgages -- 8. Mastering mutual funds -- Discovering the benefits of the best funds -- Professional management -- Cost efficiency -- Diversification -- Reasonable investment minimums -- Different funds for different folks -- High financial safety -- Accessibility -- The keys to successful fund investing -- Minimize costs -- Consider performance and risk -- Stick with experience -- Buy index funds -- Consider exchange-traded funds -- Creating your fund portfolio -- Allocating for the long term -- Diversifying your stock fund investments -- The best stock mutual funds -- Making money with stock funds -- Exploring different types of stock funds -- The best bond funds -- Avoiding yield-related missteps -- Treading carefully with actively managed bond funds -- Short-term bond funds -- Intermediate-term bond funds -- Long-term bond funds -- The best hybrid funds -- The best money market funds -- Taxable money market funds -- U.S. Treasury money market funds -- Municipal money market funds -- 9. Choosing a brokerage firm -- Getting your money's worth : discount brokers -- Ignoring the salespeople's arguments -- Selecting a discount broker -- Considering online brokers -- Examining your online trading motives -- Considering other costs -- Examining service quality -- The best online brokers --
pt. III. Getting rich with real estate -- 10. Investing in a home -- The buying decision -- Weighing the pros and cons of ownership -- Recouping transaction costs -- Deciding how much to spend -- Looking through lenders' eyes -- Determining your down payment -- Selecting your property type -- Finding the right property and location -- Keeping an open mind -- Research, research, research -- Understanding market value -- Pounding the pavement -- 11. Investing in real estate -- Outlining real estate investment attractions -- Limited land -- Leverage -- Appreciation and income -- Ability to "add value" -- Ego gratification -- Longer-term focus -- Figuring out who should avoid real estate investing -- Examining simple, profitable real estate investments -- A place to call home -- Real estate investment trusts -- Evaluating direct property investments -- Residential housing -- Land -- Commercial real estate -- Deciding where and what to buy -- Considering economic issues -- Evaluating the real estate market -- Examining property valuation and financial projections -- Finding the information you need -- Digging for a good deal -- Recognizing inferior real estate "investments" -- Time shares -- Limited partnerships -- Scams -- 12. Real estate financing and deal making -- Financing your real estate investments -- Getting your loan approved -- Comparing fixed-rate to adjustable-rate mortgages -- Choosing between fixed and adjustable mortgages -- Getting a great fixed-rate mortgage -- Finding a great adjustable-rate mortgage -- Understanding other mortgage fees -- Finding the best lenders -- Refinancing for a better deal -- Working with real estate agents -- Recognizing agent conflicts of interest -- Finding a good agent -- Closing the deal -- Negotiating 101 -- Inspecting the property -- Shopping for title insurance and escrow services -- Selling real estate -- Negotiating real estate agents' contracts -- Selling without a real estate agent -- pt. IV. Savoring small business -- 13. Assessing your appetite for small business -- Testing your entrepreneurial IQ -- Considering alternative routes -- Being an entrepreneur inside a company -- Investing in your career -- Exploring small-business investment options -- Starting your own business -- Buying an existing business -- Investing in someone else's business -- Drawing up your business plan -- Identifying your business concept -- Outlining your objectives -- Analyzing the marketplace -- Delivering your service or product -- Marketing your service or product -- Organizing and staffing your business -- Projecting finances -- Writing an executive summary -- 14. Starting and running a small business -- Starting up : your preflight check list -- Preparing to leave your job -- Valuing and replacing your benefits -- Financing your business -- Bootstrapping -- Borrowing from banks -- Borrowing from family and friends -- Courting investors and selling equity -- Deciding whether to incorporate -- Liability protection -- Tax-deductible insurance and other benefits -- Corporate taxes -- Making the decision -- Finding and keeping customers -- Setting up shop -- Finding business space and negotiating a lease -- Equipping your business space -- Accounting for the money -- Tax record keeping and payments -- How to (legally) pay lower taxes -- Keeping a life and perspective -- 15.Purchasing a small business -- Examining the advantages of buying -- Understanding the drawbacks of buying -- Prerequisites to buying a business -- Business experience -- Financial resources -- Focusing your search for a business to buy -- Perusing publications -- Networking with advisors -- Knocking on some doors -- Working with business brokers -- Considering a franchise or multilevel marketing company -- Finding a franchise -- Considering a multilevel marketing company -- Evaluating a small business -- Doing due diligence -- Determining a business's value --
pt. V. Internet resources -- 16. Selecting investing resources -- Dealing with information overload -- Separating financial fact from fiction -- Understanding how advertising corrupts -- Recognizing quality resources -- 17. Perusing periodicals, radio, and television -- In print : magazines and newspapers -- Taking the scribes to task -- Making the most of periodicals -- Radio and television programs -- Looking at problems with radio and television programs -- Picking the best investing programs -- Investment newsletters -- 18.Selecting the best investment books -- Beware of infomercial books -- Ignore unaudited performance claims -- Investing books worth reading -- A random walk down Wall Street -- Stocks for the long run -- Built to last and good to great -- Mutual funds for dummies -- 19. Investigating Internet and software resources -- Evaluating investment software -- Investment tracking software -- Investment research software -- Investigating Internet resources -- Evaluating online resources -- The best investment Web sites --
pt. VI. The part of tens -- 20. Ten investing obstacles to conquer -- Trusting authority -- Getting swept up by euphoria -- Being overconfident -- Giving up when things look bleak -- Refusing to accept a loss -- Overmonitoring your investments -- Being unclear about your goals -- Ignoring your real financial problems -- Overemphasizing certain risks -- Believing in gurus -- 21. Ten things to consider when you're selling an investment -- Remembering your preferences and goals -- Maintaining balance in your portfolio -- Deciding which investments are keepers -- Tuning into the tax consequences -- Figuring out what shares cost -- Selling investments with hefty profits -- Cutting your (securities) losses -- Selling investments with unknown costs -- Recognizing broker differences -- Finding a trustworthy financial advisor -- 22. Ten tips for investing in a down market -- Don't panic -- Keep your portfolio's perspective in mind -- View major declines as sales -- Identify your portfolio's problems -- Avoid growth stocks if you get queasy easily -- Tune out negative, hyped media -- Ignore large point declines--consider the percentages -- Don't believe you need a rich dad to be a successful investor -- (Re-)read chapters 4 and 5 -- Talk to people who care about you -- Index.
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