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Mosby's nursing video skills. Basic, intermediate & advanced skills.

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Published: [St. Louis, Mo.] : Mosby Elsevier, ©2014.
Edition: Student version, 4th ed.
Series: Mosby's nursing skills video series.
Topics: Nursing - Study and teaching - Audio-visual aids. | Nursing. | Educational films. | Instructional films. | Nursing Care - methods. | Education, Nursing. | Audiovisual Aids.
Genres: Educational films. | Educational films.
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245 00|aMosby's nursing video skills.|pBasic, intermediate & advanced skills.
246 30|aNursing video skills
246 3 |aBasic, intermediate & advanced skills
246 3 |aMosby's nursing video skills: basic skills
246 3 |aMosby's nursing video skills: intermediate skills
246 3 |aMosby's nursing video skills: advanced skills
250 |aStudent version, 4th ed.
260 |a[St. Louis, Mo.] :|bMosby Elsevier,|c©2014.
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490 1 |aMosby's nursing video skills
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505 0 |aBasic skill. Basic infection control -- Performing hand hygiene -- Using personal protective equipment and isolation precautions -- Performing a complete or partial bed bath -- Assisting with a tub bath or shower -- Performing back massage -- Performing perineal care for a female patient -- Performing perineal care for a male patient -- Making an unoccupied bed -- Making an occupied bed -- Making a surgical bed (new skill) -- Assisting with moving a patient in bed -- Assisting with positioning a patient in bed -- Transferring from a bed to a wheelchair using a transfer belt -- Transferring from a bed to a stretcher -- Performing passive range-of-motion exercises -- Applying elastic stockings -- Assisting with ambulation using a gait belt -- Using a sequential compression device -- Using a hydraulic lift -- Assisting with a urinal -- Assisting with a bedpan -- Applying a condom catheter -- Administering a cleansing enema -- Providing catheter care -- Assisting with meals -- Taking aspiration precautions -- Measuring intake and output -- Performing oral hygiene for an unconscious patient -- Cleaning dentures -- Performing hair care and shampooing in bed -- Shaving a male patient -- Performing nail and foot care -- Assisting with gown change -- Taking a temperatures -- Assessing radial pulse -- Assessing apical pulse -- Assessing apical-radial pulse -- Assessing respirations -- Obtaining blood pressure by the one-step method -- Obtaining blood pressure by the two-step method -- Measuring oxygen saturations with pulse oximetry -- Assessing pain -- Measuring height and weight -- Using restraint alternatives -- Applying restraints.
505 0 |aIntermediate video skills. Assessing wounds -- Irrigating wounds -- Changing a dressing -- Using wound drainage systems -- Caring for pressure ulcers -- Inserting a nasogastric tube -- Providing enteral feedings -- Removing a feeding tube -- Establishing and maintaining a sterile field -- Adding items to a sterile field -- Pouring a sterile solution -- Using a prepackaged sterile kit -- Performing sterile gloving -- Pouching a colostomy -- Pouching a ureterostomy -- Ensuring oxygen safety -- Setting oxygen flow rates -- Applying a nasal cannula or face mask -- Maintaining an airway -- Providing tracheostomy care -- Performing oropharyngeal suctioning -- Performing nasotracheal suctioning -- Suctioning an artificial airway -- Performing a preoperative assessment -- Promoting family support and participation -- Teaching about postoperative exercises and pain management -- Preparing a patient for surgery -- Providing postoperative care -- Managing pain -- Managing a nasogastric tube -- Collecting a midstream urine specimen -- Performing fecal occult blood testing -- Performing gastric occult and pH testing -- Collecting a sputum specimen -- Collecting a specimen for wound culture -- Performing blood glucose testing -- Screening urine for chemical properties -- Inserting and indwelling urinary catheter in a female patient -- Inserting an indwelling urinary catheter in a male patient -- Irrigating a urinary catheter -- Performing intermittent straight catheterization -- Obtaining a sterile urine specimen -- Removing an indwelling urinary catheter -- Caring for a suprapubic catheter.
505 0 |aAdvanced video skills. Ensuring the six rights of medication administration -- Administering oral medications -- Documenting medication administration -- Handling medication variations -- Preventing medication errors -- Using automated medication dispensing systems -- Applying topical medications -- Applying an estrogen patch and nitroglycerin ointment -- Administering eye medications -- Administering eardrops -- Using a dry powder inhaler -- Using a metered-dose inhaler -- Inserting a rectal suppository -- Administering IV medications by piggyback -- Administering medications by intravenous bolus -- Preparing for a transfusion (new skill) -- Initiating a transfusion (new skill) -- Monitoring for adverse reactions to a transfusion (new skill) -- Performing dressing care for a central venous access device (CVAD) -- Drawing blood and administering fluid -- Troubleshooting vascular access devices -- Administering parenteral nutrition through a central line (CPN) -- Administering PPN with lipid infusion -- Preparing injections from an ampule -- Preparing injections from a vial -- Preparing and administering insulin -- Drawing up more than one type of insulin -- Adminstering intradermal injections -- Administering subcutaneous injections -- Administering intramuscular injections -- Preparing an infusin site -- Performing venipuncture -- Dressing the infusion site -- Troubleshooting intravenous infusions -- Discontinuing intravenous therapy.
520 |aEach procedure includes: Overview -- purpose of the skill, safety precautions, and delegation guidelines; Preparation -- patient assessment and preparation needed before the procedure; Equipment -- listing and showing the most current equipment used for each procedure; Procedure video -- key nursing procedures featuring the most current practices, dynamic 3-D animations, and printable procedure guidelines; Follow-up care -- appropriate assessment, evaluation, and interventions; Documentation -- guidelines on how to document care provided and patient response, and printable sample documentation; Review questions -- NCLEX exam - style review questions with rationales.
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538 |aSystem requirements for DVD-ROMs (Macintosh): Power PC G3 300 MHz, I-MAC, I-Book; PowerPC G3 500MHz or faster processor, Intel Core Duo 1.83GHz or faster processor; Macintosh OS 10.2 or higher; 256 MB RAM or higher; 64 MB or higher graphics card; 16x DVD-ROM drive with DVD player software; display resolution of 800 x 600 or greater; sound card and speakers.
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